Day 1 - The Arrival

(Saturday September 28th, 2013)

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[14:09] * FoxOfWar boing.

[14:09] <Bree> ((Canon))

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[22:47] <ZephyrGust> ((Time of day?))

[22:47] <PastelLife> ==EARLY AFTERNOON==

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[22:47] <PastelLife> ((so there :P))

[22:49] * PastelLife stands behind the counter, moving a quill over the registry, she spends a quiet moment in the day balancing the figures, reorganizing the sheets, and in general making sure everything, and I mean Everything, is in perfect order.

[22:49] * ZephyrGust leans against one of the pillars beside the desk, watching Pastel fuss about with paperwork. "So... are we going to hit the faire tonight or what?"

[22:49] <ZephyrGust> ((gonna))

[22:50] * PastelLife sighs, trying to maintain her focus, "And why, precisely, would I need to do that?"

[22:52] * ZephyrGust shakes her head and raises her dark goggles. "C'mon Pas, the faire's only once a year and you never want to go. It's the most fun you have have in Central Park."

[22:52] * Remedy trots down the stairs, humming. 'Good morning everybody!' she calls in a sing-song voice.

[22:55] <Simmilie> ((It's afternoon))

[22:55] <Remedy> ((I am aware.))

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[22:57] * PastelLife frowns, closing her eyes and bringing up a hoof to rub her forehead, "I have work piling up." She doesn't look up, "And hello Remedy. It's afternoon."

[22:57] * Remedy blinks, then trots over to the window, looking out.

[22:57] <Remedy> Huh. So it is. Jazzy.

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[22:58] * ZephyrGust nods to Remedy and looks to Pastel. "Yeah, but you can't work ALL the time. I mean, winter will be here soon and then you can't enjoy the park at all."

[22:58] <PastelLife> I don't go to the park. Not anymore.

[22:59] <Remedy> Why not? Parks are awesome.

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[23:01] <Simmilie> ((SUDDEN FLASHBACK!))

[23:02] * ZephyrGust laughs. "Neither do I, except for the faire."

[23:02] <ZephyrGust> Well... and that one really good pretzel cart.

[23:03] * PastelLife sighs, "Pretzels, mmhmm." She at last looks up, staring towards Remedy, "Did you say Jazzy?"

[23:04] * Remedy blinks. 'Yes I did. Addendum, a faire?'

[23:04] * Remedy claps her hooves together. 'We totally gotta go!'

[23:05] * ZephyrGust cocks her head. "Jazzy?"

[23:06] * PastelLife looks between Zephyr and Remedy. She slowly closes her ledger book. "A Faire... been so long since..." She shakes her head, "No. Absolutely not. I can't leave the Inn for... 'fun'!"

[23:06] * Remedy gives Pastel a sad look. 'Then why are you doing it anyway?'

[23:07] * PastelLife glares at Remedy a little, "It's my responsibility."

[23:07] <Remedy> But why?

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[23:08] * PastelLife sighs, looking away. "If I say I'll go, will you drop it?"

[23:09] * Remedy nods. 'Yes. Yes I will.'

[23:09] <ZephyrGust> Um, yeah.

[23:09] * ZephyrGust smiles. "Come on, Pas. You know I'm not big on the heavy social stuff, but the faire is crazy good fun."

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[23:11] * PastelLife looks a bit distant, then just nods, "Alright. Alright, you got me. I'll go to the faire then. But I don't promise you I'll enjoy it. I expect to be back here by ten. On the dot."

[23:12] <ZephyrGust> Sure thing.

[23:14] * Remedy salutes. 'Check!'

[23:15] * PastelLife watches the two, then shakes her head, opening her ledger back up, "You're never going to let me weasel out of this, are you?"

[23:15] * ZephyrGust looks at Pastel. "We know how important the inn is to you. We wouldn't let you fall behind.

[23:16] * Remedy strikes a pose. 'Then it's settled! We're off to the faire!' She holds the pose a moment longer. 'So... where is it?'

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[23:18] * PastelLife mumbles something just out of earshot about the faire being at the end of a long walk down a short pier, then raises her voice back up, "Central park district."

[23:19] *** Meteorite quit (Ping timeout)

[23:20] * ZephyrGust nods. "Just a few blocks north."

[23:21] <Remedy> Okay!

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[23:27] * PastelLife lifts her quill up once more and begins balancing her figures again. "Mmhmm."

[23:29] * ZephyrGust flaps a wing, blow the pile off papers off of the desk. "Come ON."

[23:29] <ZephyrGust> ((blowing))

[23:30] * Remedy pulls ineffectually on Pastel's arm. 'Your paper got rocked, Pastel. C'mon.'

