Monday, October 14th, 2013

[12:33] * AngelFeather is absently gnawing on a bagel as she watches Histon leave. She doesn't really pay him much mind though.

[12:34] * Pastel watches Histon go, then turns back to the counter. She eyes Angel slightly as she starts going through her finances. "So what about you?"

[12:38] <AngelFeather> Huh? What /about/ me?

[12:39] <AngelFeather> Millionaire's daughter, remember?

[12:39] * Pastel nods, "Ah yes. Right. So were you the one to leave the bits here?"

[12:40] <AngelFeather>

[12:40] <AngelFeather> Daddy still hasn't sent me my allowance...

[12:41] * AngelFeather freezes for a second. "Oh my god..."

[12:41] <AngelFeather> No allowance...

[12:41] * AngelFeather stares at the bagel.

[12:41] <Pastel> Your... allowance, eh? So your not in the same kind of trouble as Histon then?

[12:42] * AngelFeather laughs nervously. "I barely know the guy!"

[12:43] <Pastel> But I thought you were all together?

[12:47] <AngelFeather> True. But it's not cause we want to be.

[12:48] * Pastel glances up, staring at Angel. She waits a moment, then shakes her had, "I swear this had better not be a scam."

[12:50] * AngelFeather rolls her eyes. "Yes, we're a roving band of con-artists scamming innkeepers all across the nation for free rooms. Get real."

[12:51] * Pastel chuckles just a little, "Okay okay... fair enough. And I guess one of you tried to pay. It's still a little weird." She looks over to the door, "More than a little."

[12:53] <AngelFeather> Somethin g going on between the two of you? You keep giving each other a look.

[12:53] <AngelFeather> Got a crush on Histy?

[12:54] * Pastel blinks, "No! No... it's... I don't even know. It's complicated."

[12:57] <AngelFeather> And de Nile is a river in Egypt~

[12:58] * Pastel stutters a bit before recovering slightly, "The... the what?"

[12:58] <AngelFeather> Denial! It's a river!

[12:58] <AngelFeather> You've gotta be kidding me!

[12:59] <AngelFeather> Like...Egypt! Where the camels are!

[13:00] * Pastel goes back to her stone-faced facade. "I am not in denial. And I don't even know what E-gypped is. We don't see many camels in Equestria."

[13:02] <AngelFeather> Ah...right, right...

[13:03] <AngelFeather> So I guess you don't know much about the rest of the world here?

[13:03] <Pastel> Right. There is nothing between Histon and I. There never will be.

[13:04] <Pastel> ...the rest of the world? Well, I've never heard of this New Yorkie city you're from, but I'm not some country rube.

[13:05] <Pastel> Outside Equestria, you've got the Crystal Empire of course, and the Gryphonlands out west, Anubia, Zebrica, the Buffalo Badlands... I do hope these are familiar.

[13:06] <AngelFeather> Um. Yes. Yes they are.

[13:08] * Pastel nods, "Hard to believe you're from even further away... and yet speak perfect Equestrian."

[13:08] <AngelFeather> Well, it's language?

[13:09] * Pastel stops, then nods, "Ah right."

[13:11] <AngelFeather> Yep!

[13:13] <Pastel> Enough travelers through Manehattan, it's not that unusual I suppose. Even if the cirfcumstances are a bit... odder than usual.

[13:14] * Pastel glances at a customer approaching the counter and raises a hoof, "Ah, excuse me a moment." She steps away to help the incoming pony.

[13:27] * AngelFeather finds herself considering something, then immediately regrets it.

[13:27] * AngelFeather mumbles. "Yeah...I guess they are pretty cute..."

[13:32] * Carolina walks down the stairs, muttering a bit under her breath. As she turns to see Angel mid-step, she lets out a less-silent 'cabra' and has to almost immediately regret it as she misteps on the second-last step and finds herself facefirst on the floor.

[13:33] * AngelFeather blinks at the new arrival. "Heh. Nice landing, Carolina-something-something-something."

