Thursday, October 31st, 2013

[17:32] <Carolina> ==Manehattan Central Park, late morning==

[17:33] * Carolina is sitting on a park bench near one of the small lakes, watching ponies going about their days in slight wonder. "How can this all be so... calm. This sure is not New York by any stretch, even if you ignore everyone being ponies...", she whispers under her breath.

[17:37] * ZephyrGust is winging her way back to the hotel after her morning deliveries, flying low at a leisurely pace, enjoying the nice weather and bright sun.

[17:39] * Carolina stares into the mid-distance, not really focusing anymore: "...and now I am part of this... this... whatever this is."

[17:41] * ZephyrGust notices a familar looking dappled pony sitting by the lake, so she lands nearby and trots over. "Hey Caro!"

[17:43] * Carolina blinks and takes a moment to locate to voice: "Oh. Hello Zephyre."

[17:43] <ZephyrGust> ((-e))

[17:44] <Carolina> ((actually that was intentional))

[17:46] * ZephyrGust folds her wings on her back as she approaches. "Zeph-ree?"

[17:49] * Carolina tilts her head: "Wasn't that your name?"

[17:53] * ZephyrGust frowns. "Zephyr. But you can just call me Zee. It's easier."

[17:55] * Carolina nods: "Zee. Okay. That makes about as much sense as all other names around here."

[17:56] * ZephyrGust shrugs. "Names are just names. They don't really mean anything. It's the pony behind them that's important."

[17:58] * Carolina nods: "I agree." She blinks, then sighs as she remembers her earlier problem: money, or rather the lack thereof. "Say... would you have any suggestions on what I could, uh, do? I am used to running two or three jobs at a time, and now I'm suddenly without any."

[18:00] * ZephyrGust cocks her head. "Do? Well, you can do whatever you want. Always plenty of places around here looking for some helping hooves."

[18:02] * Carolina frowns: "That's... very descriptively unhelpful. Saying I can do anything doesn't narrow what I *can* do at all..."

[18:05] * ZephyrGust sits next to Caro. "Sure... but I mean, is your magic working yet? I know you were having trouble with it when we found you guys."

[18:07] * Carolina looks up at her horn and frowns again: "Uh, I have not exactly... tried. Not that I know how to even... start." She facehoofs insctinctively: "Great going, Caro. From an active worker of several jobs aspiring to be a Broadway star to a damn jobless no-use pony in the span of two days. Go me."

[18:10] * ZephyrGust blinks. "Um... never? But you must have... before you came here, right? I mean, don't unicorns who can't do magic go off to special like... villages or something?"

[18:11] * Carolina blinks and looks up: "Do what now?"

[18:12] * ZephyrGust cocks her head and drapes a wing over Caro. “Where are you from again?”

[18:14] * Carolina blinks again: "E-Earth. New York..."

[18:16] <ZephyrGust> Never heard of it...

[18:17] * ZephyrGust frowns, thinking. “Wait... Earth? And you don’t know how to use magic? Hmm...” She taps Caro’s horn curiously with a hoof.

[18:18] * Carolina feels the ting on the horn and lets out a small 'eep': "D-don't do that! Whatever it is, it, it... feels odd."

[18:20] * ZephyrGust sighs. "Whatever happened to you and the others, it can't be much fun."

[18:21] * Carolina looks at Zephyr: "You think?"

[18:24] * ZephyrGust goes to say something, but is lost for words.

[18:27] * Carolina looks at Zephyr, then shakes her head: "Nevermind. I will find some way to make sense of this all. I mean, I am slowly starting to understand ponies... the, um, differences and similarities between Manhattan and Manehattan..."

[18:28] * ZephyrGust nods. "Sure. Whatever I can do to help... I mean... this all seems a bit weird, even if there is a more rational explanation..."

[18:30] * Carolina looks at Zephyr thankfully: "I guess..."

[18:31] * ZephyrGust shrugs, as she pulls back the wing that was across Caro's back. "I mean... I'm just a courier, but I know this island pretty darn well."

[18:32] * Carolina sighs, then lifts a hoof to her chin: "...I wonder."

[18:35] * AngelFeather spots Zephyr and Carolina from a distance while walking on a path nearby, and trots over to them.

