Day 4 - Opportunity





Carolina is sitting on a park bench near one of the small lakes, watching ponies going about their days in slight wonder. "How can this all be so... calm. This sure is not New York by any stretch, even if you ignore everyone being ponies...", she whispers under her breath.

Zephyr Gust is winging her way back to the hotel after her morning deliveries, flying low at a leisurely pace, enjoying the nice weather and bright sun.

Carolina stares into the mid-distance, not really focusing anymore: "...and now I am part of this... this... whatever this is."

Zephyr Gust notices a familiar looking dappled pony sitting by the lake, so she lands nearby and trots over. "Hey Caro!"

Carolina blinks and takes a moment to locate to voice: "Oh. Hello Zephyre."

Zephyr Gust folds her wings on her back as she approaches. "Zeph-ree?"

Carolina tilts her head: "Wasn't that your name?"

Zephyr Gust frowns. "Zephyr. But you can just call me Zee. It's easier."

Carolina nods: "Zee. Okay. That makes about as much sense as all other names around here."

Zephyr Gust shrugs. "Names are just names. They don't really mean anything. It's the pony behind them that's important."

Carolina nods: "I agree." She blinks, then sighs as she remembers her earlier problem: money, or rather the lack thereof. "Say... would you have any suggestions on what I could, uh, do? I am used to running two or three jobs at a time, and now I'm suddenly without any."

Zephyr Gust cocks her head. "Do? Well, you can do whatever you want. Always plenty of places around here looking for some helping hooves."

Carolina frowns: "That's... very descriptively unhelpful. Saying I can do anything doesn't narrow what I *can* do at all..."

Zephyr Gust sits next to Caro. "Sure... but I mean, is your magic working yet? I know you were having trouble with it when we found you guys."

Carolina looks up at her horn and frowns again: "Uh, I have not exactly... tried. Not that I know how to even... start." She facehoofs instinctively: "Great going, Caro. From an active worker of several jobs aspiring to be a Broadway star to a damn jobless no-use pony in the span of two days. Go me."

Zephyr Gust blinks. "Um... never? But you must have... before you came here, right? I mean, don't unicorns who can't do magic go off to special like... villages or something?"

Carolina blinks and looks up: "Do what now?"

Zephyr Gust cocks her head and drapes a wing over Caro. “Where are you from again?”

Carolina blinks again: "E-Earth. New York..."

Zephyr Gust: Never heard of it...

Zephyr Gust frowns, thinking. “Wait... Earth? And you don’t know how to use magic? Hmm...” She taps Caro’s horn curiously with a hoof.

Carolina feels the ting on the horn and lets out a small 'eep': "D-don't do that! Whatever it is, it, it... feels odd."

Zephyr Gust sighs. "Whatever happened to you and the others, it can't be much fun."

Carolina looks at Zephyr: "You think?"

Zephyr Gust goes to say something, but is lost for words.

Carolina looks at Zephyr, then shakes her head: "Nevermind. I will find some way to make sense of this all. I mean, I am slowly starting to understand ponies... the, um, differences and similarities between Manhattan and Manehattan..."

Zephyr Gust nods. "Sure. Whatever I can do to help... I mean... this all seems a bit weird, even if there is a more rational explanation..."

Carolina looks at Zephyr thankfully: "I guess..."

Zephyr Gust shrugs, as she pulls back the wing that was across Caro's back. "I mean... I'm just a courier, but I know this island pretty darn well."

Carolina sighs, then lifts a hoof to her chin: "...I wonder."

Angel Feather spots Zephyr and Carolina from a distance while walking on a path nearby, and trots over to them.

Angel Feather: Hello, Carolina. Zeph.

Angel Feather: I was wondering where you guys went...

Carolina looks up at Angel: "Oh. Hello-oh? Wondering where we went?"

Zephyr Gust frowns at Angel. "Oh, it's you. And I was out working, like every morning."

Angel Feather: Yeah, I was getting kinda bored...

Angel Feather: Tried flying,

Angel Feather lifts her foreleg, showing a scrape and a bruise on the knee.

Zephyr Gust chuckles. "Yeah, it takes a bit to get used to."

Carolina shrugs: "Don't look at me, at least."

Angel Feather: Do you...think you could help me?

Angel Feather: Angels should be able to fly, after all...

Carolina: So what's that to do with you?

Zephyr Gust: I don't have time to teach some spoiled brat how her wings work, all right Angie?

Angel Feather blinks. "...what?"

Zephyr Gust stands, rustling her wings. "You heard me." She looks to Caro. "You gonna be okay? I need to get my nap before the afternoon run."

