(Friday October 4th, 2013)

[00:19] <Histon> ==DAY TWO==

[00:19] <Histon> *S&H Inn, Midday*

[00:19] * Histon sits in the lobby, on a couch. He looks out a window, watching the pony's outside come and go.

[00:19] <Sleet> ((ponies))

[00:23] * PastelLife comes into the lobby, having taken care of a few errands for the hotel, she relieves the mare at the front counter. Setting up, opening the guest book, and getting ready for any new customers, she prepares herself, and scanning the room, glares idly at Histon.

[00:25] * Histon gives a look back and sighs. "You're always giving me the same look, you know that?"

[00:28] * PastelLife hmphs, looking back at her front ledger, "Hardly."

[00:32] <Histon> Lookie here, I may not be the smartest guy around, but I can at least tell when someone's cross with me.

[00:32] <Remedy> She's not cross with you!

[00:32] * Histon eye raises as he watches Pastel react.

[00:33] * PastelLife turns to eye Remedy, "Oh? I'm not am I?"

[00:33] * Remedy shakes her head.

[00:33] <Remedy> Nope!

[00:34] <Remedy> That's a hatelove leer.

[00:35] * PastelLife 's eye twitches slightly, "Hate...Love?"

[00:35] * Remedy nods.

[00:35] <Remedy> Either you hate the fact that you love him...

[00:35] * Remedy tilts her head.

[00:35] * Histon gags a little "W-w-what the hell you think this is!?"

[00:36] <Remedy> Or you love the fact that you hate him. I think.

[00:36] <Histon> I don't even *know* her!

[00:36] * Remedy turns to Histon. 'But it's how it always happens!'

[00:36] <Remedy> Except maybe the second one.

[00:36] * PastelLife sputters a moment at Remedy, face turning red, "I... you don't... what? What!?"

[00:37] <Histon> I... I don't even know how to respond.

[00:37] * Remedy shrugs. 'Well it's something big anyway. Hate-somethingbig.'

[00:39] * PastelLife grinds her teeth, staring at Remedy. She slowly turns towards Histon, "I... don't. Hate. Him." She looks back at Remedy, "Happy?"

[00:39] * Histon blinks "I...'m glad to hear it?"

[00:40] * Remedy nods. 'Okay. So what's with the Glares of Supreme Intent?'

[00:40] <Remedy> It's like you're trying to eat his soul with your eyes.

[00:42] * PastelLife 's eyes dart a bit before she looks away from Remedy, "Well... he's... hardly a paying customer... err... I don't..." Her eyes fall onto a small satchel with a note attached. "Err... what's this?"

[00:45] * Histon gets up, walking to the desk "Whats what?"

[00:46] <Remedy> Eh?

[00:47] * PastelLife lifts the satchel, "Bits?" She examines the note, eyes, widening slightly, "'Sorry for all the trouble... hope this helps make up for the inconvenience...'. Well..."

[00:49] * Remedy turns to Histon. 'I thought you guys were like, Pilgrim-Hobos or something?"

[00:50] * Histon blinks "W-wait, what? Someone had cash?"

[00:53] <Histon> But... that... that doesn't make any se-

[00:54] * PastelLife pours out the contents and counts out the bits, "Apparently one of you does. Not a lot..." She smiles, "But it does help. My apologies for the sour mood... I get that way when I worry about the inn sometimes..."

[00:54] * Histon bites his tongue, looking away "Well... I'm glad someone managed to get some money to you.

[00:57] * PastelLife nods, "Unnecessary, really. I said I was taking you and your friends in, and I meant it. But... appreciated. I shall have to find out who it is and thank them."

[00:58] * Remedy gently pokes Pastel. 'So... the Gee-Oh-Ess-Eyes?'

[01:01] * PastelLife looks at Remedy, raising an eyebrow curiously, "The... Gee... oh? What now?"

[01:02] <Remedy> The... Glares of Supreme Intent?

[01:06] * PastelLife finishes stacking the bits, then cringes a little, "Err... nothing I'm sure. He... well, admit it, he seems a bit out of sorts here." She looks to Histon, "Where were you from again?"

[01:07] * Histon coughs, looking away "A city a long way from here. Me and my friends... had to leave expectantly. We ended up here.

[01:08] <PastelLife> Hmm... nothing illegal, I presume?

[01:09] <Remedy> ((UNexpectedly?))

