Thursday, December 12th, 2013

[17:00] <Carolina> ==Random Cafeteria In Manehattan==

[17:00] * Carolina is walking between tables, serving a cafe here, a muffin there and in general just trying to not spill or drop things as she works her first day on a new job.

[17:03] * ZephyrGust steps into the cafe, a thick flight scarf wrapped around her face and neck. She raises her goggles and shivers, rustling her wings as she tries to warm up. She takes a seat at the counter and stares longingly at the pot of percolating coffee just a little ways out of reach.

[17:06] * Carolina walks up to Zephyr's table, starting: "Welcome to the Random Cafe! What can I geth-h... to." She swallows and blushes: "Zeph? You? Um?"

[17:11] * ZephyrGust starts speaking without looking up. "Yeah, just black coffee, and maybe a--" She blinks. "Oh, hey Caro. Landed a job finally?"

[17:11] <ZephyrGust> ((blinks and looks up.))

[17:11] * Carolina blushes more and grins sheepishly: "It seems I did."

[17:14] * ZephyrGust smiles. "Sure... so a nice big black coffee, and maybe one of those cheese danishes there." She relaxes a little, the edge of the chill seeping out of her bones at the very least. "So how are you liking it here? Everything all right? I haven't seen you guys around the hotel much..."

[17:15] * Carolina notes the order a bit clumsily with her hooves, then nods: "It... it is working out. As much as it... can, given the circumstances, I guess."

[17:16] <ZephyrGust> ((append midmorning timestamp to scene start))

[17:17] * ZephyrGust smiles to Caro and stands. "I'm gonna go wash my hooves while you get that... be right right."

[17:18] * Carolina nods and walks to get Zee's coffee and danish.

[17:20] * ZephyrGust makes her way to an empty booth in the corner when she comes out of the restroom, letting out a soft whistle to catch Caro's attention.

[17:21] * Carolina perks up and walks over with the treats after looking around for a bit: "Oh. There you are."

[17:23] * ZephyrGust settles into the booth and flashes a slightly awkward grin at Carolina. "You got some time to chat? I'd love to catch up a bit."

[17:23] * Carolina looks around, then nods: "Yeah, it is not... super-busy, guess I can chat for a bit."

[17:25] * ZephyrGust slides around the table, then takes a big swig of her coffee, letting the hot drink warm her insides. "So tell me what's new..."

[17:25] <ZephyrGust> ==scene==