Carolina nods at Zephyr: "Yes, I will be... okay." She gives a small smile out of the corner of her snout.

Angel Feather looks between Zephyr and Carolina. "But...who else can I ask?"

Zephyr Gust leans in and whispers to the unicorn. "You ever need to get away from her, just knock on my door." With that, she turns and takes to the skies again for the very short flight back to the hotel.

Angel Feather watches in despair as Zephyr flies away.

Carolina blinks and looks after Zephyr in slight confusion.

Angel Feather: But I can't keep crashing every time! The red will stain my coat!

Carolina stares at Angel for a second, then gets up from the bench: " know, I think I might stand a chance of getting a job here after all."

Angel Feather: What makes you say that?

Carolina smirks: "Just a hunch."

Angel Feather tilts her head, then starts to pout. "I bet she just expects me to jump off the roof."

Carolina starts walking: "Who knows? Might do you good."

Angel Feather: What's that supposed to mean?!

Carolina just giggles and walks away, towards possible job opportunities.

Angel Feather blinks.




Pastel Life walks alongside Jay as they move slowly towards the theater. Her mane is brushed back, and she's wearing some classical jewelry that she doesn't quite look at home wearing. She nods over to Jay, "I do hope this is alright."

Jay looks Pastel up and down "Hey, I should be the one apologizing . I've got nothing to wear-" She looks down at myself "I'm kinda naked really. I am naked!"

Pastel Life shakes her head, "Shhhh, you look fine. Look around. Probably half the ponies here aren't wearing anything." She smiles slightly, "I just never take the chance to dress up a bit."

Jay "So, it's ok to... Not be wearing anything?" She shuffles up to Pastel "I've not been out in public in this world- At least, not since I woke up at least. And I thought it was a dream then. I'm used to being in public in my world, but out here I'm...Sort of...Nervous."

Pastel Life nods, chuckling just a bit, "I am as well. I never do this. Go out. To the theatre. It's so close to home, but I never really made time."

Jay "What play are we seeing? Anything from Shakespeare?" She smiles at Pastel "Do you have the tickets?

Pastel Life nods, "I bought them this morning. Andrew Lloyd Withers 'Phantom of the Opera.' I... I hope that's not to cliché."

Jay Raises an eyebrow "Wait... Phantom of th- That's in your world too? What's it about?"

Pastel Life smiles, looking up at the city lights, "It's a classic! A beautiful young mare begins to hear the voice of a phantom, promising to teach her how to sing. But it's actually a deformed stallion living in the cellars beneath the opera house. Eventually, he comes up and abducts the mare, hoping she'll fall in love with him. And although his love is never returned, she sees value in him for what he is." She stops, still looking up, "It's a story of love, and also of heartbreak."

Jay "We've got a play exactly like that in my world! But- but how would that happen?" She shakes her head "No matter, I look forward to seeing it! Where are we sitting?"

Pastel Life pulls out the tickets, "We're not close, I'm afraid. I... I got what I could afford."

Jay "Oh, I'm... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, how much do I owe you?"

Pastel Life laughs, "You just got here, from another world, and you're naked. Do you even have any bits?" She shakes her head, "Don't worry about it. My treat."

Jay "Bits? Bits of what?" She shrugs "I'll try and make it up to you somehow, now, would you like to accompany me in?"

Pastel Life smiles, "It's the national currency. And if you're ready." She offers up her hoof.

Jay reaches up, and holds Pastels hoof "Shall we?"

Pastel Life nods, "Lets."




Pastel Life sits across the table from Jay, the two agreeing to grab a late dinner before returning to the hotel. She drinks a simple water, watching Jay with a smile on her face.

Jay smiles at Pastel "That was amazing! How did they do all that backstage stuff with hooves? And the acting, it was fantastic! I loved the end, it- I- wow!"

Pastel Life laughs, "I've lived with hooves my entire life, and I don't know either. Some of the technical pieces they pulled off were spectacular." Her laugh tapers off wistfully, "And the actors... incredible."

Jay "The part where the Mare finds the stallion, that... I had tears in my eyes! I never cry at plays! Especially when the players are brightly colored ponies. How can you make a pink stallion look so...Foreboding?"

Pastel Life nods, "I... I was crying from that point on. The emotion that stallion poured forth! Not just the foreboding, but the pathos, the true feeling of a broken heart..." She pauses, her mouth moving slightly before she manages a low chuckle, "I have no words."

Jay "You like drama? You know, I had a really nice time today. It almost makes up for the fact that I'm in a strange new body, and talking to an animal that isn't supposed to talk." She chuckles "So, what are you ordering?"

