Night Flurry x Dusky Down.

The Abridged Relationship.


Narrator: The following details the entirety of the Night Flurry x Dusky Down Relationship, from the moment the met, onward...

Night Flurry: Who is that Pegasi? Love at first sight! [1]

Dusky Down: Is someone following me? [2]

Night Flurry: I hope she talks to me!

Dusky Down: Hi, I'm Dusky! [3]

Night Flurry runs away

Dusky Down: He seems nice.

Night Flurry: Dusky! I love you! [4]

Mahogany: I'm not Dusky.

Night Flurry: Um, Fetlock Falls!

Dusky Down: Let's go!

Night Flurry: Dusky! I still love you! [5]

Dusky Down: Friend-zoned!

Night Flurry: I will sustain unnecessary injury to protect you! [6]

Dusky Down: You're an idiot. [7]

Night Flurry: Fetlock Falls! [8]

Dusky Down: Fun!

Night Flurry: I am incredibly awkward!

Dusky Down: I may have just killed a stallion.

Night Flurry: Me too! I Love you again!

Dusky Down: Busy.

Night Flurry: I am stealing a kiss in the heat of the moment! [9]

Terrabona: YES!

Dusky Down: Promise me you'll stop being an idiot.

Night Flurry: I can only promise to try.

Dusky Down: That's about the best I can expect.

Night Flurry: Wow, your Mom is cool. [10]

Dusky Down: She will murder you.

Night Flurry: Slow dance! [11]

Dusky Down: Still friend-zoned.

Night Flurry: I remain incredibly awkward.

Delta: I can fix that... with weaponry! [12]

Night Flurry: I don't see how this can backfire!

Dusky Down: I'm out of town. NOT being an idiot. [13]

Night Flurry: Wait, what?

Terrabona: EEEYYYYEEESSSSS! [14]

Night Flurry: We're going to Canterlot [15]

Dusky Down: I shall be fairly effective in the heat of combat [16]

Night Flurry: I will not!

Delta: Dusky, I made Night weaponry! [17]

Dusky Down: He's an idiot.

Night Flurry: I'm an idiot. [18]

Dusky Down: But not as big an idiot.

Night Flurry: Hooray!

Delta: Dusky in a swimsuit! [19]

Night Flurry faints.

Dusky Down: I have been seriously injured. [20]

Night Flurry: I will not leave your side! [21]

Night Flurry: And I will talk a lot. [22]

Dusky Down: I don't mind, Night Light. [23]

Night Flurry: I went on a date with a Stallion. [24]

Dusky Down: What?

Night Flurry: I Love you again Dusky.

Dusky Down: Well... okay.

Terrabona: YES! YES! YES!

Dusky Down: Now we just need to have our first date.

Night Flurry: Karaoke? [25]

Dusky Down: Sure!

Night Flurry sings a sappy love song and means it. [26]

Dusky Down: Rick Rolled!

Night Flurry: Meet my sister, Mint. [27]

Dusky Down: I have already pulled a knife on her.

Mint Creme: I am now committed to shipping you.

Night Flurry: Back home from the beach... [29]

Dusky Down: I'm moving my stuff into your house.

Night Flurry: I'm putting in for a promotion. [30]

Dusky Down: FYI: Still Scary Guards in Town. [31]

Night Flurry: Well Crap.

Dusky Down: Also Zombies. [32]

Night Flurry: Wait, what?

Dusky Down: Trust me, you don't want to know. [33]

Night Flurry: I will always trust you.

Dusky Down kisses Night on the lips.

Night Flurry brain freeze.

Night Flurry: Double Date? [34]

Dusky Down: Dinner and Dancing!

Mahogany: Oh hey, I just got kidnapped [35]

Dusky Down: I'll let them kidnap me instead

Mahogany: Thanks, now I feel awful!

Night Flurry: Not as bad as me!

Dusky Down: I'm sorry Night.

Night Light: Meaningful Name Change! [36]

Night Light: I am coming for you Dusky!

Dusky Down: And then you saved me. [37]

Night Light and Dusky dramatic long kiss. [38]

Night Flurry: I Love you Dusky

Dusky Down: ...and I Love you Too

Night Flurry: YES

Dusky Down snuggling! [39]

Noble Light: I am now committed to shipping you.

Dusky Down: I feel sick... [40]

Night Flurry: I will stay by your side again.

Dusky Down: We're going to get fired for sure.

Noble Light: Averted!

Night Flurry: And now nothing can keep us apart.

Bellerophon: Hi. [41]

Dusky Down: Jerk. Get out of my boyfriend.

Bellerophon: Okay, bye. [42]

Dusky Down: Thank you!

Night Flurry more Snuggling! [43]

Dusky Down: I just got out of the shower, look at my wet mane.


Night Flurry: I Love you Dusky.

Dusky Down: I Love you Night.

Night Flurry: ...Will you train me? [44]

Dusky Down: Okay.

Night Flurry: And someday Foals? [45]

Dusky Down: What?

Night Flurry: N-Nothing!

Night Flurry: Family Reunion? [46]

Dusky Down: How sweet!

Night Flurry: They are terrifying!

