Saturday, October 19th, 2013

[23:52] * Histon walks into the inn later in the day. He sighs, flopping onto one of the couches in the lobby.

[23:57] * Walnut is stretched out on a couch, quietly staring at the ceiling.

[23:57] * Histon looks up at Walnut

[23:58] <Histon> Been in here all day?

[00:06] * Walnut nods. "Yeah. I don't really know what else to do."

[00:18] * Walnut sighs. "I feel so directionless without my... friends."

[00:29] * Histon looks "Friends?"

[00:33] * Walnut looks down for a moment. "Close enough, anyway."

[00:38] * PastelLife trots into the lobby with a sigh. She flops down on one of the seats, resting her head down. "Ahh. That should be all for today." She nods to Walnut, "I keep forgetting that the five of you don't really know each other." She eyes Histon for a moment.

[00:46] * Histon doesn't look at Pastel

[00:46] <Histon> So... what is it you do...? Where'd you get these friends of yours

[00:54] <Walnut> Folks I've met on the street, got in good with. I'm what you might call a corner man, most times.

[00:55] <Histon> A... what?

[00:57] * PastelLife raises an eyebrow, "Corner... what now?"

[01:04] * Walnut shrugs slightly. "I guess I can tell you. It's not like it matters now. I'm a lookout for some of the local gangs around.. um.. not here. They pull a robbery or a protection run, I watch for the cops. Doubt I'll be doing any of that here, though."

[01:06] * Histon eyes go wide "H-hold on here... how old are you!?"

[01:06] * PastelLife blinks, eyes going hard as she watches Walnut.

[01:12] * Walnut tilts his head. "Why does my age matter? Twenty, if you must know."

[01:21] * PastelLife hmphs, "I'd say old enough to know better..."

[01:25] <Walnut> Well, what do you expect? I ain't exactly a smart guy. This is all I'm good for.

[01:37] * PastelLife frowns, "You're still young. Surely you..." she glances at his flank. "Hmm..."

[01:40] * Walnut tilts his head at Pastel Life. "Something up? I'm not sure I like the way you're lookin' at me."

[01:46] * PastelLife glances at Histon's flank, then back to Walnut, "Of the five of you... you're the only one without a cutie mark."

[01:48] <Histon> ...damn man... You're a kid!.

[01:49] <Histon> I mean... not much of a kid, but still someone who has a lot of promise!

[01:49] * Histon looks down

[01:50] * Histon cutie mark is a book with two shovels making an X behind it

[01:51] * Walnut looks at the other two ponies, thinking. "Cutie.. mark? That's a.. thing we have, I guess?"

[01:54] * Remedy suddenly appears, leaning over the back of Walnut's couch. 'Yep!'

[01:56] * Walnut jumps, and falls off the couch. "Eek! Where did you come from? Never mind, I don't want to know.."

[01:56] <Walnut> (( er, never mind, scratch Remedy's entry and my response to it ))

[01:58] * Remedy 's head pops into view from up the stairs. 'Ooh, are we doing Cutie Mark stories?'

[02:01] * Walnut scratches his head a bit. "I'm not.. quite sure what that means."

[02:03] * PastelLife tilts a bit, pointing out the symbol of a painter's palette and brush. "Your cutie mark. Your special talent."

[02:05] * Remedy trots down the stairs and flops her front half over the back of Histon's couch. 'And how you got it!'

[02:07] * Walnut shakes his head. "I ain't anything special."

[02:08] * Remedy reaches a hoof towards Walnut and wiggles her hoof slightly for a moment before giving up. 'Bah! Lies and slander.'

[02:18] * PastelLife 's voice lowers, "Everypony's got something special about them. It's just a matter of finding it."

[02:20] * Walnut shrugs a little. "Well, if there's something special about me, I haven't figured it out."

[02:22] * Remedy smiles. 'Well, if you didn't think there was anything special, you wouldn't be looking out for it. Now you know, so it's only a matter of time.'

[02:26] * Histon is looking out a window this whole time, not speaking

[02:27] * Remedy looks down and pokes Histon's Cutie Mark. 'So what's yours about, Histy-pop?'

[02:27] <Histon> His-what?

[02:27] * Histon raises an eyebrow

[02:29] * Walnut chuckles a little at the nickname.

[02:32] * Remedy pokes Histon's flank again. 'Pop.'

[02:33] <Histon> Uh.... why?

[02:33] * Histon slaps Remedy's hoof away, shivering

[02:34] <Histon> And personal space mean anything?

[02:34] * PastelLife raises an eyebrow, but simply shakes her head.

