Day 3 - Reflections





Pastel Life trots in with an apple and an orange juice, setting them down on the counter as she begins to set up for the daily routine.

Histon groans, looking around the room as he rubs the sleep from his eyes

Pastel Life looks up, watching Histon a moment, then her eyes drop back down as she tries to just ignore him. Focus.

Histon walks to a couch, flopping on the couch.

Angel Feather quickly sneaks through the lobby and into the bathroom, locking the door.

Histon raises an eyebrow

Histon: What’s gotten into her?

Pastel Life looks up, over towards the bathroom, "I... have no idea."

Histon sighs, getting up "I should make sure she's ok..." He walks over to the door "If this is any sorta... feminine problem though, you're taking over."

Pastel Life rolls her eyes, "Well... that's fair enough."

Histon knocks on the door "Hey, Angel. You ok in there?"

Angel Feather 's voice wafts through the door. "Just getting ready for the day~"

Histon nods "Well... ok, was a little worried the way you ran though."

Pastel Life watches out of the corner of her eye, casually eating an apple.

Narrator: Some water starts running behind the door.

Zephyr Gust steps into the lobby, looking about. She nods to everyone in passing and snags a green apple out of the basket on the reception desk.

Histon goes to get an apple as well, sitting on a couch "Hey... what day of the week is it anyway?"

Zephyr Gust bites into her apple and makes her way over near the large hearth, wanting to get the autumn chill out of her bones.

Pastel Life blinks, "its Monday, Zephyr."

Zephyr Gust cocks her head. "I wasn't the one asking, Pas."

Pastel Life frowns, concentrating on her papers, "...I'm aware of that."

Zephyr Gust yawns and curls up by the fire. "Then why say my name?"

Pastel Life stutters a bit, "I... err..." she glances towards Histon, then back down. "Just... saying good morning."

Histon gives Pastel an odd look, but turns away to eat his apple

Zephyr Gust laughs. "That's it, I'm sure." She eyes Histon, then sets her head on her forelegs again, closing her eyes.

Histon looks out the window "So... start of the week... most ponies should be at work or something."

Zephyr Gust sighs. "Yeah. Monday mornings are the worst. Everyone is cranky and no one is happy to get their deliveries... not to mention everyone thinking you're late, when you're flying as fast as you damn-well can."

Pastel Life hmphs, "Monday is just another work day. The inn doesn't take days off."

Histon eyes Pastel "Funny. You come up with that phrase yourself Pastel?"

Narrator: The water in the bathroom is still running.

Pastel Life 's ear twitches towards the bathroom, but she keeps her eyes down, voice low. "Just telling it like it is."

Zephyr Gust rolls onto her side, dozing lightly now.

Narrator: Steam starts seeping out of the bathroom under the door.

Pastel Life looks over towards the bathroom, "What in the..." She trots over, then knocks on the bathroom door.

Angel Feather: Yes?

Pastel Life looks at the steam, "Are... you flooding the bathroom?"

Angel Feather huffs. "Carolina locked me out of my bathroom so I have to get ready in here!"

Histon blinks

Histon: Uh... you can't wait?

Pastel Life shakes her head, "How... are you even making that much steam? Are you running every faucet on hot?"

Angel Feather: ...yes?

Angel Feather: I need a shower, right?

Pastel Life blinks, "I... w-what? How..." Her eye twitches a bit as she stares at the door, head tilting slightly.

Angel Feather: I'm still trying to figure that out!

Pastel Life raises a hoof to her head, "Oh for Celestia's sake..." She raises her voice, "You don't need to ruin my inn just to bath! Turn off those faucets and come out here. Now!"

Zephyr Gust trots over to Pastel. "What's all the racket about?"

Pastel Life sighs, "Angel is in the Lobby bathroom, locked in, running all the faucets on hot... to shower? Somehow!"

Histon knocks on the door, loudly "Come on Angel, get outta there. Don't wreck this place, we're lucky to be here in the first place."

Narrator: The water stops.

Angel Feather: Alright, alright!

Angel Feather comes out of the bathroom still damp, with a towel wrapped around her mane.

Zephyr Gust blinks. "Do I even want to know how that's possible?"

Pastel Life glares slightly, "Really now. You couldn't just wait for your own shower? Or asked me to borrow mine, maybe?"

Histon shakes his head, sighing

Histon: Well, glad that's solved

Angel Feather shuffles her hoof on the ground. "Well, I don't like anyone to see me before I get ready..."

Zephyr Gust shakes her head and trots back to the hearth, muttering "spoiled brat" under her breath.

Pastel Life sighs, "Why would... err... right. Well, think next time... you're sharing this place with others in the same predicament as you. Some consideration, please."

Angel Feather drips on the floor.

Angel Feather: Er...sorry...

Histon sighs "Come on, lets get you into a room to clean up

Pastel Life sighs, walking behind her counter, "Please... yes."

Angel Feather: I can use your room, Histon?

Zephyr Gust follows Pastel to the desk and whispers to her. "I don't like that one, Pas."

Pastel Life shakes her head, "I don't know. I don't know about any of them. I worry I've bitten off more than I can chew here."

Zephyr Gust nods. "I just think she's trouble... I'm worried that she might get the one she's rooming with into something... bad."

Histon nods, leading her to his room "That’s fine Angel"

Angel Feather: I'll be done in...a few minutes.

Angel Feather closes the door.

Pastel Life shakes her head, "I don't know about that. But... I just... they all need to be watched."

Zephyr Gust nods. "I know. It's good that you're keeping 'em here, at least... I just wish there was more we could do."

Pastel Life nods, "Me too..."

Histon walks back, flopping on the couch.

Zephyr Gust sighs. "Anyway, I need a nap for the afternoon deliveries. See you later."

Pastel Life nods, "Have a good rest, Zephyr."

Zephyr Gust heads over the elevator and makes her exit.

Histon looks back a bit, studying Pastel

Pastel Life looks back up, eyeing Histon, then notices he's watching her, and drops her gaze.

Histon: Pastel... you know Remedy pretty well, wouldn't you say?

Pastel Life looks back up, tilting her head slightly, "Remedy? Well enough, I suppose. Why?"

Histon looks down "...we where talking yesterday night and I'm a little worried I may have agreed to something without thinking about it. "

Pastel Life sighs, "What could you have possibly agreed to?" She blinks, "You're not going to let her do any kind of operation on you?"

Angel Feather steps back into the main lobby, looking more like her usual self. "Okay. Your room's open ,Histy."

Histon nods "Thanks Angel

Histon: Well... no. But she asked me to go to dinner with her tonight.

Pastel Life blinks, then starts laughing, "Dinner? Tonight? Remedy?!"

Histon: She's helping with some things and I asked what she'd want in return, and that was it! I... I didn't think about it till later!

Histon blushes

Histon: She said it was just for company, but... I... I don't know if she's just being coy.

Pastel Life continues to laugh, "Oh... oh my... really? I... I... Remedy? Really?"

Angel Feather blinks.

Angel Feather: I guess she's not the type?