[23:32] * PastelLife looks up, glaring at Zephyr. She sighs, slipping out of Remedy's grip, "Alright. Fine." She picks up the papers, puts them back into the ledger and closes it again, securing it away before coming around the desk. She brings up a little sign, blowing the dust off it to reveal the writing "Management is Out." and placing it upon the counter.

[23:35] * ZephyrGust drapes a wing across Pastel's back. "All right. This is going to be great. Sorry about the papers."

[23:38] <ZephyrGust> ((scene?))

[23:39] * PastelLife gives another sigh, "Alright. If you say so." She gives a longing look back towards the counter as Zephyr leads her out the door. "What's the worst that could happen?"

[23:39] <Remedy> ((Looks about right.))

[23:39] <PastelLife> ((There. That's scene :P))

[23:43] <ZephyrGust> ==scene==

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[00:32] * Histon yelps as he's buffeted in the face, loosing grip on Angel

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[00:35] * AngelFeather manages to get away and pokes her head out the door.

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[00:35] * AngelFeather freezes in place, then stumbles backwards, back into Histon.

[00:36] <AngelFeather> way...

[00:36] <AngelFeather> A whole city of them...

[00:37] * Histon oofs as Angel stumbles onto him "What do you mean a city!? Ponies don't *make* cities!"

[00:38] <Chance> Well, uh... ponies don't talk either, right? Clearly these aren't the ponies we're all used to!

[00:38] * Carolina slowly walks towards the door, mumbling to herself: "Clearly..."

[00:39] <AngelFeather> Just what IS this?!

[00:39] <Walnut> Mass hysteria.. that's a thing, isn't it? But I don't think that's how it works.

[00:39] * Carolina gives Walnut a doubtful look and shudders: "I hope not."

[00:41] <Histon> D-did the whole city get...

[00:42] * Histon hesitates on the final word "Pony-ized?"

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[00:43] <AngelFeather> This can't be a dream, or else I'd be the only one freaking out!

[00:43] <AngelFeather> Is this...the end of the world?

[00:43] <Chance> Well, it's not the whole city. Otherwise there'd be riots. They aren't rioting.

[00:44] <AngelFeather> Ponies don't riot!

[00:44] <AngelFeather> Because they're ponies!

[00:44] * Carolina blinks and admit that for a second Angel made sense there. She finally walks to the door: "Doesn't look like riot, nope."

[00:44] <AngelFeather> Don't you see? We're right where the terrorists want us!

[00:44] <Carolina> The what now?

[00:45] <Chance> Wha— Terrorists?

[00:45] * AngelFeather waves her hooves frantically. "The terrorists! Now they can have their way with the world, since we're all peaceful, happy animals!"

[00:45] <AngelFeather> I've seen it on the news! The secret weapons!

[00:45] <Histon> ...Get off me you sack of crazy!

[00:45] <Chance> I... b-but...

[00:45] * Carolina just stares at Angel: "Oh you're one of THOSE loonies."

[00:45] <AngelFeather> I am not a loony!

[00:45] * Histon does his best to force Angel off of him

[00:46] * AngelFeather staggers as she comes off Histon.

[00:46] * Carolina shakes her head and turns to look at the street before them.

[00:46] <AngelFeather> I don't suppose you have any better theories!

[00:50] <Chance> Well, no, but that's why we can't just go running off!

[00:51] * Histon staggers up to his hoofs, walking to the door and looking outside.

[00:51] * Carolina turns to nod at Chance: "I agree. Besides, it does not seem like we are in an immediately danger, whatever the heck else this all is."

[00:53] * AngelFeather sits down on the floor, exhausted. She still has energy to pout, though. "Feh..."

[00:56] *** Sleet changed nick to Bree

[01:00] <Chance> Besides. We can riot just fine.

[01:02] <Histon> [There's a city street outside of the door. Ponies of all kinds and colors mingle on the street, eating various street foods and relaxing. Music and sounds of talking manage to make their way though the door. The start of a group of stands is visible slightly in the distance.]

[01:03] *** Delta quit (Quit: Disengaging---)

[01:06] <AngelFeather> So...I guess you're all real, not-dream people...

[01:06] <AngelFeather> Well, actually, that's still a stretch.

[01:28] *** Walnut (Fixit@5AEEAAF1.C6BA2B01.5892A1E6.IP) joined

[01:33] <Walnut> I'm about as real as any of you, at least I think I am.

[01:33] *** HazzDawg ( joined

[01:34] * Carolina looks down the street and muses: "One does wonder, but for a dream this is" she pauses as she thinks of a way to pinch herself and ends up awkwardly biting herself in forehoof: "...ouch. Awkwardly real."

[01:35] <Chance> Yes, we're real. Yes, this is happening. And it's not some crazy terrorists!

[01:35] * Histon tilts his head "They're... throwing some kind of festival. Maybe to some sorta god?"

[01:36] * Histon tilts his head the other way "Then again... this place looks a lot like Manhatten..."

