Monday, October 21st, 2013

[21:33] <Histon> ==Lobby, Afternoon==

[21:34] * Histon lays on one of the couches, looking up at the ceiling. One leg swings off the side as he thinks.

[21:38] * Remedy trots down the stairs, bouncing slightly with each step. 'Hey Histon!'

[21:38] * Histon ears perk up, and he turns to Remedy "Oh, hey Remedy!"

[21:39] * Remedy adjusts her bag and hops over. 'You ready to go?'

[21:47] * Histon nods, "Y-yeah, of course. Um... any place in mind?"

[21:48] * Remedy nods. 'Yep! Place I normally go, the Hay Bale.'

[21:49] <Histon> H-hay?

[21:49] * Histon hasn't eaten any hay in his time here. Its always been apples and such.

[21:50] * Remedy smiles and waves a hoof dismissively. 'Don't worry, they got other stuff.'

[21:51] * Histon nods "Alright... fair enough." He gets off the couch, smiling at Remedy "Lead the way!"

[21:51] * Remedy nods and heads for the door. 'Onwards!'

[21:55] * Histon follows behind Remedy. They make small talk as they walk to the Hay Bale, as Histon looks around the city as they walk.

[21:58] * Remedy turns to Histon as they walk. 'So what'cha think about our world then?'

[21:58] * Histon smiles "So far? I like it!"

[22:00] * Remedy smiles back. 'Jazzy.'

[22:01] * Histon tilts his head "Whats with 'jazzy'?"

[22:03] * Remedy blinks. 'Iunno. What's with 'cool'?'

[22:03] <Histon> ...Touche

[22:05] * Remedy halts in front of the Hay Bale. 'Here we are!'

[22:07] <Remedy> [The Hay Bale is similar to what Histon would recognise as an Irish Pub, visually and atmospherically.]

[22:07] <Histon> ...Irish?

[22:07] * Remedy looks at Histon. 'What's Irish?'

[22:08] * Histon shakes his head "N-never mind" he smiles "Come on, lets eat! I'm starving..."

[22:11] * Remedy nods and heads on in. 'Hey Clover! Usual!' She calls as she moves over to her usual table.

[22:17] <Histon> Uh... whats your usual?

[22:18] * Remedy grins. 'Potatoes!'

[22:18] <Remedy> And cheese.

[22:18] <Remedy> And butter.

[22:19] <Histon> ...

[22:19] <Histon> Uh... Make that two!

[22:20] <Remedy> [Clover nods and scoots away to the kitchen.]

[22:21] * Histon takes a seat, looking around "Interesting place..."

[22:21] * Remedy nods. 'Yep. It's really... homey.'

[22:23] * Histon eyes Remedy, smiling "I take it you come here a lot then, if you gotta usual."

[22:23] * Remedy nods again. 'Yeah, most nights. I'm not much for cooking.'

[22:25] * Histon smiles "Man... I know that. College doesn't leave me a lot of time for cooking. Hell, my degree hasn't let me do much of anything." He looks away "This is the first time I've really been able to have dinner with someone for a long time."

[22:26] * Remedy giggles. 'One of those 50-cent noodle types?'

[22:27] <Histon> Hehe, now be fair, in these economic times?

[22:28] <Histon> Only the 30 cent ones, doused in hot sauce to mask the lack of taste.

[22:29] * Remedy sticks out her tongue. 'Maybe where you come from.'

[22:30] * Histon giggles a little, sighing "...honestly I haven't done anything but work for the last few years."

[22:30] * Remedy nods. 'Well, think of this as a vacation then.'

[22:37] * Histon sighs "I guess so... just haven't really expected one." he frowns looking down "Really... I've been hiding in my work for years."

[22:38] * Remedy tilts her head. 'From what?'

[22:38] <Histon> ...from a lot of things that aren't worth getting into

[22:39] * Remedy nods slowly. 'Okay.'