Pastel Life shakes her head, "Remedy? Oh no. No, she's not the type to really want to go out like that"

Angel Feather: And Histon's not really THAT cute...

Histon rolls his eyes at Angel

Histon: Well... thank god. I was rather worried, honestly.

Pastel Life frowns, then simply shakes her head, "No, no you really don't have to worry about Remedy. She goes out a lot, likely is just looking for some company."

Histon smiles, "Well, that's a relief."

Pastel Life nods, "She's sweet. If a bit... odd."

Histon smiles a bit "She's made me feel a lot more at home."

Angel Feather: Hmmm...?

Pastel Life raises an eyebrow at that, but a slight smile still on her face, "At home, eh?"

Histon nods, smiling "Honestly? This place... reminds me of it.

Angel Feather: Where'd you live, Histy?

Pastel Life pauses, closing her mouth and waiting for Histon's answer.

Histon frowns a little, looking away. " inn, at least as a kid. And that's the short of it."

Pastel Life narrows her eyes again, her previous levity suddenly gone. "Well... enjoy your dinner out, I suppose."

Histon: ...Yeah.

Pastel Life pauses a moment, then her expressions softens a little, "That's unfair... I do mean that. Enjoy your day. And your dinner."

Histon looks at Pastel, studying her face. He blinks, sighing "What... is it about you that seems so familiar."

Pastel Life blinks, pulling back, "N-nothing I'm sure... I mean... y-you're not from this w..." He trails off, taking a deep breath, "You’re not from around here."

Histon tilts his head at the stutters, but sighs and nods "Yeah. I just guess I'm thinking of something..."

Pastel Life nods, "Just coincidence, I'm sure. Otherwise it's... it's just way to strange."

Histon stares a little more "...yeah. I just wish I knew what was bugging me."

Angel Feather: Are you guys done staring at each other?

Pastel Life manages to shrink back from that stare just a little, her hard stare gone as she looks away from his eyes, "I... I need to get some work done. I... ha ha, y-you know, Dad always said, 'Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried', gotta be ready for business." She quickly sorts her paperwork, shooting Angel a dark glance before moving towards her office door.

Angel Feather sticks her tongue out at the closed door and glances at Histon.

Angel Feather: Hey, you know, this reminds me of a show I used to watch...

Histon blinks "Yeah, sorry." He moves to the couch, stopping when he heard the phrasing. "...yeah. Funny..." He shakes his head, sitting down and looking outside.

Angel Feather: Parallel worlds and all that?

Angel Feather: There's two New York’s, right?

Histon blinks

Histon: ...What did you just say

Histon eyes Pastel's office, hoping she didn't hear

Histon sighs "Angel, don't tell people that!"

Angel Feather sits on the couch next to Histon, speaking softer. "Hey, Relax. She already knows."

Angel Feather: It was uh...Carolina. Carolina spilled the beans.

Histon groans

Histon: Y-you're kidding me, right?

Angel Feather: They were shocked, but...

Angel Feather: They're still gonna help us.

Angel Feather chuckles. "For plebeians, they're pretty alright."

Histon shakes his head

Carolina walks downstairs, yawning. This time she purposefully focuses on not looking around so as to not trip her four hooves.

Histon looks over, a tad bit angry. His face grows stern "Car, what the hell'd you do!?"

Carolina blinks and looks up: "Whose car? Also whatever do you mean?"

Histon: You.

Carolina blinks again: "Me?"

Histon: Told the Ponies

Histon: About. Us.

Histon stares hard

Carolina steps at the bottom of the stairs and wilts a bit: "I, uh... guess I d-did?"

Histon: But... Why? That’s insane!

Carolina attempts to look a bit smaller: "I, uh... panicked?"

Histon groans "Carolina, what happens if they think we're insane? Throw us in an institution or something!?"

Carolina looks down at her hooves: "I... I did not think it that far."

Histon: Look, we're pretty much totally impossible here.

Histon: I did some digging yesterday and I can't even find any record of a human in this world! Just... how could they view us as anything but crazy folks?

Carolina doesn't look up and lets out a small whimper. "S-so there is also no way for us to get back... ever?"

Histon eyes go wide "Hey! I didn't say that, did I?"

Histon gives a slight smile "In fact, I think its going to be easier then if it was the other way around" He points to his horn.

Carolina looks at the horn: "The horn..." She looks up at her own: "You really can do things with these? Like... magic?"

Histon: Magic is real in this world!

Carolina frowns a bit, then forces a small smile: "I do not understand... but I guess it does not really lean on me understanding, does it?"

Histon: Like... its well known, studied, hell, there are some ponies who whole lives are finding new and interesting spells! Who knows, maybe we're here because of a spell gone wrong!"

Histon: The point is, if they have magic, why can't we figure a spell home?

Carolina smiles a bit as she gets back up: ", I guess?"

Histon nods "We just need to look for one."

Histon: ...I have no idea where to, or who would be able to do it, but...

Histon trails off, looking out the window "There's a saying. If you need something done, there's someone in Manhattan who can do it for ya" he turns back to Carolina "I have a feeling that Manehatten is the same way."

Carolina nods: "Yeah..." she looks out: "If we can find some clues anywhere, it is probably right here."

Histon nods, walking to the door

Histon: I'm thinking it’s probably a good idea to keep looking up what I can. You wanna join with me?

Carolina nods and smiles: "Yes... I guess I could. Not like I am doing any good just sitting around here."

Histon nods, walking to the door "OK. You ready?"

Carolina takes a step forward, then hears her stomach grumble: "...if we can find breakfast while at it."

Histon tosses Carolina an apple from the counter "Hey, times a wasting. Willing to eat and run?"

Carolina catches the apple with her mouth, then blinks as she lands back down to all fours. "...huh. I guess I am?"

Histon chuckles happily "Come on, to the library!" he grins happily "Even in another world, I'm always ready for cracking some books!"

Carolina pauses a bit, then shakes her head as she follows: "You know, you definitely remind me of one of my acting class partners..."

Histon chuckles as they walk onto the street. "Oh yeah?"

Carolina starts a bit of a story: "I've known the guy for almost as long as I've practiced acting... he would always be reading about and quoting famous actors..."




Jay feels the light at his eyelids, he blinks them open to see some light fluffy clouds overhead, and the edge of a tree, thinking this is strange he starts to get up, letting out a tired groan. To hear a strange...Groaning sound. Not his voice at all, come to mention it, when he groaned he didn't hear himself

Jay tries to get up, but flails a bit, as his limbs seem to be somewhere else. At least, somewhere else than they usually are. He looks around, getting a bit more worried, as he noticed he was covered with a soft velvety hair.

Jay "Sinc-" he stops suddenly as he hears another voice, not his own, using his words. As he does, he raises his hand to his face, and gets a nasty shock as something hard and boney hits him in the forehead

Jay "What the he-" he coughs, trying to get the annoying away "Since when did I last shave" He holds out a hand in the air... To find not a hand, but a stub, covered with the same hair. He looks at his other hand, to much the same effect.

Chance trots through the park, taking time in the early air to think and clear his head.

