Day 1 - The Arrival

(Friday September 27th, 2013)

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[00:34] <@NightFlurry> ==AN UNKNOWN PLACE - UNKNOWN TIME==

[00:34] <@NightFlurry> [You awaken to a blurry room. You seem to remember going to sleep last night, the world fading out as you closed your eyes. And now, the cold floor beneath you betrays the first signs of something wrong. The odd sensations as your body starts to awaken further those signs, your ears twitching slightly at some unfamiliar noises.]

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[00:37] <@NightFlurry> [The room appears blurry as you open your eyes, the dust around you seems relatively undisturbed save for where you lie. Opened crates and boxes, apparently empty, are scattered around the room, with one door leading out. And something else seems strange as well as you start to come fully awake...]

[00:40] * Histon turns, shutting his eyes tight. His body feels... odd, his bed unexpectedly hard. He makes a slight groan as he tries to force himself back to sleep. Today is his one day to sleep in, and he wasn't willing to give that up without a fight, no matter how much a feeling of dread started to grow within his gut.

[00:40] <Carolina> [A fairly high-pitched groan comes from one of the forms on the floor. The form shifts a bit, showing red-and-dark-red hair shifting with it.]

[00:41] * Carolina frowns in her sleep, cursing a bit, still obviously in her sleep: "...I swear if I find the jackass who dropped jelly into my underwear drawer..."

[00:42] <Carolina> ((...nix the second 'in her sleep'))

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[00:47] <AngelFeather> [The white-and-blonde feathered lump groans and rolls over. Her head feels fuzzy, and something is making lying on her back very uncomfortable.]

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[00:48] <Simmilie> [Her everything feels fuzzy, actually. Like...pajamas...]

[00:49] <Simmilie> ((derp))

[00:51] * Walnut groans. He smacks his lips, wwhich feel thick. How drunk did he get last night?

[00:52] <Chance> [A faintly glimmering form lies in the corner of the room, for now seemingly insensible.]

[00:53] * AngelFeather hears someone else groan somewhere else in the room. So she's not alone? It didn't sound familiar. Is there a stranger in her room?

[00:54] * Carolina shifts in her sleep, her rambling turning into a faint snore. "...besides, it was not like that jelly did any zzz..."

[00:55] * Walnut attempts to sit up, but nothing feels quite right.. and where are his clothes? A sudden thought strikes him and he calls out in a panic. "Snake, man, it wasn't me, I swear! Jimmy was the narc!"

[00:57] * AngelFeather feels some of the head clear from her head as it's chased out by voices. Unfamiliar voices. And...she also suddenly realizes just how filthy the floor is. She scrambles upright quickly, her limbs feeling strange as she does. "Ahhh ew ew ew ew ew ew..."

[00:58] * Walnut looks about in a panic, unable to make out any of the other forms in the room. But something most definitely isn't right.

[00:59] * Histon grrrrs, still mostly asleep as he puts his hands over his ears... why are his hands in fists? A growing number of questions start to push sleep from his mind as Histon opens his eyes slightly

[01:00] * Carolina shifts again, this time on her belly... and it seems that her dreams finally take a turn for the... better? "Zzzh... at least the pear tasted good..."

[01:00] * AngelFeather looks around at the others in the room. A bit of snobbishness returns to her voice. "G...gross. Did I fall asleep in a petting zoo or something?"

[01:04] * Walnut shakes his head, trying to clear his thoughts. Couldn't have been Snake, anyway, he wasn't even in on that job. "Who else is in here? C'mon, someone say somethin'.."

[01:05] * AngelFeather looks at the...well, pony, she guesses, that's up and about. It's talking.

[01:05] <Carolina> ((scream in one, two...))

[01:05] <AngelFeather> What a weird dream...

[01:05] <Carolina> ((Aww shucks.))

[01:05] * Histon hears a voice behind a wall of boxes "Is... someone else there?"

[01:06] <AngelFeather> Oh, so all of you can talk? Am I your queen?

[01:06] * Carolina groans, not moving or opening her eyes: "What're you all doing in my room?"

[01:09] * Histon tries to slowly get up, slowly realizing he has no idea where he is "W-where... where the hell am I?" His legs wobble and twist underneath him, as if he can't remember how to stand out. With a yelp, he falls to his left, knocking though a wall of boxes that cover him.