[22:39] * Histon looks away, motionless for a moment before turning back, forcing a smile "Sorry... shouldn't have gotten on that."

[22:39] * Remedy shakes her head. 'Nah, s'fine.'

[22:41] <Remedy> [Clover walks over with both ponies' meals. The Usual is mashed potato, baked potato on top, and covered in cheese and butter. With some carrots and lettuce on the side.]

[22:41] * Histon licks his lips "All I had was an apple this morning"

[22:43] * Remedy giggles. 'Well, dig in. My treat remember.'

[22:43] * Histon smiles wide "T-thanks again Remedy"

[22:44] * Remedy nods and smiles. 'No problem, Histy-Pop.'

[22:44] * Histon starts digging in slightly. He looks up, some mashed potato's on his snout. He swallows, giving Remedy a smile "So... whats with the nickname?"

[22:45] * Remedy looks up from her own, notably neater eating. 'Iunno. Pop?'

[22:46] <Histon> Yeah... I've had a lot of nicknames, but never one with 'pop' in it.

[22:46] * Remedy shrugs. 'First time for everything.'

[22:47] * Histon shakes his head, giggling "Remedy, I don't think I've ever met someone like you."

[22:47] * Remedy gives Histon a smile. 'I get that a lot.'

[22:48] <Histon> I take it you don't mind though

[22:48] <Remedy> Hardly.

[22:49] * Histon tilts his head "Really?"

[22:50] * Remedy shrugs. 'Why would I mind? Makes me feel special.'

[22:51] <Histon> ...I'

[22:51] <Histon> *I always hated sticking out myself...

[22:51] <Histon> ...never got noticed for anything that positive, aside from school.

[22:52] * Remedy smiles. 'Well, nothing stopping that changing.'

[22:53] * Histon scratches the back of his head "I'm no worth gettin' noticed. I just wreck things when I try to rock the boat..."

[22:53] * Remedy shakes her head. 'Haven't noticed anything like that so far.'

[22:55] * Histon frowns a little, looking down. After a moment he looks back up, a forced smile on his face "J-just trust me... You're the interesting one here. No need to focus on me."

[22:57] <Remedy> I'll focus on who I want.

[22:57] * Histon mutters, focusing on his food, looking down

[22:59] * Remedy rests her chin on a hoof. 'So.'

[23:00] * Histon swallows a big bit of potato's "S-so"

[23:01] <Histon> ((potatoes))

[23:01] <Remedy> What happened before you showed up here?

[23:02] <Histon> Not much really... Honestly I just was working on my degree. Working my way into teaching.

[23:02] <Histon> You? What do you do Remedy?

[23:03] * Remedy pokes her plate slightly. 'I'm... a medical student.'

[23:04] <Histon> Med school? Is it as crazy as it is back home? I mean... what are you doing at an inn if you're in school?

[23:05] * Remedy examines the table, not looking at Histon. 'I'm... between studies. Sort of.'

[23:05] <Histon> O-Oh...

[23:05] * Histon looks down, poking at his own plate

[23:06] <Remedy> I-I've done most of the modules!

[23:07] <Remedy> I just...

[23:08] <Histon> ...Haven't been able to deal with the rest?

[23:08] <Remedy> I can't stick with it long enough...

[23:09] <Histon> Whats the matter? Are you... just not interested anymore?

[23:09] * Remedy shakes her head. 'N-no! I wanna be a doctor, I just...'

[23:10] <Remedy> Can't deal with med-school...

[23:13] * Remedy is sort of sunk into her seat by this point.

[23:23] * Histon frowns, looking at Remedy. He shifts awkwardly for a moment, looking around. After a bit, he gets up, walking over to Remedy and wrapping her in a hug "Its OK."

[23:24] * Remedy nods and hugs back. 'I've tried twice, and the modules were in a different order, so I've done most of them at one point.'

[23:27] <Histon> Then, whats got you stuck?

[23:29] * Remedy sighs. 'It's just... so tedious.'

