Sunday, October 20th, 2013

[22:39] <PastelLife> ==DAY 3 - LOBBY - MORNING==

[22:41] * PastelLife trots in with an apple and an orange juice, setting them down on the counter as she begins to set up for the daily routine.

[22:41] * Histon groans, looking around the room as he rubs the sleep from his eyes

[22:45] * PastelLife looks up, watching Histon a moment, then her eyes drop back down as she tries to just ignore him. Focus.

[22:51] * Histon walks to a couch, flopping on the couch.

[22:51] * AngelFeather quickly sneaks through the lobby and into the bathroom, locking the door.

[22:52] * Histon raises an eyebrow

[22:52] <Histon> Whats gotten into her?

[22:57] * PastelLife looks up, over towards the bathroom, "I... have no idea."

[22:59] * Histon sighs, getting up "I should make sure she's ok..." He walks over to the door "If this is any sorta... feminite problem though, you're taking over."

[23:00] * PastelLife rolls her eyes, "Well... that's fair enough."

[23:00] * Histon knocks on the door "Hey, Angel. You ok in there?"

[23:01] * AngelFeather 's voice wafts through the door. "Just getting ready for the day~"

[23:02] * Histon nods "Well... ok, was a little worried the way you ran though."

[23:08] * PastelLife watches out of the corner of her eye, casually eating an apple.

[23:09] <AngelFeather> [Some water starts running behind the door.]

[23:09] * ZephyrGust steps into the lobby, looking about. She nods to everyone in passing and snags a green apple out of the basket on the reception desk.

[23:11] * Histon goes to get an apple as well, sitting on a couch "Hey... what day of the week is it anyway?"

[23:12] * ZephyrGust bites into her apple and makes her way over near the large hearth, wanting to get the autumn chill out of her bones.

[23:13] * PastelLife blinks, "It's Monday, Zephyr."

[23:14] * ZephyrGust cocks her head. "I wasn't the one asking, Pas."

[23:16] * PastelLife frowns, concentrating on her papers, "...I'm aware of that."

[23:19] * ZephyrGust yawns and curls up by the fire. "Then why say my name?"

[23:19] <Jay> ==Day three- Morning- Manehattin park==

[23:20] <AngelFeather> ((Central Park))

[23:20] * PastelLife stutters a bit, "I... err..." she glances towards Histon, then back down. "Just... saying good morning."

[23:21] * Histon gives Pastel an odd look, but turns away to eat his apple

[23:21] * ZephyrGust laughs. "That's it, I'm sure." She eyes Histon, then sets her head on her forelegs again, closing her eyes.

[23:21] * Jay feels the light at his eyelids, he blinks them open to see some light fluffy clods overhead, and the edge of a tree, thinking this is strange he starts to get up, letting out a tired groan. To hear a strange...Groaning sound. Not his voice at all, come to mention it, when he groaned he didn't hear himself

[23:22] <Fixit> (( fluffy clouds ))

[23:25] * Histon looks out the window "So... start of the week... most ponies should be at work or something."

[23:26] * ZephyrGust sighs. "Yeah. Monday mornings are the worst. Everyone is cranky and no one is happy to get their deliveries... not to mention everyone thinking you're late, when you're flying as fast as you damn-well can.

[23:26] <ZephyrGust> (("))

[23:27] * Jay tries to get up, but flails a bit, as his limbs seem to be somewhere else. At least, somewhere else than they usually are. He looks around, getting a bit more worried, as he noticed he was covered with a soft velvety hair.

[23:27] * PastelLife hmphs, "Monday is just another work day. The inn doesn't take days off."

[23:30] * Histon eyes Pastel "Funny. You come up with that phrase yourself Pastel?"

[23:30] * Jay "Sinc-" he stops suddenly as he hears another voice, not his own, using his words. As he does, he raises his hand to his face, and gets a nasty shock as something hard and boney hits him in the forehead

[23:32] <AngelFeather> [The water in the bathroom is still running]

[23:32] * Jay "What the he-" he coughs, trying to get the annoying away "Since when did I last shave" He holds out a hand in the air... To find not a hand, but a stub, covered with the same hair. He looks at his other hand, to much the same effect.

