Monday, December 16th, 2013


[10:07] * Pastel walks in slowly, pushing the front door open with one hoof while watching backwards at a prestigious pile of packages draped upon her back. She backs in slowly, making sure the door closes, and smiles brightly as she lowers herself down, sliding off the various bags and boxes onto the floor of the inn near the counter.

[10:07] * Walnut walks up to Pastel. "Do you need any help with those bags?"

[10:09] * Pastel sighs from the effort, but smiles warmly as she turns her head, "Oh, Walnut! Yes, please be a dear and help me carry this behind the counter, will you?"

[10:10] * Walnut nods, and then crouches down to gather up several of the bags, carrying them over to the counter.

[10:14] * Pastel grabs the remainder, moving the around into a nice orderly pile as she begins to sort though their contents. Sketchbooks, pencils, easels, paints, and other art supplies. "Thank you Walnut, you're a sweetheart." She begins to hum a little uncharacteristically as she works.

[10:20] * Walnut glances over the supplies curiously. "So you're an artist, huh?"

[10:22] * Pastel nods, "I used to be. I used to draw a lot. Then I... fell out of the habit." She grins at Walnut, "Felt like a good time to pick it back up. It is my special talent, after all."

[10:24] * Walnut ahhs, and nods, though not quite understanding. "Special talent, hm? I'm still not entirely sure I understand what's going on with that."

[10:29] * Pastel nods, beginning to set up a wooden easel behind the counter, "Well, its something most ponies earn when they're young. A certain special something that makes you unique. Something your good at, or mayne that brings you some kind of special joy."

[10:31] <Walnut> Huh. Kind of a purpose in life sort of thing, I guess?

[10:35] * Pastel nods, "Quite like that yes. Not everypony follows it, but it affects us all in some way. And it feels very good to be true to it again..." she stops to look back at Walnut, "Don't you humans have something similar? You're young, but most of the others have thir marks already."

[10:36] * Walnut stops to think a moment, then shakes his head. "Nothing so obvious as a picture on our butt. I know folks who say they found their "calling" or meaning in life, but I never found anything like that in my life. Still young though, right?"

[10:40] * Pastel giggles a bit, "That you are. I remember when I got my mark. I found some paints and just fell in love. I was a right mess in the end, covered in so many colors. But I had my masterpiece. My brother helped wash me off, and he found it first. My cutie mark, covered in paint."

[10:41] <Walnut> I always figured I'd just find something that clicked eventually.

[10:43] <Pastel> And I'm sure you will! Everypony does in time. As odd as that may sound to you, I suppose. It's so hard to even think of you all as what you may have been.

[10:45] * Walnut chuckles a little. "I'm starting to get used to this pony thing, I think. It's weird, but you all seem like nice folks."

[10:49] * Pastel smiles wide, "I think we all try. Although, you don't seem any different from us really. Had I never known, had Histon not..." she shakes her head with a laugh, "All I mean is you all seem like fine folks as well."

[10:51] <Walnut> Well, I do what I have to in order to get by, but where I'm from that means.. sometimes not being so nice.

[10:57] * Pastel looks up from the brushes she's placing in order and frowns at Walnut, "You seem far too nice to be involved in anything like that."

[11:01] * Walnut shrugs a little. "It's just how things worked over there, at least for me. Maybe I just fell in with the wrong crowd though, I don't know.

[11:01] <Walnut> "

[11:03] <Pastel> Well... colts will be colts I suppose. I hope you do your best to avoid that kind of crowd here. You're better than that.

[11:09] * Walnut nods. "This is the best opportunity I've had in quite some time, so I don't want to waste it."

[11:12] * Pastel watches Walnut a moment before smiling, "Good. I don't plan on letting you waste it either. Remember, if you need any help, you come to me. Or find Zephyr, or even Remedy. They're both good ponies. And the others too. Chance has a good head on him, I think. And I know Histon does."

