Day 1 - The Arrival

(Sunday September 29th, 2013)

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[00:09] <Histon> ((OK, who are we missing, if anyone?

[00:10] <PastelLife> (Thattagen isn't in here))

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[00:50] <Histon> ((So... wanna just start at this point?))

[00:51] <FoxOfWar> ((Rock on.))

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[00:55] <PastelLife> ==THE S&H INN - COMMONS - LATE EVENING==

[00:59] * PastelLife trots back down to the commons, giving a sigh, her voice tired, "There. The rooms are set up. Two doubles, I'm afraid a few of you will have to share, and one single."

[00:59] * ZephyrGust sits sipping on a mug of tea as she watches the others finish up their meals.

[01:00] * Carolina looks around the people she came here with and stops to ponder about sharing a room with any of them: "Uh..."

[01:00] * Chance smiles at Pastel. "Thank you again for your generosity. You're a real rarity."

[01:02] * PastelLife smiles wearily towards Chance, "I have always said that I would never let a pony who needed it go without a good meal and a roof over their head, not while I can help it..." She trails off, eyes moving towards Histon.

[01:02] * Histon is sitting on a couch, looking out a window "Really... you didn't need to do any of this Miss...?"

[01:03] * ZephyrGust finishes her tea and looks to Pastel. "So we have what, three mares and two stallions? Seems like an easy split."

[01:05] * Chance nods. "Yes, that seems... Hey! I'm not a mare!"

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[01:06] * Carolina smirks and lets out a small giggle.

[01:06] <ZephyrGust> I didn't say you were.

[01:06] * PastelLife looks to Histon a little sadly, then her face falls back to her normal neutral position, "My name is Pastel. I own and operate this inn."

[01:06] <PastelLife> And I do believe introductions are in order.

[01:07] <Histon> P-Pastel...

[01:07] * Histon blinks, shaking his head.

[01:07] * ZephyrGust blinks a bit. "Oh. I had it backwards."

[01:07] <Walnut> Not like I've never shared a cell before. Heh.

[01:07] <Histon> Right, introductions would be a good idea Pastel.

[01:10] * Chance coughs. "R-regardless, three and two. Yes. My name is Chance."

[01:12] * Carolina nods and continues without a second thought: "Carolina Carlayanna Comodora Chiquitita Chel Cervina Cimeyena Cucumbura Connyshiva Carlos." Only after that two-second sequence does she stop to think: "Uh... Carolina is just fine."

[01:13] <Walnut> Walnut. Just call me Walnut.

[01:14] * ZephyrGust nods to the group. "For those who haven't met me, just call me Zee."

[01:15] * Histon looks back at the group, looking aside "Histon's the name. History's my game... or something like that."

[01:16] * PastelLife nods, listening, and stiffens a bit at Histon's introduction. "Well. Then... and the little 'Queen' who's already went to bed?"

[01:17] <Chance> That would be Angel.

[01:18] * ZephyrGust nods a bit. "So... the two mares together in a room, then two rooms for the three guys?"

[01:19] * Carolina nods, then pauses. "Wait. Does that mean I am with that horrible example of a human being known as Angel?"

[01:20] <Chance> Well, unless you'd rather stay with one of us others.

[01:20] * ZephyrGust blinks. "Example of a what?"

[01:21] * Carolina facehooves and groans.

[01:21] * ZephyrGust looks to Carolina. "You could crash with me for a few nights, I guess."

[01:21] * Carolina gives Zephyr a thankful look, but shakes her head: "No, I won't impose more than I already do. I will deal with... her."

[01:22] <ZephyrGust> All right, the offer stands if things don't work out.

[01:22] * Carolina smiles at Zephyr: "Thank you for the offer, then."

[01:23] * ZephyrGust smiles back. "Just trying to help."

[01:23] * Chance looks at Pastel. "Two doubles, you said?"

[01:24] * Walnut mutters quietly. "Doesn't matter to me. I'll mind my own business though, wherever you stick me."

[01:24] * PastelLife nods slowly. "The only single available was... The room adjoining mine." She looks away, "I thought it best if.. Histon used that one."

