Yak is fond of pony pastries.

Monday, April 9th, 2018





Radar yawns and stretches as she blinks her eyes open in her little nest on the bookshelf. The room is dark, with Amber's lamp having burned away its midnight oil, and Amber herself is sleeping fitfully at her alchemy table. The first rays of dawn light are starting to creep in as Radar flies over to where Amber dozes. She carefully lifts up a crocheted throw and settles it over Amber's

Radar shoulders and back, doing her best to not disturb her friend. Amber has given up everything for her lately, so the least she can do is let her sleep in this moment.

Radar flies out of the alchemy room and into the kitchen, making a beeline for the fruit bowls on the counter. She settles atop a mound of strawberries in one of the bowls and begins eating with the ravenous hunger of a small bat with a big appetite.

Icicle Gleam remains fast asleep on the back rest of one of the dining table's chairs, his grey and black feathers all fluffed out comfortably with his head tucked away in the warmth. At a glance, he almost looks like a feathery, fluffy pillow draped over the chair.

Radar finishes up her first strawberry and starts in on a second one. She turns herself around in the process of picking out the correct berry and notices the feathery mass on the chair. She cocks her head and sends a sonar ping or three at it, trying to sort out what it is.

Icicle Gleam 's head twitches slightly at the inaudible ping, but it's not enough to disturb his rest. He gives his wings a little rustle and settles down once more.

Radar notices the rustling feathers and cocks her head again. She decides to leave it until after breakfast, though. She maws down on her second strawberry, and then a banana before feeling sated enough. She flies over and lands on the table, getting a closer look at the sleeping rooster. She skrees at it quietly, unsure what else to do.

Icicle Gleam stirs a bit at the quiet skree, and eventually blinks his eyes open. He spends a few seconds looking about confusedly before he's interrupted by a yawn. He clicks his beak for a moment, then looks towards Radar. He clucks a bit and tilts his head.

Radar chirps at the rooster again, blinking at it. She really has no idea how to figure out why there's a chicken in the house, but there must be a reason. She flies up and circles the chicken again before landing back on the table.

Icicle Gleam does his best to follow Radar with his head as she flies around him, then shifts a bit on his perch. He wants to communicate with Radar in some way, but without his voice, he's uncertain how. In his confusion, he brings one of his wings about and unconsciously rubs at the side of his head, definitely not a natural movement for a chicken.

Radar blinks at the movement of the rooster's wing, definitely confused by it. She skrees again and takes off back to the work room, returning a few moments later with her alphabet bracelet. She lands on the table and holds it up so the rooster can see it. She spells out HELLO and cocks her head curiously.

Icicle Gleam nods his head and waves a wing, happy that Radar somehow figured out he wasn't just a regular rooster, but uncertain how she did. He makes a mental note to ask her about that later on.

Radar cocks her head again, she chirps happily, then frowns a bit. 'WHO' she spells out on the bracelet.

Icicle Gleam angles his head down a bit as he tries to figure out a way to pantomime who he is, until he realizes he could just ask Radar if he could use the bracelet to communicate instead. He looks back up at the bat and gestures at the bracelet for a moment, before tilting his head curiously.

Radar nods and offers the bracelet out, extending it on a wing tip.

Icicle Gleam shakes his head as he carefully stands up from his perch. He shifts to the side a bit, and then makes a rather sloppy jump onto the table, landing beside Radar in a pile of feathers. He stands up again and gives himself a bit of a shake.

Radar steps back to make some room, leaving the bracelet on the table in front of her new poultry pal.

Icicle Gleam examines the alphabet bracelet for a moment, then starts trying to unsuccessfully spell out the first part of his name, first with his talons, and then with his beak. Neither option gets him very far...

Radar frowns. She picks up the bracelet and then points at herself again. Starting from A, she moves the letters slowly with her wing-fingers, hoping the rooster will tell her when to stop.

Icicle Gleam watches and waits until Radar hits the letter I, then starts nodding vigorously.

Radar chirps. She then points both to her left and right, as if asking which direction the next letter is.

Icicle Gleam thinks for a moment, then clucks quietly as he points to the left, hoping he's picking the right direction.

Radar moves the letters back the other way. In this manner, they manage to spell out Gleam's first name. Radar then blinks and chirps quietly. She then spells out GLEAM on her own and looks at Gleam disapprovingly.

Icicle Gleam nods again, then angles his gaze down in embarrassment under Radar's disapproving look. He rustles his wings a bit, but otherwise looks contrite.