[01:11] <Histon> ((Unexpectedly))

[01:16] * Histon shakes his head "No... honestly, it was just like one way we where there... then the next day we weren't.

[01:18] <Remedy> What's the name of your city?

[01:19] <Histon> ...New York

[01:24] * PastelLife tilts her head, "Don't believe I've heard of that city..."

[01:26] * Remedy nods. 'Must be far.'

[01:26] <Histon> Yeah...

[01:27] * Histon looks aside for a moment "I'm a long way from home."

[01:28] <Remedy> Doesn't sound like you wanted to leave.

[01:29] <Histon> Lets just say I'm trying to get myself home... somehow

[01:30] * Remedy tilts her head. 'So if you didn't want to leave, and you want to go back, why did you leave? And why come here?'

[01:32] <Histon> Like I said, lets just say I'm not 100% sure. And the rest... its a long story.

[01:33] * PastelLife looks around the otherwise empty lobby, "We have time. I doubt Remedy has any classes today... do you?"

[01:35] * Remedy laughs and lets out a derisive little 'pfft'. 'Who, me? Classes? Naw.'

[01:36] * PastelLife rolls her eyes, "I thought as much."

[01:39] * Remedy gives a grin. 'Then why ask?'

[01:40] * Histon starts to sweat a bit "W-well... its not that interesting..."

[01:43] * Remedy shrugs. 'Gotta be more interesting than something else I could be doing.'

[01:43] * PastelLife nods, "All I have is the ledger, and it can wait."

[01:47] * Remedy examines a crumpled piece of paper. 'Hmmmmm. Chemistry of the liver. Fascinating.'

[01:48] * Remedy puts the piece of paper away and rests her chin on her hooves, watching Histon intently. 'Story time.'

[01:51] * PastelLife closes her ledger and looks at Histon, "Yes, I do believe a good story would clear up a lot of this."

[01:54] * Histon swallow hard

[01:55] <PastelLife> ((swallows))

[01:58] <Histon> Well... How about... I start with before all this happened? A day in the life of Histon Diggs?

[02:00] * PastelLife continues to stare at Histon, and nods for him to continue.

[02:02] * Remedy nods also.

[02:05] <Histon> I'm in school. Or at least was before all this. I'm working on a master degree in history, I should be done with it in a year.

[02:06] * Remedy lets out a groan. 'Uuuuggh, History? That's even worse.'

[02:06] <Histon> Day to day was pretty boring. Wake up, maybe to go a class, work on my papers-

[02:06] * Histon stops mid phrase turning to Remedy "What."

[02:06] <Remedy> At least in medicine you get to cut something up every now and then.

[02:08] * Histon pokes Remedy in the chest "Listen here. If people don't know where we've been, we'll just be fated to keep making the same mistakes."

[02:09] <Histon> History. Is. Important.

[02:09] * Remedy blinks. 'Well yeah. Might be important, but it doesn't make it any less boring.'

[02:09] <Remedy> Well, being taught it, maybe.

[02:11] * Histon grrs a little "I'm training to be a teacher"

[02:11] <Remedy> Oooh.

[02:11] <Remedy> Neat. Can you make it interesting?

[02:12] * PastelLife sighs, looking back and forth between the two. "Anyway... you were saying...?"

[02:12] <Histon> History *IS* intrestin- Oh, yeah... middle of a story wasn't I?

[02:12] * PastelLife nods.

[02:16] <Histon> Well... Like I said, I was working on my major. Most days where pretty boring.

[02:17] * Remedy giggles.

[02:18] * Histon sighs "Didn't really keep too much company, other then my family. They're still in the city. We're city 'folk, ya know?"

[02:19] <Histon> This point they are retired though. Sold their inn years back once it was clear I wasn't going to take it over. Now they're just enjoying life.

[02:19] * Histon looks away, thinking

[02:19] * PastelLife blinks, "They... owned an inn?"

[02:20] <Remedy> Ooh, spooky.

[02:22] * Histon blinks "Oh... uh, yeah. Small world huh?"

[02:23] * PastelLife narrows her eyes again, "Something like that..."

[02:25] <Histon> Lived in... the in when I was a kid.

[02:26] <PastelLife> ((the inn))

[02:29] * PastelLife looks down, silent for a moment, before speaking back up, "It still doesn't explain why you had to leave?"