[01:25] * Histon blinks a little "Oh? What makes you say that?" He tilts his head slightly, giving Pastel a look.

[01:25] * Chance looks askance at Histon. "That might be best."

[01:29] * PastelLife looks towards Chance, raising an eyebrow. At last, her voices lets out iin a low tone, "He... seems the oldest. I thought it best he have his own room."

[01:31] * Histon thinks for a moment, then nods "Hey, sounds fine with me. I wont complain!"

[01:38] * ZephyrGust turns her teacup around in her hooves. "So you guys... aren't from around here?"

[01:39] * Carolina shakes her head: "Not... not exactly."

[01:39] <ZephyrGust> But you're sure you don't want to see a doctor?

[01:41] <Chance> I... don't think any of us are injured. Just need some rest.

[01:43] * ZephyrGust nods. "All right." She lets out a yawn. "I think I'll head to bed, then. Gotta be up early for work and all."

[01:43] * Histon nods "Have a nice rest Miss.

[01:43] * PastelLife nods to Zephyr, smiling slightly, "Thanks for today, Zephyr."

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[01:44] * Walnut sighs quietly, still looking over his forehooves. "Working. Right.."

[01:44] * Carolina nods to Zephyr, whispering under her breath: "Thank you..."

[01:44] <Chance> ((Endquote Histon))

[01:44] * Remedy 's hooves slam into the door, leaving noticable marks and kicking it open.

[01:44] * Chance smiles at Zephyr. "Yes, thank you very much."

[01:44] * Carolina jumps at least a feet into the air.

[01:44] <Chance> ((And move that to before Remedy))

[01:44] <Carolina> Eep!

[01:45] <Remedy> Paaaasteeeeel...

[01:45] * Histon just sighs and puts his head in his hooves "Now what..."\

[01:46] * PastelLife rolls her eyes, "Ah, hello Remedy."

[01:46] * ZephyrGust stands and flutters her wings. "If anypony nee--" She blinks at Remedy's entry, changing direction to run interference for Pastel if need be.

[01:46] <Remedy> Pastypastel my Pasty...

[01:47] * Remedy walks slowly towards the inn-operator.

[01:48] * PastelLife nods, "It's Pastel."

[01:49] <Remedy> Last I checked, we were going to the faire.

[01:50] <ZephyrGust> We did, and then you wandered off and we couldn't find you again.

[01:50] <Remedy> I wandered off?

[01:50] * Carolina suddenly finds a vested interest in the drink she had earlier.

[01:50] <Remedy> YOU wandered off!

[01:51] * PastelLife nods, "It was a very busy faire."

[01:51] <Remedy> Friends are supposed to enjoy the faire together, not just walk off and leave each other to get lost three times on the way back home!

[01:51] * Walnut watches this confrontation with interest.

[01:52] * ZephyrGust sighs. "We made a bee-line for the pretzel stand, just like we said we were going to. By the time we hit the concession alley, you weren't with us."

[01:52] <Remedy> Three times, Zephy!

[01:52] * Remedy holds up three hooves.

[01:52] <Remedy> Three!

[01:52] <Remedy> Times!

[01:52] <PastelLife> Ah, my apologies Remedy, but yes, Zephyr was rather insistent on dragging me... and I should also point out, we have guests...

[01:53] <ZephyrGust> How have you lived in this city so long without knowing your way around anyway?

[01:53] * Chance blinks and stares back and forth between the ponies. "I'm sorry. And this is...?"

[01:53] * Remedy freezes and turns, pausing in her turn to look at Zephyr. 'I have my reasons.'

[01:53] * Carolina shrinks into the sofa she's sitting on, now solely focused on the ice cubes of her drink.

[01:53] * Remedy continues turning to look at the guests.

[01:55] * ZephyrGust shakes her head. "Well, whatever. I'm going to bed. Good thing I have some booze up in my room..."

[01:55] * Remedy suddenly beams out a smile and waves. 'Hey there!'

[01:56] <Remedy> Don't drink yourself too deep, Zeph. They took my stomach pump away after last time.

[01:56] * Histon gives Pastel a look "A friend?"

[01:56] * Chance blinks at Remedy and gives an awkward, halfhearted wave.