[23:31] <Remedy> I just... don't have the patience for it I guess...'

[23:31] * Histon nods "It can be a lot to deal with... any degree can be."

[23:32] * Remedy nods and stares at what's left of her potatoes.

[23:32] * Histon blinks, realizing he's still rather close "S-sorry, there was food, wasn't there?" he tries to chuckle. "Well... time to stuff my face and stop being weird!" he takes a big bite, trying to smile while chewing. The result is some odd mix , and causes a little bit or potato's to end up on the very tip of his snout.

[23:34] * Remedy nods and returns to eating for a moment.

[23:35] <Remedy> Uh... to be honest, I actually meant 'what were you doing' in a more immediate sense...

[23:35] <Histon> ...Oh.

[23:35] * Histon looks away

[23:37] <Histon> Well... I was a human.

[23:37] * Remedy nods slowly.

[23:39] <Histon> Like... think of a... bipedal creature. In fact, do you have monkeys here?

[23:39] * Remedy nods. 'Yeah.'

[23:41] <Histon> Like... big... hairless monkeys. Except we have some hair on are heads... and the rest of us, but not like, fur hair. More like... well, a mane.

[23:41] * Remedy nods. 'Kay.'

[23:41] <Remedy> ((On our heads?))

[23:42] <Histon> ((Yes))

[23:43] <Histon> And well, we had fingers, none of this hoof business. Nice, useable hands.

[23:43] * Histon sighs "God I miss my hands..."

[23:44] * Remedy tilts her head. 'Not tried your magic yet?'

[23:47] <Chance> ==C&H, Morning==

[23:48] * Histon blinks "My magic?" He thinks "Oh... the horn. Honestly... I've only gotten it to work once. And I have no idea how I did that."

[23:48] * Remedy nods. 'Okay then. I dunno magic from a potato, so...' she shrugs.

[23:49] * Histon thinks, bending over and spearing Remedy's potato with his horn "Then lets have a test!" he giggles "Which is the potato, which one's magical?"

[23:49] * Chance leads Jay through the city, stopping and pointing at the inn as it comes into view. "And here we are. This is where we're staying."

[23:50] * Remedy blinks. 'Oi, that's my potato!'

[23:51] * Jay Looks at Chance, then the inn "So, there's more of you eh? How many?"

[23:51] <Chance> Five. Six, now that you're here.

[23:52] * Jay "All arrived together? You knew each-other?"

[23:53] <Chance> Arrived together, yes, but strangers.

[23:55] <Histon> Is it~ Or is it my horn!

[23:55] * Histon wiggles his head around a bit

[23:55] * Remedy frowns and leans forward and takes a bite out of the horntato.

[23:55] * Jay "Huh... So, do you know much about your human life? You remember everything before you...Er... Entered into this collective dream we are all having?"

[23:57] <Chance> Yes. And you?

[23:57] * Jay nods "I would demonstrate, but it's hard to do slight of hand with no...Er...Hands."

[23:58] <Chance> Then the amnesia was a lie, correct?

[00:00] * Jay "It was a convenient one. You think saying "I come from a land of fleshy pink bi-pedals, and this is all a dream, you all don't exist." is going to get me any friends?" She raises an eyebrow at Chance

[00:01] <Chance> I don't blame you for it. I just wanted to make sure.

[00:01] * Jay "Alright... So, where do you come from? I mean, originally."

[00:02] <Chance> New York?

[00:03] * Jay perks up "Oh? Really? We might have met sometime! Ever walk past a street performer dressed up in a golden suit before?"

[00:04] * Chance shakes his head. "I can't say that I have, sorry." He gestures toward the building. "Shall we?"

[00:04] * Histon giggles more, looking at Remedy "Still good?"

[00:05] * Remedy makes a serious face. 'Potato is always good.'

