Updated March 26th, 2014



Night Flurry: And They Won't Explode, right?

Mahogany: Now telegrams, there's an overpriced service.

Mahogany: My goodness! My drink has magically refilled itself! Happy day!


Aqua Brandish: Show us your weapon, Casanova

Terrabona: Because Fireworks

Terrabona: OH COME ON!

Meteorite: And sometimes you bluff and have the best hoof anyway...

Terrabona: Much more awkward

Nass: It's Natural Seven. No one's called me it for years.

H P Lovecolt: Tell me Twilight, have you ever played Tic-Tac-Toe?

Night Flurry: Second most beautiful thing I've seen today...

Delta: She tastes like strawberries.

Mary: What, "A thousand-ish" doesn't cut it?

Delta: Just a little completely indecipherable.

Night Flurry: Sorry I tried to attack your Mother...

Mahogany: It wasn't a very good fort.

Aurora: Pinkie's still after me

Narrator: Survivors don't Talk, but their children tell their story

Narrator: The First Kiss

Narrator: What's in a Name?

Narrator: The Dangers of Being Non-threatening.

Sue: Is it love in the air, or just Magic?

Narrator: Sunny Skies in Darker Nights

Narrator: Stop By and Say Halo

Sleet: Bree's 'twin' brother, Sleet

Delta: Like a Dangerous, Incredibly Profitable Vacation.

Nassy: I'll get those wings yet...

Delta: Apparently, Demons wear Hats


Narrator: The Canterlot Adventure: Part 1 - Photographs with Luna

Narrator: The Canterlot Adventure: Part 2 - Our Friend, Our Enemy

Terrabona: THE Cookie

Narrator: Brochures and Bits

Mahogany: Use the straps, Gently

Dusky Down: I heard you might want to show me your sword.

Delta: Her mane wet, fur hugging her sleek form...

Narrator: Mood Whiplash

Narrator: All Aboard the Friendship Express

Narrator: Make Up, Break Down

Narrator: Besieging the Walls of Sanderlot

Narrator: Mary and Sue in the Legend of the Temple Of Ponyseidon

Terrabona: Everything here is Enormous. And Enameled.

Narrator: Worst. Undercover Agent. Ever.

Narrator: Romance, Romance, and Alcohol

Narrator: The Horror That is... Karaoke.

Narrator: An Alicorn and a Seapony in a Bathtub.

Mary: I give you....The Lusty Seapony!

Narrator: One More Thing...

Narrator: Popping the Question(s)

Narrator: Mangos and Apricots

Sue: To Adventure!

Night Flurry: So um... n-not formal attire then?

Narrator: Strawhat, Sunglasses, Leis, and Booze.

Terrabona: Isn't the train going to leave soon?

Narrator: Homecoming

Mahogany: There's a lot of brainpower in there right now.

Aurora: Mary, you know that voice that tells ponies not to make stupid decisions? Pretend you have one.

Nassy: Future me will expect to be paid back.

Dusky Down: Paper-Airplane Hate Mail

Sue: We throw old fruit and expired fireworks in that.

Mary: Paperwork is very serious business.

Narrator: Trust

Coral Current: What is a date, and why would I wish it doubled?

Sue: Join us in punishing the cheater with a holy deluge of judgement!

Delta: Kind of an overwrought name, don't you think?

Delta: Reality Has Cake

Narrator: The Exchange

Raven Horn: Zombies are awesome!

Night Light: I'm going to find her, and bring her back. And no pony is going to stop me.

Narrator: THE BOOM

Aurora: Well it seems that 'in the dark' is the theme for tonight.

Majordomo Draft: And just what will your seapony princess do, hm? Slap us around with a trout?

Delta: Idle Hooves are Discord's Workshop

Mint Creme: I just don't know what it is with Night's friends and knives...

Narrator: HIRED! The Musical

Mahogany: Have you tried NOT being possessed?

Raven Horn: Wonderboltswonderboltswonderboltswonderbolts(ect...)!

Narrator: Sieging the Castle

Night Flurry: I... I just... I want to be with you tonight.

Terrabona: I am sick of all this timey stuff.

Element: It is part of my job description to keep an eye on ponies like you.

Coral Current: Hello floaty box thing!