Radar huffs a little. She flies above Gleam and gives him a few good baps with her wings and flies up to hang from the ceiling lamp. She skrees in frustration and just wraps her wings around herself for the moment.

Icicle Gleam tucks his head in against his feathers as Radar gives him an admittedly well-deserved smack with her wings, and he lets out a passable imitation of a sigh as he watches her fly up onto the ceiling lamp. Not knowing what else to do for the moment, he fluffs his wings and and just sits down.

Radar flies back down after a couple of minutes and look chirps apologetically at Gleam. She picks up her bracelet again and spells out JOKE, giving Gleam a questioning look.

Icicle Gleam curiously watches Radar spell out the next word, then lets out a bit of a cackle in amusement before clamping his beak shut and looking towards Amber's alchemy lab, where she's sleeping. He waits for a moment, until it's clear he hasn't woken her up, before he nods at Radar.

Radar nods a bit. She spells out a longer statement. BEFORE OR AFTER.

Icicle Gleam tilts his head again then shrugs his wings, not understanding the question.

Radar shakes her head, then takes nearly a minute to spell out a longer question. DID YOU GET THE JOKE CURE TO AMBER

Icicle Gleam nods vigorously once Radar is about halfway through spelling out her question. He gestures at his saddlebags, which sit just outside of Amber's alchemy lab, empty at the moment.

Radar skrees happily. She flies over to Gleam and hugs him.

Icicle Gleam clucks softly and lightly wraps a wing around Radar in a warm hug.

Radar holds the hug for a while before flying back over to the fruit bowl. She chirps at gleam and spells out HUNGRY, then points at him questioningly.

Icicle Gleam releases the hug once Radar steps back. At her question, he tilts his head and considers, then nods again.

Radar carries a large apple back from the fruit bowl and sets in front of Gleam.

Icicle Gleam eyes the apple for a few moments, then starts pecking at it. Several moments pass before he's able to break the skin, and he starts munching on the juicy flesh within once he does. He lets out a soft croon in thanks between bites of the apple.

Radar steals a bite or two of the apple, but leaves the rest for Gleam. She flutters back up to the ceiling fixture and hangs down to watch Gleam eat.




Willow Wisp is sitting in a booth, reading yet another thick horror-fantasy book and casually making short work of a plate of doughnuts.

Yengrisk enters the shop, an unusual sight for the school. Yengrisk is a young yak, covered in a thick brown shaggy coat, with an elaborate weaved blanket over the yak's back. The yak is tall and slender, at least as yaks go.

Willow Wisp is engrossed in her book, though still glances up at the odd sight of something with longer fur than her own. "...huh."

Yengrisk steps up to the counter, and speaks up. "Yak would like cinnamon twists, yes?"

Willow Wisp tilts her head, mildly fascinated by the speech pattern. She's heard of yaks, but has never met one...

Narrator: The Shop Pony nods to the yak, not really having time to stop and consider who just ordered. A few moments later, she sets a bag of cinnamon twists in front of Yengrisk. "Two bits." She blinks as she notices that she is serving a yak. "Huh. That's new."

Yengrisk smiles up at the shop pony. "Two bits! Yes, I have two bits!" The yak concentrates visibly, squinting eyes a bit as the pair of curled horns start to glow and a couple coins levitate out from a pouch attached to the yak's blanket. "Here you go!"

Willow Wisp blinks at the horns glowing, feeling an odd pang of jealousy for some reason.

Narrator: The Shop Pony takes the coins and puts them in the cash register. "Thank you, have a nice day."

Yengrisk grins, and carries the bag along to a table, a bit of a bound in their step that makes the yak's coat shake. When they sit down, the glasses attached to the base of one of their horns slip down, which prompts the yak to use their magic to readjust them.

Narrator: The Shop Pony muses to herself once the yak leaves. "Huh. Magic yak."

Willow Wisp considers a moment, then packs up her book to her saddlebag and gets up, curious. She walks over to Yengrisk and smiles a bit awkwardly: "Uhm. Hey there. Are you a student at CSGU, perchance?"

Yengrisk smiles back at Willow Wisp, and nods. "Yes, yes, yak is a student there! Just arrived recently."

Willow Wisp smiles back: "Well... welcome, then. I saw you use magic... I did not know Yaks had magical ones."

Yengrisk nods, as they concentrate again to lift a donut from the bag they carried over. "Magic yaks very rare, yes! Yengrisk is proud of special talent."