[00:09] * Jay Sighs "Oh... Yeah, alright, let's go." Jay adopts the half walk/half fall she uses to get around to follow Chance into the inn

[00:11] * Chance steps inside, looking around the main lobby.

[00:12] <PastelLife> [The counter is currently unoccupied. A small bell sits upon it, with a sign reading 'Please Ring for Service']

[00:14] * Jay looks at Chance "Will you do the honers?"

[00:15] <Remedy> ((honors))

[00:15] <Remedy> And this potato is mine.

[00:16] * Remedy grabs the potato from Histon's horn and places it back on her plate.

[00:17] * Chance nods and rings the bell.

[00:17] * Histon smiles "That, miss, I can't argue!"

[00:18] * Remedy finishes her meal before Histon can impale any more of it.

[00:20] * PastelLife looks up from her desk at the sound of the bell. She trots from the office, and spying Chance at the counter, waves him over, "Oh, it's you. Everything alright?"

[00:22] <Chance> That depends on what you mean by all right. I... found another one.

[00:23] * Jay looks at Pastel, then back to Chance, then waves to Pastel nervously

[00:23] * PastelLife blinks, jaw dropping slightly, "Another... oh." She eyes Jay carefully, "Well... best come into the office then."

[00:24] * Chance nods and follows Pastel.

[00:24] * Jay "Wait, what's going on? Office?" Jay follows both of them, quite confused

[00:28] * PastelLife trots back in, holding the door open, "It's just my office. I run this inn... and obviously some topics are not for discussion in the Lobby."

[00:33] * Jay looks around "Uh, alright." Jay follows Pastel into the Office cautiously "So, are you another person that's dreaming...or? What city did you come from before you arrived here?"

[00:34] * PastelLife raises an eyebrow as she waits for the two to fully enter in, "Oh no, I'm from Manehattan. I've lived here my whole life, in this inn, in fact."

[00:38] * Jay "Oh? Huh... Well. May I ask, have you ever felt that you don't exist at an point? Like you were part of a dream? Just a...Uh... Silly question" Jay looks more nervous by the second, as she realizes the fact that this... May not precisely be a dream.

[00:39] * Histon eats as well, a smile on his face

[00:40] * PastelLife watches Jay curiously, "Only when..." She trails off, then immediately cuts herself off, "No."

[00:40] <Chance> They've been here a long time, Jay. It's not a dream. It's... someplace else.

[00:42] <Histon> So Remedy, anything else you want to do?

[00:42] * Remedy finishes her meal and exhales.

[00:42] * Jay Turns to Chance "They said only when! O-Only when what!?" Jay grows a smile, covering her face with glee

[00:42] * Histon pats his belly "As long as its not potato based... no vacancy's left in here..."

[00:42] <Remedy> No, I think I'm good.

[00:43] <Remedy> Wanna head back?

[00:43] * Histon nods, smiling "Yeah, sure!"

[00:44] * Remedy nods and gets to her hooves, trotting over to the counter where she counts out some bits and slides them to Clover.

[00:44] * Histon grabs a napkin, cleaning off his horn the best he can as he walks next to Remedy "So... everything you hoped for?"

[00:45] * Remedy nods. 'Yep! Thanks for coming out with me tonight.'

[00:46] * Chance rolls his eyes. "Everynoe feels like they're in a dream sometimes. This isn't one, believe me."

[00:47] * Histon smiles "My pleasure. Hell... I have to admit. It was fun, hands or no hands." he walks close to her "Wonder whats going on back at the inn..." He blinks "Oh, speaking of... you hear about the new guy?"

[00:47] * Remedy tilts her head. 'New guy?'

[00:47] <Jay> ((News travels fast around here))

[00:48] <Histon> ((This happened at night, you're in the morning. :P))

[00:48] * PastelLife slowly closes the door behind, she eyes Jay carefully, then her eyes move back to Chance, "Is... she alright? Beyond... you know?"