Pastel Life nods, "I love drama! I love art. I feel guilty sometimes that I don't get to see more of it... I... I had a really good time too..." She reddens slightly, pulling up the menu lying on the table, "I'll... probably just get a house salad."

Jay "Ah, well, I wonder if they have any stea-..." her face goes blank for a moment "Er, another thing about our world Pastel... Do you have any...Erm, meat eaters here?"

Pastel Life 's ears drop a bit, "There... are some. Not ponies though. Some griffons eat meat. For ponies though... fruits, vegetables, cheeses, pastries... no meat."

Jay nods "Well, I'm not sure how to really tell you this, and I don't mean to sound... Malicious." She sighs "You see, in our world, we are omnivores. We eat plants, fruit, pastries and cheeses. But we also eat meat. That includes cows, pigs and chickens." Her ears flop down

Pastel Life cringes a bit, "Oh. Well, yes. Here... cows are... well... like us. We get eggs from chickens, but..." She sighs.

Jay "It's not that we...Well... It- Look, it's just that, in our world... We are the only species that is... Smart so to speak. Do you have monkeys or apes in this world?"

Pastel Life nods slightly, "They sound familiar."

Jay "Well, we evolved from them. And we grew to eat what was around us so..." She coughs "Look, I hope this doesn't upset you, it is nature after all... But, there are some people that choose not to eat meat, that only eat vegetables. If that helps?"

Pastel Life smiles weakly, "Maybe... a little? It's... it's not upsetting. Just... different. I can't hold it against you, of course. That'd be unfair."

Jay "I can't eat meat now, so that a plus eh? I'll make sure not to look at pigs funny eh?" She smiles "Now, what would you recommend? Do you have tofu here?"

Pastel Life nods, "Tofu, we do have. It's an acquired taste. Personally, I've never liked things too fancy. As a said, a simple House salad is enough for me." She grins a bit, "But I've been accused of being frugal."

Jay "Oh? I'll have what you're having then. You have good judgment after all, the play was good." Her eyebrows furrow "Oh. Are you going to be paying for this too? Sorry..."

Pastel Life smiles a bit, "I've got it. If you're really that concerned... once you've got a way to pay me back, maybe you can treat me out for a night on the town in return?"

Jay smiles at Pastel "Well, I was going to do that anyway, but sure. You're very nice company you know, and a night on the town with you doesn't sound that bad." She chuckles

Pastel Life chuckles back, "Well, I'll be looking forward to it. I... I just want to make a bad situation a little brighter for you. And if it leads to a wonderful night taking in a show, followed by a delicious dinner with great company... it's a win-win."

Jay "I had a ton of fun. If I'm in this world, I s'pose I should appreciate it while I can? I'm not sure how we are going to get out, but if I do... I'd like to show you around my world."

Pastel Life colors just a bit, "I... I'd like that. If... somehow."

Jay coughs "So, before we showed up...What were you doing? Such as, were you planning on a holiday or?"

Pastel Life looks down, "No... nothing really. I run the inn. I've been running the inn for... a long time now. I don't do much for holidays."

Jay "How big is this world? You said that there were Griffons? Can they talk too?"

Pastel Life thinks, "It's... big? Equestria is just one country. Griffons talk, we do some trade with them, you may see one or two walking around Manehattan." She chuckles, "They say that if it exists, it'll pass through this city eventually." She eyes Jay, "I suppose it just might be true."

Jay Grins, as their food arrives "Well, what other animals talk? Cows, Griffons, Ponies... Fish? Or maybe Birds?"

Pastel Life chuckles, "No fish. No birds. Ponies, Cows, Griffons, Sheep, Donkeys, we can all talk."

Jay "And what about apes? Monkeys? Where are they? What do they do?"

Pastel Life frowns, "Just... animals, I guess. Like what you said... ponies were on your world."

Jay "Are they in zoo's? Do they have any books on them? Maybe if we hire a book out I can show you the anatomy of a human. I tried drawing one, but... " She looks at her hooves "It didn't really work."

Pastel Life shakes, her head, "I don't have any... maybe if you went to the library, I know Histon has been spending a lot of time there..." She goes quiet, looking down at the table.

Jay Looks at Pastel "Hey, uh, are you ok? All this time worrying about this world... You've got what, 6 ponies? Staying at your inn free! That's got to be kind of stressful."

Pastel Life frowns, "I... yeah. No no, it's fine. I just..." she sighs, "I needed a night like this. I needed a night out. Not just because of you six... but... everything. Really, thank you for coming out with me like this."