Noble Light: About time.

Night Flurry: Love you Mom!

Guiding Light: Leave home that long again and I will Find You.

Night Flurry: Yay!

Spring Showers: Someday I'll move to Ponyville.

Night Flurry: Foreshadowing!

Dusky Down: Your family is nice.

Night Flurry takes initiative! Steals a kiss! [47]

Dusky Down: Love you Night Light.

Night Flurry: YES

Dusky Down: I'm leaving for six months. [48]

Night Flurry: Can I come?

Dusky Down: You'd better.

Mary: POLITICS! [49]

Night Flurry terrified breakdown.

Dusky Down is pretty damn shaken too.

Night Flurry: Mutual comfort snuggling?

Dusky Down nods.

Mary snuggles with Night. [50]

Night Flurry: Not my idea!

Windy Ward: I WILL MURDER YOU! [51]

Dusky Down: Please don't Mom.

Night Flurry: Bounty Hunters?

Dusky Down: We don't need their scum.

Night Flurry: I have a brilliant plan.

Dusky Down: Trust me, mine's better.

Night Flurry enacts his plan. Gets stabbed.

Autumn Blaze: My Bad!

Dusky Down: We need to have the "You're an idiot" talk again. [52]

Sun Smile: Meet my kids!

Night Flurry: Oh. Dear. Luna. Squee!

Night Flurry: I want one.

Dusky Down: Not now.

Night Flurry: I've learned that I'm an idiot. [53]

Dusky Down: Yes.

Night Flurry: I will stop this.

Dusky Down: You'd better.

Windy Ward: WHAT DID I JUST SAY?! [54]

Night Flurry: Eep!

Maple: Gender swap! [55]

Night Flurry Panic attack!

Dusky Down: ...really?

Night Flurry: My sister is training me. [56]

Dusky Down: Your face is too handsome to bruise.

Night Flurry: ...wut?

Dusky Down: Trip Time! [57]

Night Flurry freaks out. [58]

Dusky Down: Honey Glaze Donuts~

Night Flurry: Freak Out averted!

Dusky Down: Ruby Result! [59]

Night Flurry: She's Nice! Sorry I fell asleep!

Dusky Down: DocTer's Wedding. [60]

Night Flurry: I swear not to steal this baby.

Dusky Down: ...what?

Night Flurry: Nothing!

Dusky Down: No more Cartel. [61]

Night Flurry: Whee!

Night Flurry: Postcards! [62]

Dusky Down: Huh, that was a weird nightmare. [63]

Night Flurry: I'm sure it was nothing.

Dusky Down: Next stop, Lunar Lake... [64]

Night Flurry: The Hotel has Tea Service!!!

Mahogany: FYI: Sly's kind of a dick.

Night Flurry: At least you weren't abducted this time.

Mahogany hears a Timberwolf howling. [65]

Night Flurry: ...Dusky? [66]

Dusky Down: Yes, Night Light?

Night Flurry: Will you Marry me?

Dusky Down: Yes, Night Light, I...yes!

Night Flurry: :D

Terrabona: I sense something... wonderful.

Dusky Down: Another Nightmare? [67]

Night Flurry: That's a coincidence!

Dusky Down: Las Pegasus?[68]

Night Flurry: Overwhelming!

Dusky Down: Another nightmare...[69]

Night Flurry: Now I'm starting to freak out.

Dusky Down: And Nassy![70]

Nassy: Sup. Just gambling. Plotting.

Night Flurry: ...okay?

Dusky Down: Crystalside... so peaceful. [71]

Night Flurry: Another nightmare? [72]

Dusky Down: They're getting worse.

Night Light: I'm staying up for you. [73]

Dusky Down: You're too sweet.

Night Flurry: Z-Zombies? [74]

Dusky Down: They're my friends! It's not like that one time in L4D2!

Night Flurry: That didn't end well...

Ivory Hope: You've got Banshee. You should get that checked.

Dusky Down: Home... [75]

Night Flurry: Home... Move in with me!

Dusky Down: Okay! But let's fight a banshee first!

Night Flurry: This is pretty awful... [76]

Dusky Down: Not as awful as slitting your own throat...

Night Flurry: It's gone for good?

Dusky Down: It better be.

Night Flurry: And back in the clinic... [77]

Dusky Down: Mutual injury.

Night Flurry: About time.

Halo Diana: You're my new daddy. [78]

Night Flurry: >.>

Dusky Down: No keeping her.

Night Flurry: I wasn't!

Dusky Down: I think you're good with foals. [79]

Night Flurry: I want one.

Dusky Down: One step at a time.

Night Flurry: Yeah... One step at a time.

Night Flurry: I want to show you who I am... [80]

Dusky Down: Does this involve snow?

Night Flurry: ...Yes.

Dusky Down: Then I'm sure I'll love it.

Night Flurry: Hearth's Warming Eve with the family... [81]

Dusky Down: All of them?

Night Flurry: Also Fixit!

Dusky Down: What?

Fixit: We're both gearbutts.

Night Flurry: But I really wanted to spend it in private.

Dusky Down: D'awww

Night Flurry: At a cafe.

Dusky Down: You're a goof.