[01:37] <AngelFeather> Or they're reigning in the apocalypse!

[01:37] * Carolina looks up the street and blinks: "...I can swear that corner had a McD's..."

[01:37] <AngelFeather> It's Y2K! Y2K!

[01:37] * Chance blinks. "Manhattan?" He trots over and looks out the window. "Hey, you're right! I think I can even recognize the part of town we're in!"

[01:38] * Histon blinks at Chance "You do?!"

[01:38] * Carolina nods at Chance: "I am tempted to agree."

[01:39] * Walnut peeks out the door as well. "It's a lot more pastel than I remember but somehow.." he shakes his head. "Heh. Mackie's corner is a coupel blocks up that way, I think."

[01:39] * AngelFeather trots over to another window. "Very suspicious..."

[01:39] <AngelFeather> Doesn't this just support my terrorist ponification theory?

[01:39] * Histon takes a hard look "I... wait. Is this..." He trails off, looking away "We need to get away from here ASAP."

[01:40] * Carolina sits down as the weight of all this drops on her: "This is insane, and yet not a dream."

[01:40] <Chance> What? No, it doesn't support your theory. Then it would look just the same, and it doesn't. Plus there'd be rioting.

[01:41] * Histon walks to the door, opening it fully. His eyes wince once the full force of the sun hit them.

[01:41] <AngelFeather> ...mind control?

[01:42] <Chance> Wait, wait! Why do we have to get out of here?

[01:42] * Walnut shakes his head. "Ya kook. If it as mind control, wouldn't we be controlled too?"

[01:42] <Walnut> ((was))

[01:43] <AngelFeather> ...okay, fine.

[01:43] * Carolina tilts her head at the others: "What do you suggest we do?"

[01:43] <AngelFeather> So, suddenly and without warning, we turned into talking pastel ponies.

[01:44] <AngelFeather> And terrorists didn't do it.

[01:44] *** BrokenHero|out changed nick to BrokenHero

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[01:44] <AngelFeather> Probably.

[01:45] <AngelFeather> And now here we are, in a nondescript building in not-New York Ciry.

[01:45] <AngelFeather> ((city))

[01:45] * Histon gives Chance a hard look "Bad things happen here. I don't know what happen to us, but I'm pretty sure that hasn't changed." He tilts his head to Carolina "I'm putting distance between here and me. Anyone who wants to join me can." He steps outside the door without turning back.

[01:46] * Carolina looks at Histon doubtfully: "I am not sure..." She fidgets a bit, uncertain.

[01:46] <AngelFeather> Hey! It's rude to not introduce yourself!

[01:46] <Chance> I... but... okay. He knows where he's going, right? Let's all follow him. We have to stay together.

[01:47] * AngelFeather glances out the window. "It looks harmless enough..."

[01:48] * Histon cocks his head back as the door starts to shut. "Name's Histon. Already know you're Queenie, so I guess that solves that problem."

[01:48] * Carolina looks down, muttering something under her breath.

[01:51] * AngelFeather stomps her hoof. "Stop trying to be so cool! My name's Angel, not Queenie!"

[01:51] * Walnut shakes his head a bit. "Dunno what you're talking about, dude. If this is where I think, this part of the city's pretty safe. Or.. if this is Manhattan, anyway, no one really runs down here. Too much heat."

[01:52] * Histon starts walking away from the store, slowly moving in the direction the rest of the ponies seem to be moving.

[01:54] <AngelFeather> H-hey, wait!

[01:55] * AngelFeather rushes out the door.

[01:55] * Carolina swallows and sort of wants to follow, but stays frozen in place.

[01:56] * Chance sighs and walks toward the door. "Come on. We'll find someplace safe to rest, and then figure out what's going on. Whatever happened, staying around won't help, right?

[01:57] * Walnut hrms. "We're not going to find any answers while cowering inside a warehouse, anyway. It'd be funny if the cops hits us up for trespassing or something, though."

[01:58] * Histon goes up to the nearest pony he can find "Hey... excuse" He taps a pony on the shoulder with a hoof, wobbling slightly as he tries to balance on three hooves.

[01:59] *** PastelLife changed nick to RandomPasserby

[02:00] <Chance> Exactly. The cops. But if we want to figure things out, we have to stay together.

[02:00] * Carolina blinks as she realizes the storefront emptied from around her: "Hey, wait up!" She runs after the others in a short fit of panic, only to trip at the corner. She looks up from the grassroots level, noticing her confusion companions didn't end up far yet. "Oh."

[02:01] <Histon> ((*excuse me))

[02:01] * RandomPasserby turns to face Histon, a funnel cake in one hoof. He chews a bit, then swallows, "Oh? Sure, what's up?"

[02:02] * Histon nods "Uhh... I'm new in town and I as wondering..." He trails off "Is that funnel cake?" His eyes are glued to the powered cake.