Jay "hey, I needed something to get my mind off all this. I'll think of it like a holiday." Looks at the food, and paws at it with her hooves "Mreh. Stupid things." She sighs "You and Chance are the only ponies I've really met."

Pastel Life nods, "Sometimes... it's good to just spend time like this... no worries about other stuff..." She thinks a moment, "I... I'm glad it was me who met you."

Jay raises an eyebrow "Me too. You think anyone would want to take advantage of my situation?"

Pastel Life shakes her head, "I... wouldn't want to think so. I guess you can never know."

Jay "Are the streets of Manhattan- Manehattian I mean, that dangerous? Get many muggings?"

Pastel Life shakes her head, "I doubt it... crime is... fairly low."

Jay "Fairly? Quite a peaceful world this is... Do you have anything in the way of Religion?"

Pastel Life shrugs, "Many pay homage to Celestia and Luna, attend the Summer Sun and Winter Moon Celebrations."

Jay "So, no arguments about who is the real person in charge?" She smiles "I'm beginning to like this place. How about history, has there ever been a dark time? Where ponies weren't so peaceful?"

Pastel Life nods a bit, "There's legends... I suppose they can't all be true. Dark times. Nightmare Moon, and Windigo's."

Jay "Nightmare moon? Windingo's? Those sound quite scary actually."

Pastel Life: Dark times in the history... all over a thousand years ago.

Jay "I see. Well, how is the food? Would you like to get back to the inn soon?"

Pastel Life has been picking at her salad as they talked, "It is good. Whenever you're ready to head home, so am I."

Jay gets up "I still don't know my way around, would you care leading me back? It's been a fun night."

Pastel Life nods, "It has been very, very fun... I look forward to doing this again."

Jay "I do too. You're quite an amazing talking horse."

Pastel Life giggles, "Well, thank you for saying so."

Jay trots back to the inn with Pastel, feeling quite happy about how the day went. It was a nice play




Histon sits in the lobby, snoozing on a couch. He snores lightly, leg kicking

Jay comes in with Pastel, both talking after coming back from the most enjoyable play. Jay looks to see Histon, and looks to Pastel and points at the pony sleeping "Who's he?"

Histon snores a little more loudly, leg twitching cutely

Jay walks up to Histon, and nudges his leg "Hello? You're quite a noisy sleeper."

Pastel Life smiles at Jay, still dressed up with her family jewelry, but eyeing the couch, she notices Histon and frowns slightly, "That... is your roommate. Histon."

Jay looks to Pastel, and then to Histon "No wonder I've seen him in the room if he sleeps here. He's... A...Uh, one of me? As in, a human pony?"

Histon rolls over, groaning "Oh... d-did I fall asleep out here again?" He rubs the sleep from his eyes "Uh... who're you?"

Histon: Wait

Histon looks at Jay closely "You... know about humans?"

Pastel Life nods at Jay, voice going low, "Yes... he is."

Jay smiles at Histon "Which question do you want me to answer first roomie?"

Histon: The human one.

Jay nods "I know quite a lot about them. In fact, I am one....Sorta."

Pastel Life clears her throat a bit, looking about the otherwise empty lobby.

Jay "You see, I was told I arrived a few days after you. I woke up in the park." She sighs, and shakes her mane "It's been quite an experience so far. My name is Jay."

Histon extends a hoof "Histon. Student of History at the University of Manhattan."

Jay Takes the hoof and shakes it "As I said, Jay. Street performer and general entertainer." She coughs "I've just came back from my trip with Pastel to the theater."

Pastel Life nods silently, looking between the two, finding a little bit of color in her cheeks.

Histon raises an eyebrow "You... went to the theater?"

Pastel Life: ...we saw a play...

Jay "Well... Yes, I did. If I'm stuck here I'm going to explore the culture." She looks to Pastel with a smile "Pastel graciously invited me to see a play with her. Phantom of the opera!"

Pastel Life nods at Jay, smiling slightly. "It... was a lovely evening, honestly."

Histon blinks, looking down "...Ah." He looks at Pastel, cracking a smile "So, you don't spend all your time stuffed up in the inn, huh?"

Jay "I'm surprised I've not seen you around! I mean, we are room mates apparently." She sits down, scratching.

Histon nods "I've been at the library. Looking for how we'll be getting home."

Jay shrugs "Ah, well, I've not been able to think about that yet. Have you got any progress?"

Pastel Life nods to Histon slightly, her tone is probably the most nervous and quiet Histon's ever heard, "I... found some time... tonight." She frowns, "And yes... Jay will be sharing that room with you Histon... I'm... sorry."