Jay smiles "Some dream. This is the more realistic one yet." and he tries to fall back into sleep. Sighing as he was pretty sure it was a dream. He was convinced he'd slip out of it very soon. After a few minutes of trying to slip out of the dream to no avail he gets up suddenly, now breathing quite heavily, looking down at the strange legs that he was on

Jay looks around frantically, he seemed to be in a park, then back to himself- or what he was, trying to get a hold of the situation. After trying that, he then decides to try plan B

Jay clears his changed throat, and then yells, at the top of his lungs "nnnNNNGGGHHHHAAAAAAUUUUGH!"

Chance starts at the scream that abruptly cuts off his reverie. He looks toward the source of the noise, galloping toward the distressed pony. "Are you all right?"

Jay babbles an answer, not too sure if it is him answering "I- Dream- that- What's going on! You're not supposed to be here!" looking around frantically and trying to get up, but, not really used to his new legs, keeps falling down, causing much to the effect of a typhoon of legs.

Chance: Just... calm down, ma'am. It's all right. ...What do you mean I'm not supposed to be here?

Jay stops flailing, and turns his panic onto Chance "YOU- You're not supposed to be anywhere! I'm not- What are you." He looks around once more trying to get up slowly "What do you mean alrigh- HEY! Who are you calling a ma'am!?" He falls back down again "Where are I- I mean we- YOU! Where are we."

Chance steps back and holds up his hooves. "Just... slow down. Take a deep breath. What's wrong?"

Jay takes a deep breath, trying to stop the aching headache that is going on in his head "Alright... You. What are you?" he looks at Chance

Chance blinks. "I? Am a crystal pony."

Jay "Right, what's that then?" He coughs "Just. Go back to the part where- Urhm... Let's just say that I have just suffered from a severe case of amnesia. What's going on?"

Chance: Um... how severe? You're in Manehattan, Central Park.

Jay nods "I...See. And you don't have any speech impediments? It is MANEhattan?" He sighs "Right. Let's just say, that I've got such a bad case of amnesia, that I have forgotten what I look like. Please. Describe me."

Chance: Yes, Manehattan. Are you feeling well? That... doesn't sound like any amnesia I've heard of.

Jay "Well, it's a special case! Look, I'm not in the best frame of mind at the moment. I do not really know what's going on. I could have been drugged for all I know, so I just need you to co-operate with me."

Chance sighs, rolling his eyes the tiniest bit behind closed lids. "All right. Earth pony. Mare. Plum-colored. Ringing any bells?"

Jay "P-pony. I see... But... Alright. But isn't a Mare a female horse?" He looks about prodding the ground "I hate to say it, but you're not real. You're very realistic though, well done."

Chance opens his mouth, then closes it, frowning. "Say... where are you from, anyway?"

Jay talks to himself, disregarding Chances question "In a few minutes I'll wake up to find myself snug in my bed, no more strange glass horses or plum mares. Yup. All I have to worry about now is how I'll pay rent. Street performing doesn't really pay well." He turns to Chance "Nice meeting you strange thing. I'll be going now." And he closes his eyes, smiling softly

Chance hesitates, staring awkwardly at the mare for a few seconds. "Err..." He clears his throat and lowers his voice. "...Human?"

Jay peeks open his left eye "You're still here? You're quite a suborn hallucination, or dream, or whatever, I'll give you that. But now you should run along into my subconscious." and with that he closes his left eye again, humming softly "You know, I should really remember this dream. It would make for a great TV show."

Chance opens his eyes wide. "TV— you ARE human!"

Jay looks blankly at Chance, and raises an eyebrow "What do you want. Let me get back to the world of the conscious. Please." he looks around, then up to a building "They say if you fall from a great height in a dream, you'll wake up... I s'pose I could try that." He gets up, very slowly and, as always, falls down "Hey, Glass Horse, you wouldn't mind lending me a hand? Or what ever you have just get me to that building over there."

Chance: Uh... no. That would be a very bad idea. Um... what's your name, if I might ask?

Jay Gestures for Chance to come closer "I'm Jay. Who are you then? Not that it'll matter... But, hey, I am curious."

Chance: My name is Chance. And... Jay? I know this is going to be very hard to believe, but this is not a dream.

Jay "How could it not be one? I mean, with a name like Chance you can understand my skepticism. Look, would you mind carrying me? I want to see the sights before this ends. I should be able to fly... But sometimes dreams can be uncooperative like that"

Chance blinks. "I, uh... is there something wrong with Chan— you know what, never mind. There are other humans here, Jay. There's a group of us staying at an inn not far from here. And, well... we have no idea what's going on. But we're figuring it out!"

Jay "Well, tell you what, I'll play along with this, I'm interested to see where this is going! Hey, lots of people have gotten great ideas from dreams! This will make for a nice break from entertaining people, now it's my brains job to entertain me!" he looks around "Now, where is this place?"

Chance: Well... it'll do. It's just a few blocks away. Follow me.

Jay gets up, successful this time, and wobbles alongside chance "How do you control these things! Two legs is enough, but four- Jeeze."

Chance comes to a stop. "Oh, right... you're still getting used to it. Just don't overthink it. Do what comes naturally."

Jay "Naturally? Alright..." He tries to stand up on two legs, wobbles a bit, then falls flat on is face "Ouch..."

Chance winces. "Not like that. Just... don't think too much about exactly how to walk."

Jay gets up again "It's hard NOT to think about walking, when it feels like you've never done it before." He looks at Chance "Ok, so... Suppose this isn't a dream, hypothetically... How did you get here?"

Chance: I, uh... we don't know.

Jay "I see. And... What are you doing here?"

Chance: We aren't sure about that either.

Jay rolls his eyes "And HOW exactly do you get back?"

Chance: If we knew that, we wouldn't still be here. I assure you, we're just as lost as you about what's going on.

Jay "You're a whole bag of information. Well then, fine. Maybe you can answer me something a bit easier... Do I really look that feminine?" He raises an eyebrow, now walking slowly

Chance turns back, looking at Jay. "Well... yes."

Jay "That's...Quite strange." He looks down at himself, or rather, herself "I mean... What did you look like before you became see-through and four hooved."

Chance: Well... you know, the same as anypony else, really.

Jay "Sorry, what did you just say? Anypony?"

Chance blinks. "Yes. That's what they say here."

Jay "Well. I'm going to have to work on that." she sighs "Look, I don't know what happened, but I wasn't this feminine when I went to sleep last night. Though, I wasn't walking on all fours either. Don't you have... Any information?"

Chance shakes his head. "I wish I did. Believe me, this is just as frustrating for everyone else as it is for you."

Jay sighs "Well... Fine. Take me to the place. As much as this dream is realistic... It might not be a dream." She trots beside Chance, still a bit wobbly "Lead on... And maybe we can get some food too, I usually have some bacon and eggs for breakfast, maybe with some parsley and cheese, so at least I have that to look forward to."

Chance: We will see what we can do. Follow me!

Jay follows Chance clumsily looking around at the various buildings




Chance leads Jay through the city, stopping and pointing at the inn as it comes into view. "And here we are. This is where we're staying."

Jay Looks at Chance, then the inn "So, there's more of you eh? How many?"