[02:35] * Remedy tilts her head. 'So what's the story then?'

[02:35] * Histon looks away

[02:36] <Histon> ...I like books. I like history. I got it while reading.

[02:38] * Remedy sighs. 'Aw, fine.'

[02:39] * Histon smirks "I'm not an exciting per-" he bites his tongue, speaking again "...pony."

[02:41] * Remedy shakes her head. 'Nah, you just don't think you're exciting.'

[02:41] <Remedy> I bet you'd be all Daring Do-ey if you had the chance.

[02:48] * PastelLife glances at Histon's slip, wondering.

[02:54] * Histon looks down

[02:54] <Histon> Daring... what?

[02:55] * PastelLife 's expression remains passive, "And here I thought you liked books? Not into fiction?"

[02:59] <Walnut> Doing daring things, I'd guess?

[02:59] <Histon> I read local stuff... from home

[02:59] <Remedy> Roguish Archaeology at its finest.

[03:13] * PastelLife rolls her eyes a bit, "It's a book series. She's a professor who goes off to uncover long lost artifacts. They're very popular."

[03:15] * Remedy nods. 'Also; A really nice hat.'

[03:27] * Histon blinks

[03:27] <Histon> Huh...

[03:27] * Histon looks away

[03:49] * PastelLife watches Histon a moment longer, then sighs, "I should go to bed. It's been a long day."

[03:50] <Remedy> I'd ask what Celestia's up to if it was a short one.

[03:51] * PastelLife sighs. "You know what I mean."

[03:51] * Remedy sticks her tongue out at Pastel.

[03:53] * PastelLife just shakes her head as she rises up from her seat. "You have a good night Remedy." She pauses, staring a moment before her voice lets out a faint, "You too... Histon."

[03:55] <Walnut> Do I get a good night as well, Pastel?

[03:56] * PastelLife frowns, "Only if you promise to behave. None of that... past behavior."

[03:58] <Walnut> Good enough for me.

[03:59] <PastelLife> Alright then. Good night, Walnut. And good luck.

[04:00] <Remedy> No criminal activity or y'won't get y'puddin'.

[04:00] * Walnut blinks a bit, thrown off a bit by the concern, but manages a small smile. "Thanks." He gets up and heads back to his room to think.

[04:01] * PastelLife watches Walnut head out, "He seems such a good pony... or..." She shakes her head, "I hope he finds the right path." She glances back across the room, then heads off to her own room.

[04:09] * Remedy exhales loudly and addresses Histon. 'So now what?'

[04:18] * Histon looks down

[04:18] <Histon> Honestly, I can hardly think at the moment

[04:18] <Histon> Sorry I've been so quiet

[04:18] * Histon looks at Remedy, trying to force a smile

[04:35] * Remedy gives Histon a smile. 'Sounds like you've got a lot on your mind.'

[04:40] * Histon nods, laying on the couch

[04:45] <Remedy> I'm here to listen, if you wanna talk.

[04:47] <Histon> Honestly... That would be nice

[04:47] * Histon sighs, looking at her

[04:47] <Histon> Remedy, right?

[04:48] * Remedy nods. 'That's me.'

[04:53] * Histon nods

[04:58] <Histon> I... look, none of this should be happening

[04:59] * Remedy moves around and sits on the couch next to Histon. 'Why not?'

[05:10] * Histon sighs

[05:10] <Histon> ...this Daring Due, or whatever her name is

[05:10] <Histon> She's fiction?

[05:11] * Remedy nods. 'Yeah. Although a lot of people think it's based on true stories.'

[05:12] <Histon> But... ok. Just imagine if one day you where living it...

[05:14] <Histon> You'd say that be impossible, ya?

[05:15] * Remedy puts a hoof to her chin. 'Well... maybe 'really unlikely'.'

[05:16] <Histon> Just... something on that level happened.

[05:17] * Remedy tilts her head. 'How do you mean?'

[05:18] * Histon looks away

[05:18] <Histon> There's a reason we're not close to home. I'm not sure how but...

[05:18] * Histon sighs and groans

[05:18] <Histon> but I should shut my yap

[05:19] * Remedy shakes her head. 'Nope. If it's bugging you, talk about it.'

[05:19] <Remedy> Where are you from, Histon?

[05:22] * Histon stays quiet. slouching.

[05:25] <Histon> Some things are better left uncovered.

[05:26] * Remedy puts a hoof on Histon's shoulder. 'Maybe. But I don't think this is one of them.'

[05:26] <Remedy> I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to.