Histon shakes his head "Its fine... it’s lonely alone. Not used to being there without another person to bug me early in the morning

Jay "You're sorry? What, is Histon a bad roommate?" She looks at him, raising an eyebrow "Well, I do admit he snores loudly. But hey, you're from University, you're used to sharing a room! Maybe I can even show you a card trick or two?" She looks at her hooves "If I could get these things to work

Pastel Life looks down, falling back into quiet, as she seems to shrink back a little.

Jay glances at Pastel, then takes a second look "Hey, Pastel, are you... Alright?" She trots up to Pastel, looking concerned "You seem a bit nervous? In your own inn?"

Histon looks at Pastel noticing her jewelry "Wait... ponies wear jewelry? That's sorta sill-" he stops speaking as he looks harder at the jewelry, swallowing hard. He looks up at Pastel with a hard look in his eyes and when he speaks it’s with a soft, cold voice. "Where did you get that."

Pastel Life physically steps back, "W-why? O-of course we wear jewelry sometimes..." she pointedly ignores the second question, looking away from Histon's eyes.

Histon: Where did you get that.

Histon eyes do not waver

Pastel Life tilts her head away, raising a hoof to hold the pendant against her neck, her voice is very quiet, "It belonged to my Mother."

Jay "Your mother? It's quite a pretty necklace." She notices Pastels expression "Sorry, have we hit a nerve? Should we change the subject, if you're not comfortable with the one we are on."

Pastel Life nods a bit, "No... she's... my parents moved to Foalida. It's just..." She glances up at Histon for a moment.

Jay steps back from Pastel and Histon "If I'm interrupting anything, I'll uh, I can go if you want?"

Pastel Life shakes her head quickly, changing her gaze to Jay, "No! No... stay, please."

Jay stops mid step, quite surprised, and a little confused, she steps back to the side of Pastel.

Histon: ...

Histon gets up, shaking

Histon: No...

Pastel Life backs away from Histon, "It... it's none of your business anyway."

Chance trots out from the rooms, a thin satchel attached to his side. "Ah! Good evening, everypony."

Pastel Life glances over at Chance, staying besides Jay.

Jay waves to Chance "Oh, hello Chance. Histon and I were just getting acquainted after Pastel and I just arrived back from a play."

Chance smiles. "Ah, glad to hear it! Are you two getting along..." He pauses, looking at Pastel. "...a play?"

Pastel Life coughs, "We... went out to see a show." She looks at Chance, then back at Histon, her ears lowering slightly, "I don't know why this is such a big deal..."

Jay looks at Chance, slightly annoyed "Look, Pastel and I just went to see a play, you know, to get familiar with the culture. And she paid for it herself, I don't see why that's such a bad thing? She dressed up, witch is more than I can say for myself!"

Chance clears his throat. "Yes, I can see that. No problem at all, of course! Just unexpected."

Jay "Unexpected? Why is that?" Jay goes and sits in the now empty chair, trying to get comfortable with the position she's normally accustomed to, finding it hard. Until she curls her legs under her body an lays on the couch.

Pastel Life: I... just wanted to help her get accustomed to this place... a little...

Jay "She did a good job at it too. It's not like you or Histon could have shown me around like that." Jay gives a warm smile to Pastel.

Chance nods slowly. "That is true, I suppose. No harm in getting your bearings, after all."

Pastel Life nods, glancing back at Histon, now making a subtle movement to keep him from looking at her jewelry.

Histon is still standing, still shaking.

Jay "We had quite a nice dinner afterwards. I enjoyed it quite a lot." She sighs "Even though there were only vegetables, but I think I could get used to the plants here, they are...Surprisingly nice." She glances at Histon "Uh... Histon. Are you alright?"

Histon 's face is pale, but then it turns red as he grabs the pendent on Pastel's neck, ripping it off. "I don't know how the hell you've gotten a hold of this, but I won't let a... a damn horse wear this. My... my mother deserves better then that!" His eyes burn as he stares hard at Pastel.

Chance 's jaw drops.

Pastel Life jerks as Histon pulls off the pendant, her own jaw dropping as she staggers backwards. "Y-you..."

Jay 's eyes widen as she looks from Histon to Pastel "I- Wh-... This was yours Histon? I thought everyone came in without any personal possessions- I-..." She stops and looks in shock.

Histon: S-she... she watched her father come home in a box. She had to go though cancer... and... and... " he has tears in his eyes "and.. She had her own Celestia damned child die! I won't let you spit on her grave you... you fucking animals!" with tears streaming down his eyes, Histon puts the pendent in his mouth, running out of the inn into the night..