[23:35] * PastelLife 's ear twitches towards the bathroom, but she keeps her eyes down, voice low. "Just telling it like it is."

[23:35] * Chance trots through the park, taking time in the early air to think and clear his head.

[23:35] * ZephyrGust rolls onto her side, dozing lightly now.

[23:36] * Jay smiles "Some dream. This is the more realistic one yet." and he tries to fall back into sleep. Sighing as he was pretty sure it was a dream. He was convinced he'd slip out of it very soon. After a few minutes of trying to slip out of the dream to no avail he gets up suddenly, now breathing quite heavily, looking down at the strange legs that he was on

[23:40] <AngelFeather> [Steam starts seeping out of the bathroom under the door.]

[23:41] * Jay looks around frantically, he seemed to be in a park, then back to himself- or what he was, trying to get a hold of the situation. After trying that, he then decides to try plan B

[23:42] * Jay clears his changed throat, and then yells, at the top of his lungs "nnnNNNGGGHHHHAAAAAAUUUUGH!"

[23:43] * PastelLife looks over towards the bathroom, "What in the..." She trots over, then knocks on the bathroom door.

[23:44] <AngelFeather> Yes?

[23:45] * Chance starts at the scream that abruptly cuts off his reverie. He looks toward the source of the noise, galloping toward the distressed pony. "Are you all right?"

[23:46] * PastelLife looks at the steam, "Are... you flooding the bathroom?"

[23:48] * AngelFeather huffs. "Carolina locked me out of my bathroom so I have to get ready in here!"

[23:49] * Jay babbles an answer, not too sure if it is him answering "I- Dream- that- What's going on! You're not supposed to be here!" looking around frantically and trying to get up, but, not really used to his new legs, keeps falling down, causing much to the effect of a typhoon of legs.

[23:49] * Histon blinks

[23:50] <Histon> Uh... you can't wait?

[23:51] <Chance> Just... calm down, ma'am. It's all right. ...What do you mean I'm not supposed to be here?

[23:54] * PastelLife shakes her head, "How... are you even making that much steam? Are you running every faucet on hot?"

[23:54] <AngelFeather> ...yes?

[23:54] <AngelFeather> I need a shower, right?

[23:56] * Jay stops flailing, and turns his panic onto Chance "YOU- You're not supposed to be anywhere! I'm not- What are you." He looks around once more trying to get up slowly "What do you mean alrigh- HEY! Who are you calling a ma'am!?" He falls back down again "Where are I- I mean we- YOU! Where are we."

[23:59] * PastelLife blinks, "I... w-what? How..." Her eye twitches a bit as she stares at the door, head tilting slightly.

[00:00] * Chance steps back and holds up his hooves. "Just... slow down. Take a deep breath. What's wrong?"

[00:00] <AngelFeather> I'm still trying to figure that out!

[00:05] * Jay takes a deep breath, trying to stop the aching headache that is going on in his head "Alright... You. What are you?" he looks at Chance

[00:07] * PastelLife raises a hoof to her head, "Oh for Celestia's sake..." She raises her voice, "You don't need to ruin my inn just to bath! Turn off those faucets and come out here. Now!"

[00:07] * ZephyrGust trots over to Pastel. "What's all the racket about?"

[00:09] * Chance blinks. "I? Am a crystal pony."

[00:11] * PastelLife sighs, "Angel is in the Lobby bathroom, locked in, running all the faucets on hot... to shower? Somehow!"

[00:11] * Histon knocks on the door, loudly "Come on Angel, get outa there. Don't wreck this place, we're lucky to be here in the first place."

[00:12] * Jay "Right, what's that then?" He coughs "Just. Go back to the part where- Urhm... Let's just say that I have just suffered from a severe case of amnesia. What's going on?"

[00:12] <AngelFeather> [The water stops.]

[00:12] <AngelFeather> Alright, alright!

[00:13] * AngelFeather comes out of the bathroom still damp, with a towel wrapped around her mane.

[00:14] * ZephyrGust blinks. "Do I even want to know how that's possible?"

[00:15] * PastelLife glares slightly, "Really now. You couldn't just wait for your own shower? Or asked me to borrow mine, maybe?"

[00:15] <Chance> Um... how severe? You're in Manehattan, Central Park.