[02:30] * Histon stays quiet for a moment, then turns away "I just had to. Like I said... it wasn't my choice. It was just something I had to do."

[02:31] * PastelLife sighs, looking at Remedy. "That's why he gets the Glares of... what did you call it? Supreme intent?"

[02:32] * Remedy nods. 'Sounds about right. Mysterious Dashing Historian doesn't wanna stop being mysterious.

[02:33] <Remedy> ((' there.))

[02:37] * Histon sighs, turning back to the lobby "Anyone else up and about yet?"

[02:38] * PastelLife 's eyes don't leave Histon, "I believe Zephyr took out one of your friends to breakfast."

[02:39] * Remedy gently pokes Histon's shoulder. 'C'moooon. It's fine if you actually turn out to be crazy. Or on the run from the doggie mafia. I won't tell anyone.'

[02:39] <Histon> T-the what mafia?

[02:40] * Histon gives Remedy a confused, worried look.

[02:40] * PastelLife sighs, rolling her eyes, "Really, Remedy. Doggie mafia?"

[02:41] * Remedy tilts her head. 'So it's not called New York cuz it's full of those little yorkie dogs?'

[02:41] <Remedy> Or, y'know... a type of Dog that heavily resembles them.

[02:41] * PastelLife pauses, then sighs again, "I just... no. I don't believe so."

[02:42] * Remedy nods. 'Okay. So... crazy or... normal mafia?'

[02:43] <Histon> ...Look, I don't want to talk about it.

[02:43] * Histon flops on a couch

[02:44] <Remedy> Aww...

[02:44] * Remedy makes a sad face. 'Why not?'

[02:45] * Histon groans, shooting Remedy a look "Because I don't! And that's answer enough."

[02:45] * Remedy huffs. 'Well maybe I should change your title to 'Mysterious Grumpy Historian' then.'

[02:46] * PastelLife sighs, "I like this all less and less the more I think about it."

[02:50] <Histon> Why's that?

[02:50] * Histon rolls onto his back, rolling his eyes "I can't see what part of this doesn't seem good to you."

[02:55] * PastelLife glares, "What if you bring something terrible to the inn? I don't know why you had to leave, and what might be following you here." She sighs, "I've given you my word that you can stay... I just hope I haven't taken in more than I bargained for."

[02:56] * Remedy gives Histon a look. 'Would probably put her mind at ease to know why she's having to give you free rooms, Histy.'

[02:57] <Histon> Pastel, trust me on this point. Nothing followed me. And if anything *did* then I'd be personally asking it how it got here and now to get back.

[02:57] <Histon> That put your mind at ease at all?

[02:58] * PastelLife stares a moment, then simply nods, "I... I suppose so. I guess I just have to trust you."

[02:59] * Angel trots into the lobby from the washroom, followed by a cloud of steam. She is sparkling clean, but it looks like she didn't know what to do with her feathers. She was in there for at least an hour.

[03:00] <Angel> Ahh, there's nothing like a nice bubble bath...

[03:01] * Angel picks up a bagel and an apple and hovers to the side of Histon and the others. "Getting to know each other?"

[03:02] <Histon> In a manor of speaking.

[03:03] * PastelLife nods, "And you, Ms... Angel, yes? I don't believe we were properly introduced last night."

[03:05] <PastelLife> ((we weren't))

[03:06] * Angel nods as she munches her bagel. "Ainfel feffa"

[03:07] <Angel> Beautiful and talented daughter of the illustrious Mr. and Mrs. Feather of Feather & Feather.

[03:08] * PastelLife raises an eyebrow, "Feather... and Feather?"

[03:09] <Angel> Yeah! They're like super rich. Millionaires, really!

[03:10] <PastelLife> I'm... not sure I recall the name.

[03:12] <Angel> Really? It's a Fortune 500 company...

[03:12] * Histon gags a little "Y-you're related to *those* feathers!?"

[03:13] * Angel narrows her eyes at Histon. "Why, yes I am!"

[03:15] * Histon sputters "B-b-but your folks are some of the most powerful business owners in the *whole* City."

[03:15] <PastelLife> Fortune... 500?

[03:17] <Remedy> Huh.

[03:17] * Angel smiles. "That's right!"

[03:17] <Remedy> I guess 'Fortune 500' might mean more if we knew what it meant at all!

[03:17] <Remedy> Is it a New York thing?

[03:19] <Angel> It's, like, the top 500 richest companies in the world!

