Saturday, November 5th, 2013

[23:59] <AngelFeather> =The Inn, 3rd floor balcony=

[00:00] * AngelFeather sits by the balcony rail, reviewing the book from the library one last time

[00:01] <AngelFeather> Okay, so...looks easy enough...

[00:01] * AngelFeather glances back at her wings.

[00:01] * AngelFeather sees Histon run out of the inn, followed by Pastel. "I wonder where they're going...?"

[00:03] * AngelFeather exhales as she climbs up onto the balcony railing. "Well, it's now or never."

[00:05] * Jay Trots up to the 3rd floor from quite a hard night, to her room, where she was planning to sleep. But after some consideration, she decides to get some fresh air, making her way to the balcony to admire the view and get away from all the confusion.

[00:06] * AngelFeather peeks down at the ground and shivers.

[00:06] * AngelFeather spreads her wings for more balance.

[00:08] * Jay gets to balcony to see a pony, leaning over the edge and- are- are they going to jump? Jay's eyes widen as she draws closer, opening her mouth "W-wait! What are you doing!?"

[00:11] * AngelFeather brings her rear hooves onto the rail, balancing precariously. "Don't stop me! This is the only way!"

[00:11] <AngelFeather> Nopony else will help me!

[00:12] * Jay "What? Wait! But- I can help! Just step away from the edge!" Jay slowly trots closer "I know it's tempting, but you must not do it! You can do so much more with your life!"

[00:16] <AngelFeather> This is what I want to do! You won't stop me!

[00:16] * AngelFeather leaps from the rail with all the strength she can manage, flapping her wings viciously.

[00:17] * AngelFeather overpowers her flight and rises sharply, then overcorrects and drops like a stone. "Ahhh!"

[00:17] * Jay "But why!? You shouldn't! You've got so-" Jay runs up to the edge, as she jumps, mouth open and gawking, expecting to see a bloody pancake in the street

[00:18] * AngelFeather loses her balance and tumbles down to the sidewalk.

[00:20] * Jay winces, and then runs down to the ground floor as fast as her hooves can carry her, hoping to at least get help.

[00:21] * AngelFeather is a little bruised, but otherwise fine. She struggles to her hooves with a groan.

[00:22] * Jay reaches the ground floor, and runs up to Angel, shouting "What the hell were you thinking!?"

[00:25] * AngelFeather yells back. "What the hell were YOU thinking? You messed up my concentration!"

[00:27] * Jay "Oh, I'm sorry, should I of let you jump off a building? Please, excuse me. You were jumping off a building I don't think you need much concentration to do that!"

[00:33] <AngelFeather> I was trying to fly, you dumbass!

[00:34] * Jay "Don't you ponies already know how to fly? I mean, it is what you Pegasuses do right?"

[00:35] <AngelFeather> Don't rub it in...

[00:36] * Jay "What do you mean rub it in? You can't fly? Weren't you born to fly!?"

[00:38] <AngelFeather> Are you some kinda idiot? I'm trying to learn right now!

[00:40] * Jay raises an eyebrow "Alright, there's something off here. Why didn't you already learn?"

[00:43] <AngelFeather> There are ponies like that in the world, you know. How insensitive can you be?

[00:44] * Jay "News to me! I'm a bit new here, but where I come from, someone throwing themselves off a balcony is not learning to fly, it's learning hot to meet the ground very fast."

[00:44] <AngelFeather> Wait, hold on...What'd you just say?

[00:46] * Jay Coughs, and repeats herself "Someone jumping off their balcony isn't called 'learning to fly' where I come from. Alright? Look, I'm not being insensitive, I'm being practical. I tried to save your life, even though it wasn't needed as it seems..."

[00:47] <AngelFeather> Oh my God...

[00:48] <AngelFeather> You're...we don't belong here...

[00:48] <AngelFeather> Hold on, we shouldn't talk out here!

[00:48] * AngelFeather rushes inside.

[00:50] * Jay looks around, confused. Then follows Angel inside "What's this all about?"

[00:53] <AngelFeather> You haven't figured it out yet because I'm a better liar. I'm human like you!

[00:58] * Jay looks Angel up and down "Another one, that makes... 3. You see, I wasn't lying. Where I come from, flinging yourself off a balcony is called attempted suicide, more so if you've only had wings for... How long?"

[00:59] <AngelFeather> Aaaa couple days now...

[01:00] * AngelFeather rubs her bruised foreleg.

[01:01] * Jay "Tell me, how long did it take you to learn how to use your legs?"

[01:02] * AngelFeather glares at Jay. "I'm not a baby anymore. I can learn to fly as fast as I want."

[01:02] <AngelFeather> Besides, even little birds learn when their parents throw them out of the tree.

[01:04] * Jay 'hrm's' "I bet you can learn how to fall faster. Look, it's not about birds, or babies, at least babies learn quickly. In fact, the younger you are the faster you learn things, I am told, but learning an instinct you don't have isn't going to just take a couple days! It took me a couple days to learn how to walk in this stupid thing!"

[01:07] <AngelFeather> But I have a book!

[01:14] * AngelFeather stomps her hoof. "I'm tired of you people telling me what I can't do!"

[01:14] * Jay "Oh good, you can use it to stand on. That's like using a book to learn how to swim, you need to combine it with practice. Preferably not over a balcony! You nearly scared me to death, you couldn't...Just...Try to practice hovering inside?"

[01:15] <AngelFeather> ((switch lines))

[01:15] <AngelFeather> You're not my mother. No one here is.

[01:17] * Jay "What? Us people? Who people? I'm pretty sure your mother would be grateful for stopping you from jumping off a balcony. But look, if you want to do that, it's fine, but try and make sure not to scare the living hell out of everyone one around? Just simple decency."

[01:18] * AngelFeather mutters something nasty under her breath.

[01:19] * AngelFeather turns toward the stairs. "I'm going to go try again."

[01:31] * Jay sighs "Alright, fine. I'll be down here, just in case you... Miscalculate. Good luck to you." She steps back, and then watches Angel

[01:38] * AngelFeather heads up the stairs without looking back again.

[01:38] * AngelFeather walks in the front door a couple minutes later, looking slightly more dirty and ruffled. "Screw this. I'm going to bed."

[01:41] * Jay smiles to herself "Look, I know it can be hard taking advice, don't I know it, but for any trick you need to learn the basics before you can get it. I'm no Pegasus, but I might be able to help you on at least the practice stage."

[01:43] * AngelFeather lifts her forehoof in what would be an insulting gesture...if she had fingers.

[01:43] * AngelFeather looks at her hoof. "Dammit. Whatever."

[01:43] * AngelFeather turns and marches up the stairs again.

[01:45] * Jay rolls her eyes "Jeeze, alright. If you're going to be like that I'll only have one piece of advice for you then." She mumbles the next part under her breath, smiling "Find a higher balcony."

[01:50] <AngelFeather> =scene=