[00:49] * Jay "Well- It could be- I mean-... I..." Jays smile fades as she sits down and goes quiet

[00:49] * Histon goes on about Jay while the two of them walk back to the end

[00:51] <Histon> ((inn. I need more then 2 hours of sleep a night >_>))

[00:51] * Remedy holds up a hoof before the two of them leave the Pub. 'Hang on.'

[00:52] * Histon tilts his head "Uh... ok?"

[00:52] <Histon> ((Move second to last line down...))

[00:52] * Remedy licks Histon's nose. 'You had some potato.'

[00:53] * Histon blinks, turning bright red "I-I... uh... t-t-t-thanks?" he stutters, looking away from Remedy.

[00:53] * Remedy smiles. 'No problem!'

[00:54] * Histon walks with Remedy outside "Now we're good?"

[00:54] <Chance> As much as anyone is. It's a lot to take in.

[00:54] * Remedy nods. 'Yep!'

[00:54] * Histon nods "So, the new guy!"

[00:55] * Remedy nods.

[00:55] <Histon> ((...TO HERE. MOVE THE LINE HERE!))

[00:55] * Jay lays her head on the ground, and mumbles.

[00:59] * PastelLife clicks the door lock, "Well then... I think it's about time I got some answers. Answers that aren't being given to me by a nearly hysterical pony, or by a self-indulgent child. You seem reasonable Chance, but I don't know how I feel about just 'finding' somepony else so suddenly. I want to hear about this 'other world'."

[01:02] * Jay Mumbles again "You're not the only one to want answers." with a sigh.

[01:02] * Chance blinks. "And you're sure you want to ask me?"

[01:05] * PastelLife stares at Chance blankly, "Consider my options. At least if he," She points a hoof at Jay, " new, maybe you've not gotten your stories straight."

[01:08] <Jay> ((She))

[01:08] * Chance chuckles nervously. "Well, I can assure you we haven't spent any time straightening stories."

[01:10] * PastelLife sighs, "That... was uncalled for. I'm sorry." She looks down, "I really do believe you. That... something is going on here. But... who-mens? Its rather hard to believe, you have to admit."

[01:12] <Chance> I absolutely sympathize. If I didn't have evidence myself, I don't think I'd believe us either.

[01:14] * Jay stands up "May I interject for a moment. Imagine, if you will, you're cast into a land of different species. Er... What doesn't talk here... Let's say, you wake up in a land of ducks, and those ducks have no idea what Horses are, and you find yourself to be, a duck. How would you feel? You'd want to get out. And that's exactly what I want to do..." Jay walks over to Chance slowly "I'm...

[01:15] * Jay ...grateful that you believe us. And I want nothing more to be out of your hair and out of this... Place."

[01:15] <Jay> ((Combine -.-))

[01:18] * PastelLife frowns, "I suppose that makes sense... I just want to know more. I think, the more I know about your world, the more I can help." She pauses a moment, looking at Jay, "I don't know if I have much choice other than to help. You may have to share a room though."

[01:20] * Jay "I don't mind sharing a room. I've done it before, although not in this shape. Now, let's get this over and done with, what would you like to know?" Jay adopts a deadpan look, void of any real expression, and speaks with a voice much the same.

[01:23] * PastelLife 's mouth moves slightly without any words coming out, then at last, "How... different is your world?"

[01:25] * Jay responds "Very. For a start, the dominant species is a bi-pedal ape, and the equivalent of what you are now, horses, are used for transportation and racing. Might I also add that they are not very smart, and differently, do not, talk."

[01:25] <Chance> It's not as different as it seems, once you get used to it. Almost anything humans do, ponies do here. There's no magic, but almost everything we use it for here, there's a device that does something similar.

[01:27] * PastelLife shudders slightly at Jay's words, "B-but... what about the poni-err... who-mens?" She looks at Chance, "You say they're not as different. How much so?"

[01:28] * Jay "The humans...I'll... I'll try and draw you a picture later." then she looks to Chance, letting him take over

[01:30] <Chance> Other than the shapes, I mean. How ponies and humans act. It's not so different at all.