[02:03] * AngelFeather chuckles. "Only cool 'til you see food, eh? Just like a guy."

[02:04] * AngelFeather 's stomach growls before she even finishes her sentence.

[02:04] * RandomPasserby takes another bite, nodding. "Oh! Booth is just over there! 3 bits!"

[02:04] * Chance waits for the ponies to exit, then, making a last sweep of the room, steps outside himself. As he passes Carolina, he bends down to help her up. "Come on, on your feet. Don't want to get trampled."

[02:04] * Walnut grumbles. "Food.. come to think of it, I'm feeling pretty hungry too."

[02:05] * Carolina takes the offered hoof with a trembling one of her own, offering a weak but thankful smile.

[02:05] * Histon looks at Angel beside him "Its funnel. cake. FUNNEL CAKE. Its just about the best thing in the wor-" He breaks off, looking back at the pony and blushing slight "Hold on, not what I meant to ask. What exactly is going on? What's with all the booths and stuff?"

[02:07] * Chance nods and continues on, catching up to the cake-ogling herd of ponies.

[02:07] * Carolina walks after Chance slowly, not sure she fits with these people but not having much other clue what to do either.

[02:08] * AngelFeather drools a little. "Funnel...cake..."

[02:09] * RandomPasserby takes another bite, finishing off the funnel cake. He spends a moment, licking his lips, then nods, "Well, it's the harvest-fest faire, of course. They only throw it once a year!"

[02:09] <AngelFeather> Will you buy me one?

[02:13] * Histon turns to the other ponies "Guys, they have funnel cake here. Things are looking up!"

[02:13] * RandomPasserby finishes wiping the sugar off his hoof, then reaches back into a satchel and pulls out three coins, "It's a faire, why not!" He holds out the coins towards Angel.

[02:16] * AngelFeather tries to snatch up the coins...and immediately drops them.

[02:16] *** HazzDawg quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 23.0.1/20130814063812])

[02:16] <AngelFeather> Ah! Oh no!

[02:18] * Histon looks at the ground, then at Angel, then back at the ground. "Well... shoot..."

[02:18] * Carolina looks at the others and can't help but feel a bit of gurgle in her own stomach as she looks at the cake that was.

[02:20] * AngelFeather stares at the coins like an idiot, having no idea what to do.

[02:20] * RandomPasserby tilts his head, "Something wrong?"

[02:21] * Chance sighs and trots up, picking up the coins, chuckling nervously. "Haha. It's okay, don't be embarassed. Just a little butterhooves, right?"

[02:21] * Histon eyes go wide, but he coughs and nods "Y-yeah. He..ehe?"

[02:21] * AngelFeather blinks.

[02:22] <AngelFeather> I don't get it...

[02:22] * Carolina tilts her head: "Eh?"

[02:23] * Walnut looks at his own hooves. "How am I ever going to.. never mind. This is just too strange. I give up on making sense of it for now."

[02:23] * Chance smiles at the passerby. "Thank you, sir. Have a nice faire."

[02:24] * Histon scratches the back of his head, forcing a laugh "Thanks you for the cake! Um... have a good day..."

[02:24] * RandomPasserby shrugs, "Well, alright then." He smiles wide, pocketing the coins, "Have fun!"

[02:25] <RandomPasserby> ((removes pocketing the coins))

[02:26] * AngelFeather whispers to Chance. "First, how?! Second, those belong to me."

[02:27] * Chance sighs. "First, just don't worry about it. Second, I know. I'll get your cake for you."

[02:28] <AngelFeather> Yay~!

[02:29] * Histon walks with Chance "Well... he seemed rational and reasonable. Just like a person... except brightly colored."

[02:29] * Carolina looks at the others, considering her options... and coming up with a staggeringly short list. "Well, crap", she mutters under her breath.

[02:30] <AngelFeather> If he's supposed to be a New Yorker, I think we got lucky.

[02:32] * Histon nods

[02:32] * Chance nods, then trots over to the nearest funnel cake stand, ordering and picking up a cake.

[02:33] *** Bree changed nick to ZephyrGust

[02:33] *** RandomPasserby changed nick to PastelLife

[02:33] * Walnut stays with the group but stays quiet, making the most of his acquired talents of blending in. And listening.

[02:34] <Histon> what should we do? Looks like there's a lot of stuff going on... but we know pretty much nothing about this place. He takes a look down the street, then turns back with a sour expression "Except that it seems almost identical to the real world..."

[02:34] * ZephyrGust walks down the row of food stands with Pastel, happily munching on a giant soft pretzel.

[02:35] * PastelLife walks alongside Zephyr, generally keeping a neutral expression about everything. If she's having fun, it's not showing. But she's yet to complain, so it's probably not that terrible.

[02:35] * Carolina keeps mostly just looking around at the eerie familiarity and unknown (at the same time!) of this place.