Mahogany: How many knives do you need for a dinner date, darlin'?

Mahogany: Booze good.

Page Marker: No snogging in the library!

Sun Smile: Now THERE's a mental image I did not need.

Narrator: For Dessert, Surprise Feast... ((Is that an Euphemism?))

Nurse Redheart: He's to be called an idiot at least twice a day for the next three days.

Meteorite: You have a uniform?

Narrator: A sofa, a bowling alley, library books and sandwiches

Delta: Is there like a rule saying you have to be cryptic?

Mahogany: Cough syrup and the Whiskey singing in his heart

Mary: Have you ever heard of a muffin-flavored cookie?

Night Flurry: All part of my sinister plan.

Aqua Brandish: Oh, you just have no idea how much I enjoy seeing you two suffering.


Mary: She's not an assassin, she's a bounty hunter!

Terrabona: Your Face Does Lend itself toward Getting Into.

Meteorite: This is like hyper while Terra-level Drunk

Windy Ward: You two timing Scum!

Speed Serenity: "Does not!" "Does too!" "Does not!" "Does too!"

Sleet: Tiramisu~~

Delta: This can get loud.

Mary: Orphans are proven to be 14% more heroic, in recent studies.

Mahogany: You're supposed to bathe in water, not cider.

Fixit: A definite.. shall we say.. "Spring" in his step.

Pinkie Pie: "Beep!"

Starflower: Putting a cone on my head does not make me a unicorn.

Nassy: And it wasn't just the fact he's half toaster now.

Muir: I appear to have become a pillow!

Sue: So...you are asking me to counterfeit money.

First Frost: Plates - In Gloriously overwrought detail

Teardrop: Nothing? That's definitely 'something'.

Terrabona: Pretty filly pretty filly~

Diamond Wing: Perhaps you could 'forgive' me for teasing you?

Meteorite: This is not the time to describe my butt!

Terrabona: Robot babies.

Nass: Genderswapping just leads to problems.

Mary: ....A Spy!

Spring Showers: Scandals ahoy!

Hidden Haze: Talk? To the rock?

Maple: Stabbing vs. Not Stabbing

Sleet: I'll make sure it doesn't tickle anymore.

Legolos Fruit Leaves: OH~ MAKEOVER~


Sunrise: This is a weird bar.

Spring Showers: Fixiliocious~

Narrator: I am Aqua, master of alchemy. Welcome to die.

Teardrop: A brighter tomorrow.

Narrator: Two... mares... How does that even work?

Mary: I've got a coathanger on my head.

Mary: Too fluffy for your own Good!

Mary: I used logic for once!

Mahogany: A toast to butts!

Nurse Redheart: It's refreshing, you know.

Mary: I haven't even shown her my toys yet!

Narrator: Honey Glaze Donuts

Rumble: Your Dad's a robot?!

Mary: You could set everything on fire! EVERYTHING!

Narrator: Parasites and Tentacle Monsters

Blade Dancer: Yamato is a dog, not a sailing vessel.

Horizon Haze: ...so that's why you don't walk behind a drunk griffon in September.

Rumble: WoooOOoo~, fear me, for I am the dread Lich of the express-post box!

Blizzard Breeze: I... she... baby...

Mary: Don't everypony get pregnant at once now...

Scribbles: Scribbles the Unicorn does not say 'oh cool'

Narrator: The Sound of Bells and the Taste of Cake

Trixingno: Test Robot IX / Intelligence Grade: Normal.

Delta: Wasn't casanova successful?

Trixingno: Who is that and why don't I like him?


Mahogany: Friendship Lubricant

Mary: Sucromancy, my ass!

Anwar: Perhaps the lathe would consent to dime with me?

Spring Showers: You, me, and a robot!

Scribbles: Yessss, let the passive aggression flow~!

Stout Feather: Hugging a Refridgerator

Mary: Fire whales!

Narrator: In Which Mary adds to her 'Bar Tab'

Trixingno: Just don't break the bananas.

Spring Showers: Now say you're sorry.

Spring Showers: Tell me tell me tell meeeee!

Mahogany: Aurora, don't freak out, but:

Anwar: Rats assured, I shall do my beast.

Promethea: Your obliviousness is charming.