[11:17] * Walnut grins a bit. "Hell, I'd been trying to get out of that gang anyway. They were starting to pull jobs I wasn't cmofortable with, but... well, you don't really get to just walk away from dudes like that. But it's not like they'll ever find me here, right?"

[11:19] * Pastel nods, a little concern on her face, but she dismisses it with a small laugh, "No, I suppose not. I'm happy for you to get that chance, dear."

[11:23] * Walnut smiles back, more genuine than any he's done in quite some time. "Dunno if my Cutie Mark thing is in baggage handling, but this sure beats watching corners."

[11:25] * Pastel laughs, "And if nothing else, it's some bits in your pocket, right? Hows the job been treating you anyways? Any questions? Problems?"

[11:26] * Walnut shakes his head. "So far so good. Maybe I could use some tips on the whole.. I dunno, small talk thing? Customer service, I guess."

[11:28] * Pastel chuckles, "Well, not much to that, I'm sure I can give you a few pointers."

[11:30] <Walnut> Sounds good to me. And I'd love to see your artwork sometime, if you're in the mood to share.

[11:32] * Pastel actually manages to blush a bit, "We'll see. I hope its a whole new beginning, and I think, if I'm not too rusty, I'll be more than happy to share."

[11:39] <Walnut> Maybe it's a new beginning for all of us, then.

[11:41] * Pastel smiles, giving a nod, " I think it is. I think maybe it's the best possible thing that could have happened, and I only wish I knew who to thank."

[11:46] * Walnut hmms. "Thank.. Celestia, was it?"

[11:48] * Pastel chuckles, "Yes, yes it was. I suppose I can thank her for this."

[11:49] <Walnut> She really raises the sun every day? Now that's something I might never get used to.

[11:51] * Pastel nods, "She really does. Someday, maybe she'll attend the Summer Sun Celebration here in Manehattan, and you can see it yourself."

[11:52] <Walnut> That'll be a sight.

[11:54] <Pastel> Or maybe someday you'll be in Canterlot and see her do it yourself.

[11:59] <Walnut> Travel, huh? Sounds fun.

[12:04] <PhoneFlurry> Equestria is a big country. And even beyond that, its a big world.

[12:04] <PhoneFlurry> ((Pastel said that))

[12:06] <Walnut> Lots to see and do, I bet. But isn't travel expensive?

[12:18] <Walnut> Lots to see and do, I bet. But isn't travel expensive?

[12:46] <Walnut> Lots to see and do, I bet. But isn't travel expensive?

[12:51] * Pastel nods, "It can be, I suppose. But you can stay in smaller towns, travel on he roads slow. It doesn't have to cost a lot. And really, anything can happen." Her voice contains a note of hope to it that's not been heard before.

[12:54] <Walnut> I'll worry aobut that when I've got a few more bits then, eh?

[12:56] * Pastel smiles, "Probably not a bad plan. As we've said, you're still young. "

[13:10] <Walnut> If I'm gonna live here though... would be nice to see more of the place.

[13:12] * Pastel smiles, "I'm sure you will." She finishes setting up her art supplies and looks in satisfaction. "The world is yours. This is just your first few steps Walnut."

[13:21] <Walnut> And i thank you for the opportunity. Or perhaps.. Celestia? Assuming she has something to do with us being here.

[13:33] * Pastel nod, "I don't think I could live with myself if I hadn't offered you the chance." She steps over to give Walnut a hug, "I just hope you can make the best of it."

[13:34] * Walnut leans in and gives a hug back, getting used to this quad stance for hugging.

[13:35] <Pastel> Whether for me, or for Celestia, or just for yourself.

[13:47] * Walnut nods. "You too. Nice lady like you deserves a chance too."

[13:51] * Pastel giggles a little, releasing the hug, "Thank you. I think, this time, I intend to grab it."

[13:53] * Walnut nods and salutes as he spies guests entering the hotel. "I should probably get back to work then."

[13:56] * Pastel looks to the incoming guests and smiles. "Yes I suppose me as well. And thank you for the help Walnut."