[18:35] <AngelFeather> Hello, Carolina. Zeph.

[18:37] <AngelFeather> I was wondering where you guys went...

[18:37] * Carolina looks up at Angel: "Oh. Hello-oh? Wondering where we went?"

[18:37] * ZephyrGust frowns at Angel. "Oh, it's you. And I was out working, like every morning."

[18:37] <AngelFeather> Yeah, I was getting kinda bored...

[18:38] <AngelFeather> Tried flying, but...um...

[18:38] * AngelFeather lifts her foreleg, showing a scrape and a bruise on the knee.

[18:44] * ZephyrGust chuckles. "Yeah, it takes a bit to get used to."

[18:45] * Carolina shrugs: "Don't look at me, at least."

[18:45] <AngelFeather> Do you...think you could help me?

[18:46] <AngelFeather> Angels should be able to fly, after all...

[18:47] <Carolina> So what's that to do with you?

[18:47] <ZephyrGust> I don't have time to teach some spoiled brat how her wings work, all right Angie?

[18:47] * AngelFeather blinks. "...what?"

[18:49] * ZephyrGust stands, rustling her wings. "You heard me." She looks to Caro. "You gonna be okay? I need to get my nap before the afternoon run."

[18:49] * Carolina nods at Zephyr: "Yes, I will be... okay." She gives a small smile out of the corner of her snout.

[18:51] * AngelFeather looks between Zephyr and Carolina. "But...who else can I ask?"

[18:51] * ZephyrGust leans in and whispers to the unicorn. "You ever need to get away from her, just knock on my door." With that, she turns and takes to the skies again for the very short flight back to the hotel.

[18:52] * AngelFeather watches in despair as Zephyr flies away.

[18:52] * Carolina blinks and looks after Zephyr in slight confusion.

[18:53] <AngelFeather> But I can't keep crashing every time! The red will stain my coat!

[18:53] * Carolina stares at Angel for a second, then gets up from the bench: "...you know, I think I might stand a chance of getting a job here after all."

[18:54] <AngelFeather> What makes you say that?

[18:55] * Carolina smirks: "Just a hunch."

[18:56] * AngelFeather tilts her head, then starts to pout. "I bet she just expects me to jump off the roof."

[18:56] * Carolina starts walking: "Who knows? Might do you good."

[18:57] <AngelFeather> What's that supposed to mean?!

[18:57] * Carolina just giggles and walks away, towards possible job opportunitinies.

[19:00] * AngelFeather blinks.

[19:00] <ZephyrGust> ==scene==

[00:49] <Jay> ==Pastel's office, evening--

[00:50] * Jay tentatively walks up to Pastels door, then knocks a few times "Er, Pastel- it's me. Jay, I was wondering if I could... Speak to you about some things."

[00:51] * PastelLife looks up from her desk, raising an eyebrow, "Oh? Err... sure. Come on in."

[00:57] * Jay opens the door clumsily and steps in "The door nob gave me a bit of trouble, still not used to the hooves yet. I've come to ask a bit about this place"

[01:00] * PastelLife watches Jay carefully, then gives a short nod. "Of course. I... have questions as well. I understand it's all shocking. Trust me, it is for all of us, the whole... whole idea."

[01:00] * Jay "Yes. It is. Firstly, may I ask about how this...Place is run. Who's the leader so to speak?"

[01:05] <PastelLife> The others didn't know either. The capital of Equestria is Canterlot, and from there, the two Princesses, Celestia, and now her sister Luna as well, rule the country.

[01:10] * Jay 'hrms' "So it's a monarchy? Alright. What about the level of technology? Do you have electricity, or are you still on gas power?"

[01:15] * PastelLife tilts her head, "Elec... no. Err... if you mean our lights and such..." She opens the shutter on her desk lamp, revealing a small host of Fireflys. "That's the conventional means. Some prefer magic powered, of course."

[01:18] * Jay "So, you use... Magic? Nothing electric or coal powered? Because, in our world... Well, magic doesn't exist. Sure it's mentioned in fairy tales, but that's all they are. Fairy tales. Not real." She looks around for someplace to sit "Do you mind if I rest my legs?"

[01:20] * PastelLife motions towards a chair, "Not at all, take a seat." She hmmms, "No magic... none at all? What about flight? How do you grow your crops? The weather? The sun and the moon? Surely your world still has those?"


