Contrived Mousse Eating

Friday, January 4th, 2013





Muir: (( It is, however, the cousin twice removed of a canoe. ))

Phone Flurry: ((What does that make us?))

Rarity is walking down to the Park, just mostly thinking of her customers and how to please them. She sees her usual 'mousse and icecream' stand she is rather fond of... not that anypony would know.

Delta swoops by on a hang-glider, because he has little else to do.

Meteorite: ((Delta this is non-canon))

Delta: ((Why do you think I did it?))

Meteorite: ((At least use the MechanoT-Rex designed for this purpose))

Rarity: ((xD))

Ioruk runs by carrying a Twilight Sparkle under one arm and a hair brush under the other. ((:P))

Meteorite is walking around town, bored having finished early her Daily Headbutting Checklist.

Rarity walks to the usual stand, noticing a sign of 'Eat our huge chunk of Chocolate Mousse, get a month's worth of Ice Cream for free'

Phone Flurry: ((Contrived my flank!))

Rarity: ((I agree))

Meteorite: ((What ice cream stands totally hold mousse contests are aren't just a Rarity as drawn by FoW meme))

Rarity: ((Oh shush you.))

Meteorite wanders around to the stand herself, looks at the sign, though doesn't give it much mind.

Rarity looks at the sign, considers, then turns away... only to stop and look up: "...Meteorite?"

Meteorite: Oh. Hello.

Rarity: Oh. Hello.

Meteorite: So... how are you?

Rarity: ...good. You then?

Rarity gives a look at the sign, considering just a fraction.

Meteorite: Pretty good.

Rarity nods just slightly: "It is a... tempting offer."

Meteorite: What is?

Meteorite: Oh that? I don't think those things are designed to be beaten.

Rarity nods towards the sign: "I... agree. Besides, a fine lady such as me, would never..."

Sleet: ((An uncouth ruffian such as yourself, however...))

Meteorite: Of course you wouldn't.

Meteorite walks in, thinking this is a good idea but not sure what she wants.

Meteorite: ((Going in, I mean. No editing welp))

Rarity follows Meteorite for... some reason. "I mean, it would be impossible. It's not like I consume such *hideous* amounts of chocolate normally."

Meteorite: Never said you did.

Rarity nods: "Then I never did." She peruses the menu and an image depicting the size of the 'Challenge Chocolate Mousse', thinking.

Meteorite: Well... when you look at it like that, it doesn't look *that* big.

Rarity nods: "Not impossibly so. I mean, if a pony was not... worried about her form, she could..."

Phone Flurry: ((The mousse, or Mete's butt?))

Meteorite: One meal isn't gonna turn somepony into a blimp.

Rarity nods: "This is true."

Meteorite smirks. "Just as well though. A *lady* such as yourself would never stoop so low."

Rarity shakes her head rapidly: "Never in a hundred years."

Meteorite smiles. "Good thing I'm not such a delicate flower." She steps up, prepared to order it.

Rarity looks at Meteorite, slightly aghast... then steps up next to her: "If you think you can get away with *this* so easily... you are sorely mistaken, Meteorite."

Meteorite: Get away with what?

Rarity motions towards the advertising sign: "This, obviously. Don't tell me you think you're the only one who can, if needed."

Meteorite chuckles. "Then let's see what you're made of."

Rarity nods: "Likewise."

Meteorite makes her order and sits down at a table, waiting for it to come.

Rarity makes identical order and sits down opposite of Meteorite.

Meteorite: Heh. Two girls, sitting, chatting in an ice cream shop... you'd almost think we were friends.

Rarity nods: "Yes, if one was to go by superficial appearances. We both know the truth, do we not?"

Meteorite: I'm not sure. You certainly go by superficial appearances.

Rarity is slightly taken aback: "I beg your pardon?"

Meteorite: Never mind...

Rarity nods: "I thought as much."

Narrator: A pair of workers come by to bring each of them their bowls.

Rarity nods at the workers with appreciation, then looks back to Meteorite: "...not that I could ever disgrace myself with eating that sloppily."

Meteorite: This is... larger than it looked on the sign.

Rarity nods: "It does seem so, doesn't it?" She then lets out just a slight giggle: "Why don't you do the honors of starting?"

Meteorite does so, taking a few bites. "That just means I'm ahead of you."

Rarity takes a bite and only then nods: "That would imply that I do not mind you being ahead, doesn't it?"