Chance: Five. Six, now that you're here.

Jay "All arrived together? You knew each-other?"

Chance: Arrived together, yes, but strangers.

Jay "Huh... So, do you know much about your human life? You remember everything before you...Er... Entered into this collective dream we are all having?"

Chance: Yes. And you?

Jay nods "I would demonstrate, but it's hard to do slight of hand with no...Er...Hands."

Chance: Then the amnesia was a lie, correct?

Jay "It was a convenient one. You think saying "I come from a land of fleshy pink bi-pedals, and this is all a dream, you all don't exist." is going to get me any friends?" She raises an eyebrow at Chance

Chance: I don't blame you for it. I just wanted to make sure.

Jay "Alright... So, where do you come from? I mean, originally."

Chance: New York?

Jay perks up "Oh? Really? We might have met sometime! Ever walk past a street performer dressed up in a golden suit before?"

Chance shakes his head. "I can't say that I have, sorry." He gestures toward the building. "Shall we?"

Jay Sighs "Oh... Yeah, alright, let's go." Jay adopts the half walk/half fall she uses to get around to follow Chance into the inn

Chance steps inside, looking around the main lobby.

Narrator: The counter is currently unoccupied. A small bell sits upon it, with a sign reading 'Please Ring for Service'

Jay looks at Chance "Will you do the honors?"

Chance nods and rings the bell.

Pastel Life looks up from her desk at the sound of the bell. She trots from the office, and spying Chance at the counter, waves him over, "Oh, it's you. Everything alright?"

Chance: That depends on what you mean by all right. I... found another one.

Jay looks at Pastel, then back to Chance, then waves to Pastel nervously

Pastel Life blinks, jaw dropping slightly, "Another... oh." She eyes Jay carefully, "Well... best come into the office then."

Chance nods and follows Pastel.

Jay "Wait, what's going on? Office?" Jay follows both of them, quite confused

Pastel Life trots back in, holding the door open, "It's just my office. I run this inn... and obviously some topics are not for discussion in the Lobby."

Jay looks around "Uh, alright." Jay follows Pastel into the Office cautiously "So, are you another person that's dreaming...or? What city did you come from before you arrived here?"

Pastel Life raises an eyebrow as she waits for the two to fully enter in, "Oh no, I'm from Manehattan. I've lived here my whole life, in this inn, in fact."

Jay "Oh? Huh... Well. May I ask, have you ever felt that you don't exist at an point? Like you were part of a dream? Just a...Uh... Silly question" Jay looks more nervous by the second, as she realizes the fact that this... May not precisely be a dream.

Pastel Life watches Jay curiously, "Only when..." She trails off, then immediately cuts herself off, "No."

Chance: They've been here a long time, Jay. It's not a dream. It's... someplace else.

Jay Turns to Chance "They said only when! O-Only when what!?" Jay grows a smile, covering her face with glee

Chance rolls his eyes. "Everyone feels like they're in a dream sometimes. This isn't one, believe me."

Pastel Life slowly closes the door behind, she eyes Jay carefully, then her eyes move back to Chance, "Is... she alright? Beyond... you know?"

Jay "Well- It could be- I mean-... I..." Jays smile fades as she sits down and goes quiet

Chance: As much as anyone is. It's a lot to take in.

Jay lays her head on the ground, and mumbles.

Pastel Life clicks the door lock, "Well then... I think it's about time I got some answers. Answers that aren't being given to me by a nearly hysterical pony, or by a self-indulgent child. You seem reasonable Chance, but I don't know how I feel about just 'finding' somepony else so suddenly. I want to hear about this 'other world'."

Jay Mumbles again "You're not the only one to want answers." with a sigh.

Chance blinks. "And you're sure you want to ask me?"

Pastel Life stares at Chance blankly, "Consider my options. At least if she," She points a hoof at Jay, " new, maybe you've not gotten your stories straight."

Chance chuckles nervously. "Well, I can assure you we haven't spent any time straightening stories."

Pastel Life sighs, "That... was uncalled for. I'm sorry." She looks down, "I really do believe you. That... something is going on here. But... who-mens? It’s rather hard to believe, you have to admit."

Chance: I absolutely sympathize. If I didn't have evidence myself, I don't think I'd believe us either.

Jay stands up "May I interject for a moment. Imagine, if you will, you're cast into a land of different species. Er... What doesn't talk here... Let's say, you wake up in a land of ducks, and those ducks have no idea what Horses are, and you find yourself to be, a duck. How would you feel? You'd want to get out. And that's exactly what I want to do..." Jay walks over to Chance slowly "I'm grateful that you believe us. And I want nothing more to be out of your hair and out of this... Place."

Pastel Life frowns, "I suppose that makes sense... I just want to know more. I think, the more I know about your world, the more I can help." She pauses a moment, looking at Jay, "I don't know if I have much choice other than to help. You may have to share a room though."

Jay "I don't mind sharing a room. I've done it before, although not in this shape. Now, let's get this over and done with, what would you like to know?" Jay adopts a deadpan look, void of any real expression, and speaks with a voice much the same.

Pastel Life 's mouth moves slightly without any words coming out, then at last, "How... different is your world?"

Jay responds "Very. For a start, the dominant species is a bi-pedal ape, and the equivalent of what you are now, horses, are used for transportation and racing. Might I also add that they are not very smart, and differently, do not, talk."

Chance: It's not as different as it seems, once you get used to it. Almost anything humans do, ponies do here. There's no magic, but almost everything we use it for here, there's a device that does something similar.

Pastel Life shudders slightly at Jay's words, "B-but... what about the poni-err... who-mens?" She looks at Chance, "You say they're not as different. How much so?"

Jay "The humans...I'll... I'll try and draw you a picture later." then she looks to Chance, letting him take over

Chance: Other than the shapes, I mean. How ponies and humans act. It's not so different at all.

Jay "Well, we do have corporations, and quite a lot of wars... Have many wars here?"

Pastel Life seems on the verge of tears suddenly, an unexpected break in her so far stone demeanor, "N-not so different... are... is it p-possible it's... a-an afterlife?"

Chance: An afterlife? I don't think so, but... is it possible?

Jay looks at Chance, raising an eyebrow, then back to Pastel "I...Er... I doubt it. It could be but... Why would we be coming out of the afterlife?"

Pastel Life: I... I don't know... I'm... just trying to find a way to explain how h- how you'd be here.

Chance: It seems unlikely, but we should consider every possibility.

Jay "Look... Right now... How about we just... Live. The answers will come with time." she trots slowly up to Pastel and gives her a pat on the back "I guaranteeing you, I am...Just confused, maybe even more so than you."

Pastel Life looks up at Jay, face still wavering, "Y-you... I'm supposed to be comforting you! This is my home! My world..." She breaks, grabbing Jay into a tight hug. "It made sense before..."

Chance: We'll find out what's going on. Especially now that... more are coming through. Something isn't right. We need to fix it.

Jay breaths out sharply "AUCH-! W-well- glad I could help." returning the hug to Pastel weakly. "C-can I...Get go to my room now?" she looks at Chance "May I share a room with...You? You're the one who found me... And to be quite honest, you're the only one that I really trust around here. For now at least."