[02:35] <Chance> ((Quote Histon properly))

[02:36] * AngelFeather gratefully takes the funnel cake from Chance. "Thanks, Whatever-your-name-is!"

[02:36] <Histon> ((Histon needs to remember how to IRC .____.))

[02:36] <Histon> Pinkie. Her name's Pinkie.

[02:36] * AngelFeather takes a big bite out of it, getting a little powdered sugar on her nose.

[02:36] * ZephyrGust nudges Pastel. "There must be something here you want to eat..."

[02:37] * Chance hands the cake to Angel carefully, hoping she doesn't drop it. "Oh, um... My name is Chance. And I'm not a her!" He mutters under his breath. "And I'm not pink."

[02:37] <Walnut> Y'seem pretty pink to me, dude. course, I'm not one to talk.

[02:38] <Chance> It's red! Red, okay?

[02:38] * PastelLife rolls her eyes slightly, "I'm fine. I get something to eat back at the hotel. I am having fun, just like I said I would." She forces a grin.

[02:39] <PastelLife> )(I'll))

[02:41] * AngelFeather giggles. "Pinkie kind of suits you, I think.

[02:41] <Chance> I... no! No it doesn't! My name is Chance!

[02:41] * ZephyrGust stops in her tracks. "Oh no, you're not leaving the concession alley until you're stuffing your face."

[02:41] * Histon rolls his eyes. "So. Chance, Angel. What about the rest of you?" He turns to the other ponies.

[02:42] * Carolina looks up: "Me?"

[02:46] * PastelLife stops alongside Zephyr, "Okay... I suppose so. Maybe some funnel cake..."

[02:46] <Walnut> Tradin' names now? Might as well call me Walnut. Everyone else does.

[02:47] <AngelFeather> That's a weird name.

[02:47] * ZephyrGust nods. "Sure. I think it was back a ways." She turns and squints. "Ah, yeah.. right past that big group there."

[02:47] * AngelFeather nonchalantly munches her treat.

[02:47] * Histon raises an eyebrow "And being named after a mythical winged creature isn't?"

[02:47] * Chance nods. "All right. Chance, Histon, Angel, Walnut." He looks at Carolina. "You?"

[02:48] * Carolina mutters under her breath: "...thank you, Mom, again..." Then she addresses the group: "My name is Carolina Carlayanna Comodora Chiquitita Chel Cervina Cimeyena Cucumbura Connyshiva... Carlos."

[02:48] * AngelFeather raises her sugared nose into the air. "Hmph. My name is the best possible name!"

[02:48] <Carolina> ((hah!))

[02:48] <Walnut> (( Call me Dot. ))

[02:48] <AngelFeather> Why, look how pure and innocent I am!

[02:49] * Chance blinks. "And... Carolina."

[02:49] <Walnut> Carolina.. Carly.. Can't we just call you Cee-Cee or something?

[02:51] * Carolina nods: "Most people just call me Caro or Carly or Cee or Chel or then there was this one guy who insisted on 'Anamaria' for some reason..."

[02:51] * Histon raises an eyebrow at the pony "Alright, I'm sticking with Cee."

[02:52] * Chance claps his hooves together. "Well then! Now that we're all properly introduced, why don't we find someplace to go?"

[02:52] <AngelFeather> Aren't we already someplace?

[02:52] <SmoulderingBlaze> [A short distance away, a sudden dull thump pulses through the air, followed by several more as balls of light shoot into the sky.]

[02:52] * Walnut drops his jaw for a second, and chuckles. "Angel there's got a point, sort of. Where would we go?"

[02:53] * PastelLife looks up from the Funnel cake vendor, "Well. Fireworks. That could be interesting."

[02:53] * Carolina shrugs and looks up to the sky: "...whoa."

[02:53] * Histon eyes go wide "What the-" he turns and looks at the fire works. "PONIES HAVE FIREWORKS!?"

[02:53] <SmoulderingBlaze> [A few seconds later, the sky is lit up with a dazzling array of sparkling pinpoints of light that slowly cascade back down towards the ground, fading out several dozen yards above the ground.]

[02:54] <SmoulderingBlaze> ((move my line up above Histon))

[02:54] * ZephyrGust nibbles on her funnel cake. "Oh, of course. Fireworks are cool."

[02:54] <AngelFeather> Oooh, pretty~

[02:55] * Walnut looks up as well. "Now ain't that a sight."

[02:55] * PastelLife starts to make her way over towards the fireworks.

[02:56] <SmoulderingBlaze> [More thumps echo through the faire as yet more aerial bursts are fired, painting the darkened sky with a multitude of colors as the light reflects off of the clouds.]

[02:56] * Carolina looks up in wonder, then a though occurs to her: "Hey. Since when have the skies of NY been this clear anyway?"

[02:56] * ZephyrGust follows Pastel, glad that her friend is having fun.