Willow Wisp nods, sitting down and setting her tray of doughnuts on the table: "Mind if I sit down? I'm curious, a bit bored, and you look like you could use somepony to show you around too."

Yengrisk shakes their head. "By all means, yes! Ponies are fascinating to yak. Very different from yak home."

Willow Wisp chuckles a bit: "I can only imagine. What is it... like, up there? Is it like, all snow all the time, or...?" She bites on a doughnut because of course she does.

Yengrisk nibbles on a doughnut. "Sometimes there is sleet! Really, a few months are mild, but usually there is snow. It's so much more colorful here, yes?"

Willow Wisp starts to nod, then shakes her head instead: "Well, yes, but... eh, you see I have not really left this city. But I think?"

Yengrisk ahhs. "Yak is not used to pony town yet. But ponies much nicer to Yengrisk, yes! Yak wants to be best at magic, so yak come here to learn."

Willow Wisp smiles: "Well, at least this is the best place to learn magic." She tilts her head a bit: "What kind of magic do you do, or are you like me and trying to find out still?"

Yengrisk smiles wide, their glasses glinting a bit. "Yak best at magic! See?" The yak gets an admittedly comical squint of concentration again as their horns glow in tandem and the bag lifts off the table again.

Willow Wisp looks over, considering: "Oh. So... levitation?"

Yengrisk tilts their head a little in confusion. "Is there other magic?"

Willow Wisp nods, smiling: "You bet. Magic can do almost anything you can imagine!" She pauses, frowning a bit: "...well, most others can do something fancy. I'm just something magic does not stick to it seems."

Yengrisk ohhs, though doesn't seem to quite understand, judging by expression. "Yak will have to learn, then. Do all the magics."

Willow Wisp chuckles a bit: "Well, you certainly have the attitude down perfect. I bet you can do a lot if you want to."

Yengrisk munches on a donut, and nods again. "What magic does pony do, yes?"

Willow Wisp tilts her head: "What magic... I do, you mean?"

Yengrisk nodnods, their glasses falling down in their hinge again. "Oh yes, you pony, what magic do you do?" The yak frowns a little, and again adjusts their glasses with magic.

Willow Wisp pauses, frowning a bit: "I... uh." She lifts a doughnut to her: "I do this. Basic levitation that anypony can do... not much else." She sighs, clearly disappointed at herself.

Yengrisk oooohs, clearly impressed. "You can lift things like yak! Yes, very good!"

Willow Wisp blinks a bit at the easy-to-impress yak, and slowly nods: "...yes. 'Good'. I think."

Yengrisk blinks a bit. "We both go to magic school, yes? Yengrisk would know pony's name then."

Willow Wisp smiles slowly: "I am Willow Wisp." She pauses, and chuckles: "...and you're Yeeng-grisk. Gotcha."

Yengrisk shakes their head a little. "Close! Yak is Yengrisk, yes?" Yengrisk pronounces "yen" to rhyme with "hen". "It is good to meet Willow Wisp, yes."

Willow Wisp smiles, though her smile has a bit of a droop to it: "It's... always good to make new friends. I think."

Yengrisk nods, and uses magic to lift her second donut over towards Willow Wisp. "Yak would like friends. Yak did not have any in yak homeland."

Willow Wisp smiles a bit, and uses her magic to lift one of her doughnuts towards Yengrisk: "I know that feeling. Let's... survive learning together?"

Yengrisk noms on the offered donut, and smiles. "Yes! Yak approves of this plan."

Willow Wisp noms on the doughnut: "Ooh, it's one of those cream-filled ones. Good pick, Yengrisk."

Yengrisk nodnods. "Thank you, Willow Wisp. Yak is fond of pony pastries."

Willow Wisp grins: "If there are things better than doughnuts, Tincan Park, Skyhoof King novels, goat culture and doughnuts, I don't want to know about it."

Yengrisk nods softly. "Yak not know much about goats. Yak mostly know yaks."

Willow Wisp nods: "Fair enough." Her smile then gets just a touch more excited: "But hey, maybe I can tell you one of these days!"

Yengrisk nods again. "Yak would like to hear stories, yes! World outside Yakyakistan is fascinating."

Willow Wisp outright grins now: "Well, if you know nothing much, I best start from the beginning. The goats, or sheep as they are sometimes called too, have been pretty reclusive - I suppose kinda like the yaks - until recently when a pony expedition..." she goes on in a story on how the first contact in centuries happened, and is soon enough talking about her favourite band and her favourite

Willow Wisp writer (both goats, obviously) without seemingly stopping for either breath or doughnut.