[01:57] * Remedy waves back at Chance, smiling a toothy smile.

[01:57] * ZephyrGust flashes Remedy a rather rude gesture with her wing before stomping over to the elevators and making her exit up to her room.

[01:57] * PastelLife nods to Histon, "A client. A friend in that I haven't thrown her out of the inn."

[01:58] <Remedy> Well, It's either friendship or my mad skills keeping me here.

[01:58] <PastelLife> You've yet to be late with your bits either.

[01:59] * Remedy wiggles a hoof dismissively. 'Aw, like that means anything.'

[01:59] <Remedy> So!

[02:00] * Remedy bounds over to the new arrivals. 'Names! I'm Remedy Needle, pleased to meet you!'

[02:00] * PastelLife waves to indicate the guests, "They are from out of town, I do believe they were just about to tell us where they hailed from."

[02:00] * Carolina waves timidly at Remedy, giving a weak smile. "Hi."

[02:00] * Histon leans back a little "Uh... Histon. Histon Diggs"

[02:00] <Chance> Chance will do, thank you.

[02:01] *** Shortstack changed nick to Shortaway

[02:02] * Remedy smiles at Carolina. 'I don't think your name is Hi, but hi anyway!'

[02:02] * Carolina blinks: "No, is Carolina..."

[02:03] * Remedy nods. 'Neat. Sounds all foreign and exotic.'

[02:03] * Walnut thinks. "So.. the money around here is 'bits'?"

[02:07] * PastelLife nods, "Bits, yes.... just how far away are you from?"

[02:07] <Remedy> ((That was thought, I think))

[02:08] * Carolina blurts out loud: "New York. Earth."

[02:09] <Walnut> ((Nah, he was like "hmm...." type thinking, with the face to it))

[02:09] * Remedy blinks. 'Huh. That must be reeeaaally far away.'

[02:10] <Walnut> I'm not even sure how far.

[02:10] <Carolina> ...I do not know either. Since, uh...

[02:10] * Histon yells NEW...HAY-ARK... EARTH...PLACEPONY TOWN SHE MEANS

[02:10] * Histon coughs

[02:10] <PastelLife> ((Quotes around that yelling))

[02:10] * Carolina looks down at her hooves, then double-takes at Histon: "...whu?"

[02:11] * Chance covers his face at Histon's outburst.

[02:12] * PastelLife stares at Histon, totally unsure what to make of any of this. "Right.... well... right."

[02:12] <Histon> Excuse me, New Earth Haytown

[02:12] * Histon turns red

[02:12] * Walnut rolls his eyes a bit.

[02:13] * Remedy blinks. 'Uhuh. You alright there?'

[02:13] * Carolina shakes her head for a bit, then lets out a huge yawn.

[02:13] * Histon shakes his head "We uh... traveled via... uh... the hard way. You know, takes it outa you!"

[02:13] * Chance coughs. "You know what? I think it's getting awful late, and we've had a long day. Probably better to leave getting to know each other for the morning, so we can sleep off that sunstroke, yeah?"

[02:14] <Remedy> Hmm, sunstroke?

[02:14] <Remedy> I might have something for that...

[02:15] <Chance> No! No, that won't be necessary. We've gotten everyone a drink, and now we just need to rest, isn't that right?

[02:15] * Carolina nods blearily and starts getting up: "Mmmhm..."

[02:16] * Remedy pauses, then smiles. 'Okay!'

[02:16] <Walnut> Sleep, yeah. Could definitely use some sleep.

[02:17] * PastelLife nods, "It's been a long day. Bed would probably be a good idea for everypony." She steps up, pointing towards the stairs, "Your rooms are numbers 15 and 16, second floor and just to the left of the stairs." She looks at Histon, her face hardening just slightly, "Yours is number 2... you'll have to follow me."

[02:18] <Histon> ...OK. Lets go then.

[02:18] * Histon gets up, looking at the group

[02:18] *** ZephyrGust changed nick to Buck

[02:18] <Histon> I guess... we'll talk more tomorrow.

[02:18] *** Buck changed nick to Bree

[02:19] * Remedy waves. 'Seeya tomorrow, Histy.'