[00:15] * Histon shakes his head, sighing

[00:15] <Histon> Well, glad that's solved

[00:16] * Jay nods "I...See. And you don't have any speech impediments? It is MANEhattan?" He sighs "Right. Let's just say, that I've got such a bad case of amnesia, that I have forgotten what I look like. Please. Describe me."

[00:17] * AngelFeather shuffles her hoof on the ground. "Well, I don't like anyone to see me before I get ready..."

[00:18] * ZephyrGust shakes her head and trots back to the hearth, muttering "spoiled brat" under her breath.

[00:21] * PastelLife sighs, "Why would... err... right. Well, think next time... you're sharing this place with others in the same perdicament as you. Some consideration, please."

[00:21] <Chance> Yes, Manehattan. Are you feeling well? That... doesn't sound like any amnesia I've heard of.

[00:23] * Jay "Well, it's a special case! Look, I'm not in the best frame of mind at the moment. I do not really know what's going on. I could have been drugged for all I know, so I just need you to co-operate with me."

[00:24] * AngelFeather drips on the floor.

[00:24] <AngelFeather> Er...sorry...

[00:25] * Histon sighs "Come on, lets get you into a room to clean up

[00:30] * PastelLife sighs, walking behind her counter, "Please... yes."

[00:31] <AngelFeather> I can use your room, Histon?

[00:33] * ZephyrGust follows Pastel to the desk and whispers to her. "I don't like that one, Pas."

[00:33] * Chance sighs, rolling his eyes the tiniest bit behind closed lids. "All right. Earth pony. Mare. Plum-colored. Ringing any bells?"

[00:35] * PastelLife shakes her head, "I don't know. I don't know about any of them. I worry I've bitten off more than I can chew here."

[00:37] * ZephyrGust nods. "I just think she's trouble... I'm worried that she might get the one she's rooming with into something... bad."

[00:37] * Jay "P-pony. I see... But... Alright. But isn't a Mare a female horse?" He looks about prodding the ground "I hate to say it, but you're not real. You're very realistic though, well done."

[00:38] * Histon nods, leading her to his room "Thats fine Angel"

[00:39] * Chance opens his mouth, then closes it, frowning. "Say... where are you from, anyway?"

[00:40] <AngelFeather> I'll be done in...a few minutes.

[00:40] * AngelFeather closes the door.

[00:40] * PastelLife shakes her head, "I don't know about that. But... I just... they all need to be watched."

[00:41] * ZephyrGust nods. "I know. It's good that you're keeping 'em here, at least... I just wish there was more we could do."

[00:42] * PastelLife nods, "Me too..."

[00:46] * Histon walks back, flopping on the couch.

[00:47] * ZephyrGust sighs. "Anyway, I need a nap for the afternoon deliveries. See you later."

[00:47] * PastelLife nods, "Have a good rest, Zephyr."

[00:47] * ZephyrGust heads over the elevator and makes her exit.

[00:47] * Jay talks to himself, disregarding Chances question "In a few minutes I'll wake up to find myself snug in my bed, no more strange glass horses or plum mares. Yup. All I have to worry about now is how I'll pay rent. Street performing doesn't really pay well." He turns to Chance "Nice meeting you strange thing. I'll be going now." And he closes his eyes, smiling softly

[00:50] * Chance hesitates, staring awkwardly at the mare for a few seconds. "Err..." He clears his throat and lowers his voice. "...Human?"

[00:52] * Histon looks back a bit, studying Pastel

[00:52] * PastelLife looks back up, eyeing Histon, then notices he's watching her, and drops her gaze.

[00:52] <Histon> Pastel... you know Remedy pretty well, wouldn't you say?

[00:53] * PastelLife looks back up, tilting her head slightly, "Remedy? Well enough, I suppose. Why?"

[00:54] * Histon looks down "...we where talking yesterday night and I'm a little worried I may have agreed to something without thinking about it. "

[00:54] * Jay peeks open his left eye "You're still here? You're quite a suborn hallucination, or dream, or whatever, I'll give you that. But now you should run along into my subconscious." and with that he closes his left eye again, humming softly "You know, I should really remember this dream. It would make for a great TV show."

[00:56] * Chance opens his eyes wide. "TV— you ARE human!"

