Night of Chaos.

3 Years Ago.




Discord settled down upon the bed with an unceremonious flop. "Really now. Asleep? I go through all this trouble, remaking your entire town," He balled the fingers of his talon and paw, twisting to shout at the sleeping pony at the other end of the bad, "And you can't even have the common decency to wake up! And here I was waiting for you to get stuck to the floor. I turned the clouds into glue."

Night Flurry layed balled up tight in his bed. His eyes slowly opened at the sudden disturbance of a shouting draconequis. He jumped, hovering a foot above the bed as he flew back from the monstrosity before him, "W-wh-what are you doing in my house!"

The Dragon-like creature craned his neck down, grinning, "Oh, I'm all over the place right now. Just a minute ago, I was in your kitchen, replacing all the milk with sour creme. But what's important here is who are you?"

"I um... me? I'm-"

"Oh no, don't give it away!" Discord blinked next to Night, putting a talon against the pony's lips. "I do enjoy a good guessing game. Now then, let's see... you sleep in the day, so probably something about the Night... and a snowflake tramp-stamp, so something Winter Flurry related... I'm going to guess... Sun Smile!"

"Err... no? It's um... N-"

"No?" Discord clapped his paw over Night's muzzle. "Oh, I'm usually so good at this game. Well, let's just see then," He reached his talon around and stuck it deep through Night's ear, digging around, "Hmmm, not a lot in here... no. No. Aha!" He pulled his hand out with a loud plop, revealing a long scroll. With a snap, a pair of reading glasses appeared upon his face, and a quick flick unrolled the scroll, "Now then it says... Night Light? Ugh, gag. Honestly, you're better off with Morning Rays, or whatever."

Night looked down at the floor, face turning red. "Err... I don't exactly... use that na-"

"Shush you. Talkative thing aren't you? Why don't you shut up for five seconds and let someone else get in a word." Discord stepped back, setting Night back down on the bed. "Yes... I can see it written all over your face." He pulled out a full length mirror and flipped it around, presenting it to Night.

Peering in, Night gasped as several markers became obvious in the mirror, each writing phrases upon his face, "Loser", "Worthless", "No Good" he flinched backwards, looking away. "N... no..."

Discord nodded, his mirthful expression now blantantly serious. "Honestly, I do like the odd joke here and there, but life already screwed you up." He shrugged, turning away from Night and snapping his fingers, the mirror and markers disappearing. "It'd almost be pointless!" He whipped his serpentine body around, a malicious grin upon his fanged face, "Aha! That's it! Day Break, my boy, I'm going to do you a favor. A one of a kind offer, no need to thank me now."

"I um... what?" Discord stopped and crossed his arms, frowning until Night looked away, "Oh... right... sorry."

"That's better. I'm trying to help you here, and you're all blah blah blah. But don't worry about it, my dear fellow." He leaned in close, his voice that of a wicked temptor "I'm going to make it all better." He set his talon upon the top of Night's head, twisting his form around him like a serpent. "Let's just strip out all that self-doubt, all that self-hate, all that fear."

Night blinked, "W-What are you doing? I... I can feel it! I feel incredible! I feel like I can take on the world!"

Discord grinned, chuckling low, "Oh yes... Now there's the brave Knight." He picked Night up by the head and popped the two of them outside of Night's house. "Forget about all that nonsense of your past. What's important is that you know what to do." He spun Night around, holding him over the edge of the cloud, his voice filled with mock distress "Just look at Ponyville! Ohhh, it's awful! So many dragons, and monsters attacking it! Won't some brave knight save them?"

Night Flurry puffed up his chest, beating his wings to fly himself forward as Discord releases him. Looking down, it was obvious, monsters everywhere! Why there was a dragon right in the center of Ponyville, where town hall used to be! Another, just down the street, and another! He raised his head, "No more. No need to fear, Ponyville! I am finally ready to be the Knight I've always wanted! I will defeat these dragons, and save the town!" He pulled back to give himself room, and then dashed forward, wings beating furiously.

Discord fell backward onto the cloud in a fit laughter. "Ohhh, too easy! Night Light?! Really!" He looked down to watch the blue pony off the in distance assaulting the City Hall, attacking dragons that only existed in his mind. "Chaos, is a wonderful job to have. Sometimes, it's all about give, and take." He gave a wicked grin, "And sometimes, it's about finding the clumsiest wrecking ball you can find and aiming him at the nearest bowling alley." He snapped his taloned fingers again, taking a carton of milk out of the air and drinking it straight from the carton. With a sudden gag, Discord spit out the milk and held up the carton, examining the expiration date suspiciously. "Hmmm... Sour creme. Oh well." He chucked the carton behind him casually and headed out.