[02:19] * Walnut heads up the stairs and to room 15 without a word.

[02:19] * Carolina nods and starts walking upstairs, mumbling under her breath: "Maybe this turns out to be a bad dream after all..." She gets to the room and is glad to notice that Angel hasn't totally messed everything up. At least yet.

[02:20] * PastelLife watches Carolina go, "Yes... just a bad dream..." Her eyes drift back to Histon. "Right. Let's go."

[02:22] *** Carolina changed nick to FoxOfSnore

[02:23] *** Walnut changed nick to Fixit

[02:23] * Chance sighs heavily, taking a moment to collect his senses.

[02:23] *** Bree quit (Quit: )

[02:25] * Histon follows Pastel "I've been meaning to ask you something . Do you... know me?"

[02:27] * PastelLife stops short as she heads down the hall. She seems to pause, then shake her head, voice cold. "No. But you remind me of somepony."

[02:28] <Histon> Uh.

[02:29] * Histon looks down, thinking "Its just a bit funny. I..." he looks aside "Well, lets just say I've been having a lot of weird Deja Vu here."

[02:29] <Histon> Like, heh... room 2 of all things

[02:30] <PastelLife> What about it?

[02:30] <Remedy> Ooh!

[02:30] * Remedy pops up.

[02:31] <Remedy> Was room two your...

[02:31] * Remedy pauses. 'Thing with...'

[02:31] <Remedy> Uh.

[02:33] * PastelLife sighs, "Not now."

[02:33] <Histon> *sigh* Not now...

[02:33] * Histon blinks, looking at Pastel "Did... that just happen?"

[02:33] * Remedy taps her forehead. 'Well, the synchronicity is kinda kooky, but I had something for a sec there.'

[02:33] <Remedy> Room... two. Hm.

[02:37] * Chance sighs and gets up from his seat, going behind the desk to scribble down a note before retiring for the evening.

[02:37] * PastelLife glares at Histon, then glares at Remedy. "Good night, Remedy."

[02:37] <Remedy> Ah well. It'll come to me. G'night Pastel!

[02:37] <Histon> Its... just something from when I was younger.

[02:37] * Remedy hums and trots bouncily up the staris.

[02:37] <Remedy> ((stairs))

[02:37] * Histon walks with Pastel "Colorful character that one..."

[02:40] * PastelLife smiles just slightly, "You could say that. Still, she can be... amusing." She stops at the door labeled with the number '2', pushing it open. "It's not been used in... awhile."

[02:44] *** Remedy changed nick to Delta

[02:44] * Histon looks around the room "God... its..." He trails off, looking though the room. There's fair layer of dust over everything "Haven't rented this room out in a while? You seem like you're in the heart of town, S and H should be doing fine..."

[02:46] * PastelLife nods, voice still stoic, "I do... well enough. The room shares a bathroom with mine. I like my privacy, so I don't like to rent it out."

[02:47] * Histon raises an eyebrow "But you trust it to a guy you just picked up off the street?"

[02:52] * PastelLife inhales a bit, then nods. Her voice is quiet as she looks away, "It's the only one available."

[02:54] * Histon just looks at Pastel, studying her. After a moment, he walks forward, studying the room. He mutters softly to himself "...just like I left it..."

[02:55] *** Acceleron changed nick to Accel-away

[02:56] * PastelLife narrows her eyes. "Look... I don't know what you think... or who you are... but I swear if you're trying to pull something..." She lets out a long sigh. "Good night, Histon."

[02:58] * Histon looks at Pastel "Pull... something?"

[02:59] * PastelLife just shakes her head, closing the door behind her.

[03:01] * Histon sighs, doing his best to get up to the bed and lay down on it. He sits on his back, sighing loudly "How the hell do ponies sleep?"

[03:01] * PastelLife trots over to her own room, opening the door and slipping in. She moves to her bed, climbing up slowly and curling up close upon herself.

[03:03] * PastelLife lets herself think about something she lost long ago, and a feeling that she seems to have found in the strangest way. And for the first time in years, she breaks down, crying herself to sleep.

[03:03] <PastelLife> ==Scene==

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