[02:57] <Walnut> ...and since when do they fire off fireworks the far downtown, for that matter?

[02:57] * Carolina nods: "Dorothy is indeed not in Kansas anymore, methinks."

[02:57] * Walnut takes a deep breath. "I don't smell any gasoline, no exhaust. Do you even hear any motors?"

[02:58] <Walnut> ((fireworks this far))

[02:59] * Histon blinks, looking around "You're right... hell, I don't think ponies could even really drive that well, could they? I mean, how would they hold the wheel?"

[02:59] <AngelFeather> I already said, this is not-New York City!

[03:00] * AngelFeather returns her attention to the sky. "I wonder how they make those heart shapes? So pretty~"

[03:00] * Carolina keeps looking at the fireworks, not really looking around her as she tries to focus on this one thing to keep her mind from reeling.

[03:00] <Walnut> Sure is a nice display, yeah..

[03:00] * PastelLife comes up behind Angel Feather, overhearing slightly, smiling, "I've always liked fireworks. The colors, the shapes."

[03:00] * ZephyrGust joins Pastel in the grandstand. "Show's really good this year."

[03:00] <ZephyrGust> ((nix my line))

[03:01] * ZephyrGust trots up beside Pastel, holding a large bag of popcorn. "Show's really good this year."

[03:02] * Carolina sniffs the popcorn and her mouth starts to water a bit. She swallows and looks around for the source of the delicious smell.

[03:03] * Chance starts after Carolina. "Hold on. We need to..."

[03:03] * Carolina turns to Chance: "Hmm? Need to what?"

[03:03] <AngelFeather> Ahh, they sparkle like the stars!

[03:04] * Chance sighs. "Nevermind. We can go watch the fireworks while we try to figure out where to go."

[03:05] * Walnut keeps his eyes up, at least the fireworks are pretty familiar.

[03:05] * Histon sighs "Go where though? We don't have money, don't have a place to stay, and we're not even sure how this world works on a fundamental level."

[03:06] * ZephyrGust munches on the popcorn, then notices the other small mare eyeing it. "Want some?"

[03:06] * Carolina nods: "I would think about it... but I don' even know where to start." She turns to the offered popcorn: "You offerin'? T-thank you."

[03:06] <SmoulderingBlaze> [The show continues, keeping the sky brightly lit. The source of the aerial display seems to be coming from very close by.]

[03:07] * PastelLife comes alongside Angel, smiling a bit. "I admit, this is nice. I haven't watched a good show like this in a long time."

[03:07] * Histon sits down on his haunches, looking up miserably "...its been a long time since I've seen fireworks." he looks down at the ground "...she woulda loved 'em." He seems lost in thought

[03:09] <Chance> Well... We'll figure out something. There has to be someplace to stay.

[03:10] * ZephyrGust nods to Carolina, her eyes focused on the fireworks again. "No problem." She sighs happily. "I remember when my dad would bring me to watch the fireworks as a little filly...."

[03:11] * Carolina looks at the bag of popcorn, suddenly unsure what to do. How do ponies...? After a moment of doubt she dives her head into the popcorn bag, eating out of it like a... well, pony.

[03:11] * Chance looks at Carolina and winces.

[03:12] *** Acceleron changed nick to Accel-away

[03:13] <AngelFeather> I only ever saw them on tv...

[03:13] * ZephyrGust turns and blinks at Carolina, then breaks out laughing. "Sure... why not..."

[03:13] <SmoulderingBlaze> [The crowd of ponies standing in front of the group parts, allowing them to see who is firing the display. A group of three ponies run about, lighting fuses in sync with each other as they're guided through the routine by a fourth pony. The one leading the group is a dark brown earth pony with a short red-orange mane, wearing a vest and jacket, and seeming much more animated than one would...

[03:13] <SmoulderingBlaze> ...expect.]

[03:13] <SmoulderingBlaze> ((combine))

[03:14] * Carolina gets her head up from the bag, mouth full of popcorn: "Mmmf? Ifn't thif how uf ponief do thif?"

[03:14] * PastelLife sighs after a moment. She turns to tilt her head towards Angel, "Tee vee?"

[03:14] * SmoulderingBlaze rears up on his hindlegs and gestures grandly. "Ready? Light the fuses!"

[03:16] <AngelFeather> Um...

[03:16] <AngelFeather> The um...telly?

[03:16] <AngelFeather> Ooh, this should be good!

[03:17] * SmoulderingBlaze wait for a few seconds, timing himself with the fireworks and calling out just before they launch into the air. "Aaaaand... FIRE!!!"

[03:17] * AngelFeather leans forward.

[03:18] * Histon blinks, coming back to. He gives Angel a look and motions to stop talking. He forces a laugh, looking at Pastel "Hehe... just ignore her, she doesn't get out a lot. We're new to the uh..." he trails off for a moment before forcing out "new to the area!"