Chance coughs, flushing slightly. "Well, it would be with myself and Walnut."

Jay Raises an eyebrow "Walnut? You share your room with a...Uh...Nut?"

Chance shakes his head. "No, another pony. One who used to be a human, just like you."

Pastel Life 's voice is low, "H-histon... y-you'll share a room with Histon..."

Jay 's face shows a small amount of disappointment "Well... Alright. I just hope this 'Histon' guy is nice. I may not be in the... Best...State of mind at the moment."

Pastel Life continues to hold onto Jay, nodding, "He's... yes."

Jay "Fine, I'll share a room. Thank you. Thank you for letting me stay and... not thinking I'm a madman- Or madpony- Or whatever you call it. You are quite a kind person."

Chance nods. "You very much are. Once again, we can't thank you enough for your help."

Jay "I never did catch your name."

Pastel Life nods, at last pulling away from Jay, she sits back on her hind legs, looking at the two, "I'm... I'm Pastel. Pastel Life, even if it's been anything but." She smiles just slightly at what sounds like an old joke that's probably only funny to her.

Jay "Well, I'm Jay. Just... Just Jay for now. Hopefully we can get this all sorted out soon."

Chance nods. "I think all of us would like nothing better."

Jay turns to Chance "Would you mind showing me to my room? I'm not really accustomed to the layout. And so far I have not walked up stairs, so I hope the rooms not up them."

Pastel Life rises up shakily, pulling open the drawer of her desk, she digs into the back and pulls out a key. "Here. The spare key. It's... the second door from the end of the hall. The bathroom connects to my own room."

Chance nods. "Is Histon in right now?"

Pastel Life shakes her head, "No... I believe he went out with Carolina."

Jay looks at the key, and paws at it with her hoof "Uhrm. I still need to learn that I suppose" she leans down and grabs the key with her mouth

Chance: With Carolina? All right. Hopefully he won't be too surprised when he gets back.

Jay looks about with the key in her mouth "tenks agern"

Pastel Life nods, "I... hope not." She nods to Jay, "You're welcome. I hope everything works out... for all of you."

Jay nods, and trots out the door, waiting for Chance

Chance nods and follows Jay. "Thank you again," he says to Pastel as he leaves.

Jay waits until Chance and herself are both outside the door, and then tries to say "Hrey Chanks...Er..."

Chance: Yes, Jay?

Jay spits out the keys and embraces Chance in a soft hug "Thanks for finding me. If you didn't, I... Well, you know what they say about dreams and falling."

Chance blinks, and hugs Jay back. "Don't mention it. I'm glad I found you before anything bad happened."

Jay "Have you had the chance of exploring this place any? Seen the sights?"

Chance: Some, yes.

Jay lets go of the hug, and looks down at the keys "Oh? Well, maybe some time you could show me around? Introducing the new person as to speak..."

Chance nods. "Sure. It's really not so bad once you get used to it."

Jay looks down at themselves "Really? I mean..." She holds out a hoof "I can't pick up anything... And what about..." She wipes off a stray tear "Family? Those people that you've left behind. I wasn't just alone back at my house...I had... People. Friends. They probably think I'm dead!" Another tear, quickly eradicated out of shame.

Chance chuckles, reaching down to pick up the keys. "You can pick things up once you get used to it. Your family..." He sighs, and looks down. "I don't know. But we'll figure it out. You'll see them again."

Jay coughs, holding back a small river, her voice wavering "I'm sorry about that. I'm just quite... Confused. And tired. And... confused." She looks at the keys "Would you mind showing me to my room? I wouldn't be able to open the door. Lead on." She smiles and gives a small chuckle "Sorry about calling you... You know... A dream."

Chance smiles and walks toward Jay's room. "Think nothing of it. We all thought the same, at first."

Jay follows Chance to her room "You think...What's his name will be alright with me staying here?"

Chance: The rest of us have all been sharing, so he'd better be.

Jay "Well, good luck with cashew, I just hope everyone else isn't too surprised to see me. I realize now that...Bacon and eggs aren't really a possibility."

Chance: Eggs, we could handle. Bacon is less than a good idea. I'll try and let the others know who you are.

Jay "Oh? We can handle eggs? You've tested this? I suppose I could have some tofu instead, that is, if they know what tofu is around here..." She sighs "I was told I'd end up a vegetarian one day."

Chance: Most ponies can handle eggs just fine. But vegetarian is definitely safest.

Jay "Looks like I've got quite a lot to learn... I hope you don't mind me asking quite a lot of questions." She sighs, quite exhausted "But for now, I'm looking forward to a long, relaxing rest." She nods towards the door "Would you mind...Er...Opening it?"

Chance chuckles, opening the door and setting the key down on a table inside. "There you are. Feel free to ask whatever you'd like. I hope that we'll have an answer, but don't count on it."

Jay smiles, stepping in to her room and eying the beds, then turns back to Chance "Did I mention, thank you? If we ever get out of this, look for one of my showings, I'll show you a card trick of two."

Chance: I'll look forward to it. Have a good rest. We'll introduce you to the rest later.

Jay "Alright, good night- Morning- whatever it is." And with that she closes the door, and flomps on the bed, snuggling into the covers and drifting off into a sleep




Pastel Life stands at the hotel counter again, any signs she was upset earlier are gone, she works with her head down, eyes down.

Walnut comes down from his room, wandering into the lobby with his usual sour expression.

Pastel Life glances up, nodding as she sees Walnut, "Good afternoon."

Walnut flops onto a sofa, still not sure how to get comfortable with these limbs. "Good, is it? I guess it is."

Pastel Life watches Walnut, frowning, "It is a nice day. I can understand why you're upset, considering, well, you know." She glances out the window, "But, any day you're alive is a day worth living."

Walnut chuckles a little. "I can agree with that. When you might find yourself caught in a drive-by any day, you do sort of learn to appreciate the days you have."

Pastel Life raises an eyebrow, "Drive-by? I don't... well, I think I can understand that. I feel the same, honestly."

Walnut nods a little, and adjusts his position on the sofa, but still doesn't really look comfortable. "I been watching out the windows, you know, tryin' to get a feel for this place, but I just don't get it."

Pastel Life sets down her papers, watching Walnut with a frown of concern, "Is it really so different... I won't pretend to understand it, but talking to the others, Chance seems to think it's not all that different. Ponies still live their lives much as any... one else does."

Walnut tilts his head a bit. "Talking to the others... about what? What have they told you?"

Pastel Life sighs, "More than I want to think about. Sorry, I don't mean to pry... but the others have said that your group is from... far away."

Walnut mms. "You got that right. This ain't nothing like where I come from." He blinks a couple times. "Except, in an eerie way, it also is like where I'm from."

Pastel Life nods, "The more things change, the more they stay the same, some say. Although I don't know how that applies to your situation, honestly. From what you said the other night... I think I'd almost prefer you find some change in your life."

Walnut hehs. "This is about as big of a change as I can think of. I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do with it though. I only know.. well, what I've been doing. I wouldn't know where to start."