Meteorite: Well, it guess it doesn't matter who finishes first... not that you'll finish.

Rarity chuckles lightly as she takes another scoop: "It's not like you decide it, now is it?"

Meteorite: Well, you're the one so concerned about her "form"...

Rarity gives Meteorite a cursive look: "Yes well, at least one of us has something to bother worrying about."

Meteorite: Or maybe I learned it's not worth worrying about.

Rarity nods: "Acceptance is one valid reason."

Meteorite: Besides, I can burn this off with some running and lifting. Not all of us can do everything with our horn while sitting on our butts.

Rarity smiles: "It's funny how you think I do 'nothing' on my time except making new fashion for generations to come."

Meteorite: Isn't that your job?

Rarity nods as she scoops more mousse: "It indeed is. But do not think of me as a one trick pony. You'll be sorely mistaken."

Meteorite: Oh? Well what else do you do then?

Rarity pauses for a moment just long enough to invite a comment: "I... walk, often. And go to the Ponyville gym. Yes."

Meteorite: Really? I've never seen you there.

Rarity blushes slightly but otherwise keeps her stern expression: "That does not prove anything. You just must have missed me."

Meteorite takes in a few more scoops. "Fair enough... we probably have different schedules."

Rarity nods as she scoops more: "We obviously do."

Meteorite: ===Some time later===

Meteorite stares at her final few spoonfuls with dread. Why. Why did she agree to this. Why did she instigate this.

Rarity hesitantly, with slow motion, scoops her last spoonful up and with yet more hesitation swallows it. Trying her hardest to not to gag at it.

Meteorite looks at Rarity's bowl, dumbfounded. "I can't believe you."

Rarity just barely stifles gagging a bit, then looks at Meteorite: "Believe what?"

Night Flurry trots in, stepping up to the counter. "Can I get three..." he looks at Mete and Rarity... "better make that two mousses. I um... gotta watch my figure." He proceeds to devour them both within minutes before leaving quietly.

Meteorite: You actually...

Meteorite looks over at Flurry, then shakes her head.

Meteorite: You. Of all ponies. Finished it.

Rarity looks ashamed, then sick, then she just slowly nods.

Meteorite: Guess you're not as dainty as you make yourself... out to be.

Meteorite looks down at her own bowl, then somewhat quickly scoops up the last few bites.

Meteorite: Can't have... you showing me up.

Rarity taps her hooves together for a moment, then sighs slowly: "I, uh..." She pauses for a moment, then scowls: "Let us never speak of this again. After we, um, manage to get out of here, we go back to the... before, like nothing happened?"

Meteorite: Why would that be?

Meteorite: Oh, I get it. You have... *character* to uphold.

Rarity whispers in something resembling a violent seething: "Because *THIS* never happened!"

Meteorite: Okay, okay... this never happened. Got it.

Rarity nods: "I am glad we are in agreement, then." She coughs just a bit to the side, trying to keep all the chocolate in.

Meteorite stands up. "Well, if this did happen, I'd be impressed."

Meteorite: And wrong about you. You must work out a ton if you can pack it away like this and stay so slim.

Rarity gets slowly up: "And, um... I would be wrong about you. How you ever... made all that disappear..." she shakes her head in disbelief.

Meteorite: And now we get free ice cream! That was the point, right?

Rarity gags slightly at the thought, then nods: "Yes. Obviously."

Meteorite: So I guess I'll see you around here then.

Rarity nods meekly: "...yes." She turns towards the door, obviously wanting to escape the scene of crime as soon as possible.

Meteorite opens the door for Rarity. "So I guess since this never happened, we're still all snide at each other, right?"

Rarity nods: "But of course."

Meteorite smiles. "Good to know. So yeah, you better get out of here before somepony starts wondering who the father is."

Rarity nods and starts walking towards Carousel Boutique, trying to not look TOO red on the cheeks. "Yes. And you... good luck fitting into the dress again."

Meteorite: I have you for that, don't I?

Rarity lets out a snort but doesn't answer otherwise.

Rarity then nods at Meteorite: "We may see again, I hope. Think. ...or something." Awkwardly, she continues walking, painfully aware of some of the stares she's getting.

Meteorite chuckles. "Maybe I can use a new dress sometime." She walks away back to her house.

Rarity: ==This Scene Never Happened==

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