Narrator: Shanked in an Alleyway

Meteorite: We're both cometbutts

Sunrise: I am the jalapeno queen!

Narrator: Pig smiles. Can pigs smile? Does it matter?

Narrator: What Does the Future Hold? ((Hint: Explosions.))

Guiding Light: Sufficient Bribery

Narrator: Classy Eats's Classy Eats

Aurora: How does this always come back to the size of our hindquarters?

Teardrop: A Dinner to Make as Best Friends

Mahogany: A Fault in her Programming

Narrator: The Relationship Experts

Trixingno: Bluntness is the most efficient choice

Fixit: Definitely try to avoid being Blunt

Spring Showers: I am the tickle champion!

Trixingno: What is Canterlot?

Delta: I might've even wound up chained down in Bree's basement.

Trixingno: My mouth is doing something undocumented.

Starflower: I bought a bucket.

Teardrop: What do ponies want, anyway?

Night Flurry: Tea service! They will bring you a pot of tea to your room, by request!

Meteorite: What Mary does with my swimsuit on her time is her business.

Anwar: Off courts. As you sashay.

Sue: I see many ninjas and assassins-in-name-only using these.

Scribbles: That kid's stealing my shtick

Trixingno: The Story of a Pony and his Father

Sleet: I am the Guard

Dusky Down: Yes, Night Light, I...yes!

Narrator: Eaten By Wolves

Nassy: I... was going to make it a suprise! But... you know! Somehow!

Galstaf Glow: Your beard will surely be a sight to behold, in time, Sue.

Aurora: A beer. And a whiskey. And a beer with whiskey, plus whiskey with beer.

Stu: The Monetary quest rewards have been doubled!

Trixingno: Very delayed karma.

Blizzard Breeze: And then cell division...

Delta: I do not have a harem!

Aurora: Some ponies, they face evil masterminds bent on world domination. Others, they face stairs.

Sleet: A big ball of fur and feathers and love.

Sunrise: Why were you sleeping in the grass?

Mary: She's super soft.

Spring Showers: My butt needs more padding? My butt's Not Aerodynamic?!

Narrator: The Dancing Shadows

Night Flurry: No Looking Back

Mary: You smell fine

Delta: Her Evil Boyfriend

Narrator: The Best Laid Plans...

Trixingno: I do enjoy education.

Narrator: Doubts in the fog.

Starflower: The silent vigil.

Sunrise: It was my mother... Did... we forget to mention that?

Starflower: Please do not die.

Autumn Blaze: Just keep their holes "busy"

Narrator: Planting the Seed.

Spades: Do you know what Poithon Joke ith?

Terrabona: Celestia, every time I go away, something crazy happens...

Mahogany: Let's keep that surprising revelation for another day, eh?

Dusky Down: The difference between pissing them off and not pissing them off.

Spring Showers: The Test. "For Science!"

Narrator: Further Lessons in "Forgiveness"

Stu: Then what is your nose even for?

Nassy: Spa. Now.

Terrabona: Terrabona stares unrelentingly.

Mahogany: Always nice to have a slacker day.

Stu: I had only been female for 1200 years!

Sun Smile: I am fairly sure they don't let you eat those flowers.

Narrator: Ioruk Ninja Brushies

Terrabona: Cake makes it better

Big Macintosh: Eeyup

Summerset: The fun, the spontaneous whims, THE CHAOS!

Dusky Down: Don't let go for now

Sleet: Will it be a sexy scar?

Narrator: Light Family baby acquisition subroutine

Anwar: I shall not berate your trust.

Spring Shower: Wait, what about my mane?

Halo Diana: It's all Icky and Dirty

Summerset: Firstly, he is made of metal

Mary: My tongue isn't even silver.

Fixit: His and hers bath towels!

Sun Smile: Tense as a coiled... well, Spring.

Terrabona: Kill me nooooow

Muir: Gay cats in bags.

Mary: She's after your virginity.

Trixingno: Get well soon.

Narrator: Ruffled Feathers.

Mary: You're covered in polka dots.

Starflower: Sobby, weepy, floppy puddle.

Snowy Veldt: Ni-mah nih!

Cora: Mares have more soft parts.

Starflower: Starflower drapes herself.

Narrator: Blood, Fire, and Poison Joke.

Trixingno: I lack the required buoyancy.