[01:10] * Walnut squints, looking towards the numerous voices he doesn't recognize. "Okay, if I haven't been mugged, I've definitely been drugged. Holy hell."

[01:11] * AngelFeather jumps at the sudden noise of collapsing boxes. She wobbles on her legs for a moment, before falling to her "hands."

[01:11] <Chance> [The light red form in the corner twitches slightly at all the commotion, but doesn't show any signs of being awake just yet.]

[01:11] * Carolina yelps at the sudden movement and gets hastily up: "No! Stop! I- I have a gun, right here! Stop moving and get out in good order so I-" she actually takes a look around: "I... I... this isn't my room."

[01:12] * AngelFeather blinks and stomps her "hand" against the ground a couple times, producing a noisy "clop"

[01:12] * AngelFeather lets out a very quiet, high pitched whine.

[01:14] * Walnut peeks around the side of a stack of boxes, moving towards the voice of Carolina. His body just doesn't seem to be responding the way he expects though, so he kind of drags himself around. "Lady, if they took my pants they probably took any gun you had. What the hell kind of sc.. sc.. scheme.." His jaw drops when Carolina finally comes into view.

[01:16] * Carolina blinks and looks up at Walnut: "What the... have you never seen a redhead chick before? I know my hair is unusual, but..." She blinks again: "Now wait. Who the the heck are you?"

[01:16] * AngelFeather stares at her hooves. "I...I'm an animal..."

[01:18] * Carolina blinks at Walnut once more... and lets out a high-pitched scream.

[01:19] * Walnut shakes his head. "Damn they drugged me good.. I must have really pissed somene off this time." Then he cringes back, attempting to cover his ear, but they're not where he thinks they should be, plus his arms just aren't bending right..

[01:19] * AngelFeather screams again as she hears someone else scream.

[01:19] * Chance sits up abruptly at the sudden scream, letting out a shout of alarm as he looks around the room.

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[01:22] * Histon yells out from under the boxes, struggling to get them off "What the hell's going on!?" He punches a box, still unable to get his body to behave "And what's wrong with my hands!?!" the punching grows more frantic and desperate as the screams continue.

[01:23] * Chance stands up abruptly, rushing to the center of the room. "Woah! Woah! Hold on. Everyone calm down!"

[01:23] * Carolina pauses mid-scream to take a good look around as she realizes she's not the only one yelling. "T-ttah-talking...." She then lets out a silent 'meep'.

[01:25] * Walnut looks at his "hands", finally trying to figure out why they just don't seem to be doing what he expects. He scrabbles back against another stack of boxes. "Aw fuck fuck fuck. This ain't no trip, is it? What the hell are you people? What happened to me?"

[01:27] * Histon keeps thrashing in his boxes "Calm down...? Sure, I'll get right on that." A long breath is heard in the box pile before a huge yell "ONCE I'M NOT UNDER A MILLION FRICK'N BOXES!" The pile shakes slightly as another box is punched away

[01:28] * AngelFeather feels something flutter and turns to look at her back. "Wings? Is this what the afterlife is like, then?"

[01:28] * Chance winces as a box goes flying, spinning around to try and look at all of the other ponies in the room. "Calm down! Everyone, please! Panicing isn't going to help anyone!"

[01:28] * Carolina looks frantically around, feeling another scream in her throat and just by some sheer willpower manages to keep it down. "B-buh, buh..."

[01:29] <Bree> ((Panicking))

[01:29] <AngelFeather> Right! It's just a dream!

[01:29] <AngelFeather> ...right?

[01:31] <Walnut> Lady, I'm tryin' to calm down, but I don't have any fingers, if you haven't noticed and everyone else in here is a talking horse and does that mean I'm a talking horse too this is.. ugh.. what the FUCK."

[01:33] * Carolina 's lips quiver for a moment more as she looks about and around, all these... she tilts her head... ponies? Around her, bigger than her. For that matter, why is her perspective so low? She knows she's not the tallest of any bunch, but...

[01:34] <Chance> I know, I know. We're ponies now. But we can figure this out, right? Right?

[01:34] * Chance blinks. "And... and I'm not a lady!" His voice goes shrill.

[01:36] * Walnut shakes his head again. "Sorry, I don't really know how to tell the gender of a horse and why the hell am I tlaking to a talking,... ergh." He rubs his head. "This is so confusing."

