(Wednesday October 2nd, 2013)

[16:47] <ZephyrGust> ==(Insert Name Here) Inn, mid morning==

[16:53] * Carolina walks downstairs, yawning a bit - said yawn almost causing her to lose balance while at it. She eep's a bit, teetering. With some focusing not out of place in a firing range, she manages to step 'correctly' and not tumble down. As she steps on the floor, she lets out a deep breath and only then looks around her.

[16:55] * ZephyrGust is sitting in the common area sipping on a warm mulled cider. She looks up at the sound of hooves and smiles. "Oh, hey there kid."

[16:56] * Carolina blushes a bit: "Uh, hello?" She just kind of stands there, not knowing what else to say.

[16:57] * ZephyrGust folds up the newspaper she was browsing and stands. "You sleep all that time or were you too scared to come down?"

[16:58] * Carolina pauses, then blinks, then has the wits to look insulted: "I wasn't scared! I just... didn't feel like coming down."

[17:03] * ZephyrGust frowns, stepping over to stand near the stairs. "No no.. of course not... but I mean, you guys have all been through a lot, or whatever..."

[17:04] * Carolina shudders a bit and takes a nervous step: "It's just... this is all so..." she lifts a hoof to look at it: " weird."

[17:07] * ZephyrGust smiles sadly. "Sure... I mean, I can't even imagine... but I sure wouldn't want to wake up without my wings or whatever." She trots back over to her table. "You want some breakfast? It's included with the room."

[17:08] * Carolina blushes as her stomach grumbles loudly: "Uh... that is a yes. I did not eat anyting last night."

[17:09] <Carolina> ((anything))

[17:12] * ZephyrGust smiles. "Well, what are you in the mood for?"

[17:14] * Carolina replies without thinking, as per usual: "A hefty dose of bacon and eggs, or maybe a good ol' sausage, or maybe a ham sandwich, or..." She stops listing as she sees the expression on Zee's face: "...orsomethingelse."

[17:16] * ZephyrGust looks lost. "Um, I don't know what any of that is... except for 'eggs' and 'sandwich'..."

[17:17] * Carolina blinks and tilts her head: "You, uh... well, what do you have?"

[17:18] * ZephyrGust cocks her head. "Um... eggs, juice, fruit, salad, vegetables... sandwiches... you know... food?"

[17:19] * Carolina nods a bit sheepishly: "Of course. Yes, some of anything of like that would sound just good."

[17:23] * ZephyrGust laughs a bit. She stands and trots over to the kitchen, chatting idly with the cook as he prepares Caro's meal.

[17:26] * Carolina sits down on a sofa next to the table, feeling even more lost than before. She fumbles around a bit before finding a comfortable way to even sit down, then just rather unceremoniously flops down. "I swear I will never get used to having four hooves. Ever." she mutters to herself.

[17:27] * ZephyrGust comes back a few minutes later with some scrambled eggs, homefries, toast and fried tomatoes, setting it down on the table.

[17:28] * Carolina looks down on the setting, whispering: "All that is missing is bacon..." She then silences herself and looks around for utensils.

[17:35] * ZephyrGust blinks. "Is something wrong?"

[17:36] * Carolina looks confused and lost for a second more, then looks up: "...what am I supposed to be eating with? Just use my hands - I mean, my hooves?"

[17:37] * ZephyrGust cocks her head. "Um... not really. You just... eat... you know... head down to the plate?"

[17:39] * Carolina looks at Zephyr confusedly for a moment, then just shrugs: "Welp. Makes about as much sense as anything else so far..." She awkwardly leans down to eat, but quickly the awkwardness is gone as her appetite takes over.

[17:45] * ZephyrGust smiles quietly and goes back to her newspaper, letting the young mare eat without somepony gawking at her all the time.

[17:46] * Carolina eats for a while, then finishes with little belch and proceeds to blush after it. "Uh. Sorry about that, guess I was more hungry than I thought even."

[17:55] * ZephyrGust smiles. "Don't sweat it. You should see me eat. Actually, check that - You shouldn't. It's not pretty."

[17:56] * Carolina looks at Zephyr: "Well, if you say so..."

[17:58] * ZephyrGust grins a bit. "Yeah, so anyway, what are you gonna do now? I mean, I haven't seen portals to other worlds around here lately."

[18:02] * Carolina tilts her head: "I do not know..." She looks at her hooves: "Sure as heck aren't going to be using a checkout machine with these..."

[18:04] * ZephyrGust sips at her cider. "Sure..." She looks at Carolina quietly, not quite sure what say. "Hey, if you ever need anypony to talk to, you can come to me."

[18:04] * Carolina nods and smiles: "Sure... I need to figure out all this first though. Or something."

[18:14] * ZephyrGust grins a bit. "Yeah, so anyway, what are you gonna do now? I mean, if you can't find your way home?"

[18:14] <ZephyrGust> ((retconned line ^^))

[18:15] <ZephyrGust> ((change the wings line to 'not knowing how to work my wings'))

[18:18] * Carolina sighs a bit and gets up: "Thank you for the food... I think I need to lie down, pack my stuff and... figure things out. Somehow."

[18:22] * ZephyrGust nods. "Sure. I should get out for the afternoon deliveries anyway. You take care of yourself, all right?"

[18:22] * Carolina nods at Zephyr: "I try..."

[18:25] * ZephyrGust stands and stretches out a bit. "See you around." She leaves a few bits on the table and trots out into the afternoon light.

[18:26] * Carolina walks back upstairs, her brain trying to rack up possibilities and not liking the results.

[18:26] <Carolina> ==end scene==