Mary: Miss Kissytoy~

Meteorite: Also shut up I like cake it's not a crime.

Trixingno: This is what beauty is?

Delta: Trapped in a concrete room.

Sleet: Hearts not parts

Narrator: Through the Leaves as One

Spring Showers: Mahogany stole my joke.

Delta: The hugging spirit (not the Banshee)

Spades: What is a pony, sir?

Anwar: Misshapen and integrated

Narrator: Off-road adventuring.

Mahogany: See that clock there? Whiskeytime.

Mahogany: Hair'a the dog, Icy. Hair of the dog.

Narrator: The Face of the Past.

Katlego: I... thinkhe'skindacuteokay?

Spring Showers: Nevermind the fire! No fire!

Narrator: What a good mood tonight to have a curse.

Katlego: Striped Tomato

Spades: Grace

Fixit: Earth Pony Tradition - Dinner

Autumn Blaze: Pillow Fighting Skills

Muir: Question not the Zebra

Narrator: Her destructive Magics.

Mary: Seadragonpony babeh what escaped.

Narrator: Pepper and Chili Ice Cream

Dusty Phoenix: Xynciatic

Halo Diana: Cereal. It tastes of sadness and defeat.

Mary: Super magic belly.

Narrator: The Boring Arena

Speed Serenity: Uncle killer robot

Lorem Ipsum: The wiles of love

Mary: This a bar, ya know.

H P Lovecolt: These things called 'Recipes'.

Bluegrass: Weather - Some big fancy to-do.

Mary: Nothing but love.

Mary: Unstable magical cheese

Dusky Phoenix: Can I...have four parents?

Coral Current: Nek-romance-y

Meteorite: I might have already eaten the mistakes.

Mahogany: Girlfrien', you need to find somepony better.

Terrabona: A surprise WEDDING? How does that even work?

Epiphany: Define "disassembly."

Meteorite: It was therapeutic!

Delta: Chubby Aurora would be adorable

Promethea: I can out spicy some dragons.

Grace: I'm Discorded, what's your excuse?

Katlego: You talk kind of weird.

Meteorite: Don't... call me "cushy".

Narrator: Totally not dating

Narrator: Temporarily exiled. Permanently.

Spring Showers: I lost my Instruction manual.

Narrator: The Littlest Weatherpony

Narrator: Gear Butts

Icicle Gleam: Spa-MMPH

Starflower: Do not worry! I am whoops!

Blueberry Fields: BlueberryFields capers.

Meteorite: All I got was socks.

Mary: That was a pretty bad catch.

Trixingno: I cannot polarize my optics.

Aurora: Behold... pencil and paper.

Search Light: Sleeping is easy to do... Waking up is difficult.

Spades: Seize the carp.

Narrator: The nature of deceipt.

Spades: Don't die, Sir. I'll kill you.

Speed Serenity: Girl Cooties

Narrator: Mopping Up

Katlego: Dating is hot dogs?

Nassy: That Pony Spuds

Delta: I'm a model citizen (XD)

Spring Showers: I've been thinking...

Search Light: You can trust my analysis. I used to be a robot.

Spades: To the non-fiction aisles.

Snowy Veldt: Nyanya

Rash Move: The last gasp against the inevitable.

Meteorite: Instead of love she feeds on her children's embarrassment.

Fixit: Cats Lay Down

Mary: I do love a good dungeon...

Terrabona: Her name is actually rude and she goes by Rash.

Delta: "Save Me" "From?" "I Don't Know"

Narrator: Fish, Pancakes and Gems.

Mahogany: There there, you lil' jug you.

Spades: A sucker for the jaunty tunes.

Muir: All that you deserve.

Spades: Well... that's a blatant lie.

Narrator: Battle 1 - The Couch

Search Light: Success! Vengeance!

Narrator: A Different Aerial Dance Show

Spring Showers: Kat's outta the bag.

Spring Showers: Double super secret married

Nocturne Star: Not quite that old, yet.

Narrator: To Prudes and Princesses OR Swayback Fried Gryphon.

Katlego: You are not a fruit. This I know.

Terrabona: Well of course she's a changeling!

Mary: And not a pot in sight!

Windy Ward: Like a sledge hammer smashing an egg.

