Friday, November 1st, 2013

[12:38] <Histon> ((OK, for people here, I have an TWRP idea, if you'd like to hear))

[12:40] <Fixit> ((yay ideas))

[12:41] <Histon> ((Its a little late, but would people be interested in anything Nightmare night at some point?))


[19:57] * PastelLife walks alongside Jay as they move slowly towards the theater. Her mane is brushed back, and she's wearing some classical jewelry that she doesn't quite look at home wearing. She nods over to Jay, "I do hope this is alright."

[20:00] * Jay looks Pastel up and down "Hey, I should be the one apologizing . I've got nothing to wear-" She looks down at myself "I'm kinda naked really. I am naked!"

[20:02] * PastelLife shakes her head, "Shhhh, you look fine. Look around. Probably half the ponies here aren't wearing anything." She smiles slightly, "I just never take the chance to dress up a bit."

[20:09] * Jay "So, it's ok to... Not be wearing anything?" She shuffles up to Pastel "I've not been out in public in this world- At least, not since I woke up at least. And I thought it was a dream then. I'm used to being in public in my world, but out here I'm...Sort of...Nervous."

[20:12] * PastelLife nods, chuckling just a bit, "I am as well. I never do this. Go out. To the theatre. It's so close to home, but I never really made time."

[20:25] * Jay "What pay are we seeing? Anything from Shakespeare?" She smiles at Pastel "Do you have the tickets?

[20:27] <Jay> ((Play*))

[20:30] * PastelLife nods, "I bought them this morning. Andrew Lloyd Withers 'Phantom of the Opera.' I... I hope that's not to cliche."

[20:38] * Jay Raises an eyebrow "Wait... Phantom of th- That's in your world too? What's it about?"

[20:45] * PastelLife smiles, looking up at the city lights, "It's a classic! A beautiful young mare begins to hear the voice of a phantom, promising to teach her how to sing. But it's actually a deformed stallion living in the cellars beneath the operahouse. Eventually, he comes up and abducts the mare, hoping she'll fall in love with him. And although his love is never returned, she sees value in him for what he is." She stops, still l

[20:46] <Spades> ((cutoff after "She stops, still l"))

[20:47] <Spades> ((Also Christine is so Spades))

[20:47] <PastelLife> ((still looking up, "It's a story of love, and also of heartbreak."))

[20:51] * Jay "We've got a play exactly like that in my world! But- but how would that happen?" She shakes her head "No matter, I look forward to seeing it! Where are we sitting?"

[20:52] * PastelLife pulls out the tickets, "We're not close, I'm afraid. I... I got what I could afford."

[20:56] * Jay "Oh, I'm... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, how much do I owe you?"

[20:58] * PastelLife laughs, "You just got here, from another world, and you're naked. Do you even have any bits?" She shakes her head, "Don't worry about it. My treat."

[21:03] * Jay "Bits? Bits of what?" She shrugs "I'll try and make it up to you somehow, now, would you like to accompany me in?"

[21:07] * PastelLife smiles, "It's the national currency. And if you're ready." She offers up her hoof.

[21:10] * Jay reaches up, and holds Pastels hoof "Shall we?"

[21:16] * PastelLife nods, "Lets."


[21:23] * PastelLife sits across the table from Jay, the two agreeing to grab a late dinner before returning to the hotel. She drinks a simple water, watching Jay with a smile on her face.

[21:25] * Jay smiles at Pastel "That was amazing! How did they do all that backstage stuff with hooves? And the acting, it was fantastic! I loved the end, it- I- wow!"

[21:29] * PastelLife laughs, "I've lived with hooves my entire life, and I don't know either. Some of the technical pieces they pulled off were spectacular." Her laugh tapers off wistfully, "And the actors... incredible."

[21:36] * Jay "The part where the Mare finds the stallion, that... I had tears in my eyes! I never cry at plays! Espeshaly when the players are brightly coloured ponies. How can you make a pink stallion look so...Foreboding?"

