Thursday, October 24th, 2013

[00:30] <PastelLife> ==THE SH INN - LOBBY - AFTERNOON==

[00:34] * PastelLife stands at the hotel counter again, any signs she was upset earlier are gone, she works with her head down, eyes down.

[00:37] * Walnut comes down from his room, wandering into the lobby with his usual sour expression.

[00:39] * PastelLife glances up, nodding as she sees Walnut, "Good afternoon."

[00:40] * Walnut flops onto a sofa, still not sure how to get comfortable with these limbs. "Good, is it? I guess it is."

[00:45] * PastelLife watches Walnut, frowning, "It is a nice day. I can understand why you're upset, considering, well, you know." She glances out the window, "But, any day you're alive is a day worth living."

[00:47] * Walnut shuckles a little. "I can agree with that. When you might find yourself caught in a drive-by any day, you do sort of learn to appreciate the days you have."

[00:47] <Walnut> (( chuckles ))

[00:51] * PastelLife raises an eyebrow, "Drive-by? I don't... well, I think I can understand that. I feel the same, honestly."

[00:54] * Walnut nods a little, and adjusts his position on the sofa, but still doesn't really look comfortable. "I been watching out the windows, you know, tryin' to get a feel for this place, but I just don't get it."

[00:58] * PastelLife sets down her papers, watching Walnut with a frown of concern, "Is it really so different... I won't pretend to understand it, but talking to the others, Chance seems to think it's not all that different. Ponies still live their lives much as any... one else does."

[01:03] * Walnut tilts his head a bit. "Talking to the others... about what? What have they told you?"

[01:08] * PastelLife sighs, "More than I want to think about. Sorry, I don't mean to pry... but the others have said that your group is from... far away."

[01:08] * Walnut mms. "You got that right. This ain't nothing like where I come from." He blinks a couple times. "Except, in an eerie way, it also is like where I'm from."

[01:11] * PastelLife nods, "The more things change, the more they stay the same, some say. Although I don't know how that applies to your situation, honestly. From what you said the other night... I think I'd almost prefer you find some change in your life."

[01:13] * Walnut hehs. "This is about as big of a change as I can think of. I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do with it though. I only know.. well, what I've been doing. I wouldn't know where to start."

[01:16] * PastelLife bites her lip, "Well... an honest job. Earn some honest bits." She voice lowers, "I... could always use a helping hoof around the inn..."

[01:19] * Walnut thinks a moment. "Tellya the truth, there is no honest work for someone like me. They don't give a .. um.." He looks down over himself, the deep red hue of his coat.. "I was gonna say a black kid like me doesn't get honest work where I'm from, but I don't even know what a red pony is supposed to be like."

[01:28] * PastelLife tilts her head just a bit, "What does the color of your coat matter? I... I'm sure your capable of doing something. Even just working as a porter, carrying luggage."

[01:29] <Walnut> (( you're ))

[01:30] * Walnut nods a bit.. "Lugging suitcases around probably isn't too hard for me, I'll admit."

[01:32] * PastelLife nods, "And of course... you could always try other odd jobs around the hotel, just for experience, or..." she glances at his flank, "Until you find something you enjoy."

[01:34] * Walnut looks thoughtful for a moment. "It's not like I'm doing much else. I could give it a shot if you like, yeah."

[01:42] <PastelLife> It's up to you, Walnut. I... simply want to give you that chance at some honest work.

[01:47] * Walnut sighs. "And I thought this couldn't get any weirder. But I ain't one to turn down and offer like that."

[01:51] <Walnut> (( an offer ))

[01:51] * PastelLife chuckles a little, "Well, I've never been one to deny somepony in need." She steps up towards Walnut, setting a hoof against him gently, "You seem like your in need. And probably have been for some time."

[01:55] <Walnut> (( you're in need ))

[01:56] * Walnut mms quietly. "In need. Yeah. Sounds about right."

[02:03] * PastelLife moves her hoof slowly, comforting Walnut, "Sometimes, life throws its worst at you. Its not easy. And there are times you just want to curl up and cry. But we have to keep moving forward." She muses a bit, looking up to the ceiling.

[02:06] * Walnut chuckles again. "Heh, does this make us.. y'know, friends? Cause despite what I said before, I never really had any. None I could trust not to stab me in the back if I wasn't careful, anyway."

[02:12] * PastelLife smiles just barely, "I... suppose it would." Her face hardens just a bit, "But don't think that means you can slack off. I'm giving you this chance, and I expect you to work for it, alright?"

[02:15] * Walnut laughs at this, perhaps a genuine smile for once. "Oh, I know how to earn my keep, don't worry about that."

[02:20] * PastelLife nods, "Good." Her own smile widens, "I think you'll do just fine." She walks over to the counter, digging out a hoofful of bits. She returns, handing them over, "Here. Some advance pay. Why not go out, see the city a little. Get something to eat. You can start tomorrow."

[02:21] * Walnut ahs and nods. "Sounds good. I've been meaning to get out there and see.. well, what this place is like."

[02:26] * PastelLife nods, "It may not be home. But it's worth a chance. But be careful out there."

[02:31] * Walnut nods and gets up. "I'll watch myself. And.. thanks." He heads over towards the door, getting ready to head out.

[02:32] * PastelLife smiles, heading back over to the counter. "I expect you'll be back before dark."

[02:36] * Walnut hahs. "Yes, mother." He waves, and then heads out to see what this town has to offer.

[02:37] * PastelLife hmphs behind the desk, but can't resist the slight smile playing across her face.