[13:36] * Carolina frowns at Angel from her vantage point, muttering back: "It's Carolina Carlayanna Comodora Chiquitita Chel Cervina Cimeyena Cucumbura Connyshiva... but I guess that's at least eight words too complicated for you."

[13:38] * AngelFeather sticks her tongue out. "Normal people have three names!"

[13:39] * Carolina gets up and frowns: "Maybe in the sheltered mansion you probably lived your life."

[13:54] * AngelFeather has a nasty comeback on her tongue, but decides to hold it back. "Hmph!"

[13:56] * Carolina raises an eyebrow at Angel, then just walks near: "...nevermind."

[14:01] * AngelFeather waits until Carolina gets closer. "You snore."

[14:02] * Carolina tilts her head at Angel: "Yeah? A lot of people do when under stress. Not that you would know."

[14:09] * AngelFeather puffs out her cheeks. "Quit treating me like I don't know anything!"

[14:09] <AngelFeather> I used to have a private tutor, you know!

[14:10] * Carolina raises an eyebrow: "Okay, fair enough. I shall not assume further unless you actually give me a reason to do so."

[14:11] * AngelFeather smiles. "That's more like it! Bow to your queen~!"

[14:15] * Carolina lets out a small snicker, then without even thinking raises a hoof to her mouth in an attempt to keep her from laughing out loud. This attempt lasts for around three seconds before she just lets out a series of giggles and has to fight to even stay upright from it.

[14:17] * AngelFeather tilts her head. "You okay?"

[14:18] * Carolina smirks at Angel: "But of course, my Queen." She even mock-bows to her, giggling all the way.

[14:18] * AngelFeather covers her mouth with her wingtip as she chuckles. "Yes, yesssss~"

[14:27] * ZephyrGust trots into the lobby, her body streaked with grime and dirt. She lifts up her goggles and wipes off her face. "Frickin' tourists, don't know how to fly straight or stay out my way..." She grumbles to herself as she walks past the common area.

[14:30] * Carolina rolls her yes at Angel, then turns to look at Zephyr: "Hey... you okay there?"

[14:32] * ZephyrGust looks over to Caro and Angel. "Oh, yeah.. I'll be fine... how are you two doing?"

[14:33] <AngelFeather> We're getting along.

[14:33] * AngelFeather giggles.

[14:34] * ZephyrGust nods. "Be right back," she says before turning and trotting to the washroom to get herself cleaned up.

[14:36] * Carolina motions her head towards Angel: "Princess here thinks she really is something else than a pain in the butt, that is."

[14:36] <ZephyrGust> ((swap caro and zee lines there))

[14:39] <Carolina> ((ya))

[14:42] * ZephyrGust trots back out a few minutes later, her face and coat a bit damp. "There we go..."

[14:43] <AngelFeather> Hey, um...

[14:43] <AngelFeather> What's your favorite place in the city?

[14:45] <ZephyrGust> Me? Depends what you're looking to do. Personally, I like perching on top of the tall towers and just looking over the whole island.

[14:45] * AngelFeather looks back at her wings. "Hmmm..."

[14:46] * Carolina looks between Zephyr and Angel: "...wings. Wings?"

[14:48] <ZephyrGust> Yeah, what about wings?

[14:51] * Carolina looks at her own shoulders, frowning: "...I don't have any."

[14:52] <AngelFeather> What about your horn?

[14:52] <AngelFeather> Maybe you can do magic.

[14:52] * Carolina looks up: "...magic?"

[14:53] <AngelFeather> I saw some other ponies doing, like, telekinesis!

[14:54] * Carolina blinks and looks at Angel dubiously: "'re kidding. You're kidding, right?"

[14:55] <AngelFeather> You're a magical unicorn!

[14:55] * ZephyrGust shakes her head. "Nope. Unicorns do magic." She trots into the common area and sits down near Caro.

[14:56] <AngelFeather> Don't fight it, Caro. There's a whole world of magic waiting for you~!

