The Cutie Mark Breesaders!

Friday, February 15th, 2013


Blizzard Breeze yawns

Spades peers into Brees mouth

Blizzard Breeze is actually three fillies inside a suit

Scootaloo: I told you somepony would find out, Sweetie Belle!

Sweetie Belle: Yeah, well, it seemed like a good idea at the time...

Applebloom pouts and scuffs a hoof on the ground. "You ain't gonna tell Applejack, are ya mister?"

Delta: Now I'm just wondering how three fillies in a suit managed to get gender-swapped, impregnate a zebra, and etc.

Spades: Woah

Spades: Wat happen

Delta: srsly

Delta rubs his chin.

Delta: There's only one logical explanation.

Delta: These three fillies aren't three fillies at all!

Spades quietly zips the suit back up

Delta: It's Breeze in a three fillies disguise!

Delta: In a breeze disguise.

Scootaloo: Nope. Miss Bree is up looking for a.. um.. weather balloon...

Applebloom looks askance at Sweetie Belle "What the hay was this supposta get us our cutie marks in again?"

Sweetie Belle looks down and mumbles something high pitched and incoherent before running off.

Scootaloo takes off after her. "Sweetie Belle! Wait!"

Applebloom blinks and rushes off to to follow her friends. "Gotta go!"

Spades watches Bree disintegrate, blinks

Blizzard Breeze trots in with a weather balloon under her wings. "Where did those fillies go?"

Blizzard Breeze jumps back at the sight of the abandoned suit. "What's that?"

Delta: A you disguise.

Delta: Kids usin' it.

Blizzard Breeze: What.

Delta: yep

Blizzard Breeze: Okaaaay