Pastel Life drops to her haunches, eyes wide in disbelief as she clutches at her neck where the pendent hung moments ago.

Jay trots to Pastel slowly, looking at the door that Histon left through "That... I wasn't expecting that." She sits beside pastel

Chance: Oh dear Celestia what is going on.

Pastel Life is shaking, tears streaming down her face as she looks to the door, "He... c-can't be..." Her voice rises as she closes her eyes, "He Can't!"

Jay looks at chance "Whatever just went on, he wasn't very polite about it. 'Fucking animals' isn't really nice. I mean, technically humans are animals too."

Chance: Can't what? Pastel, do you know something about... what just happened?

Pastel Life nods slowly, still shaking.

Jay "Well...Would you care explaining? I'm quite in the dark here."

Chance: What can you tell me? Anything you can tell us, anything at all, about what happened to him... us... we need to know. It could be invaluable.

Pastel Life stammers, looking at Jay as her eyes continue to leak, "...b-but... he died. He Died!"

Jay "Well, it seems not. I had only two legs a week ago. So... Maybe he's not...really dead?"

Chance: He died? What do you mean by that?

Pastel Life shudders, "T-there was an accident... and... H-history pushed me up... he saved me, and then... h-he died. He died." She points at the door, "And then... h-he just walks in here! Like a d-damn ghost!"

Chance gapes. "Cadance and the Heart, it's true."

Jay "I'm... History? Candance? I'm- I'm still quite confused."

Pastel Life pushes herself up with supreme effort, "I... I think I know where he's going."

Chance nods curtly. "Where?"

Jay Looks at Pastel, concerned "Would you like us to come with you?"

Pastel Life sobs, choking back the bile in her throat, "The last place in the world he should go..." She looks at Jay and Chance, "I...I should do this alone..."

Jay opens her mouth, and closes it "Well... Alright. I've got no idea what is happening, but... Well...Good luck." She glances at Chance, confused, concerned.

Chance: Are you absolutely certain? Will you be safe?

Pastel Life nods, "I'll... be fine." She smiles sadly at the two, "H-he's... my brother." And with that, she moves to the door, and runs out into the night.

Chance canters to the door, turning and watching Pastel.

Jay waits in the silence for a while, watching the door and the quickly disappearing Pastel. Then turns to Chance, and clears her throat "If you excuse my French, what the fuck just happened!?"

Chance: Jay, my friend... I have no idea, but I think it might just be the key to everything.

Jay shakes her head "If you ask me, it's less of a key, more of a blue chicken spinning on a pendulum singing 'I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts' and sowing a small teapot cover. Basically, if our situation wasn't concerning enough, this made it much, much worse!"

Chance: No, don't you see? This is it! That's what we've been missing all this time! This could be the single most important discovery we've made since you arrived, the thing that finally sets us down the road to getting you back!

Jay "What? A dead person who's not dead? Hearts and history and Cadance? What is going on here?"

Chance: I'm not sure yet, but rest assured that when I do know you'll be one of the first to find out.

Jay "All... Right. Well, I think I may aim to get some sleep. Although I don't look forward to when Histon comes back, if he comes back that is." She sighs and starts to trot away "I'm not cut out for this stuff."

Chance sighs. "I wouldn't count on him getting home tonight. Those two seem to have some history between them. They'll need some time to talk it out."

Chance sighs, turning to wave at the retreating mare. "Goodnight, Jay."

Jay "Goodnight Chance."

Chance watches Jay until she's gone, then settles the satchel on his flank and trots toward the door. Looking up and down the street, he gallops into the night.

Jay returns to her room, sighing and laying on the bed. "What the heck is going on in this place."




Angel Feather sits by the balcony rail, reviewing the book from the library one last time

Angel Feather: Okay, so...looks easy enough...

Angel Feather glances back at her wings.

Angel Feather sees Histon run out of the inn, followed by Pastel. "I wonder where they're going...?"

Angel Feather exhales as she climbs up onto the balcony railing. "Well, it's now or never."

Jay Trots up to the 3rd floor from quite a hard night, to her room, where she was planning to sleep. But after some consideration, she decides to get some fresh air, making her way to the balcony to admire the view and get away from all the confusion.

Angel Feather peeks down at the ground and shivers.

Angel Feather spreads her wings for more balance.

Jay gets to balcony to see a pony, leaning over the edge and- are- are they going to jump? Jay's eyes widen as she draws closer, opening her mouth "W-wait! What are you doing!?"