[14:56] * AngelFeather gigles

[14:56] <AngelFeather> ((giggles)

[14:58] * Pastel finishes dealing with the customer, delivering him a room key. With a huff, she walks back towards Angel, eying Carolina as well, "Really, this is place of relaxation. Indoor voices please."

[14:59] * Carolina stares at a wall, muttering: "I am going crazy, that's what this is. Too many nine-hour shifts in a row, they told me it would send me to the looney bin, that I should really pass on one or two..."

[15:01] * ZephyrGust blinks at Caro. "You okay, kid?"

[15:01] <AngelFeather> You probably should have a nervous breakdown in the lobby either...

[15:02] <AngelFeather> ((shouldn't))

[15:02] * Pastel sighs, "Histon already had one today... where did Remedy disappear to when I need her?"

[15:03] <ZephyrGust> Forget her. She's not even a real doctor.

[15:05] * Pastel nods, "But she's a good pony to throw at ponies who need a hug, especially when I..." she trails off mumbling.

[15:05] * Chance trots in through the main entrance, turning his course as he sees the other ponies gathered. "Ah, good afternoon, everypony!"

[15:06] * Pastel nods, "Oh, and there's another of them. Good morning ma'am."

[15:06] <AngelFeather> You! Pinky! Hug this pony!

[15:06] * Carolina blinks and looks up. "...buh?"

[15:07] * Chance blinks. "I... what? And I'm not a mare!"

[15:07] <AngelFeather> (now kissss))

[15:07] * ZephyrGust blinks too. "Huh?"

[15:08] <Pastel> Your friend here is having some issues, it seems. Perhaps you can help her...?

[15:09] <AngelFeather> I had to share a room with her, so I ain't touchin' her.

[15:10] * Chance looks around. "I... er..."

[15:10] <Pastel> And I do not do hugs.

[15:10] * Carolina turns to hiss at Angel briefly, then looks around her: "I am fine, I am fine, I just..." She looks down: "...I am not fine."

[15:10] * ZephyrGust drapes a wing over Caro. "It's going to be okay, kid..."

[15:11] * Chance sighs and steps closer to Carolina, gently wrapping her in a hug.

[15:12] * Carolina looks at the ponies surrounding her, feeling suddenly a bit surreal: "...this is weird."

[15:12] * Pastel sighs, "I have already given my word to help you all with whatever trouble you're in. I'm not backing down from that vow."

[15:13] * AngelFeather flutters her wings. "It's a lot to get used to, but we'll figure it out."

[15:14] * ZephyrGust nods. "Me too..." She sighs a little. "I just don't quite get what exactly is going on with you all though."

[15:14] * Chance releases Carolina and takes a step back. "Terribly sorry."

[15:15] * Carolina looks around her, frowning: "It's just..." She sighs: "...where to even start."

[15:15] * Pastel nods along with Zephyr, "I still don't know what's going on either." She looks on at the party, "This seems like more than just a group of out-of-towners."

[15:16] * Chance looks at Pastel nervously.

[15:18] * Pastel glares a moment, then relents, "I already promised Histon I wouldn't pry... just..." she stops then shakes her head. "Nevermind. I won't pry."

[15:19] * ZephyrGust stays close to Caro. "We want to help, but if you won't tell us what's going on..."

[15:20] * Chance coughs. "Suffice it to say that we are, in fact, from out of town. Frankly, I doubt you'd believe us if we told you the rest of the details, and it could be dangerous for you to know."

[15:20] * Chance blinks and clamps his mouth shut.

[15:20] * Pastel narrows her eyes, "Is that a threat?"

[15:21] * Pastel 's eyes shift to the door, "I didn't think this was anything illegal... but if I have to get the Guard..."

[15:21] <Chance> Wha— No! No, not a threat! We just don't know how serious it is ourselves.

[15:22] <AngelFeather> It's probably just some magic thing.

[15:22] <Chance> Not illegal! Definitely not illegal!

[15:23] * ZephyrGust finds her wing draped over Caro again. "So what is it then?"