[01:26] * Jay clears her throat "Well, I'm not sure how much about physics you know here, but we use machines to fly. Crops grow on their own, the weather is uncontrolled, and that sometimes leads to natural disasters, and the sun and the moon are just... There, what about the sun and the moon?"

[01:31] * PastelLife shudders a bit, "O-on their own? It's just not natural... And... the sun and the moon... Celestia and Luna raise and lower them every day. Without magic... how would that even work? O-on their own as well?"

[01:34] <Sue> ((boosh))

[01:49] * Jay "Wait... You... raise the sun and the moon? Bu- But how? I mean- something THAT big can't be controlled! It's- It's gravity! You know what gravity is? Right?" Jay looks at Pastel, with worried eyes

[01:54] * PastelLife looks down at her hooves and nods, "Of... of course. But... The Princesses raise and lower the sun and moon. Gravity doesn't keep a hold on them. Only unicorn magic."

[01:59] * Jay "How the he- what? You mean the only reason we are on the ground is because of magic? But- what happens when there's no more magic left?"

[02:03] * PastelLife chuckles nervously, "We'd still be here." She points a hoof up, "The sun and moon would stop. Eternal day..." She shudders, "Or eternal night. The Pegasi wouldn't be able to control the weather... which means the Earth ponies couldn't grow food. ...your world must be awfully harsh to live in..."

[02:05] * Jay shakes her head "Not really, everything is n automatic. We don't have to worry about the sun or the moon, all we have to worry about is eachother... That's another question, do you have wars here?"

[02:07] * PastelLife sighs, going quiet a moment. "Some. Not for a long time."

[02:08] * Jay "I...See. So, it's... Relatively peaceful?"

[02:09] * PastelLife nods, "There's always ponies who disagree... but... yes. Relatively peaceful."

[02:14] * Jay "So you use magic primarily? And... No one really abuses their power?"

[02:16] <PastelLife> There are legends in the past, Nightmare Moon... ponies who abuse power and try to conquer. Princess Celestia has defended us. Many, many others as well.

[02:20] * Jay "This, Princess, how long has she been in charge? Where's the queen?"

[02:22] * PastelLife shakes her head, "No queen... at least, not as long as any pony can remember. And Celestia... she's ruled for thousands of years."

[02:26] * Jay "What? Thou- What? Do you run on a different number system here? A thousand years!? How does someone live that long?"

[02:31] <PastelLife> I... I don't know. Most ponies live for about 80 to 100 years. Some unicorns, longer... Celestia and Luna are... something else.

[02:31] * PastelLife 's ears lower slightly as she thinks, she whispers almost to herself, "And some die before their time..."

[02:35] * Jay "Most ponies live around 90 years? Any sorts of diseases here?" Then Jay realizes Pastel, and torts up to her "Uh, I'm sorry if my questions are a bit too...Personal."

[02:40] * PastelLife closes her eyes, "No. It's fine. It's... all in the past anyway." She gives a false smile to Jazy, her tone going neutral, "Diseases... right. There are many, from simple flus to more advanced magical diseases."

[02:42] <Jay> ((Jazy!))

[02:43] <PastelLife> ((Jay >.>))

[02:43] <Jay> ((Jaz hands!))

[02:49] * Jay "It seems there may not be as much difference in worlds as I thought. Except for one... That has seemed to effect me personally. " She trails off... "Uh... May I ask about anatomy- That is, pony anatomy?"

[02:54] * PastelLife tilts her head, "Err... alright?"

[02:57] * Jay Rubs the back of her head "You see- Well- Uh. I wasn't like this. Before" She points to herself "You know what I mean?"

[02:58] * PastelLife nods, "I... know. The others told me before too. You weren't a pony in this... other world."

[03:01] * Jay shakes her head "No, no. That's not what I mean, I mean- a, uh. What do you call them? Female ponies. What do you call them."

[03:02] * PastelLife blinks, "Mares? You... were a stallion before?"

[03:04] * Jay "Well, not a stallion, but a male." She coughs "Changeling species is one thing... Gender is another. Has this happened to anyone else?"