[01:38] * Histon struggling stops as he cries out "Talking... ponies? Oh crap... I've got locked up with the loonies!" His cries grow louder "Someone help! I'm trapped with crazy's! Get me outta here before they tell me I'm a griffon or something." A thump can be heard as something slides out of one of the boxes and onto his head "SONOFA"

[01:39] <Chance> ((crazies))

[01:40] * AngelFeather flaps her wings once. "Well, maybe..."

[01:40] <Chance> No one is crazy! Probably! We just have to calm down.

[01:40] * AngelFeather clambers onto a box and spreads her wings as far as possible. "Attention, ponies! I am your queen!"

[01:41] * Carolina looks around once more and then finally at her own hooves... h-hooves?? She lets out another high-pitched scream and starts talking rapid-fire: "How-what-when-why? What is this someone explain this right now to me or I will start make things happening that are ugly and not nice and why am I hoofed critter and why are all you talking and this doesn't make any sense and this is nuts

[01:41] * Carolina I must still be sleeping!" She stops to gasp for breath, nearly hyperventilating.

[01:42] * AngelFeather frowns as everyone continues to freak out.

[01:45] * Chance looks up at Angel. "You're not... we don't have a queen!"

[01:45] <AngelFeather> But I have the prettiest wings. I must be the queen!

[01:46] * Walnut gnaws at a hoof, wrigging it about, trying to make sense of it. It's impossible, but it's there and it's solid, and it hurts to bite down. "Ow."

[01:47] <Chance> You can't just name yourself queen just because you're a pegasus!

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[01:47] * Carolina breathes rapidly and tries to gather herself: "What the..."

[01:47] * AngelFeather grins. "Well, what are YOU gonna do about it?"

[01:48] * Histon shakes the pile of boxes anger filling him as he feels more weight on him "OH COME ON, NOW WHAT!?" As his anger grows, a faint light glows from the box as the boxes, and Angel on top start to shake

[01:49] * Chance shrinks back from the pile of boxes. "Oh, shi—"

[01:49] * AngelFeather loses her balance and topples from the box she's standing on. "Gah! What now?!"

[01:51] * Carolina looks at Angel disbelievingly, blinking: "...ponies? Queen?"

[01:53] * Histon lets out and angry scream. There's a momentary flash as the boxes seem to explode out in all directions, leaving a blue, yellow maned pony laying on the ground looking up. He blinks, the boxes all gone. "H-holy shit... did I do that!?" His pupils grow small as he starts to stammer and sputter.

[01:53] * Chance pokes his head out form behind the box he dove behind. "Good news, my good fellow. You aren't a griffon. You're a unicorn!"

[01:53] * Carolina takes a few steps back, scared: "Eep!"

[01:54] <Walnut> You gotta be kidding me.. it's not just horses, but friggin' unicorns and

[01:56] * Histon wimpers out slightly

[01:56] * Chance opens his mouth, turning to walnut. His jaw inges a couple times, then he nods. "Well... yes. It does seem that way."

[01:56] <Histon> P-pegasi

[01:57] * Carolina curls up into a trembling ball: "This is not true this is just a dream I can not be having something that makes even less sense than pear jelly in my underwear..."

[01:59] * Walnut sits up as best as he can manage. "Whatever the hell this is, it's better than my initial guess. We're alive, right? Please tell me we're alive."

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[02:01] * Histon blinks "If... we're dead" He swallows hard before continuing, "then I gotta say that the worlds got a sick sense of humor.

[02:01] <Histon> (('))

[02:02] <Chance> No, I am quite sure we're not dead.

[02:04] * Histon gives looks at Chance, opening his mouth before letting it hang open for a moment " weren't kidding about the whole pony thing."

[02:05] <Chance> No, I certainly was not.

[02:05] * Carolina feels her throat dry up, murmuring to herself: "This just cannot be..."

[02:06] * Histon weakly tries to stand up, falling back down "Jeez... how'd you manage that?"

[02:07] * Chance blinks. "Manage what, exactly?"

[02:08] <Walnut> I don't get this.. pony? You're all as tall as I am. Wait.. how tall -am- I?

[02:08] <Histon> Stand up?

[02:08] * Histon falls over again

[02:08] * Carolina looks up to the others in silent disbelief.

[02:10] * Chance blinks. "I, er..." He looks down at his hooves. "Oh." With a pronounced wobble, he topples to the floor.

[02:11] * Histon just looks at Chance for a moment before sighing, forcing his hooves onto solid ground. They wobble, but manage to hold "Come on... four legs should be more stable then two, right? Something like that?"