Spades: Sanity doesn't stand up for long against what happens around here.

Icicle Gleam: AndohgeezI'dbettershutupbeforeIpassout

Narrator: Hiding - How not to be seen.

Noble Light: Retirement is ever so dull.

Meteorite: I don't feel pretty. I am pretty.

Judge Libra: The Honorable Judge Libra Presiding.

Golden Hour: Guy you got problems.

Simmilie: Milkshakes... with extra shake.

Narrator: And Spades was there the whole time! (I swear!)

Icicle Gleam: The Words

Meteorite: Maybe if I didn't have so much to poke...

Scribbles: Dumb comas...

Fixit: Broken object senses tingling!

Icicle Gleam: How would she even eat you?

Alexandrite: Another of those Rowboats

Muir: Better a pony than lunch.

Night Flurry: Family. Old... and new.

Foggy Haze: I wonder who invented brass.

Spades: And you haven't seen me cook.

Search Light: I did not know the degree of destruction children were capable of.

Spades: I told you so~

Narrator: Mahogany's Magical Coma Adventure!

Stan: Air Ukulele

Mary: She won't mind. She's obviously unconscious.

Narrator: At what cost Victory? One cup of Tea.

Aurora: Substitute 'running' for 'afternoon in the spa' as necessary.

Search Light: A predilection for collateral damage..

Dusky Down: [Dusky glomps Night]

Spring Showers: Hummo Smerch.

Promethea: How do you provoke a ball of energy?

Narrator: Father

Meteorite: I am not a balloon! (I'm a Barrel)

Mary: You were a gryphon.

Aurora: Changelings, changes... and Nocturne.

Meteorite: The day of rebirth of the Cloutalnoradix.

Simmilie: I...arrived through the wall...

Katlego: Words. Not necessary always.

Dusky Down: Our own little haven.

Mist Veil: I have a cardboard!

Narrator: Vapor

Simmilie: We're just a lumpy blanket~

Narrator: Pandora's poetry book.

Spades: Fuzzy. And sweet.

Narrator: Equus Adams - Marriage Consultant.

Narrator: The Best Log Ever.

Mahogany: The future's a big bowl of mystery pasta.

Spades: I come bearing smiles.

Narrator: Mr Hoots Rising

Autumn Blaze: Cute-sy Wrath

Muir: Your suit is out of fashion

Night Flurry: We should get married or something...

Stan: The fruits attacked first.

Narrator: A Dream. In a Snowglobe.

Spring Showers: Nothing, no pole, not important!

Narrator: She hired Spades. What could go wrong?!

Sue: The void in the center of the bagel.

Terrabona: He can fly.

Meteorite: You can't eat my earrings.

Nocturne Star: I'm... dating her mom.

Dusty Phoenix: Equestria has milkshakes?!

Stan: A toast to sabotaged fruits!

Aurora: Pasta o'clock.

Icicle Gleam: She's not a fickle pony.

Icicle Gleam: The college diet.

Aurora: Hyperactive white blur.

Katlego: The dress is dangerous?

Wintergreen: Best bookworm sister...

Promethea: I'm not perverted... just unashamed.

Narrator: Room service.

Sly Credence: Let us never speak of this again.

Nocturne Star: Strong history.

Narrator: Habitual Plotting

Narrator: Triple brother combo

Nocturne Star: Softest, cuddliest, pillow-fortiest bed.

Sue: Such pretty eyes~

Narrator: Holy dragon!

Spades: It's a this.

Muir: You have besmirched my honor, good sir!

Icicle Gleam: Glued to the fruit.

Spring Showers: Nothing but Trouble

Fixit: Spring showers~

Dusty Phoenix: Oh, I fell asleep...

Nocturne Star: Ah, cockatrice!

Narrator: Have you seen a pony around?

Fixit: Why are you a squirrel?

Search Light: She is very strange now that she is a squirrel.

Fixit: Could you ask your houseguest not to dunk my wife?

Icicle Gleam: Putting fake rabbit ears on a squirrel

Aurora: The size of our respective hindquarters.

Mary: There's nothing wrong with barrels!

Narrator: Cookie raids and belly rubs.

Search Light: Alternative to the ladder

Mary: Sooouuup?

Narrator: Home basic necessities - A roof.

