Inept Pancakes

Monday, February 4th, 2013


Owloysius flutters over to a mailbox, pulls out a scroll, and gives it to IcicleGleam.

Owloysius: The scroll reads: "For some completely unfathomable reason, the toaster seems to be cooking faster, sir. I've turned it down a notch to accomodate. Would you like some pancakes?" - Hazzbox (3:02p 4 Feb)

Icicle Gleam: ...How the heck does one make pancakes with a toaster...?

TerribleTransit: Hi Gleam.

Icicle Gleam: Hello, Terra.

Ioruk: Gleam: *ponyshrug* It's a Spades thing.

Trixingno: You learn all about Spades' toaster pancakes in the log.

Blizzard Breeze: Hi

Ioruk: Spades is best toaster princess

Phone Flurry: that sounds terrifying Trix

Ioruk: Hi, Blizzy

Icicle Gleam: So... does the toaster have all these little extra doohickeys on it that make it awesome?

Trixingno: Spoiler: The toaster wasn't actually involved.

Acceleron-droid: This is mah toast!

Icicle Gleam: I think I can check the scrollback in the RP channel...

Icicle Gleam: Let's see.

Acceleron-droid: Oh Hazz you toast pancakes that have already been cooker :p

Acceleron-droid: cooked*

Blizzard Breeze: Whee

Icicle Gleam: Heh...

Icicle Gleam pats Spades on the head and ruffles his mane.

Icicle Gleam: Using a spatula would have been way easier, silly pone.

Icicle Gleam: Leave the pan-tossing to the experts. Because I'm definitely not able to do it.

Trixingno: Spades knows less about cooking than an ex-robot that until about a month ago had never even eaten.

Ioruk: Hehe

Blizzard Breeze: That's not a spatula, gleam. It's a turner. A spatula is the thing you use to scrape out a bowl.

Blizzard Breeze hugs all the ponies.

TerribleTransit: Turners are also known as spatulas.

TerribleTransit: I'm not quite sure why.

Hazzbox hugs Gleam

Trixingno: Because "turner" sounds boring.

Trixingno: Spatula is a cool word.

Blizzard Breeze: Slotted turner!

Fixit: argh

Trixingno fixes toasters.

Hazzbox fixes pancakes

Icicle Gleam walks into the kitchen. "Uh... Spades...? Why is there a pancake stuck to the light switch...?"

Hazzbox twitches

Hazzbox: Technically, thats just batter sir

Hazzbox points at the ceiling

Hazzbox: Those are pancakes

Icicle Gleam nods slowly. "So... mind telling me why there's batter stuck to the light switch...?" He looks up and his mouth falls open, only managing a small choking sound upon seeing all the pancakes.

Icicle Gleam: M-m... my... my kitchen... The ceiling...

Hazzbox: I would have cleaned but I had ti go... out. To get... uh... more ingredients

Icicle Gleam looks back at Spades with an expression of utter shock.

Hazzbox: And its only three....

Hazzbox looks back with innocent eyes

Blizzard Breeze brushies hazz

Icicle Gleam mouths wordlessly for a few seconds, then shakes his head. "Well... let's just clean it up. Then you can tell me how... you know..." He points up at the ceiling, and the pancakes.

Hazzbox: Nono, I got this covered sir. I know what I did wrong. Let me try one more time

Icicle Gleam nods, then takes a seat at the table. "Go on, then."

Icicle Gleam: ((I already see where this is going.))

Icicle Gleam: ((And this would have been a hilarious scene in the RP))

Fixit: Why is there bacon in the soap

TerribleTransit: ((Well why not make it one? =p))

Ioruk: TLS Spin-off: Spades and Gleam: College Roommates

Icicle Gleam: ...Oh god that would be great.

Icicle Gleam: General roommate shenanigans totally separate from the actual RP.

Ioruk: Hehe

Icicle Gleam: Broken pipe? Uh oh...

Hazzbox: Make it so

Hazzbox: Do we own a spatu...wait nevermind

Hazzbox trots off, returns with his shovel and a look of intense concentration

Blizzard Breeze gives Spades a Katlego plushie.

Icicle Gleam: "Uh... There's one in the..." He watches Spades walk back in. "Oh, Luna..."

Hazzbox hugs Bree

Blizzard Breeze: Spadestula

Icicle Gleam: [A little while later, Gleam is hiding under the table with a pancake on his head, and the stove is in need of major repair. Spades is stuck to the wall, glued in place by partially cooked pancake batter.]

Hazzbox: Hee close

Hazzbox: The oven is shorn in half. The shovel is undamaged, but sticky with batter and syrup

Trixingno: What of the broom?

TerribleTransit: Dissolved.

Trixingno: Why do bad things happen to good brooms?