[01:00] * Jay looks blankly at Chance, and raises an eyebrow "What do you want. Let me get back to the world of the conscious. Please." he looks around, then up to a building "They say if you fall from a great height in a dream, you'll wake up... I s'pose I could try that." He gets up, very slowly and, as always, falls down "Hey, Glass Horse, you wouldn't mind lending me a hand? Or what ever you have....

[01:00] * Jay ...Just get me to that building over there."

[01:00] <Jay> ((Combine))

[01:01] * PastelLife sighs, "What could you have possibly agreed to?" She blinks, "You're not going to let her do any kind of operation on you?"

[01:03] <Chance> Uh... no. That would be a very bad idea. Um... what's your name, if I might ask?

[01:05] * Jay Gestures for Chance to come closer "I'm Jay. Who are you then? Not that it'll matter... But, hey, I am curious."

[01:09] <Chance> My name is Chance. And... Jay? I know this is going to be very hard to believe, but this is not a dream.

[01:14] * Jay "How could it not be one? I mean, with a name like Chance you can understand my skepticism. Look, would you mind carrying me? I want to see the sights before this ends. I should be able to fly... But sometimes dreams can be unco-operative like that"

[01:21] * Chance blinks. "I, uh... is there something wrong with Chan— you know what, never mind. There are other humans here, Jay. There's a group of us staying at an inn not far from here. And, well... we have no idea what's going on. But we're figuring it out!"

[01:27] * Jay "Well, tell you what, I'll play along with this, I'm interested to see where this is going! Hey, lots of people have gotten great ideas from dreams! This will make for a nice break from entertaining people, now it's my brains job to entertain me!" he looks around "Now, where is this place?"

[01:27] * AngelFeather steps back into the main lobby, looking more like her usual self. "Okay. You room's open ,Histy."

[01:27] <AngelFeather> ((your))

[01:31] * Histon nods "Thanks Angel

[01:32] <Histon> Well... no. But she asked me to go to dinner with her tonight.

[01:34] <Chance> Well... it'll do. It's just a few blocks away. Follow me.

[01:34] * PastelLife blinks, then starts laughing, "Dinner? Tonight? Remedy?!"

[01:35] <Histon> She's helping with some things and I asked what she'd want in return, and that was it! I... I didn't think about it till later!

[01:35] * Histon blushes

[01:36] <Histon> She said it was just for company, but... I... I don't know if she's just being coy.

[01:37] * Jay gets up, successful this time, and wobbles alongside chance "How do you control these things! Two legs is enough, but four- Jeeze."

[01:38] * Chance comes to a stop. "Oh, right... you're still getting used to it. Just don't overthink it. Do what comes naturally."

[01:38] * PastelLife continues to laugh, "Oh... oh my... really? I... I... Remedy? Really?"

[01:39] * AngelFeather blinks.

[01:39] * Jay "Naturally? Alright..." He tries to stand up on two legs, wobbles a bit, then falls flat on is face "Ouch..."

[01:39] <AngelFeather> I guess she's not the type?

[01:40] * Chance winces. "Not like that. Just... don't think too much about exactly how to walk."

[01:40] * PastelLife shakes her head, "Remedy? Oh no. No, she's not the type to really want to go out like that"

[01:41] * Jay gets up again "It's hard NOT to think about walking, when it feels like you've never done it before." He looks at Chance "Ok, so... Suppose this isn't a dream, hypothetically... How did you get here?"

[01:42] <Chance> I, uh... we don't know.

[01:44] * Jay "I see. And... What are you doing here?"

[01:45] <Chance> We aren't sure about that either.

[01:45] <AngelFeather> And Histon's not really THAT cute...

[01:45] * Jay rolls his eyes "And HOW exactly do you get back?"

[01:46] <Chance> If we knew that, we wouldn't still be here. I assure you, we're just as lost as you about what's going on.

[01:49] * Jay "You're a whole bag of information. Well then, fine. Maybe you can answer me something a bit easier... Do I really look that feminine?" He raises an eyebrow, now walking slowly

[01:50] * Chance turns back, looking at Jay. "Well... yes."

[01:51] * Jay "That's...Quite strange." He looks down at himself, or rather, herself "I mean... What did you look like before you became see-through and four hooved."