[15:23] <AngelFeather> I didn't say illegal...

[15:24] <Chance> As for what it is... that's what we aim to find out.

[15:25] * Pastel turns back from the door, "And yet everyone of youponies just gets more and more evasive about this whole thing..." she sighs, "Well... one of you paid enough to house you all for a few weeks... so you have plenty of time. And thank you, whoever it was."

[15:26] * Carolina looks up thankfully at Zephyr, then around the talk: "I am not sure. So used to my life being on certain course, and now..." she waves a hoof in the air.

[15:27] * Chance blinks. "Well, ah... that's very kind of whoever that was."

[15:27] * Chance frowns, muttering. "But... how...?"

[15:28] <AngelFeather> Wait, who paid...?

[15:28] <AngelFeather> If it wasn't one of us...

[15:28] <Pastel> It was anonymous.

[15:29] <AngelFeather> Like, "envelope on the counter" anonymous or "dark hooded cloak" anonymous?

[15:30] <ZephyrGust> It sure wasn't me...

[15:30] * Pastel trots over to the counter, lifting the now empty bag, and note, "This satchel of bits, and a simple note saying 'Thank you.'"

[15:31] * AngelFeather shivers. "Eerie..."

[15:32] * Carolina blinks at Pastel: "Huh. That's... odd."

[15:32] <Chance> Quite odd.

[15:34] * ZephyrGust shrugs. "Not the first time someone's done something nice for strangers around here, though."

[15:35] <Pastel> The whole thing is odd. But you... you all seem decent ponies. I'm just happy to help. And now, no strain on the inn, I have no excuse not to. So you're all welcome to stay.

[15:36] <Chance> Thank you very much for all your help.

[15:37] * Pastel simply nods, "I... couldn't leave you out in the city."

[15:39] * Carolina nods a bit at Pastel: "Thank you for that." She frowns and looks down: "But what do I do now?"

[15:40] * ZephyrGust leans against Caro a bit. "Whatever you want to do."

[15:40] <ZephyrGust> Learning to use your magic might be a start.

[15:40] <AngelFeather> That sounds hard...

[15:41] <Chance> It can't be that bad. Besides, if your talent lies someplace useful, it might help us find out just what's going on.

[15:42] * Pastel frowns, but remains silent on that issue, "Yes... I suppose learning how to use it is a good idea." Her eyes begin to track to each ponies cutie marks.

[15:45] * Chance shivers a bit as Pastel's eyes glance past his geode.

[15:46] * Carolina blinks and her head turns to her flank: "My... cutie... mark?"

[15:47] <AngelFeather> Why are you looking at my butt?

[15:47] <Chance> Your, um, cutie mark. The mark on your flank.

[15:47] <ZephyrGust> Wait.. you don't know what a cutie mark is?

[15:47] <AngelFeather> Haha...of course I do!

[15:47] * Pastel hmms... "Geode... Top Hat... well, nothing too..." she trails off as she hears their responses.

[15:48] * Chance winces. Mostly internally.

[15:48] * Carolina looks around her: "Is this something I should know?"

[15:49] * AngelFeather looks down at her flank. "A halo, huh? Well, of course..."

[15:49] * Pastel raises a hoof to point, "Your cutie marks. Your special talents."

[15:50] <ZephyrGust> Where ARE you guys from exactly?

[15:50] <AngelFeather> Should we tell?

[15:51] * Pastel raises an eyebrow at Angel, then to Carolina and Chance.

[15:51] * Carolina frowns and looks at her hooves.

[15:52] <Chance> They wouldn't believe us if we did.

[15:52] * AngelFeather sighs. "We're from another world. A world where there's no magic."

[15:53] <ZephyrGust> No magic? Next thing you'll be telling me you're not really ponies.

[15:53] <AngelFeather> And we're not really ponies.

[15:53] * Pastel inhales slightly, "Another..." she shakes her head, "Your right... very hard to believe."

[15:54] * Carolina keeps looking down and mutters under her breath: "I would not believe I was a damn horse either as of yesterday..."

