Thursday, March 7th, 2013


Night Flurry has joined.

Narrator: Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Dusky's Wingbladesphone

Pinkie Tai pokes wingblades.

Night Flurry: Be careful poking wingblades.

Night Flurry: They poke back.

Pinkie Tai: But it's what my curiosity mark is telling me.

Night Flurry: To poke sharp objects?

Pinkie Tai: To poke unknown objects.

Night Flurry: Ahh

Night Flurry: Well, this is a small switch-blade like razor which attaches, magically in most cases, to the top of a pegasi's wing.

Pinkie Tai pokes wings too.

Night Flurry: Oh, umm... Wings are those things on some ponies backs that let them fly like Spades does.

Pinkie Tai: They sure are strange.

Pinkie Tai picks one up and turns it over.

Night Flurry: Um... why are you turning my wing like that?

Pinkie Tai: I'm learning!

Night Flurry: Well, Be careful! They're sensitive.

Pinkie Tai already has it in her mouth.

Pinkie Tai: Fmsitivfe?

Night Flurry 's eyes go wide, "Ah ah ah ahhh!!! C-careful! S-sharp! T-teeth!"

Pinkie Tai sits and thinks about all this.

Night Flurry pulls his wing back and checks it carefully, eye twitching slightly.

Pinkie Tai grins cheerfully, displaying her numerous, uneven teeth.

Night Flurry 's eye twitch again. "You should r-really be careful with those. And umm... putting strange things in your mouth..."

Pinkie Tai: I think it's a good way to learn about things!

Night Flurry: W-What do you even learn by doing that?! The flavor?

Pinkie Tai: Flavour, shape, size, amount of patience... Lots of things, really~

Night Flurry: I... p-patience? Err.... r-right. Umm... but.... you don't... umm.. eat pony's... right?

Pinkie Tai flattens her ears, hunches down sadly, and looks distant. "...I'm not a monster..."

Night Flurry blinks, watching for a moment, "I... I'm sorry... I didn't mean it like that..."

Pinkie Tai: They're just sharp for some reason...

Night Flurry steps closer, "Well... I guess... I mean, they're a bit unusual... but that doesn't make you a... a monster."

Pinkie Tai slides forward without moving her hindquarters, forelegs sticking out in front of her. "Tell that to everypony I grew up with~"

Night Flurry frowns. He trots up and sits next to Tai. "Well... I guess I can't really... do that, and I'm sorry. But... I can look past it... I can be a... well, a friend."

Pinkie Tai is already at your side, foreleg around your shoulders. "We already were from the moment you talked to me, silly~"

Night Flurry smiles, "I... oh. Well, okay then. Good... I've learned you can never have enough friends."

Pinkie Tai: Not even when you've made friends with literally everypony on the planet~ *nodnod*

Night Flurry: I... wow, that'd be a lot of friends... but yeah... I think you're right.