Angel Feather brings her rear hooves onto the rail, balancing precariously. "Don't stop me! This is the only way!"

Angel Feather: Nopony else will help me!

Jay "What? Wait! But- I can help! Just step away from the edge!" Jay slowly trots closer "I know it's tempting, but you must not do it! You can do so much more with your life!"

Angel Feather: This is what I want to do! You won't stop me!

Angel Feather leaps from the rail with all the strength she can manage, flapping her wings viciously.

Angel Feather overpowers her flight and rises sharply, then overcorrects and drops like a stone. "Ahhh!"

Jay "But why!? You shouldn't! You've got so-" Jay runs up to the edge, as she jumps, mouth open and gawking, expecting to see a bloody pancake in the street

Angel Feather loses her balance and tumbles down to the sidewalk.

Jay winces, and then runs down to the ground floor as fast as her hooves can carry her, hoping to at least get help.

Angel Feather is a little bruised, but otherwise fine. She struggles to her hooves with a groan.

Jay reaches the ground floor, and runs up to Angel, shouting "What the hell were you thinking!?"

Angel Feather yells back. "What the hell were YOU thinking? You messed up my concentration!"

Jay "Oh, I'm sorry, should I of let you jump off a building? Please, excuse me. You were jumping off a building I don't think you need much concentration to do that!"

Angel Feather: I was trying to fly, you dumbass!

Jay "Don't you ponies already know how to fly? I mean, it is what you Pegasuses do right?"

Angel Feather: Don't rub it in...

Jay "What do you mean rub it in? You can't fly? Weren't you born to fly!?"

Angel Feather: Are you some kinda idiot? I'm trying to learn right now!

Jay raises an eyebrow "Alright, there's something off here. Why didn't you already learn?"

Angel Feather: There are ponies like that in the world, you know. How insensitive can you be?

Jay "News to me! I'm a bit new here, but where I come from, someone throwing themselves off a balcony is not learning to fly, it's learning hot to meet the ground very fast."

Angel Feather: Wait, hold on...What'd you just say?

Jay Coughs, and repeats herself "Someone jumping off their balcony isn't called 'learning to fly' where I come from. Alright? Look, I'm not being insensitive, I'm being practical. I tried to save your life, even though it wasn't needed as it seems..."

Angel Feather: Oh my God...

Angel Feather: You're...we don't belong here...

Angel Feather: Hold on, we shouldn't talk out here!

Angel Feather rushes inside.

Jay looks around, confused. Then follows Angel inside "What's this all about?"

Angel Feather: You haven't figured it out yet because I'm a better liar. I'm human like you!

Jay looks Angel up and down "Another one, that makes... 3. You see, I wasn't lying. Where I come from, flinging yourself off a balcony is called attempted suicide, more so if you've only had wings for... How long?"

Angel Feather: Aaaa couple days now...

Angel Feather rubs her bruised foreleg.

Jay "Tell me, how long did it take you to learn how to use your legs?"

Angel Feather glares at Jay. "I'm not a baby anymore. I can learn to fly as fast as I want."

Angel Feather: Besides, even little birds learn when their parents throw them out of the tree.

Jay 'hrm's' "I bet you can learn how to fall faster. Look, it's not about birds, or babies, at least babies learn quickly. In fact, the younger you are the faster you learn things, I am told, but learning an instinct you don't have isn't going to just take a couple days! It took me a couple days to learn how to walk in this stupid thing!"

Angel Feather: But I have a book!

Jay "Oh good, you can use it to stand on. That's like using a book to learn how to swim, you need to combine it with practice. Preferably not over a balcony! You nearly scared me to death, you couldn't...Just...Try to practice hovering inside?"

Angel Feather stomps her hoof. "I'm tired of you people telling me what I can't do!"

Angel Feather: You're not my mother. No one here is.

Jay "What? Us people? Who people? I'm pretty sure your mother would be grateful for stopping you from jumping off a balcony. But look, if you want to do that, it's fine, but try and make sure not to scare the living hell out of everyone one around? Just simple decency."

Angel Feather mutters something nasty under her breath.

Angel Feather turns toward the stairs. "I'm going to go try again."

Jay sighs "Alright, fine. I'll be down here, just in case you... Miscalculate. Good luck to you." She steps back, and then watches Angel

Angel Feather heads up the stairs without looking back again.

Angel Feather walks in the front door a couple minutes later, looking slightly more dirty and ruffled. "Screw this. I'm going to bed."