[01:52] * Histon rolls his eyes at Angel

[01:53] <Histon> Well... thank god. I was rather worried, honestly.

[01:53] <Chance> Well... you know, the same as anypony else, really.

[01:54] * Jay "Sorry, what did you just say? Anypony?"

[01:55] * Chance blinks. "Yes. That's what they say here."

[01:56] * PastelLife frowns, then simply shakes her head, "No, no you really don't have to worry about Remedy. She goes out a lot, likely is just looking for some company."

[01:57] * Histon smiles, well thats a relief

[01:58] <Chance> (("Well, that's a relief."))

[01:58] * Jay "Well. I'm going to have to work on that." she sighs "Look, I don't know what happened, but I wasn't this feminine when I went to sleep last night. Though, I wasn't walking on all fours either. Don't you have... Anything?"

[01:58] <Jay> ((Any information*))

[02:00] * PastelLife nods, "She's sweet. If a bit... odd."

[02:03] * Chance shakes his head. "I wish I did. Believe me, this is just as frustrating for everyone else as it is for you."

[02:04] * Histon smiles a bit "She's made me feel a lot more at home

[02:04] <Histon> (("))

[02:07] * Jay sighs "Well... Fine. Take me to the place. As much as this dream is realistic... It might not be a dream." She trots beside Chance, still a bit wobbley "Lead on... And maybe we can get some food too, I usually have some bacon and eggs for breakfast, maybe with some parsley and cheese, so at least I have that to look forward to."

[02:08] <AngelFeather> Hmmm...?

[02:08] * PastelLife raises an eyebrow at that, but a slight smile still on her face, "At home, eh?"

[02:08] <Chance> We will see what we can do. Follow me!

[02:13] * Jay follows Chance clumsily looking around at the various buildings

[02:14] * Histon nods, smiling "Honestly? This place... reminds me of it.

[02:15] <AngelFeather> Where'd you live, Histy?

[02:17] * PastelLife pauses, closing her mouth and waiting for Histon's answer.

[02:17] * Histon frowns a little, looking away. " inn, at least as a kid. And that's the short of it."

[02:19] * PastelLife narrows her eyes again, her previous levity suddenly gone. "Well... enjoy your dinner out, I suppose."

[02:19] <Histon> ...Yeah.

[02:24] * PastelLife pauses a moment, then her expressions softens a little, "That's unfair... I do mean that. Enjoy your day. And your dinner."

[02:31] * Histon looks at Pastel, studying her face. He blinks, sighing "What... is it about you that seems so familiar."

[02:34] * PastelLife blinks, pulling back, "N-nothing I'm sure... I mean... y-you're not from this w..." He trails off, taking a deep breath, "Your not from around here."

[02:35] * Histon tilts his head at the stutters, but sighs and nods "Yeah. I just guess I'm thinking of something..."

[02:39] * PastelLife nods, "Just coincidence, I'm sure. Otherwise it's... it's just way to strange."

[02:45] * Histon stares a little more "...yeah. I just wish I knew what was bugging me."

[02:50] <AngelFeather> Are you guys done staring at each other?

[02:51] * PastelLife manages to shrink back from that stare just a little, her hard stare gone as she looks away from his eyes, "I... I need to get some work done. I... ha ha, y-you know, Dad always said, 'Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried', gotta be ready for business." She quickly sorts her paperwork, shooting Angel a dark glance before moving towards her office door.

[02:51] * AngelFeather sticks her tongue out at the closed door and glances at Histon.

[02:52] <AngelFeather> Hey, you know, this reminds me of a show I used to watch...

[02:52] * Histon blinks "Yeah, sorry." He moves to the couch, stopping when he heard the phrasing. "...yeah. Funny..." He shakes his head, sitting down and looking outside.

[02:52] <AngelFeather> Parallel worlds and all that?

[02:52] <AngelFeather> There's two New Yorks, right?

[03:19] * Histon blinks

[03:19] <Histon> ...What did you just say

[03:19] * Histon eyes Pastel, hoping she didn't hear

[03:28] * Histon sighs "Angel, don't tell people that!"

[03:28] <AngelFeather> ((pastel's in her office))

[03:29] * AngelFeather sits on the couch next to Histon, speaking softer. "Hey, Relax. She already knows."

