The Two Worlds

This site serves as a depository for RP Logs of the #MLP-TW-RP Channel. Listed by date, these logs are featured in 'raw' and 'final' versions. The 'raw' logs are unedited, including all ((OOC)) comments with no attempt at correction or story placement. The 'Final' logs edit the logs based on scene changes and follow character stories, they also make attempts to fix plot holes, RP mistakes, and more.


12/13 - Added 12/12 Log to TW-RP 'Day 5 - Foreboding'. Final

Day 5 Foreboding 12/16 12/12 11/14 Final

With Chance dedicating all of his time to solving the puzzle of how the humans arrived, Jay decides she needs to head out and explore a bit, taking Chance with her to take in a street performer.

Day 4 Opportunities 11/05 11/03 11/01 10/31 Final

Carolina considers her previous life, and what she should be doing now, and what she could do for money. Jay comes to Pastel, opening up a little to talk to her about this world, how it works, and what he should be doing. Finally, one revelation comes to light, as Histon and Pastel finally crash together.

Day 3 Reflections 10/24 10/21 10/20 Final

With the dawn of the new day, the ponies begin trying to accomodate, with mixed success. But in the park, Chance happens upon another crazed pony who appears to be from the other world, Jay.

Day 2 Balance 10/19 10/14 10/04 10/02 Final

Carolina wakes up first, trying to find her bearings, and her place in this world. As the others all begin to take stock of just exactly what's happening, Pastel pushes them for some kind of explanation of what exactly is going on.

Day 1 The Arrival 09/29 09/28 09/27 Final

A rift between worlds has opened up, grabbing five creatures from one world, and spitting them into another. Now, they awaken, and must find their way through this world, and find some measure of sanctuary.

The Lusty Seapony


Logs for the The Lusty Seapony RP sessions can be found here - The lives and times of the background ponies of Ponyville, all tied together through fate, and the concurrance of a peculiar bar... as well as the Other-dimensional portal found within.