Pastel Life bites her lip, "Well... an honest job. Earn some honest bits." She voice lowers, "I... could always use a helping hoof around the inn..."

Walnut thinks a moment. "Tellya the truth, there is no honest work for someone like me. They don't give a .. um.." He looks down over himself, the deep red hue of his coat.. "I was gonna say a black kid like me doesn't get honest work where I'm from, but I don't even know what a red pony is supposed to be like."

Pastel Life tilts her head just a bit, "What does the color of your coat matter? I... I'm sure you're capable of doing something. Even just working as a porter, carrying luggage."

Walnut nods a bit.. "Lugging suitcases around probably isn't too hard for me, I'll admit."

Pastel Life nods, "And of course... you could always try other odd jobs around the hotel, just for experience, or..." she glances at his flank, "Until you find something you enjoy."

Walnut looks thoughtful for a moment. "It's not like I'm doing much else. I could give it a shot if you like, yeah."

Pastel Life: It's up to you, Walnut. I... simply want to give you that chance at some honest work.

Walnut sighs. "And I thought this couldn't get any weirder. But I ain't one to turn down an offer like that."

Pastel Life chuckles a little, "Well, I've never been one to deny somepony in need." She steps up towards Walnut, setting a hoof against him gently, "You seem like you're in need. And probably have been for some time."

Walnut mms quietly. "In need. Yeah. Sounds about right."

Pastel Life moves her hoof slowly, comforting Walnut, "Sometimes, life throws its worst at you. It’s not easy. And there are times you just want to curl up and cry. But we have to keep moving forward." She muses a bit, looking up to the ceiling.

Walnut chuckles again. "Heh, does this make us.. y'know, friends? Cause despite what I said before, I never really had any. None I could trust not to stab me in the back if I wasn't careful, anyway."

Pastel Life smiles just barely, "I... suppose it would." Her face hardens just a bit, "But don't think that means you can slack off. I'm giving you this chance, and I expect you to work for it, alright?"

Walnut laughs at this, perhaps a genuine smile for once. "Oh, I know how to earn my keep, don't worry about that."

Pastel Life nods, "Good." Her own smile widens, "I think you'll do just fine." She walks over to the counter, digging out a hoofful of bits. She returns, handing them over, "Here. Some advance pay. Why not go out, see the city a little. Get something to eat. You can start tomorrow."

Walnut ahs and nods. "Sounds good. I've been meaning to get out there and see.. well, what this place is like."

Pastel Life nods, "It may not be home. But it's worth a chance. But be careful out there."

Walnut nods and gets up. "I'll watch myself. And.. thanks." He heads over towards the door, getting ready to head out.

Pastel Life smiles, heading back over to the counter. "I expect you'll be back before dark."

Walnut hahs. "Yes, mother." He waves, and then heads out to see what this town has to offer.

Pastel Life hmphs behind the desk, but can't resist the slight smile playing across her face.




Histon lays on one of the couches, looking up at the ceiling. One leg swings off the side as he thinks.

Remedy trots down the stairs, bouncing slightly with each step. 'Hey Histon!'

Histon ears perk up, and he turns to Remedy "Oh, hey Remedy!"

Remedy adjusts her bag and hops over. 'You ready to go?'

Histon nods, "Y-yeah, of course. Um... any place in mind?"

Remedy nods. 'Yep! Place I normally go, the Hay Bale.'

Histon: H-hay?

Histon hasn't eaten any hay in his time here. Its always been apples and such.

Remedy smiles and waves a hoof dismissively. 'Don't worry, they got other stuff.'

Histon nods "Alright... fair enough." He gets off the couch, smiling at Remedy "Lead the way!"

Remedy nods and heads for the door. 'Onwards!'

Histon follows behind Remedy. They make small talk as they walk to the Hay Bale, as Histon looks around the city as they walk.

Remedy turns to Histon as they walk. 'So what'cha think about our world then?'

Histon smiles "So far? I like it!"

Remedy smiles back. 'Jazzy.'

Histon tilts his head "What’s with 'jazzy'?"

Remedy blinks. 'Iunno. What's with 'cool'?'

Histon: ...Touché

Remedy halts in front of the Hay Bale. 'Here we are!'

Narrator: The Hay Bale is similar to what Histon would recognize as an Irish Pub, visually and atmospherically.

Histon: ...Irish?

Remedy looks at Histon. 'What's Irish?'

Histon shakes his head "N-never mind" he smiles "Come on, lets eat! I'm starving..."

Remedy nods and heads on in. 'Hey Clover! Usual!' She calls as she moves over to her usual table.

Histon: Uh... what’s your usual?

Remedy grins. 'Potatoes!'

Remedy: And cheese.

Remedy: And butter.

Histon: ...

Histon: Uh... Make that two!

Narrator: Clover nods and scoots away to the kitchen.

Histon takes a seat, looking around "Interesting place..."

Remedy nods. 'Yep. It's really... homey.'

Histon eyes Remedy, smiling "I take it you come here a lot then, if you gotta usual."

Remedy nods again. 'Yeah, most nights. I'm not much for cooking.'

Histon smiles "Man... I know that. College doesn't leave me a lot of time for cooking. Hell, my degree hasn't let me do much of anything." He looks away "This is the first time I've really been able to have dinner with someone for a long time."

Remedy giggles. 'One of those 50-cent noodle types?'

Histon: Hehe, now be fair, in these economic times?

Histon: Only the 30 cent ones, doused in hot sauce to mask the lack of taste.

Remedy sticks out her tongue. 'Maybe where you come from.'

Histon giggles a little, sighing "...honestly I haven't done anything but work for the last few years."

Remedy nods. 'Well, think of this as a vacation then.'

Histon sighs "I guess so... just haven't really expected one." he frowns looking down "Really... I've been hiding in my work for years."

Remedy tilts her head. 'From what?'

Histon: ...from a lot of things that aren't worth getting into

Remedy nods slowly. 'Okay.'

Histon looks away, motionless for a moment before turning back, forcing a smile "Sorry... shouldn't have gotten on that."

Remedy shakes her head. 'Nah, s'fine.'

Narrator: Clover walks over with both ponies' meals. The Usual is mashed potato, baked potato on top, and covered in cheese and butter. With some carrots and lettuce on the side.

Histon licks his lips "All I had was an apple this morning"

Remedy giggles. 'Well, dig in. My treat remember.'

Histon smiles wide "T-thanks again Remedy"

Remedy nods and smiles. 'No problem, Histy-Pop.'

Histon starts digging in slightly. He looks up, some mashed potato's on his snout. He swallows, giving Remedy a smile "So... what’s with the nickname?"

Remedy looks up from her own, notably neater eating. 'Iunno. Pop?'

Histon: Yeah... I've had a lot of nicknames, but never one with 'pop' in it.

Remedy shrugs. 'First time for everything.'

Histon shakes his head, giggling "Remedy, I don't think I've ever met someone like you."

Remedy gives Histon a smile. 'I get that a lot.'

Histon: I take it you don't mind though

Remedy: Hardly.

Histon tilts his head "Really?"