Jay smiles to herself "Look, I know it can be hard taking advice, don't I know it, but for any trick you need to learn the basics before you can get it. I'm no Pegasus, but I might be able to help you on at least the practice stage."

Angel Feather lifts her forehoof in what would be an insulting gesture...if she had fingers.

Angel Feather looks at her hoof. "Dammit. Whatever."

Angel Feather turns and marches up the stairs again.

Jay rolls her eyes "Jeeze, alright. If you're going to be like that I'll only have one piece of advice for you then." She mumbles the next part under her breath, smiling "Find a higher balcony."




Histon wanders into the graveyard, shivering slightly as his eyes still burn. He mumbles though the jewelry in his mouth "’s exactly the same." With a new sense of purpose, he moves quickly to the back. He reaches a grave, putting the pendent on top of it. "Its... it’s been a while. I..." he sighs, looking away "I don't even know if you're... able to hear me from here. I don't know why they have your grave and... I don't care."

Histon turns, looking around "For all the color in this world... it really can be just as bleak as home." he sighs, bending down hugging the headstone. "I... mom. I miss you. You... you deserved so much better. A better life. A..." He chokes up, squeezing the stone "A better son." He shivers, choking slightly "I... I killed her. It was my fault and... I'm so sorry I took her away from you mom." He shakes, his eyes shut tight as he starts to sob.

Pastel Life manages to catch up at last, knowing exactly where he'd be, much to her pain. "I... I think I'd hoped to find you before you got this far History..."

Histon blinks, turning around "I... Who the hell are you?" he picks up the pendent, brandishing it in front of her "H-how do you have this!?" His fur is stained with tears as he yells at her

Pastel Life trots forward, her own eyes red, and stains running down her face, but a simple smile rests on her face, "I'm... well... I can hardly believe it myself. I'm Pastel..." She glances towards the grave, then back at Histon with all the weight of her heart behind it, "I'm... I'm your sister."

Histon: I... I... no. You're... you're a pony! M-My sister, her name's Patty! She was...

Histon face twists as he shuts his eyes tight, forcing the words out "She was the nicest person in the world. She loved art she... she drew every day! She didn't just... sit around in an inn, staring at people!"

Pastel Life lowers her ears, "Things... changed. I quit art school after..." She bites her lip, tearing up again, "After... well... I'm sorry." She points to the gravestone next to plot where Histon stands.

Histon looks where she points, reading the stone. "This... this is Patty's grave! H-how" he looks it over, reading the name out-loud "History... Diggs?"

Histon: B-but, this is wrong! Her... This is the date she died! He stands up, looking at Pastel "W-what... what is this!? What is this place?"

Pastel Life lowers her head, "We were playing... like we'd done... b-but, we went too far out. I... slipped..." She looks away, "When... you tried to help me... you pulled me up with your magic. I clung to the girder... a-and you fell." She sniffs, "You fell... saving me. B-because I couldn't help you."

Histon eyes to widen as she speaks. By the end, Histon simply is standing there. The sound of the wind is heard as the two watch each other. After an eternity, he mutters weakly "S-sis?"

Pastel Life immediately responds, pulling Histon into a hug. "B-bro... Y-you should have let me die. You were the stronger of us..."

Histon hugs tight "B-but... yo-you were the one who died"

Pastel Life sniffs, "T-that would have been better... I never did anything after you died... A-after he died. And Dad started failing... a-and when he died... t-the inn fell to me." She squeezes, "I try so hard... to make it work. I try! But it's been so hard without you."

Histon shivers, petting Pastel's mane "I... its ok. I... I killed you. I wasn't strong enough. I... I've never forgiven myself. Then... mom. And... I just worked. Lost myself in work. Because I didn't want to live anymore. I died the same day you did Patty..." He looks down "Or... I guess you're Pastel here, aren't you?"

Pastel Life chuckles softly, pressing her head against Histon's chest. "Pastel Life... I've always said 'It's been anything but.' It's been hard, and dim. And I don't know what's going on with you... with these... humans here. But it brought you back to me. I didn't want to believe it. I thought it was just coincidence, and every time I looked at you, I saw his face, reminding me of it... but it's really you!"

Histon cries again, holding her close "I... I don't care how. You're her. I... missed you." He looks into her eyes "Pastel... I'll never let you down again. I'll be strong enough. I'll do whatever I can."

Pastel Life practically crushes him against her, "You never let me down. Never ever. J-just..." She trails off, sobbing quietly into Histon's chest as she holds him close.

Histon just pets Pastel's mane, letting her cry as his own tears streak down his face. They stand in the graveyard, letting the cold wind blow around them as they stay together.