[05:26] * Histon looks at Remedy. He has tears in his eyes

[05:27] <Histon> I... You wont believe me.

[05:34] * Histon curls up a little "This is all so... impossible..."

[05:34] * Remedy leans forward and gives Histon a squeeze. 'Nothing's impossible. Try.'

[05:35] * Histon looks up, and she stares into Remedy's eyes. She studies her face closely.

[05:35] <Histon> *He studies

[05:35] * Remedy looks right back at Histon, not blinking.

[05:37] <Histon> I... you... I don't know why, but I trust you.

[05:37] * Histon gives a shuddering sigh

[05:37] <Histon> Remedy, how long have you lived in the city?

[05:40] * Remedy puts a hoof to her chin. 'I moved here about three years ago, I think.'

[05:42] <Histon> What if... there was another city. Just like this one.

[05:43] * Remedy nods. 'Okay.'

[05:43] <Histon> Just... filled with different creatures.

[05:44] * Histon tries to stand up on his hind hooves

[05:45] * Remedy tilts her head. 'That's not so odd, I don't think. Like, a Griffin Manehattan?'

[05:46] <Histon> ...We're called Humans. And if my trip to the Manehatten library was as good as I'd hope then... you don't have anything like us here.

[05:48] * Remedy looks at Histon and smiles. 'Well that's nothing to worry about, is it?'

[05:51] <Histon> W-what!?

[05:51] * Histon looks at Remedy, slightly a gasp

[05:53] <Histon> ((aghast))

[05:54] * Remedy giggles. 'Well, we just gotta find out how you got here, and we'll find out how you go back.'

[05:54] <Histon> Y-your... just running with this?

[05:54] * Histon blinks

[05:56] * Remedy nods. 'Well sure! I mean, if someone says they're sick, you don't just ignore them cuz it's not obvious.'

[05:58] * Histon blinks "Remedy you're insa-" He pauses, thinking before smiling wide, hugging Remedy tight "You're the one person who may be able to get me outa this!"

[05:59] * Remedy grins and hugs back. 'Jazzy!'

[06:05] * Histon hugs long, blushing a little bit as he pulls away "Sorry about that"

[06:05] * Remedy fans her hoof slightly. 'Awh, no worries!'

[06:08] * Histon giggles, looking away "You ponies are... way too open, you know that?"

[06:08] * Remedy shrugs. 'If our arms weren't open, how would we hug?'

[06:10] <Histon> You... just... wouldn't hug?

[06:12] * Remedy gives Histon a comedically-exaggerated frown. 'Never.'

[06:16] * Histon blinks "Um... you're just all like this?"

[06:16] * Histon frowns "Pastel seems a little more... grounded though."

[06:18] * Remedy nods. 'I think we're both a little more extreme than most ponies.'

[06:18] <Remedy> Or a lot.

[06:18] * Remedy shrugs.

[06:18] * Histon smiles "Well... you seem like the good extreme."

[06:20] * Remedy smiles back. 'I like to think so.'

[06:25] * Histon looks away, coughing lightly

[06:25] <Histon> Well..

[06:30] * Remedy nods.

[06:32] * Histon stutters a bit as he speaks "M-maybe... we should head off to bed like the others." He pauses, looking out the window. "'s pretty lit up at night. Least that's always the same..."

[06:37] * Remedy looks out the window and nods. 'Yeahah. Someponies like to say that when Celestia lowers the sun, she leaves it in Manehattan.'

[06:38] <Histon> She's... like a goddess right? Leader of everyone?

[06:38] * Histon leans back, just watching the world go buy

[06:38] <Histon> *by

[06:41] <Remedy> Well...

[06:41] <Remedy> Some say she is.

[06:42] <Remedy> In any case, she's well over a thousand years old.

[06:42] <Remedy> She rules Equestria, but that's it.

[06:42] * Histon sputters "A-A thousand!?"

[06:43] <Histon> Do people see her? I mean... is she... not just a symbol?

[06:43] * Remedy nods. 'Yeah. Can't run a country without interacting with it.'

[06:44] <Remedy> I mean, if you just live in Canterlot, seeing her ain't too uncommon.

[06:45] * Histon shakes his head

[06:47] <Histon> I... this is all so incredible.

[06:47] * Remedy giggles. 'Just a little.'

[06:48] * Histon looks at Remedy "I gotta study this place and its history before I go home..."

[06:51] * Remedy nods. 'Sounds like fun.'

[06:52] * Histon tilts his head

[06:53] <Histon> I thought you didn't *like* history

[06:53] * Histon raises an eyebrow

[06:57] * Remedy shrugs. 'I didn't like history in school.'