Remedy shrugs. 'Why would I mind? Makes me feel special.'

Histon: ...I always hated sticking out myself...

Histon: ...never got noticed for anything that positive, aside from school.

Remedy smiles. 'Well, nothing stopping that changing.'

Histon scratches the back of his head "I'm no worth gettin' noticed. I just wreck things when I try to rock the boat..."

Remedy shakes her head. 'Haven't noticed anything like that so far.'

Histon frowns a little, looking down. After a moment he looks back up, a forced smile on his face "J-just trust me... You're the interesting one here. No need to focus on me."

Remedy: I'll focus on who I want.

Histon mutters, focusing on his food, looking down

Remedy rests her chin on a hoof. 'So.'

Histon swallows a big bit of potatoes "S-so"

Remedy: What happened before you showed up here?

Histon: Not much really... Honestly I just was working on my degree. Working my way into teaching.

Histon: You? What do you do Remedy?

Remedy pokes her plate slightly. 'I'm... a medical student.'

Histon: Med school? Is it as crazy as it is back home? I mean... what are you doing at an inn if you're in school?

Remedy examines the table, not looking at Histon. 'I'm... between studies. Sort of.'

Histon: O-Oh...

Histon looks down, poking at his own plate

Remedy: I-I've done most of the modules!

Remedy: I just...

Histon: ...Haven't been able to deal with the rest?

Remedy: I can't stick with it long enough...

Histon: What’s the matter? Are you... just not interested anymore?

Remedy shakes her head. 'N-no! I wanna be a doctor, I just...'

Remedy: Can't deal with med-school...

Remedy is sort of sunk into her seat by this point.

Histon frowns, looking at Remedy. He shifts awkwardly for a moment, looking around. After a bit, he gets up, walking over to Remedy and wrapping her in a hug "Its OK."

Remedy nods and hugs back. 'I've tried twice, and the modules were in a different order, so I've done most of them at one point.'

Histon: Then, what’s got you stuck?

Remedy sighs. 'It's just... so tedious.'

Remedy: I just... don't have the patience for it I guess...'

Histon nods "It can be a lot to deal with... any degree can be."

Remedy nods and stares at what's left of her potatoes.

Histon blinks, realizing he's still rather close "S-sorry, there was food, wasn't there?" he tries to chuckle. "Well... time to stuff my face and stop being weird!" he takes a big bite, trying to smile while chewing. The result is some odd mix , and causes a little bit or potato's to end up on the very tip of his snout.

Remedy nods and returns to eating for a moment.

Remedy: Uh... to be honest, I actually meant 'what were you doing' in a more immediate sense...

Histon: ...Oh.

Histon looks away

Histon: Well... I was a human.

Remedy nods slowly.

Histon: Like... think of a... bipedal creature. In fact, do you have monkeys here?

Remedy nods. 'Yeah.'

Histon: Like... big... hairless monkeys. Except we have some hair on our heads... and the rest of us, but not like, fur hair. More like... well, a mane.

Remedy nods. 'Kay.'

Histon: And well, we had fingers, none of this hoof business. Nice, useable hands.

Histon sighs "God I miss my hands..."

Remedy tilts her head. 'Not tried your magic yet?'

Histon blinks "My magic?" He thinks "Oh... the horn. Honestly... I've only gotten it to work once. And I have no idea how I did that."

Remedy nods. 'Okay then. I dunno magic from a potato, so...' she shrugs.

Histon thinks, bending over and spearing Remedy's potato with his horn "Then lets have a test!" he giggles "Which is the potato, which one's magical?"

Remedy blinks. 'Oi, that's my potato!'

Histon: Is it~ Or is it my horn!

Histon wiggles his head around a bit

Remedy frowns and leans forward and takes a bite out of the horntato.

Histon giggles more, looking at Remedy "Still good?"

Remedy makes a serious face. 'Potato is always good.'

Remedy: And this potato is mine.

Remedy grabs the potato from Histon's horn and places it back on her plate.

Histon smiles "That, miss, I can't argue!"

Remedy finishes her meal before Histon can impale any more of it.

Histon eats as well, a smile on his face

Histon: So Remedy, anything else you want to do?

Remedy finishes her meal and exhales.

Histon pats his belly "As long as its not potato based... no vacancy's left in here..."

Remedy: No, I think I'm good.

Remedy: Wanna head back?

Histon nods, smiling "Yeah, sure!"

Remedy nods and gets to her hooves, trotting over to the counter where she counts out some bits and slides them to Clover.

Histon grabs a napkin, cleaning off his horn the best he can as he walks next to Remedy "So... everything you hoped for?"

Remedy nods. 'Yep! Thanks for coming out with me tonight.'

Histon smiles "My pleasure. Hell... I have to admit. It was fun, hands or no hands." he walks close to her "Wonder what’s going on back at the inn..." He blinks "Oh, speaking of... you hear about the new guy?"

Remedy tilts her head. 'New guy?'

Remedy holds up a hoof before the two of them leave the Pub. 'Hang on.'

Histon tilts his head "Uh... ok?"

Remedy licks Histon's nose. 'You had some potato.'

Histon blinks, turning bright red "I-I... uh... t-t-t-thanks?" he stutters, looking away from Remedy.

Remedy smiles. 'No problem!'

Histon walks with Remedy outside "Now we're good?"

Remedy nods. 'Yep!'

Histon nods "So, the new guy!"

Remedy nods.

Histon goes on about Jay while the two of them walk back to the inn.




Jay tentatively walks up to Pastels door, then knocks a few times "Er, Pastel- it's me. Jay, I was wondering if I could... Speak to you about some things."

Pastel Life looks up from her desk, raising an eyebrow, "Oh? Err... sure. Come on in."

Jay opens the door clumsily and steps in "The door knob gave me a bit of trouble, still not used to the hooves yet. I've come to ask a bit about this place"

Pastel Life watches Jay carefully, then gives a short nod. "Of course. I... have questions as well. I understand it's all shocking. Trust me, it is for all of us, the whole... whole idea."

Jay "Yes. It is. Firstly, may I ask about how this...Place is run. Who's the leader so to speak?"

Pastel Life: The others didn't know either. The capital of Equestria is Canterlot, and from there, the two Princesses, Celestia, and now her sister Luna as well, rule the country.

Jay 'hrms' "So it's a monarchy? Alright. What about the level of technology? Do you have electricity, or are you still on gas power?"

Pastel Life tilts her head, "Elec... no. Err... if you mean our lights and such..." She opens the shutter on her desk lamp, revealing a small host of Fireflies. "That's the conventional means. Some prefer magic powered, of course."

Jay "So, you use... Magic? Nothing electric or coal powered? Because, in our world... Well, magic doesn't exist. Sure it's mentioned in fairy tales, but that's all they are. Fairy tales. Not real." She looks around for someplace to sit "Do you mind if I rest my legs?"

Pastel Life motions towards a chair, "Not at all, take a seat." She hmmms, "No magic... none at all? What about flight? How do you grow your crops? The weather? The sun and the moon? Surely your world still has those?"