[03:06] <PastelLife> I don't think so... none of the others mentioned it. You hear rumors about such things, but its usually temporary, or foals playing with magic they shouldn't. I... imagine your case is unique.

[03:12] * Jay "So, this has happened to ponies before? It can happen? But- I mean- Er..." She shrugs "Honestly I'm too confused to even really worry about it. I've already changed species as it is!"

[03:15] * PastelLife nods, "The whole situation is odd... I... I honestly don't know who to turn to about this. I don't think any of you are lying, you or Chance or... or... H-histon. But... I'm just an inn-keeper! I don't know about these kinds of magics, and other worlds."

[03:20] * Jay "But, didn't you say that this world runs on magic? Shouldn't everyon- pony know about it?"

[03:24] * PastelLife looks back, "I'm just an Earth pony." She glances at her cutie mark, "Our magic is more natural. Growing things, creating things. Unicorns specialize in it most of all."

[03:26] <Delta> ((I think it's worth noting, you typed 'changeling' species rather than changine species))

[03:29] * Jay glances at her cutiemark "So, what do these things mean?" she points to two masks, one happy, one sad on her but "Did someone draw on my while I was asleep?"

[03:30] * PastelLife turns slightly, displaying her mark, a painter's palette and brush, "It's another form of magic, one in all ponies. A cutie mark, a symbol that appears on every pony's flank showing their special talent."

[03:38] * Jay "So, what would I be good at... Making masks? But I was a street performer before- That doesn't make sense!"

[03:43] * PastelLife smiles, "Seems so."

[03:43] <PastelLife> A street performer... theater masks? I would think it would make sense.

[03:51] * Jay "Oh, well... Now I get it. But does that mean It's the only thing I'm good at? And how do I perform with hooves! You do know card tricks in this place? Right? Stage magic?"

[03:53] * PastelLife chuckles, "Oh yes. Even with a world of magic, we still have sleight of hoof performers. And... no. No, your cutie mark isn't the only thing you're good at. It's just something that sets you apart somehow. Unique." Her voice lowers again, "Who you really are."

[03:56] * Jay "I really am a street performer? Slight of hoof performers!?" She holds up her hooves "But they're bricks! How can you do any fancy tick work?"

[03:59] * PastelLife reaches down to her desk and lifts up a quill in her hoof, displaying it to Jay, "Have you tried at all?"

[04:05] * Jay "Well, once or twice." She reaches down to the desk, and tries picking up a piece of paper, she lifts it up about two or thee centimeters, then it drops back down.

[04:10] * PastelLife watches the paper slide away. "...odd. It's not something I ever think about. It just... happens."

[04:12] * Jay "Like, blinking? So I just don't have to think about it?"

[04:13] <PastelLife> I suppose it couldn't hurt to try it.

[04:18] * Jay "It's not a thing you can really practice. I'll get it at some point." She smiles at Pastel "Thank you. For helping me... It's quite confusing."

[04:21] * PastelLife sighs, looking down at her desk, "It is, very confusing." She stares down at the wood, "I hope everything works out, Jay. For you, and for the others."

[04:28] * Jay "Me too." She looks around "You think you could show me around this place sometime? If it's no trouble."

[04:30] * PastelLife thinks for a moment, "I don't leave the inn too often... it's my responsibility. But, maybe I could find some time."

[04:32] * Jay "Any interesting locations? Let's say I'm a tourist, where would I go first?"

[04:35] * PastelLife smiles slightly, "Maybe something theatrical. A Bridleway show, or one of the of museums. I think you'd like that."

[04:36] * Jay "You've got drama here?" She grows a big smile "Any good plays?"

[04:41] * PastelLife chuckles, "I'll have to find one."

[04:47] * Jay "well, I might get back to my room, I'm... Tired. This new body is hard to take care of."

[04:50] * PastelLife smiles, "Well, take care Jay. I'll think of something we can do together, alright?"

[04:51] * Jay nods "I look forward to it. Goodnight Pastel."

[04:51] <PastelLife> Goodnight, Jay.

[04:52] * Jay trots off to her room, tired and confused, but less confused than before...by a tiny bit.

[04:57] * PastelLife watches Jay go before looking at her still unfinished paperwork. She sits in the office a bit longer, finding herself far more confused than before.

[04:57] <PastelLife> ==Scene==