Light Knight Take Two.

18 Years Ago.




Spring Light stood once again atop a parapet of cloud she had personally lifted and shaped from the huge mass making up Cloudsdale's foundation. The filly once again leaned upon the edge, lifting a hoof to her head as she cried out her well rehearsed lines, "Oh, woe is me! I have been forever trapped in this horrific tower by the menacing dragon! Oh, won't some brave Knight come to save me?"

A young blue colt stepped into the back yard, wearing freshly constructed cardboard armor in some semblance of a Guard's armor, "Um... Never fear, fair damsel! I the brave... Night..." He paused for a fraction before sighing, "Night Light... will s-save you."

Spring giggled, smiling wide as she cheered on her little brother, "My hero!" she cleared her throat, looking down at Night from across the yard, "Okay, now you gotta charge the castle. I'm gonna throw cloudballs atcha, but you gotta pretend they're big boulders, and that I'm not a Princess. Because if I was still the princess, I wouldn't be throwin' boulders atcha? Got it?"

Night tilted his head, or at least tilted as best he could in the constrictive box armor, "Oh um... okay, Spring."

"I'm not Spring, I'm the Princess!" She paused, putting a hoof to her chin, thinking. "Well... except right now, I'm not. But that's only because I don't have anypony else to thro-HEY! Wait!" Spring jumped back atop her tower, grabbing the packed balls of cloud fluff as she see's Night begin galloping towards her fortress. "I didn't say gooooooo!"

Night was already charging, clumsily at first, the boxes continuing to hold him back, but soon he was gaining control as Spring's first volley struck. Spring stomped a little in her cloud fort, her poor aim and hasty throws missing Night as he continued to plow forward. Grabbing another stack, she opened fire, finally hitting Night square in the face with one of the lumpy balls of cloud. "AHA! Gotcha! You're dead now, Nighty!"

"Am not!" Night frowned, ending his charge, "You told me this was magic armor! What kinda magic armor can't stop a boulder?"

"Well, it's supposed to stop a dragon's flame, duh! I didn't say anything about boulders!"

"No fair! If it can stop a dragon, it can stop a boulder!" Night looked down, not too far from the 'castle' now, and trotted forward. He looked back up to his sister, "Besides, I thought it could! So you should tell me if it can or can't and give me one more chance."

Spring rolled her eyes, dramatically lolling her head backwards as she holds onto the edge of her castle. "Fffffffine! One boulder! But you gotta touch the door before I stop throwing them, then the dragon can come out, got it!?"

Night smiled up at his sister, raising a hoof to touch the 'door' to Spring's keep. "Done."

Spring looked down over the edge of the castle, not having noticed until now that Night had stepped forward all this time. She giggled, smiling "Okay, fine then. But now you gotta fight the dragon." She stomped her hoof twice, waiting for a few moment before back to the rear edge of her castle Her stage whisper floated down as Night waited, "Pssssstttt, that's your cue!"

"Hmmm? Oh, oh right!" From behind the castle echoed a relatively poor imitation of a dragon's roar. Night looked up as the looming shadow of a 'dragon' rose over the castle. Spring sat atop the castle grinning like an evil mastermind all while adding in her own sounds effects, "Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh! Stomp, bawwww, roooaaarrrr!"

Night squinted at the dragon's shadow, taking a step back as it dropped down from the sky to land before him. He blinked once, and then rushes forward, hugging the monster's leg. "Mint!"

"Hey Nighty," Mint Creme stood tall over Night, smiling warmly, the teenage mare reached down and tussled her youngest sibling's mane. "Glad to see you too."

"Roooooaaaaaarrr, aghhh, oh no! Fwoooosh, it's breathing fire, oh nooooo it..." Spring paused, her ears twitching for any other noise. She looked down at the two ponies down below and cried out, "HEY! No hugging the dragon! It's a ferocious killer that'll eat you wholllllllle!!"

Mint giggled back, "Sorry Night. It seems this time, we must be enemies."

Night nodded before giving his sister one last squeeze. His face hardened and he trotted back, taking an imitation of a combat position.

"Now fight!"

Night jumped forward at Mint, who deftly dodged to the side.

"Then breath fire!"

Mint inhaled and let out another roar, lowering her head to 'breath' fire at Night.

"But tha armor's got magic! The Knight rushes forward!"

Night turned and jumped again, landing atop Mint's head with a graceless flow, rushing to scramble onto her back.

"Quick! Quick! Stab the dragon!"

As Mint shook her head in an attempt to dislodge her brother, Night raised a hoof and lowered it down, striking softly at Mint's back. With a shudder, Mint dropped to the cloud, letting lose a groan in mock pain, "Ugh, I am slain, the great and powerful chaos dragon has been defeated, and now the br-"

"MINT!" Spring stomped a hoof. "You're dead, no talking."

Mint giggled, "Fine, Spring, fine." She lifted her head and gave an unconvincing gasp, sticking her tongue out before falling at last, "Blagh, and now I'm dead."

Spring nodded her approval, "That's better." She waited, watching Night look up at her for several moments too long before her eyes went wide in realization, "OH! Right! Nighty, I'm the Princess again! And with the dragon defeated, you gotta come up here and rescue me!"

With a rush, Night scrambled off of Mint, his sister giving a subtle 'oof' as he kicked off. He ran around to the back of Spring's tower, where a small ramp has been built into the back of the cloud edifice. Night ascended the ramp swiftly, only stopping as he reached the top of the tower to look at Spring and salute. "Your um... your Knight, here to save you, um.. your.. your Highness."

With a squee of delight, Spring reared up, clapping her forehooves. "Yes! My hero!" She sprang forward and gave Night a strong hug, creasing several of the boxes still covering Night. "And then the brave Knight rescued the sweet, charming, and cute Princess." She grinned wide, "And they got married, and got to live in a huge castle, they lived happily ever after!"

Night smiled at his sister, her enthusiasm infectious, "Okay! So um... what now?" He frowned, "You're not gonna... k-kiss me or anything like that are you?"

Spring stuck out her tongue, "Kiss? Bleh, gross." She pushed her hoof out against the box surrounding Night's chest and leaned forward, knocking him back down the ramp. As Night hit the bottom, she giggled, skipping to the top edge of the ramp, her wings buzzing, "So... wanna play again?"