[03:19] * ZephyrGust pulls the bag back and scoops out a few kernels with her wingtip. "Well... I do it like this... I thought most unicorns just used magic to eat."

[03:20] * PastelLife is about to ask another question, when her attention is drawn to the strange pony talking to her. She stops, jaw dropping as she sees Histon, " to the area?"

[03:20] * Carolina blinks: "Magic?"

[03:20] * Chance grinds his teeth nervously as he watches the other ponies in his ragtag group trying to talk to the locals.

[03:21] * AngelFeather bites her lip.

[03:22] * Walnut shakes his head slightly, listening to Histon. He's gonna make us out for total rubes at that rate.

[03:22] * Histon sweats a little, noticing Pastel's reaction "Uh... yeah... just" he mutters a moment "Heard about the harvest thingy!" He smiles wide, a slight squeak seeming to accompany it as he tries to hide his worry.

[03:23] * ZephyrGust nods. "Yeah... you know... where your horn glows, and you make stuff float around?" She cocks her head. "You ARE a unicorn, right?"

[03:24] * PastelLife stares at Histon, an expression of utter shock upon her face, "You..." Her eyes narrow, "Who do you think you are? Just... what are you trying to pull?"

[03:24] * Carolina blinks again: "My... my h-horn?" She looks up in wonder which then turns into panic: "I have a HORN?"

[03:24] * AngelFeather facehoofs, then regrets it as she sees how dirty the bottom of her hoof is.

[03:25] * ZephyrGust blinks. "Huh..." She pokes at the horn with a hoof. "Feels real enough..."

[03:25] * Carolina feels a sharp tingle in a part of her body she did not realize she had two seconds ago: "Yow! Ookay, that IS real!"

[03:25] * Chance sighs and grits his teeth, stepping up to Carolina and Zephyr. "Sorry about that, she's, uh... not really feeling well right now." He shoots Carolina a warning look.

[03:26] * ZephyrGust nods. "You um... are you okay?"

[03:26] <AngelFeather> It's rude to touch someone's horn, Lady!

[03:26] * Carolina blinks and looks at Chance: "I'm not? Well of course I'm not! I have four hooves more than I did last night when I went to bed and now on top of that I have this HORN out of my forehead!"

[03:27] * Histon starts to sweat, noticing Cee falling apart next to him "D-don't know what you're talking about. I mean, its a free city, an't it?" He gives a look to the others as he gets up "Speaking off... we should probably get to looking at some of the other stuff in it!" he gives the group a pained look "Right guys?"

[03:27] * ZephyrGust sits down on the ground. "I... see... so.. what did you have if not hooves?"

[03:28] * Carolina blinks: "Uh. Feet. Hands. The kind of things that is normal?"

[03:28] * Walnut sighs and rubs his head. "We aren't okay, not a one of us. I don't have any fingers, there are no pockets, and.. NO ONE IS WEARING ANY PANTS!" He flops down roughly on his butt. "I mean, did no one else notice this?"

[03:28] * Chance sets his teeth and looks upward. "Just... heheh... take a deep breath, Carolina." He winces at Walnut's outburst. "Oh, this is not going well."

[03:28] <AngelFeather> I'll keep my problems to myself. Just this once.

[03:29] * ZephyrGust nods a little, taking a hard look at Carolina and the rest of her friends. "Maybe you and your friends have had too much sun or something..."

[03:29] * Carolina raises a hoof to object to Walnut, then looks down and gasps: "...well I'll be a monkey's uncle." She turns suddenly a bit red under her fur.

[03:30] * AngelFeather flutters her wings. "Look on the bright side."

[03:30] * SmoulderingBlaze wipes his brow and heads back to a nearby stand laden with still more fireworks, all packed into flashy packaging and ready to be set up. The sky darkens again as the last of the fireworks are fired and the cleaning begins. After a sip of water, he calls out to the crowd. "I hope you all enjoyed the show, folks! Next one is happening in a half hour, so stick around if you want to see more!"

[03:30] * PastelLife looks over at Walnut's outburst, then back at Histon. She takes a step forward, reaching out with a hoof to prod him in the chest. She pauses, then her voice goes quiet, "New to the area... You... have anywhere to stay?"

[03:30] * ZephyrGust pulls the canteen off of her flight harness and offers it to Carolina. "Drink this. You might be dehydrated."

[03:31] <Chance> Yes! That's it. Too much sun. Just... need to find somplace to cool off, that's all.

[03:31] * ZephyrGust looks over to Pastel. "Pas. I think these ponies need our help."

[03:31] * Carolina takes the canteen without another thought, fiddling it in her hooves and drinking greedily.

[03:31] * Histon blinks, not expecting the change. Without even thinking he says "N-no. We're a little low on cash too"

[03:31] * AngelFeather sighs. "Being broke is such a weird feeling..."