Jay clears her throat "Well, I'm not sure how much about physics you know here, but we use machines to fly. Crops grow on their own, the weather is uncontrolled, and that sometimes leads to natural disasters, and the sun and the moon are just... There, what about the sun and the moon?"

Pastel Life shudders a bit, "O-on their own? It's just not natural... And... the sun and the moon... Celestia and Luna raise and lower them every day. Without magic... how would that even work? O-on their own as well?"

Jay "Wait... You... raise the sun and the moon? Bu- But how? I mean- something THAT big can't be controlled! It's- It's gravity! You know what gravity is? Right?" Jay looks at Pastel, with worried eyes

Pastel Life looks down at her hooves and nods, "Of... of course. But... The Princesses raise and lower the sun and moon. Gravity doesn't keep a hold on them. Only unicorn magic."

Jay "How the he- what? You mean the only reason we are on the ground is because of magic? But- what happens when there's no more magic left?"

Pastel Life chuckles nervously, "We'd still be here." She points a hoof up, "The sun and moon would stop. Eternal day..." She shudders, "Or eternal night. The Pegasi wouldn't be able to control the weather... which means the Earth ponies couldn't grow food. ...your world must be awfully harsh to live in..."

Jay shakes her head "Not really, everything is n automatic. We don't have to worry about the sun or the moon, all we have to worry about is each other... That's another question, do you have wars here?"

Pastel Life sighs, going quiet a moment. "Some. Not for a long time."

Jay "I...See. So, it's... Relatively peaceful?"

Pastel Life nods, "There's always ponies who disagree... but... yes. Relatively peaceful."

Jay "So you use magic primarily? And... No one really abuses their power?"

Pastel Life: There are legends in the past, Nightmare Moon... ponies who abuse power and try to conquer. Princess Celestia has defended us. Many, many others as well.

Jay "This, Princess, how long has she been in charge? Where's the queen?"

Pastel Life shakes her head, "No queen... at least, not as long as any pony can remember. And Celestia... she's ruled for thousands of years."

Jay "What? Thou- What? Do you run on a different number system here? A thousand years!? How does someone live that long?"

Pastel Life: I... I don't know. Most ponies live for about 80 to 100 years. Some unicorns, longer... Celestia and Luna are... something else.

Pastel Life 's ears lower slightly as she thinks, she whispers almost to herself, "And some die before their time..."

Jay "Most ponies live around 90 years? Any sorts of diseases here?" Then Jay realizes Pastel, and trots up to her "Uh, I'm sorry if my questions are a bit too...Personal."

Pastel Life closes her eyes, "No. It's fine. It's... all in the past anyway." She gives a false smile to Jay, her tone going neutral, "Diseases... right. There are many, from simple flu to more advanced magical diseases."

Jay "It seems there may not be as much difference in worlds as I thought. Except for one... That has seemed to effect me personally. " She trails off... "Uh... May I ask about anatomy- That is, pony anatomy?"

Pastel Life tilts her head, "Err... alright?"

Jay Rubs the back of her head "You see- Well- Uh. I wasn't like this. Before" She points to herself "You know what I mean?"

Pastel Life nods, "I... know. The others told me before too. You weren't a pony in this... other world."

Jay shakes her head "No, no. That's not what I mean, I mean- a, uh. What do you call them? Female ponies. What do you call them."

Pastel Life blinks, "Mares? You... were a stallion before?"

Jay "Well, not a stallion, but a male." She coughs "Changing species is one thing... Gender is another. Has this happened to anyone else?"

Pastel Life: I don't think so... none of the others mentioned it. You hear rumors about such things, but its usually temporary, or foals playing with magic they shouldn't. I... imagine your case is unique.

Jay "So, this has happened to ponies before? It can happen? But- I mean- Er..." She shrugs "Honestly I'm too confused to even really worry about it. I've already changed species as it is!"

Pastel Life nods, "The whole situation is odd... I... I honestly don't know who to turn to about this. I don't think any of you are lying, you or Chance or... or... H-histon. But... I'm just an inn-keeper! I don't know about these kinds of magics, and other worlds."

Jay "But, didn't you say that this world runs on magic? Shouldn't everyon- pony know about it?"

Pastel Life looks back, "I'm just an Earth pony." She glances at her cutie mark, "Our magic is more natural. Growing things, creating things. Unicorns specialize in it most of all."

Jay glances at her cutie mark "So, what do these things mean?" she points to two masks, one happy, one sad on her but "Did someone draw on my while I was asleep?"

Pastel Life turns slightly, displaying her mark, a painter's palette and brush, "It's another form of magic, one in all ponies. A cutie mark, a symbol that appears on every pony's flank showing their special talent."

Jay "So, what would I be good at... Making masks? But I was a street performer before- That doesn't make sense!"

Pastel Life smiles, "Seems so."

Pastel Life: A street performer... theater masks? I would think it would make sense.

Jay "Oh, well... Now I get it. But does that mean It's the only thing I'm good at? And how do I perform with hooves! You do know card tricks in this place? Right? Stage magic?"

Pastel Life chuckles, "Oh yes. Even with a world of magic, we still have sleight of hoof performers. And... no. No, your cutie mark isn't the only thing you're good at. It's just something that sets you apart somehow. Unique." Her voice lowers again, "Who you really are."

Jay "I really am a street performer? Slight of hoof performers!?" She holds up her hooves "But they're bricks! How can you do any fancy tick work?"

Pastel Life reaches down to her desk and lifts up a quill in her hoof, displaying it to Jay, "Have you tried at all?"

Jay "Well, once or twice." She reaches down to the desk, and tries picking up a piece of paper, she lifts it up about two or thee centimeters, then it drops back down.

Pastel Life watches the paper slide away. "...odd. It's not something I ever think about. It just... happens."

Jay "Like, blinking? So I just don't have to think about it?"

Pastel Life: I suppose it couldn't hurt to try it.

Jay "It's not a thing you can really practice. I'll get it at some point." She smiles at Pastel "Thank you. For helping me... It's quite confusing."

Pastel Life sighs, looking down at her desk, "It is, very confusing." She stares down at the wood, "I hope everything works out, Jay. For you, and for the others."

Jay "Me too." She looks around "You think you could show me around this place sometime? If it's no trouble."

Pastel Life thinks for a moment, "I don't leave the inn too often... it's my responsibility. But, maybe I could find some time."

Jay "Any interesting locations? Let's say I'm a tourist, where would I go first?"

Pastel Life smiles slightly, "Maybe something theatrical. A Bridleway show, or one of the museums. I think you'd like that."

Jay "You've got drama here?" She grows a big smile "Any good plays?"

Pastel Life chuckles, "I'll have to find one."

Jay "well, I might get back to my room, I'm... Tired. This new body is hard to take care of."

Pastel Life smiles, "Well, take care Jay. I'll think of something we can do together, alright?"

Jay nods "I look forward to it. Goodnight Pastel."

Pastel Life: Goodnight, Jay.

Jay trots off to her room, tired and confused, but less confused than a tiny bit.

Pastel Life watches Jay go before looking at her still unfinished paperwork. She sits in the office a bit longer, finding herself far more confused than before.