[01:32] * Jay "Well, we do have corporations, and quite a lot of wars... Have many wars here?"

[01:32] * PastelLife seems on the verge of tears suddenly, an unexpected break in her so far stone demeanor, "N-not so different... are... is it p-possible it's... a-an afterlife?"

[01:33] <Chance> An afterlife? I don't think so, but... is it possible?

[01:34] * Jay looks at Chance, raising an eyebrow, then back to Pastel "I...Er... I doubt it. It could be but... Why would we be coming out of the afterlife?"

[01:35] <PastelLife> I... I don't know... I'm... just trying to find a way to explain how h- how you'd be here.

[01:35] <thattagen> ((What about that strange girl called Angel?))

[01:36] <Chance> It seems unlikely, but we should consider every possibility.

[01:37] * Jay "Look... Right now... How about we just... Live. The answers will come with time." she trots slowly up to Pastel and gives her a pat on the back "I guaranteeing you, I am...Just confused, maybe even moreso than you."

[01:43] * PastelLife looks up at Jay, face still wavering, "Y-you... I'm supposed to be comforting you! This is my home! My world..." She breaks, grabbing Jay into a tight hug. "It made sense before..."

[01:44] <Chance> We'll find out what's going on. Especially now that... more are coming through. Something isn't right. We need to fix it.

[01:48] * Jay breaths out sharply "AUCH-! W-well- glad I could help." returning the hug to Pastel weakly. "C-can I...Get go to my room now?" she looks at Chance "May I share a room with...You? You're the one who found me... And to be quite honest, you're the only one that I really trust around here. For now at least."

[01:49] * Chance coughs, flushing slightly. "Well, it would be with myself and Walnut."

[01:51] * Jay Raises an eyebrow"Walnut? You share your room with a...Uh...Nut?"

[01:52] * Chance shakes his head. "No, another pony. One who used to be a human, just like you."

[01:52] * PastelLife 's voice is low, "H-histon... y-you'll share a room with Histon..."

[01:55] * Jay 's face shows a small amount of disappointment "Well... Alright. I just hope this 'Histon' guy is nice. I may not be in the... Best...State of mind at the moment."

[01:59] * PastelLife continues to hold onto Jay, nodding, "He's... yes."

[02:01] * Jay "Fine, I'll share a room. Thank you. Thank you for letting me stay and... not thinking I'm a madman- Or madpony- Or whatever you call it. You are quite a kind person."

[02:02] * Chance nods. "You very much are. Once again, we can't thank you enough for your help."

[02:02] * Jay "I never did catch your name."

[02:04] * PastelLife nods, at last pulling away from Jay, she sits back on her hind legs, looking at the two, "I'm... I'm Pastel. Pastel Life, even if it's been anything but." She smiles just slightly at what sounds like an old joke that's probably only funny to her.

[02:05] * Jay "Well, I'm Jay. Just... Just Jay for now. Hopefully we can get this all sorted out soon."

[02:06] * Chance nods. "I think all of us would like nothing better."

[02:07] * Jay turns to Chance "Would you mind showing me to my room? I'm not really accustomed to the layout. And so far I have not walked up stares, so I hope the rooms not up them."

[02:07] <Chance> ((stairs))

[02:09] * PastelLife rises up shakily, pulling open the drawer of her desk, she digs into the back and pulls out a key. "Here. The spare key. It's... the second door from the end of the hall. The bathroom connects to my own room."

[02:10] * Chance nods. "Is Histon in right now?"

[02:11] * PastelLife shakes her head, "No... I believe he went out with Carolina."

[02:11] * Jay looks at the key, and paws at it with her hoof "Uhrm. I still need to learn that I suppose" she leans down and grabs the key with her mouth

[02:13] <Chance> With Carolina? All right. Hopefully he won't be too surprised when he gets back.