[06:58] * Histon chuckles "Be careful. I am in school to be a school teacher~"

[06:58] <Remedy> Ooh, nifty.

[06:58] * Histon puts his hooves behind his head

[06:58] <Histon> I always liked history... it... kept me going.

[06:59] * Remedy studies Histon. 'How so?'

[06:59] * Histon frowns, looking aside "...I wanna be there for kids who need something to keep them going"

[07:01] <Histon> Because sometimes you just... need to look back to get perspective.

[07:01] <Histon> That you're not the only one who has things happen to you.

[07:01] <Histon> That other's have survived worse...

[07:02] * Histon shakes his head, sighing "S-sorry." He hides his face for a moment, wiping his eyes with his hoof.

[07:02] <TerribleTransit> ((others))

[07:04] * Remedy pokes Histon and smiles. 'I think you'll make a good teacher then.'

[07:05] * Histon looks back at Remedy, eyes a little red "T-thanks.

[07:05] <Histon> (("))

[07:07] <Histon> I'm a year from getting to study with kids in the field. After a year there... I can take my tests and get my license. More to go but, I'm getting there.

[07:07] * Remedy laughs. 'Well, we'll have to get you home soon then. Wouldn't want you to miss out on that.'

[07:08] * Histon smiles

[07:08] <Histon> Yeah... I don't know if my history's gonna fly here in Equestria!

[07:09] <Remedy> You could write books. Y'know, fiction.

[07:10] * Histon giggles, sticking his tongue out at Remedy "Oh, you mean like Daring Do?"

[07:11] * Remedy nods. 'Yep! Heck, you could do that whatever happens. Go home, write stories about here, stay here, write stories about there! You can't lose!'

[07:12] * Histon giggles "You

[07:13] <Histon> ((smiles softly"You think I'll grow attached eh?"))

[07:13] * Remedy shrugs. 'Maybe! It's pretty awesome here, but I dunno what your home's like.'

[07:16] <Histon> ...Its a lot like here so far, to be honest.

[07:16] <Histon> Big city, lots of folks. Not as colorful. But, hey, home is home~

[07:18] <Remedy> No place like it.

[07:20] * Histon leans back on the couch, his head laying a little on Remedy " late is it at this point? I think everyone else is asleep."

[07:22] * Remedy looks at the clock and nods. 'Mm, a bit late.'

[07:26] * Histon eyes shut "Maybe we both could use some sleep"

[07:27] * Remedy nods again and stifles a yawn.

[07:29] * Histon gives a tight hug to Remedy

[07:30] <Histon> ...Well, we should probably talk tomorrow.

[07:30] <Histon> Maybe... figure out whats going on.

[07:30] * Remedy blinks, then smiles and hugs back. 'Yeah. Gotta figure out what happened 'fore you can fix it.'

[07:31] <Histon> I can'

[07:31] <Histon> ((I can't argue with that))

[07:31] <Histon> And Remedy? A favor?

[07:31] * Remedy nods. 'Sure, what's up?'

[07:32] <Histon> Don't tell Pastel.

[07:32] <Histon> Something about her just... feels off. And its not just how little she trusts me.

[07:32] * Remedy pantomimes zipping the lip. 'I said I wouldn't tell if you didn't want me to, and I won't. Secret's safe.'

[07:36] * Histon smiles "Well... thanks Remedy. I'm sorry I'm asking so much..." he thinks "Is there anything I could do for you? Something to make this not so one sided?"

[07:39] * Remedy puts a hoof to her chin. 'Hmmmm... You busy tomorrow night?'

[07:40] * Histon gives Remedy a look "I'm a man in a distant land. Of course not."

[07:41] * Remedy nods. 'Cool. We'll do dinner then.'

[07:42] * Histon blinks "Dinner...? Uh.... I'll see if I can get some money tomorrow somehow."

[07:43] * Remedy shakes her head. 'Nuh-uh. My Treat. I eat out most of the time anyway, but it'll be good to have company.'

[07:45] * Histon blinks again, shrugging "Hey... that sounds like a plan to me." He smiles, his tail waving slightly "Well... I guess we'll talk tomorrow!"

[07:46] * Remedy nods and gets to her hooves, walking towards the stairs. 'Mhm. See you tomorrow, Histy-Pop.'

[07:46] <Histon> Later Rem!

[07:46] * Histon gives her a little wink

[07:47] * Remedy smiles and vanishes up the stairs.

[07:48] * Histon smiles back, walking to his room. In front of the door, the gears in his mind finally click in place "Wait. Did a horse just ask me out?"