Fixit: That squirrel is my wife.

Bluegrass: Learnin' how to live again.

Nocturne Star: So long as you're not craving acorns.

Simmilie: Or I'm wrong and it's somepony horrifyingly kinky...

Narrator: Trouble uses: Roof Tile - It's Super Effective!

Narrator: Redheart's Bane

Sleet: Strenuous activities

Bluegrass: Desert Island Friendliness

Narrator: A torn hat.

Meteorite: Can I draw on his face?

Narrator: I need an adult.

Search Light: Can Spades be kept from getting hurt?

Night Flurry: ...And Spring too, of course.

Crystal Glint: Fun, annoying, bothersome, hilarious and entertaining.

Spades: Wagons. They're heavier than they look.

Kinyua: Accident free for x days.

Narrator: Firestarter

Dandelion: Weverydefinitelynotatallkissedthatnightnope.

Narrator: Happy Hour.

Narrator: Crouching Thea Hugging Dragon

Luminescence: To love 'outta nowhere!

Narrator: The Weather Schedule - Check your local Bureau office today!

Stan: Honestly? I have no idea any more what is going on.

Dandelion: You named a whole star after me?

Delta: Ahaha Hahahaaa! No.

Windy Ward: Wedding perimeter in place.

Stan: Courageously dive into the unknown.

Dandelion: We can find you your own camera to break.

Spring Showers: The Ruse

Meteorite: New Thea's been drinking.

Meteorite: You're not eating my earrings we went over this.

Narrator: On proper tent care

Narrator: The Pillar's brightest star.

Narrator: 50 to 100 percent more Fluff.

Tapioca: By royal decree, this is now an angst-free zone.

Promethea: Doom is overrated.

Narrator: Treesanity

Meteorite: Mind you... yeah I could totally kick this thing's butt.

Meteorite: All my cushiness is disappearing.

Princess Cadance: Light and Love

Stan: Sappy sounds a lot better than creepy.

Sue: Foreign Pajamas

Narrator: LvL 999 Dire Rat

Icicle Gleam: Day after day.

Narrator: Hole-y Deluge

Hollow Grounds: Damnable confection...

Mary: The traditional Astronomer's Hat.

Mary: More specialized dungeons~

Nocturne Star: I'm much more of a tea drinker.

Sue: Pack it up, rp is over.

Sun Smile: Ten Trashy.

Shuttersnap: Oh, wait. This is a park. My bad.

Narrator: I'm goin' to eat you Little Fishie.

Aurora: Middle-aged, kicked-off-university teacher saves the world from utter destruction.

Dusky Down: The Love we've earned.

Narrator: Autonomous Wraith

Search Light: He is loud and very angry.

Narrator: Spades? Odd?

Foggy Haze: A regular stampede going on tonight.

Hazzdawg: Punt-A-Lumi.

Narrator: In which Stan learns why Trouble fears Brushies.

Blizzard Breeze: Do Celestia and Luna ever have pillow fights?

Mahogany: It's like every bad horror novel I've ever read come to life.

Fixit: He's like a little fuzzy burrowing underground ninja when he wants to be.

Mary: Sorry about the tranquilizer.

Simmilie: It's cute and squishy.

Luminescence: Crazy, Coo-coo, out of her mind, insane, barmy, cracked, dippy, kooky, mental, moonstruck, a fruit cake! She. Is. Nuts!

Blade Dancer: KILL IT!

Meteorite: Why can't all the world's problems be hydras?

Icicle Gleam: One frosty cider.

Simmilie: Just throw me at the camel and get it over with.

Golden Hour: So, uh... Not famous.

Trouble: I should not have attacked him the way I did. (I should have made it look like an accident).

Epiphany: Grammar is unimportant.

Icicle Gleam: It's what you love, after all.

DoctorGage: Fairly brief, and not utterly excruciating!

Spring Showers: Surprise Princess hugs!

Spring Showers: A Knight's adventure. (To Sweet Apple Acres!)

Starflower: She is very good at getting into trouble.

Luminescence: Are you sure it's not politics?

Icicle Gleam: A short vacation.

Narrator: And who says weather duty isn't exciting?

Bluegrass: You just want to ogle.

Meadowlark: Facing Death

Narrator: Printing Trouble.