Nightingale sits in one of the cafeteria's booths, along the side of the room nearest the windows. The light filtering in provides him with a bright workplace as he flicks through a couple of books covering basic magical theory and biological magic. At the same time, a mostly-ignored fork full of salad hovers beside his head, the dressing on it steadily dripping back down into the bowl beneath.

Mixolydia walks through the cafeteria with her lunch tray in tow. She's grooving along to the music in her headphones when she notices Gale out of the corner of her eye. She does a quick turn and makes a beeline for his booth, a big smile on her face. When she gets to the table, she drops her headphones back around her neck. "Hey you. Mind if I join you?"

Nightingale looks up at the approaching pony, then smiles and waves once he realizes it's Mixie heading towards him. He starts clearing off a space at the table for her with his magic. "Heya, Mixie. Yeah, feel free, let me just, uh... clear off a spot for you."

Mixolydia sits at the corner of the table and takes a quick bite of her salad. "Whacha working on?" she asks between bites.

Nightingale lifts up a sheet of parchment to show Mixie. The notes and equations on the sheet show something to do with another use for his type of magic. "Just studying up a bit more about stuff, still trying to figure out what makes this tick." He reaches up and taps at his horn.

Mixolydia smiles and nods. "Cool cool. Looks all... theory-y... Cala could probably figure it out at a glance." She takes a sip of her milk. "So.. did you have a good time at the sleepover?"

Nightingale chuckles and nods. "I wouldn't be surprised. She seems to get that stuff down a lot faster than most of the class." He smiles and nods again, "And yeah, it was a lot of fun, Mixie. Thanks for inviting me!"

Mixolydia blushes a bit and smiles. "Well, I mean, you're my friend... and it's a sleepover for friends..." She looks into her salad bowl, trying to hide the flush in her cheeks. "I'm just glad no one dared you to kiss anyone..."

Nightingale blushes a bit as he chuckles and finally eats the part of his salad still on his fork. "I'm a little surprised, myself. I was half-expecting every dare to be that, whenever my turn came around, just to get me embarrassed."

Mixolydia bites her lip. "It's really not fair to dare that, especially with ponies like Cala there. She just doesn't get that stuff yet... she's sweet and smart but clueless about romance..."

Nightingale shrugs a bit. "Well... it's not necessarily for everyone. I mean, I guess it even helps her concentrate on her studies, too, not having her head full of romance and whatnot."

Mixolydia nods. "Oh sure..." She munches on her salad a bit more. "I just wish I could talk to her about it more. Like, she'll listen but can't offer me advice or anything..."

Nightingale nods as he takes another bite of his salad, now that his attention has been pulled away from his notes. "I would try and help you, too, but I think I'm probably even less qualified for advice than Cala, since I'm a colt and all..."

Mixolydia blushes more at Gale's response and falls silent for a short while. She spends the time focusing on her lunch, chewing a bite of cheese sandwich for an overly long time.

Nightingale shifts his focus to his salad, and quickly works his way through the remaining bits of it during the stretch of silence. "So... how are you doing back at classes, now that you've got your magic again?"

Mixolydia: "Uh, classes are good... I feel like, more focused I guess... being without magic makes me feel what the magic is doing more now." She looks up at Gale. "So have you ever liked a filly... or another colt maybe?"

Nightingale blinks and tilts his head at the sudden change of topic, but considers the question. "Er... Well, I've seen a few fillies here and there that I thought were really cute, but..." He shakes his head, "I never got around to telling any of them as such."

Mixolydia finishes off her salad and nods. "Uh... same for me... I don't even know what I would say to somepony I like..."

Nightingale laughs a bit. "I'd probably wind up stuttering a lot, and wouldn't be able to get the words out..."

Mixolydia laughs nervously. "Yeah well... thank Celestia that I don't have to worry about anything like that..." She notices the clock and stands again. "Sorry... I gotta go help Prof. Temperment get ready for the Elemental Harmonics class..." She rushes away before Gale can object, leaving her empty tray on the table.

Nightingale is able to stutter out maybe half of a word before Mixie vanishes into the crowd milling about in the cafeteria. He blinks curiously, gazing at the spot that Mixie moved out of sight, before he turns his eyes up to the clock nearby, "...That's not for like another 15 minutes... Huh... Ah, well..." He takes a moment to levitate Mixie's tray over to the nearby receptacle before he turns his attention back to his notes once more, though Mixie's curious behavior seems to linger at the edges of his thoughts for the rest of the day.