[21:38] * PastelLife nods, "I... I was crying from that point on. The emotion that stallion poured forth! Not just the foreboding, but the pathos, the true feeling of a broken heart..." She pauses, her mouth moving slightly before she manages a low chuckle, "I have no words."

[21:41] * Jay "You like drama? You know, I had a really nice time today. It almost makes up for the fact that I'm in a strange new body, and talking to an animal that isn't supposed to talk." She chuckles "So, what are you ordering?"

[21:45] * PastelLife nods, "I love drama! I love art. I feel guilty sometimes that I don't get to see more of it... I... I had a really good time too..." She reddens slightly, pulling up the menu lying on the table, "I'll... probably just get a house salad."

[21:51] * Jay "Ah, well, I wonder if they have any stea-..." her face goes blank for a moment "Er, another thing about our world Pastel... Do you have any...Erm, meat eaters here?"

[21:56] * PastelLife 's ears drop a bit, "There... are some. Not ponies though. Some griffons eat meat. For ponies though... fruits, vegetables, cheeses, pastries... no meat."

[22:05] * Jay nods "Well, I'm not sure how to really tell you this, and I don't mean to sound... Malicious." She sighs "You see, in our world, we are omnivores. We eat plants, fruit, pastries and cheeses. But we also eat meat. That includes cows, pigs and chickens." Her ears flop down

[22:11] * PastelLife cringes a bit, "Oh. Well, yes. Here... cows are... well... like us. We get eggs from chickens, but..." She sighs.

[22:12] * Jay "It's not that we...Well... It- Look, it's just that, in our world... We are the only species that is... Smart so to speak. Do you have monkeys or apes in this world?"

[22:13] * PastelLife nods slightly, "They sound familiar."

[22:20] * Jay "Well, we evolved from them. And we grew to eat what was around us so..." She coughs "Look, I hope this doesn't upset you, it is nature after all... But, there is some people that choose not to eat meat, that only eat vegetables. If that helps?"

[22:26] * PastelLife smiles weakly, "Maybe... a little? It's... it's not upsetting. Just... different. I can't hold it against you, of course. That'd be unfair."

[22:29] * Jay "I can't eat meat now, so that a plus eh? I'll make sure not to look at pigs funny eh?" She smiles "Now, what would you recommend? Do you have tofu here?"

[22:31] * PastelLife nods, "Tofu, we do have. It's an acquired taste. Personally, I've never liked things too fancy. As a said, a simple House salad is enough for me." She grins a bit, "But I've been accused of being frugal."

[22:36] * Jay "Oh? I'll have what you're having then. You have good judgment after all, the play was good." Her eyebrows furrow "Oh. Are you going to be paying for this too? Sorry..."

[22:42] * PastelLife smiles a bit, "I've got it. If you're really that concerned... once you've got a way to pay me back, maybe you can treat me out for a night on the town in return?"

[22:49] * Jay smiles at Pastel "Well, I was going to do that anyway, but sure. You're very nice company you know, and a night on the town with you doesn't sound that bad." She chuckles

[22:58] * PastelLife chuckles back, "Well, I'll be looking forward to it. I... I just want to make a bad situation a little brighter for you. And if it leads to a wonderful night taking in a show, followed by a delicious dinner with great company... it's a win-win."

[23:09] * Jay "I had a ton of fun. If I'm in this world, I s'pose I should appreciate it while I can? I'm not sure how we are going to get out, but if I do... I'd like to show you around my world."

[23:10] * PastelLife colors just a bit, "I... I'd like that. If... somehow."

[23:10] <Jay> ((Colours?))

[23:13] <Histon> ((Nono, we're not having the color/colour debate >_>))

[23:13] <BrokenHero> ((coloouoiuoiuuioiuoiurr))

[23:18] <Spades> ((THAT'S RACIST))

[23:25] * Jay coughs "So, before we showed up...What were you doing? Such as, were you planning on a holiday or?"

[23:29] * PastelLife looks down, "No... nothing really. I run the inn. I've been running the inn for... a long time now. I don't do much for holidays."