Meadowlark: Anf my fung hurfs.

Spades: Why would you want to go invisible?

Buck: Maybe I should call you Stubborn.

Luminescence: Handsome? Stoic? Hunk?!

Mint Creme: I guess... we jus-" "Spring the trap, right?

Icicle Gleam: What are the chances?

Trouble: Ponies think too much.

Buck: It's dinner.

Luminescence: So it wasn't charred or burned, or frozen?

Icicle Gleam: A Dash-free mane.

Spring Showers: Did some handsome prince kiss you and break the curse?

Bluegrass: I'd be willin' to negotiate other forms of payment.

Luminescence: Not unless the universe itself has a personal vendetta against me.

Luminescence: Oh god no! I hate the risk!

Bluegrass: I was gonna say 'sexy', but I guess that works too.

Bluegrass: Magical transformations usually count as an emergency.

Ceratania: Yeah, this thing is totally a big deal.

Icicle Gleam: A lot of things are better than exploding.

Mary: The Bee was a weather balloon!

Narrator: Plushies Everywhere!

Aurora: ...what. WHAT. WHAT!?

Runt: Keeper

Luminescence: How do I make them go down?!

Icicle Gleam: You remember how I came home looking a little damp last night?

Luminescence: I want my two years back.

Ceratania: Maybe I'll make some random sounds and call it a language too.

Spring Showers: I am planning over here.

Mahogany: Does'zat mare seem familiar to anypony else?

Bluegrass: You just like gettin' dirty.

Shale Strata: That morning never happened.

Night Flurry: ...The start of something wonderful.

Noble Light: Been a bit too long since we've meddled my Dear.

Meteorite: You are all about the hugging.

Sue: Swooning with perverted nonsense.

Spring Showers: The two of us are far too dangerous.

Meteorite: And then I punched a display case.

Sue: Equestrians truly are strange!

Icicle Gleam: When I mean bright, I mean bright pink.

Katlego: That annoying sonofabrokengiraffe down there...

Simmilie: I guess it's a cake...with gems in it?

Starflower: Large enough, but still not ready.

Dart: Fun, delicious friend.

Hollow Grounds: A headache may be simply a headache.

Mary: Solving a medical mystery~

Narrator: Fluff. And a kidnapping.

Fixit: No pony I'd rather suffer food poisoning with than you.

Simmilie: En garde!

Narrator: Forced Maid-ism.

Spring Showers: Let the Pestering begin!

Cirrostratus: Worthleee-eeees!

Fixit: Isn't she adorable when she's being evasive?

Princess Luna: Chasing Shadows

afkFlurry: v

Meadowlark: You stink of it.

Fixit: Only every week? Then you're not trying hard enough.

Narrator: Bedroom Games

Narrator: Health, sanity, tea.

Simmilie: Too bad I can't just...um... Suck it out.

Brise Doux: Votre petit ami

Dusty Phoenix: Everypony has a doppelganger.

Dusty Phoenix: Princess for a day.

Ceratania: I bet mine hurt more.

Sapphire Streak: I think one headbutt was enough...

Icicle Gleam: Smile for the one you Love.

Bluegrass: Wing Shampoo

Narrator: Stay on target

Mary: Enjoy your treat~

Dusky Down: Feta!

Meadowlark: I'm very talented, yes.

Simmilie: A midnight date.

Luminescence: Climbing trees cutie mark

Amber Fern: Upper Tier

Mary: Racism~

Trouble: 'That scruffy pony'

Radiance: Dead end dating route.

Shale Strata: Not like I have any dignity to lose.

Spring Showers: Dragon Blood.

Icicle Gleam: What terror the town holds.

Mary: A Nightmare Night Miracle!

Meadowlark: Ponies are difficult.

Dusty Phoenix: Shameless Aunt Mary.

Mary: Tongue? Let me see!

Luminescence: Elements of- Oh! Those things.

Spring Showers: He has become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Mahogany: A tall tale, perhaps?

Simmilie: It's good smut.

Hollow Grounds: The drain.

Fleuret: Those horn things, it's like.. little candles!

Icicle Gleam: Brace for INCOMING PUN.

Narrator: Chains of a Wanderer.

Narrator: The Just. (Just what?)

Spades: You will make it worth it.

