The Face of Oblivion: Spads

Friday, February 1st, 2013


Spades: Um. Mister Bellerophon? Sir? I hate to bother you. But you are in grave danger. Your player is going to make an attempt on your life.

Spades: You must speak to Night Flurry. He is the only one who can control Invidlord. Maybe he can buy you time.

Bellerophon: Ha! A small price to pay to free Amethyst. What manner of civilian are thee?

Spades: Me, sir? If you please, I am just Spades. I'm from the future. I think.

Bellerophon: Indeed... then perhaps thou can tell me, traveller through time, what becomes of me? Of my kingdom?

Spades: Um. You died, sir. But most of us do. There was this really good book. It had nice pictures. And Im not sure about your kingdom... but have you heard of Ponyville, sir?

Bellerophon: I have. The first bearer hailed from there. It was where I was reawoken.

Spades: Then it depends who you were, sir. Life goes on and ponies still seek to express the goodness of their nature. If you were one that lived to proliferate that which was right then your kingdom has not yet fallen, sir.

Bellerophon: You speak with a wisdom that your age would belie. But I fear, I have lived too long...

Spades: Long enough to make a difference, sir. Long enough as to be courageous enough to face the final darkness, not in desperation or despair, but with resolve and hope, sir.

Bellerophon: There are ponies who have a choice. Ponies with freedom to do as they will with their lives.

Bellerophon: But there are those of us for whom the die was cast long ago.

Bellerophon: It is simply about knowing what one's fate shall be, and accepting it with dignity

Spades: That, in itself, is a choice, sir. After all, we all share the same fate at the end. If I could reach it believing I played my very best with the cards I'd been dealt, I do not think I could ask for more.

Bellerophon: Hmm... perhaps. But it is my choice to make. And it is a choice I make to save one I love.

Spades grins crookedly. "And perhaps with that, you defy the cast die, and with your last move snatch back your life and give it more meaning than fate ever did

Spades: Besides, sir. There's neither of us are done yet.

Bellerophon: We shall see... immortality is not as desireable as many believe. But neither is oblivion.

Spades: Both are as terrifying and seductive as the other if you ask me, sir.

Spades: They can both kiss my flank. I will find my way in the middle.

Bellerophon: To live one's life? That is, perhaps, the hardest choice.

Bellerophon: But also... the most rewarding.

Spades: Maybe I will learn how to if I persist. Luna knows I am mad enough to try, sir.

Bellerophon pats the small blue horse. "You are a better one then I, I think. For all my power, all the glory and victory I once had, I never really lived."

Spades nods. "There's still time sir"

Spades: There's always time for one last huzzah!

Bellerophon grins, "That, at the very least, I excel at."

Spades: There's a mare I know who might say 'Go out with a bang', sir. Or at least with a smile. It has been an honour to have had this chance to speak with you.

Bellerophon: And you, small one. Fair thee well, on whatever the future holds for you.

Spades salutes and... disappears. For a moment, the smell of rain on wet earth persists, then it is gone.

Bellerophon heads off into the wild north, to face his destiny.

Spades reappears in a swirl of light. He curses, sheepishly retrieves his shovel and vanishes again.