[03:32] * Walnut tilts his head just a little too far, and giggles to himself. "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, right?"

[03:33] * PastelLife looks away, knowing she'll regret this, knowing this is the worst idea, knowing there's nothing else she can do, "I run an inn..."

[03:33] * AngelFeather 's ears perk up.

[03:33] * ZephyrGust drapes a wing across Carolina's back comfortingly. "It's gonna be okay, all right? My name is Zee, and my and my friend are going to help you and your friends out. We'll get you some help..."

[03:34] * Chance looks at Pastel. "An inn, you say?"

[03:35] <ZephyrGust> ((me and my friend))

[03:35] <Histon> O-oh really? Well, I mean, I... I don't want us to intrude

[03:35] * Carolina nods meekly at Zephyr: "T-thank you. I am a bit, uh... lost?" She seems to think for a second: "A-and you may call me Carolina."

[03:35] * PastelLife nods, "The S&H Inn... a few blocks from here." She glances at Zephyr, as if looking to confirm that this is a bad idea and she should just shut up right now, "I can... offer you room and board."

[03:36] * ZephyrGust nods to Pastel. "We'll make sure you're all okay... Not everypony in Manehattan is a jerk, you know."

[03:36] * Chance nods, looking at the group. "I... that would be much appreciated. We'll find a way to pay you back."

[03:37] * ZephyrGust pulls back her wing and offers a hoof. "It's nice to meet you, Caro. I'm sure you'll end up all right."

[03:37] * Walnut blinks. "Every...pony. Yeah. I give in. Sure, talking horsies, take me to your pastel dream suite. Maybe when the drugs wear off this will make sense again."

[03:38] * ZephyrGust looks at the group. "So how many of you are there?"

[03:38] * Histon sweats some more "N-no no, I think... I mean, my folks... I remember when they tried stuff like this and it always bit them in the ass, I don't wanna cause anyone trouble."

[03:39] <Chance> Um... Five of us.

[03:39] * Carolina looks around, not sure what to do right now. She stays sitting down, still idly sipping on the canteen.

[03:39] * Chance looks at Histon. "Histon, calm down. They're just trying to be nice. We'll pay them back for it."

[03:40] * Histon wipers into Chance's ear "And after all the stuff they just say of us? I'm worried that's a *real* bad sign."

[03:41] * PastelLife turns slowly to look back at Histon, her voice dangerously neutral as she stares at him, "I... yeah. Yeah, five ponies. That'll be fine. I can accomodate."

[03:41] * ZephyrGust nods. "All right, well, let's get a move on."

[03:42] <Histon> ((wipers into Chance's ear "And after all the stuff they just heard us say? I'm worried their hospitality a *real* bad sign."))

[03:43] * Histon unblinking looks back "You don't need to" His voice matches Pastel's

[03:43] * Chance whispers back. "They seem nice enough. Besides, it's not like they could stop us from leaving if things seem off."

[03:45] * Carolina gets up and offers Zephyr's now-empty canteen back: "Uh, your canteen? Zee?"

[03:45] * ZephyrGust smiles at Caro. "Come on... I'm sure you'd rather have a nice comfy bed to lie on..."

[03:45] * PastelLife seems about to say something, then stops herself. She glances at Histon again, then looks at Chance, "I won't force you. I just want... I just want to help."

[03:46] * ZephyrGust looks to Pastel. "We are helping, Pas. Don't worry about that."

[03:46] * Carolina nods meekly: "Yes... I would. This is all so strange..."

[03:47] * Histon blinks "I... " he stops, chewing something over "You remind me of someone..." he sighs deeply, looking away "I guess we could use help getting on our fe-..." he bites his tongue for a moment, catching his mistake "Our hooves."

[03:49] * ZephyrGust lets out a sharp whistle. "All right, everypony on your hooves and follow me. Flapping our gums isn't gonna get us to the hotel any quicker."

[03:50] *** BrokenHero quit (Quit: Ask stuff at

[03:51] * Carolina gets up again and slowly starts after Zephyr, feeling more than a little helpless but out of other options: "I... I suppose."

[03:52] * Walnut decides to follow along and keep his mouth shot from here on.

[03:52] * Histon eyes don't waver from Pastel

[03:52] <Walnut> ((shut))

[03:52] * PastelLife continues to stare at Histon.

[03:52] <Histon> ((What the fuck was I saying))

[03:53] * Chance nods. "All right. Lead the way."

[03:53] <Histon> ((Oh, I somehow read Walnut's as mine xP))

[03:53] * Histon nods "Lets get going..."

[03:53] * PastelLife at lasts breaks her eye contact with Histon, and turns to follow after Zephyr, "Well, come along then. I'll see the rooms prepared."

[03:54] <ZephyrGust> ==scene==

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