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[02:13] * Chance chuckles. "Yeah, just... hard to get used to, huh?" He climbs to his hooves again. "It was a lot easier when I wasn't thinking about it, you know?"

[02:13] * Walnut attempts to get up on all fours, weird as his brain is saying that is. But the limbs.. kind of work better that way, the right length.. he manage to stand up fairly stably after a moment trying.

[02:15] * Carolina looks at the others' attempts and back to her own hooves. She puts one hoof on the floor, then the other. With some trembling she tries to get up and sort of succeeds... for all of two seconds, until she topples to her snout. "Uff!"

[02:16] * Histon takes a deep breath "Just... don't think about it?" He gives Chance an odd look "How 'n the blue blazes could you 'forget' about this!?"

[02:17] <AngelFeather> But I don't want to be a pony...

[02:17] <AngelFeather> Enough of this...where's the exit?

[02:18] * Carolina points a hoof towards the door: "It's over there I think." She then refocuses on getting up as though she said nothing of importance.

[02:18] <Chance> I don't know! It's just... your body knows what to do. Just let it figure it out.

[02:19] <Walnut> That seems about right. It's not too hard if you don't think about it.

[02:19] <Walnut> Which I am trying very hard not to do because this is insane.

[02:21] * Histon gives a hard poke to chance's chest "That has to be one of the dumbest things I've heard you... pink... whateverthehell. And trust me, I deal with idiots who think the Pacific Theater was an actual building on a daily basis."

[02:22] * Chance snorts grumpily. "Well, it worked for me. And I'm not pink!"

[02:23] * AngelFeather eventually finds a door after clumsily stumbling across the room. "Ah, here we are. Let's get outta this petting zoo..."

[02:23] * AngelFeather pushes the door open...

[02:24] * Carolina gets her forehooves steady and slowly gets up, her mind reeling.

[02:24] * Histon snorts back, his horn poking into Chance's head as he leans up close , snout to snout "You call'n me stupid? I know pink when I see pink." He gives a hard jab "Pinkie"

[02:25] * Chance huffs. "For your information, I am light red." He blinks as Angel makes her way to the door. "H-hey! Wait a minute, where are you going?"

[02:26] <@NightFlurry> [Behind the door, Angel sees what appears to be an empty storefront, just as dusty as the warehouse behind her. Another door, and more light, with the sounds of music and many, many voices.]

[02:26] * Walnut looks himself over. "And I'm... burgundy? We can't have all gone the exact same kind of mad at the same time, could we?"

[02:26] * Histon "Rolls his eyes "You mean pi-" His head turns as he sees the other pony leave the room "Oh, for the love of-" With a sudden bolt of speed, he does his best to rush over to the other pony "Where'd ya think you're heading off to 'Queenie'?"

[02:27] * Carolina looks down at herself now that she has steadied her hooves in standing: "...well, my hair is the same as alw-" She absently swishes her tail into view for a second: "A-aand I seem to have a tail." She swallows and stares at a wall.

[02:29] * Walnut tilts his head slightly to the side, as if trying to make sense of this. "Tails, right. Ponies have tails, don't they? That al makes.. sense.."

[02:29] <Walnut> ((all))

[02:38] * Carolina blinks at Walnut, then back at her rump: "...sense. Sure."

[02:40] * Walnut reaches up, curious, and pulls some hair from his mane around where he can see it. " Of course it's pink. And non of you have any idea what's going on here?"

[02:44] <AngelFeather> I'm getting out of here. See ya, suckers~!

[02:44] * AngelFeather crosses over to the second door and pushes it open.

[02:45] <Chance> Woah woah woah! We need to stick together! We need to figure out what's going on!

[02:45] * Chance scampers after Angel, ignoring the looming figure of Histon.

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[02:46] * Carolina looks at hat and cane pictured on her flank, then looks after the escaping ponies: "I, uh... what's going on?"

[02:46] * Histon dives after Angel, garbing onto her back hooves, trying to pull her back "What Mr. Pink said"

[02:49] <Walnut> ((grabbing))

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[03:19] * Simmilie eeps and trips as someone grabs her rear legs. "Eeek! D-don't touch me!"

[03:19] * Simmilie buffets the offending pony with her wings.

[03:19] <@NightFlurry> ((Right channel. Wrong character.))

[03:19] <Simmilie> ((derp))

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