[03:30] <AngelFeather> It was uh...Carolina. Carolina spilled the beans.

[03:35] * Histon groans

[03:35] <Histon> Y-you're kidding me, right?

[03:36] <AngelFeather> They were shocked, but...

[03:36] <AngelFeather> They're still gonna help us.

[03:37] * AngelFeather chuckles. "For plebeians, they're pretty alright."

[04:01] * Histon shakes his head

[04:09] * Carolina walks downstairs, yawning. This time she purposefully focuses on not looking around so as to not trip her four hooves.

[04:30] * Histon looks over, a tad bit angry. His face grows stern "Car, what the hell'd you do!?"

[04:32] * Carolina blinks and looks up: "Whose car? Also whatever do you mean?"

[04:35] <Histon> You.

[04:35] * Carolina blinks again: "Me?"

[04:35] <Histon> Told the Ponies

[04:36] <Histon> About. Us.

[04:36] * Histon stares hard

[04:37] * Carolina steps at the bottom of the stairs and wilts a bit: "I, uh... guess I d-did?"

[04:43] <Histon> But... Why? Thats insane!

[04:44] * Carolina attempts to look a bit smaller: "I, uh... panicked?"

[04:46] * Histon graons "Carolina, what happens if they think we're insane? Throw us in an institution or something!?"

[04:46] * Carolina looks down at her hooves: "I... I did not think it that far."

[04:49] <Histon> Look, we're pretty much totally impossible here.

[04:50] <Histon> I did some digging yesterday and I can't even find any record of a human in this world! Just... how could they view us as anything but crazy folks?

[04:52] * Carolina doesn't look up and lets out a small whimper. "S-so there is also no way for us to get back... ever?"

[04:52] * Histon eyes go wide "Hey! I didn't say that, did I?"

[04:53] * Histon gives a slight smile "In fact, I think its going to be easier then if it was the other way around" He points to his horn.

[04:56] * Carolina looks at the horn: "The horn..." She looks up at her own: "You really can do things with these? Like... magic?"

[04:58] <Histon> Magic is real in this world!

[04:58] * Carolina frowns a bit, then forces a small smile: "I do not understand... but I guess it does not really lean on me understanding, does it?"

[04:59] <Histon> Like... its well known, studied, hell, there are some ponies who whole lives are finding new and interesting spells! Who knows, maybe we're here because of a spell gone wrong!"

[04:59] <Histon> The point is, if they have magic, why can't we figure a spell home?

[04:59] * Carolina smiles a bit as she gets back up: ", I guess?"

[05:00] * Histon nods "We just need to look for one."

[05:00] <Histon> ...I have no idea where to, or who would be able to do it, but...

[05:01] * Histon trails off, looking out the window "There's a saying. If you need something done, there's someone in Manhattan who can do it for ya" he turns back to Carolina "I have a feeling that Manehatten is the same way."

[05:02] * Carolina nods: "Yeah..." she looks out: "If we can find some clues anywhere, it is probably right here."

[05:06] * Histon nods, walking to the door

[05:07] <Histon> I'm thinking its probably a good idea to keep looking up what I can. You wanna join with me?

[05:07] * Carolina nods and smiles: "Yes... I guess I could. Not like I am doing any good just sitting around here."

[05:08] * Histon nods, walking to the door "OK. You ready?"

[05:09] * Carolina takes a step forward, then hears her stomach grumble: "...if we can find breakfast while at it."

[05:15] * Histon tosses Carolina an apple from the counter "Hey, times a wasting. Willing to eat and run?"

[05:16] * Carolina catches the apple with her mouth, then blinks as she lands back down to all fours. "...huh. I guess I am?"

[05:18] * Histon chuckles happily "Come on, to the library!" he grins happily "Even in another world, I'm always ready for cracking some books!"

[05:19] * Carolina pauses a bit, then shakes her head as she follows: "You know, you definitely remind me of one of my acting class partners..."

[05:22] * Histon chuckles as they walk onto the street. "Oh yeah?"

[05:23] * Carolina starts a bit of a story: "I've known the guy for almost as long as I've practiced acting... he would always be reading about and quoting famous actors..."

[05:25] <Histon> ==END==