[03:19] <Remedy> Uhuh...

[03:19] * Remedy looks to Pastel. 'You'd have thought at least ONE of those would be in Equestria.'

[03:21] * PastelLife nods, "Although honestly, I'm starting to just suspect they're all as loopy as you."

[03:22] <Angel> Well, how many companies

[03:23] <Remedy> Uh... I dunno.

[03:24] <Histon> ((I miss anything?))

[03:25] <PastelLife> Only... a half dozen or so really big companies. The Orange family has a pretty big business.

[03:26] <Remedy> ((I'll pm it.))

[03:26] <Angel> The...Orange family?

[03:26] <Angel> I wonder who they could be.

[03:29] <Histon> Let me guess, they sell Oranges?

[03:30] <Angel> Why would they be named after their product? My daddy doesn't sell feathers.

[03:33] <PastelLife> It... they've just always done so. Fairly certain they get their Apples from their relatives, the Apple family.

[03:34] <Angel> Well, that's convenient. And kinda dumb.

[03:36] <PastelLife> Well... what exactly do the Feathers sell?

[03:36] <Angel> Insurance!

[03:37] <Histon> Yeah, the run one of the biggest insurance companies in the- well, were we come from. They're slowly working their way into the global market too...

[03:39] * PastelLife tilts her head, "I... really don't know where you two are coming from."

[03:40] <Remedy> ((Now what'd I miss?))

[03:42] <Remedy> Huh.

[03:49] * Histon tilts his head "What do you mean? You're saying you don't have insurance around here?"

[03:51] <Remedy> Well... kinda.

[03:51] <Remedy> Not exactly a global market.

[03:52] <Histon> W-what!? But, what if you get sick!

[03:52] * PastelLife eyes Histon, "You go into the clinic."

[03:53] <Histon> But, who pays for that?

[03:53] <Histon> I mean, even with insurance, those bills can ruin folks if the operation's serious enough.

[03:53] <Remedy> Ehhh, most big places have unicorns for the bigger stuff.

[03:54] <Remedy> What I do's like, some mystic lost art or somethin'.

[04:01] * PastelLife nods, "It's not something we have to worry about. Not since Celestia standardized the system."

[04:03] <Remedy> Ponies get fixed and ponies get paid.

[04:04] <Histon> Celestia... is that the leader of all of you?

[04:04] * Remedy blinks.

[04:04] <Remedy> Yyyyes...

[04:04] <Remedy> Y'know... Celestia.

[04:05] * Remedy wiggles her hoof.

[04:05] * Histon blinks

[04:05] * PastelLife tilts her head, "Does... anypony not know Celestia?"

[04:05] <Remedy> I... guess so?

[04:06] * Remedy looks back to Histon. 'Y'know, tall, white coat, funky mane, magichorn wing pony?'

[04:07] <Histon> Celestia... Celestial? So... She's related to the sky somehow? What, she fly around in a chariot pulling the sun around?

[04:07] <Angel> Is she one of those big government types?

[04:09] * PastelLife gapes a little, "Err... yeah... she raises the sun everyday."

[04:09] <Histon> ...

[04:10] <Remedy> Yyyep.

[04:10] <Remedy> Aaaand the moon. Until her sister came back.

[04:10] * Histon looks to Angel, then back to Pastel "...what."

[04:11] <Angel>

[04:11] <PastelLife> really must be from far off...

[04:12] * Angel slowly takes a bite of her apple as she thinks about that.

[04:12] <Remedy> Yeah, like... from another planet or something.

[04:12] <Angel> you get your apples from the Apple family too?

[04:12] <Remedy> Didn't think it wierd when the sun just... didn't rise for a day or two?

[04:13] <Angel> Oh, I um...must have stayed in sick that time...

[04:15] <Histon> ...I, that's...

[04:15] * Histon mumbles, quieting down and looking at the ground.

[04:16] * PastelLife sighs, "You really are from really, really far away..."

[04:17] <Histon> Seems like its getting farther and farther every moment.

[04:17] * Histon starts to breath heavily "I... this... this is insane..."

[04:17] <Remedy> How insane is insane?

[04:18] * Remedy puts a hoof on Histon's shoulder. 'Also, hyperventilating won't help anything, FYI.'

[04:18] * Histon breaths harder, just muttering "A-away from everything I've ever known..."

[04:19] * PastelLife is silent, watching Histon.