[15:55] <AngelFeather> Ponies! We're ponies!

[15:55] * Chance closes his eyes and lets out a long, low breath.

[15:56] * Pastel turns away and heads back behind the counter.

[15:57] * ZephyrGust blinks. "Uh huh... sure... what are you then?"

[15:57] * Pastel closes her eyes, resting it against the wall.

[15:57] <AngelFeather> We're um...

[15:57] <AngelFeather> Do you have a pencil?

[15:59] * Pastel sighs, lowering her head. She turns back to the counter, collecting a pencil and piece of scrap paper. She trots back to the group, "Here."

[15:59] * Carolina looks back up at Zephyr, her corners of eyes glistening: "I was a human, damnit! Hands instead of hooves, no stinking fur or tail, the whole effin' package! And I want it back!"

[15:59] <ZephyrGust> What's a human?

[15:59] * Chance sinks down onto a couch and covers his eyes.

[15:59] <AngelFeather> Hoo boy...

[16:00] * Pastel sits and watches Angel. She listens to Carolina impassively, her expression grim.

[16:00] * ZephyrGust looks down at her own hooves. "What a day.."

[16:00] <ZephyrGust> ((...))

[16:01] * AngelFeather takes the pencil between her hooves after having some difficulty picking it up with one.

[16:01] * AngelFeather draws a wobbly stick figure on the paper. "Humans look like this...sort of..."

[16:01] * Pastel watches.

[16:02] * Carolina takes a few steps away from the group, then lays down on the floor, closing her eyes and sobbing slightly.

[16:03] * AngelFeather draws an approximation of a hand next to the stick figure. "And we hold things with these."

[16:03] * Pastel takes the paper, glancing at it a moment before crumpling it up, her voice has a sudden commanding tone, "Alright, listen up. All of you."

[16:03] <AngelFeather> Huh?

[16:04] * Chance grudgingly pries open his eyes to look at Pastel.

[16:04] <Pastel> I don't know if this is a joke. A hoax. A scam. Or the honest to Celestia truth. And I've decided I don't care.

[16:04] <Pastel> You all came into my inn as guests.

[16:04] <Pastel> And you'll stay here. As guests.

[16:05] * Pastel pokes a hoof at Angel, "I don't care what you were. What matters to me is who you are."

[16:05] <Pastel> So. Do what you have to do. And this will be your home in the meantime. Understood?

[16:07] <Pastel> I have never let a pony sit outside without a roof over their head, or food in their belly. The same goes for any gryphon, diamond dog, dragon... or human to come under my care.

[16:07] * AngelFeather blinks.

[16:08] * Pastel let's out a deep breath.

[16:08] <AngelFeather> Phew...I thought you were gonna kick us out...

[16:09] * ZephyrGust sighs a bit. "Ok, I may read a lot of sci-fi, but this is a bit out there..."

[16:09] * Chance nods. "As long as you're not having us carted away for liars or lunatics, that's more than we can ask for, and we are quite thankful."

[16:10] * Pastel shakes her head, "Kick out ponies who are lost, confused, and afraid? Never. I don't know if you're liars or lunatics... but... I won't turn you away."

[16:10] * Chance stands up and walks over to Carolina, bending his head down to nudge her shoulder. "Come on, keep you chin up. We'll figure out a way tosort all this out."

[16:10] <AngelFeather> Maybe now that we're not hiding anything, you can really help us.

[16:10] <ZephyrGust> Well... how did you end up here?

[16:10] * Carolina sighs and looks down at her hooves: "...but that still does not answer what do I do now. Do ponies even have fast food places? I mean, I guess eating a meat burger is sort of odd..."

[16:11] * Pastel lowers her ears, "We've all had times in our lives we've been lost. I... I'll help as best I can."

[16:11] * ZephyrGust looks to Caro a bit curiously. "Meat? No... we're not like... gryphons..."

[16:12] <AngelFeather> No meat?! Aw, come on!