Search Light: Spades, what have you done?

Crystal Glint: And so it will be forevermore.

Narrator: The Trouble with Trains.

Bluegrass: Cross crabs off the list.

Narrator: Ready for Redemption.

Luminescence: MBS class N.

Narrator: 359 Spots.

Bluegrass: You marry Me.

Narrator: Dungeon Run - Catacombs Level 80.

Luminescence: Apple Pies everywhere!

Sleet: Let's play it by... ear.

Spades: Tell me there is no other way.

Narrator: Dragons are built for tight Hugging.

Sunrise: He's not a monster, you know...

Bluegrass: Just what I like to hear.

Saffron Tea: It'd be a shame to kill that enthusiasm.

Fixit: Attending the seven millionth anniversary.

Sleet: I could always sell myself on the streets.

Narrator: Monsters

Crystal Glint: Wine is not exactly the sort of drink one gulps down rapidly.

Promethea: The true threat.

Lucent Skies: And looking in fair constitution as well.

Coral Current: Seasonal Fashions.

Narrator: The dreaded baby picture book.

Night Flurry: Endless, beautiful.

Bluegrass: I suppose I have no recourse.

Simmilie: A kissing game!

Mary: All of the love and life and love of life!

Princess Luna: I was once known to 'cut it loose.'

Simmilie: Perhaps I should be the boyfriend~?

Dusty Phoenix: Are giraffes mares too?

Simmilie: I hope she doesn't eat me...

Dusky Down: He's so fluffy.

Fixit: I don't think Mary's the sort to give you crabs.

Saffron Tea: You're mistaken about a lot of things.

Simmilie: 12-Mary-Mary!

Simmilie: A great... outlet...

Bluegrass: What sort of funny~?

Dusty Phoenix: Ponyville seems a bit ordinary.

Meadowlark: I shall promise not to eat you.

Mary: Professional relationships~

Hollow Grounds: Precision is better than raw power.

Meteorite: That wasn't a pony, was it?

Bluegrass: Who, me? A distraction?

Night Flurry: I don't really stab myself with the needles anymore... too much.

Meteorite: You're just tiny as far as princesses go.

Nocturne Star: Failing to keep curiosity in check.

Dusty Phoenix: It's futile to try to resist the giraffe snuggles.

Narrator: ...Comes great Responsibility.

Dusky Down: A deadly poison.

Spring Showers: Do you wanna build a snowpony?

Silver Badge: Just a few routing questions.

Mary: A little bit of Ostfriesen in your house~

Icicle Gleam: She kind of likes my lithe frame.

Bluegrass: Does this feel weird to you?

Saffron Tea: Memories, long dead.

Spades: The same chance as murderers like us.

Trouble: S-Spring? Spring is your... You're her... and... S-Spring?

Icicle Gleam: I didn't say I was going to dye my mane now!

Narrator: The life unlived.

Spades: The Veil.

Sly Credence: No Complications.

Sly Credence: The lengths one is willing to take.

Sly Credence: Just once, to save a Life.

Icicle Gleam: The bad news... or at least, the weird news.

Crystal Glint: Spades helped, as well.

Crystal Glint: Friends are never a weakness.

Icicle Gleam: What do you mean, 'anything I want to try'?

Spades: Spades was there.

Bandit: You bloody what?

Mary: Cookies. You dog, you~

Mary: My Fiery Little Pony~

Narrator: Faking Chess.

Hollow Grounds: As vulnerable to damage as a pony's whole body.

Bluegrass: Freakin' out notwithstandin'.

Fixit: Pony after my own heart.

Simmilie: I'm still living for you...

Narrator: The Silent Partners.

Sly Credence: Quite the savvy businessmare.

Night Flurry: Beautiful but dangerous.

Narrator: Because Transformations.

Narrator: He's probably locked in the train closet.

Simmilie: Fiction is good for you!

Fixit: Enemy Within for $7.50

Narrator: There just aren't enough O's in Smooth to describe how smooth I am.

Narrator: A Kingdom of Icing-lation.

Narrator: Nighten Gale.

Sue: A game, you say?

Hollow Grounds: That was just a sound I was not expecting...

Crystal Glint: The 'what ifs'.

Trouble: Stuff. I did stuff...