[04:19] <Remedy> Histy...

[04:21] * Histon starts to shake, looking at his hooves as he mutters lightly "L-looking... like this... I... I... how..."

[04:22] * Remedy frowns, then leans forward and wraps Histon in a hug.

[04:23] * PastelLife frowns, "I... Histon..." she looks away, slowly making her way around the counter.

[04:23] * Histon just leans into the hug "I... my mom... dad..." in a soft voice "...Patty"

[04:27] * Remedy squeezes. 'Don't worry, it'll be okay. You'll get home, I promise.'

[04:28] * PastelLife freezes, pulling back. She nods, "Yeah... we... we'll figure something out."

[04:31] * Histon keeps shivering "I don't know what to do. I don't know if there's anything to do."

[04:32] <Remedy> There's always something to do.

[04:32] <Remedy> If there is a problem, it can be cured.

[04:33] * Histon keeps shaking

[04:34] <Remedy> Histy.

[04:34] <Remedy> Look at me.

[04:34] * Histon does his best to look at Remedy

[04:36] * Remedy smiles and looks Histon in the eyes. 'It'll be fine, okay? We'll get you home.'

[04:36] * Histon just shakes his head a little "Y-you can't even understand..."

[04:37] <Remedy> I don't need to.

[04:37] <Remedy> We're gonna get you home. Understood?

[04:39] * Histon doesn't even speak, just nodding and pulling Remedy close to him, burying his snout into her.

[04:40] * Remedy smiles and gives another squeeze.

[04:41] * PastelLife nods quietly, stepping back around the counter.

[04:43] * Histon shakes more, now slightly sobbing into Remedy

[04:44] * Remedy pats Histon on the back, waiting patiently for him to finish.

[04:46] * Histon eventually just lays limp against Remedy, just taking deep breaths.

[04:47] * Remedy gives another gentle squeeze. 'Feel a little better?'

[04:48] * Histon nods, pulling away "....sorry."

[04:49] <Remedy> Naw, s'fine. Any time you need a shoulder, I got two of 'em.

[04:51] * Histon looks away "Need to be stronger then this I... I've been though worse."

[04:53] * Remedy pats Histon on the shoulder. 'Well, I'll be right here if you need anything. Whether you wanna tell me what the deal is or not, okay?'

[04:53] <Remedy> 'We're curious, but we don't need to know. Right Pastel?' Remedy calls over.

[04:53] * Histon nods lightly, but looks away.

[04:53] * PastelLife nods, "R-right. We won't push any further. You... take all the time you need."

[04:54] <Histon> ...Why are you all so nice around here?

[04:54] * Histon looks back at Pastel and Remedy "Taking us in... being a shoulder to literally cry on..."

[04:56] <Remedy> Well, you don't wanna be a doc unless you either like people or're a jerkass.

[04:56] <Remedy> And as for Pastel...

[04:56] * Remedy rubs her chin.

[04:56] * PastelLife looks down, "I... don't like seeing anypony go without."

[04:56] <Remedy> I'm preeeeetty sure she's like, a teddybear wrapped in cement.

[04:56] * PastelLife blushes a bit.

[05:00] * Histon giggles a little "Oh, so the softer side of Pastel is shown huh? I thought she was just icy stares." He wipes his eyes, sighing deeply as he leans against Remedy slightly for support.

[05:01] <Remedy> Oh, there's icy stares, to be sure.

[05:01] <Remedy> But instead of being all balanced, heatwise, she's all cold on the outside and toasty warm in the middle.

[05:01] * Remedy grins at Pastel. 'Thermodynamics hates you, by the way.'

[05:03] * PastelLife looks away, and mumbles something under her breath.

[05:04] <Remedy> Diidn't quite catch that, Pastie~

[05:04] * PastelLife mumbles a bit louder, "I said... thank you Remedy."

[05:05] * Remedy smiles. 'Noooo worries, Pastel. It's what you keep me around for.'

[05:06] * PastelLife nods ever so slightly.

[05:07] <PastelLife> I... I should get back to work...

[05:09] * Histon stands up "I... think I'll get a lay for the city

[05:11] * PastelLife nods, "Histon... be..." She sighs, "Be careful out there."

[05:12] * Remedy smiles and waves. 'Don't get lost like I do!'

[05:12] * Histon nods, smiling "I wouldn't dream of doing anything else."