[23:31] * Jay "How big is this world? You said that there were Griffons? Can they talk too?"

[23:36] * PastelLife thinks, "It's... big? Equestria is just one country. Griffons talk, we do some trade with them, you may see one or two walking around Manehattan." She chuckles, "They say that if it exists, it'll pass through this city eventually." She eyes Jay, "I suppose it just might be true."

[23:47] * Jay Grins, as their food arrives "Well, what other animals talk? Cows, Griffons, Ponies... Fish? Or maybe Birds?"

[23:58] * PastelLife chuckles, "No fish. No birds. Ponies, Cows, Griffons, Sheep, Donkies, we can all talk."

[00:11] * Jay "And what about apes? Monkeys? Where are they? What do they do?"

[00:15] * PastelLife frowns, "Just... animals, I guess. Like what you said... ponies were on your world."

[00:26] * Jay "Are they in zoo's? Do they have any books on them? Maybe if we hire a book out I can show you the anatomy of a human. I tried drawing one, but... " She looks at her hooves "It didn't really work."

[00:35] * PastelLife shakes, her head, "I don't have any... maybe if you went to the library, I know Histon has been spending a lot of time there..." She goes quiet, looking down at the table.

[00:49] * Jay Looks at Pastel "Hey, uh, are you ok? All this time worrying about this world... You've got what, 6 ponies? Staying at your inn free! That's got to be kind of stressful."

[00:56] * PastelLife frowns, "I... yeah. No no, it's fine. I just..." she sighs, "I needed a night like this. I needed a night out. Not just because of you six... but... everything. Really, thank you for coming out with me like this."

[01:11] * Jay "hey, I needed something to get my mind off all this. I'll think of it like a holiday." Looks at the food, and paws at it with her hooves "Mreh. Stupid things." She sighs "You and Chance are the only ponies I've really met."

[01:15] * PastelLife nods, "Sometimes... it's good to just spend time like this... no worries about other stuff..." She thinks a moment, "I... I'm glad it was me who met you."

[01:17] * Jay raises an eyebrow "Me too. You think anyone would want to take advantage of my situation?"

[01:19] * PastelLife shakes her head, "I... wouldn't want to think so. I guess you can never know."

[01:21] * Jay "Are the streets of Manhattan- Manehattin I mean, that dangerous? Get many muggings?"

[01:27] * PastelLife shakes her head, "I doubt it... crime is... fairly low."

[01:39] * Jay "Fairly? Quite a peaceful world this is... Do you have anything in the way of Religion?"

[01:40] * PastelLife shrugs, "Many pay homage to Celestia and Luna, attend the Summer Sun and Winter Moon Celebrations."

[01:48] * Jay "So, no arguments about who is the real person in charge?" She smiles "I'm beginning to like this place. How about history, has there ever been a dark time? Where ponies weren't so peaceful?"

[01:57] * PastelLife nods a bit, "There's legends... I suppose they can't all be true. Dark times. Nightmare Moon, and Windigo's."

[01:59] * Jay "Nightmare moon? Windingo's? Those sound quite scary actually."

[02:00] <PastelLife> Dark times in the history... all over a thousand years ago.

[02:01] <BrokenHero> ((Before the dark times... before the Empire...))

[02:12] <Delta> ((We don't like to talk about the Before-Time.))

[02:23] * Jay "I see. Well, how is the food? Would you like to get back to the inn soon?"

[02:30] * PastelLife has been picking at her salad as they talked, "It is good. Whenever you're ready to head home, so am I."

[02:49] * Jay gets up "I still don't know my way around, would you care leading me back? It's been a fun night."

[03:00] * PastelLife nods, "It has been very, very fun... I look forward to doing this again."

[03:31] * Jay "I do too. You're quite an amazing talking horse."

[03:44] * PastelLife giggles, "Well, thank you for saying so."

[05:01] * Jay trots back to the inn with Pastel, feeling quite happy about how the day went. It was a nice play