[02:14] * Jay looks about with the key in her mouth "tenks agern"

[02:15] * PastelLife nods, "I... hope not." She nods to Jay, "You're welcome. I hope everything works out... for all of you."

[02:15] * Jay nods, and trots out the door, waiting for Chance

[02:16] * Chance nods and follows Jay. "Thank you again," he says to Pastel as he leaves.

[02:18] * Jay waits until Chance and herself are both outside the door, and then tries to say "Hrey Chanks...Er..."

[02:18] <Chance> Yes, Jay?

[02:19] * Jay spits out the keys and embraces Chance in a soft hug "Thanks for finding me. If you didn't, I... Well, you know what they say about dreams and falling."

[02:21] * Chance blinks, and hugs Jay back. "Don't mention it. I'm glad I found you before anything bad happened."

[02:21] * Jay "Have you had the chance of exploring this place any? Seen the sights?"

[02:22] <Chance> Some, yes.

[02:24] * Jay lets go of the hug, and looks down at the keys "Oh? Well, maybe some time you could show me around? Introducing the new person as to speak..."

[02:27] * Chance nods. "Sure. It's really not so bad once you get usedto it."

[02:27] <Chance> ((used to))

[02:31] * Jay looks down at themselves "Really? I mean..." She holds out a hoof "I can't pick up anything... And what about..." She wipes off a stray tear "Family? Those people that you've left behind. I wasn't just alone back at my house...I had... People. Friends. They probably think I'm dead!" Another tear, quickly eradicated out of shame.

[02:34] * Chance chuckles, reaching down to pick up the keys. "You can pick things up once you get used to it. Your family..." He sighs, and looks down. "I don't know. But we'll figure it out. You'll see them again."

[02:40] * Jay coughs, holding back a small river, her voice wavering "I'm sorry about that. I'm just quite... Confused. And tired. And... confused." She looks at the keys "Would you mind showing me to my room? I wouldn't be able to open the door. Lead on." She smiles and gives a small chuckle "Sorry about calling you... You know... A dream."

[02:41] * Chance smiles and walks toward Jay's room. "Think nothing of it. We all thought the same, at first."

[02:43] * Jay follows Chance to her room "You think...What's his name will be alright with me staying here?"

[02:43] <Chance> The rest of us have all been sharing, so he'd better be.

[02:46] * Jay "Well, good luck with cashew, I just hope everyone else isn't too surprised to see me. I realize now that...Bacon and eggs aren't really a possibility."

[02:47] <Chance> Eggs, we could handle. Bacon is less than a good idea. I'll try and let the others know who you are.

[02:49] * Jay "Oh? We can handle eggs? You've tested this? I suppose I could have some tofu instead, that is, if they know what tofu is around here..." She sighs "I was told I'd end up a vegetarian one day."

[02:56] <Chance> Most ponies can handle eggs just fine. But vegetarian is definitely safest.

[03:00] * Jay "Looks like I've got quite alot to learn... I hope you don't mind me asking quite a lot of questions." She sighs, quite exhausted "But for now, I'm looking forward to a long, relaxing rest." She nods towards the door "Would you mind...Er...Opening it?"

[03:02] * Chance chuckles, opening the door and setting the key down on a table inside. "There you are. Feel free to ask whatever you'd like. I hope that we'll have an answer, but don't count on it."

[03:07] * Jay smiles, stepping in to her room and eying the beds, then turns back to Chance "Did I mention, thank you? If we ever get out of this, look for one of my showings, I'll show you a card trick of two."

[03:08] <Chance> I'll look forward to it. Have a good rest. We'll introduce you to the rest later.

[03:10] * Jay "Alright, good night- Morning- whatever it is." And with that she closes the door, and flomps on the bed, snuggling into the covers and drifting off into a sleep

[03:11] <PastelLife> ((Jay wakes up as a duck in a world of talking ducks.))

[03:11] <Jay> ((PLOT TWIST))