[16:12] <Chance> Well, it's, uh... It's not exactly like home, but why don't you go out and look around a bit? It's not all that strange, after a while.

[16:13] * Carolina looks at Chance with a weak smile: "I guess it is worth a try."

[16:13] * ZephyrGust looks at Caro. "This is all true?"

[16:14] * Pastel glances at Chance, "Another world... well... I don't know if I believe it or not but... I'm willing to listen."

[16:15] * Chance offers a hoof to help Carolina up with a reassuring smile. "Come on. I saw a few places we can look at while I was out today. Even managed to scrounge up a few bits."

[16:16] * Carolina takes the offered hoof with a smile: "I guess we will see. Thank you."

[16:17] <AngelFeather> How the heck did you get money?

[16:17] * Chance turns toward Pastel. "It's a hard thing for any of us to believe, really. But, well... now that the cat's out of the bag, we'll do our best to answer questions. For all of us."

[16:17] * Carolina turns to look at Zephyr, realizing she asked something: "Yes... true."

[16:18] * ZephyrGust nods a little. "I see, well if you need somepony to show you around..."

[16:18] * Chance looks at Angel. "Oh, you know. Odd jobs, helping ponies out... it's not much, but it should get us a meal."

[16:20] * AngelFeather sighs. "As in, a burger and fries. I don't suppose I could have a nice lobster or file mignon..."

[16:20] <AngelFeather> ((*filet))

[16:21] <Chance> Uh... lobster? No, I... don't think so.

[16:22] * Carolina gives Zephyr a smile: "I think could take you on that offer, later."

[16:23] * Pastel tilts her head, "And I've never heard of filet minion. More... meat?" She frowns.

[16:23] * AngelFeather catches Pastel's tone. "I mean...a salad?"

[16:23] <AngelFeather> And...noodles.

[16:23] <AngelFeather> Yes.

[16:24] * Pastel nods, "You may get much further trying to find that kind of food, yes."

[16:24] <Chance> Salad and noodles should be fairly easy to acquire.

[16:28] * ZephyrGust sighs a bit. "This is all so weird... I think i need a nap."

[16:29] * Pastel nods slowly at Zephyr, "It's... a lot to take in."

[16:29] <AngelFeather> Sorry to pile this all on at once...

[16:30] <Chance> I can hardly fault you for needing to take some time to digest things a bit.

[16:32] * Carolina sighs and takes a few steps towards the door: "I think I need to air my thoughts some."

[16:32] * ZephyrGust follows Caro. "I'll go with you. I can fly up after."

[16:33] * Chance looks at Carolina and Angel. "Do we want to go as a group? Less chance of getting lost with the three of us."

[16:33] <AngelFeather> I'll hit the town with you, Chance. Retty hectic morning.

[16:33] <AngelFeather> ((Pretty)

[16:33] <AngelFeather> It'll be like a date!

[16:33] * Carolina smiles at Chance: "I... I think that would be a good idea."

[16:35] * Chance looks nervously at Angel. "Ah..." He coughs. Turning to Zephyr and Carolina, he chuckles anxiously. "A-anyway, Zephyr, you are welcome to come along. Let's see what we can find."

[16:37] * Pastel almoost smiles, "You all have fun out there. Be careful."

[16:37] <Pastel> (Almost)

[16:40] * ZephyrGust nods. "I'll bring them back safe."

[16:40] * Pastel finally relents, "Thank you Zephyr."

[16:40] <Pastel> ((Relents and smiles,))

[16:41] * Chance nods at Zephyr. "I think I could find our way back here again, but the extra help will be appreciated." He gives Pastel a thankful nod. "We'll try our best. Now, let us go!"

[16:42] * Chance turns toward the door, beckoning the rest of the group after him.

[16:43] * Pastel watches the group cautiously head out. After a moment, her smile fades back to a frown, "Another world... c-could he possibly..." she quickly shakes her head. "Impossible." She looks down at the paperwork at her counter, but her eyes keep straying back to the door.

[16:44] <Pastel> ==scene==