Prench maids uniforms.

Friday, April 6th, 2018





Mixolydia lounges on a cloud of her magic as she and Cala chat idly in the quad. "... and then I said to him, 'that's Locrian, not Phrygian!'" She bursts out laughing. "As if anyone could mix up those modes up..."

Calavera laughs loudly, a huge grin upon her face as she sits on her flank next to Mixie. "Oh, that's pretty good! I mean, I have no idea either but then again I don't pretend I do. And I bet that you've given me a good enough ear that I could at least know what's up from down."

Dusty wanders through the commons area, humming as she anticipates a nice after-class reading session.

Mixolydia sighs happily and lies back on her cloud of magic. "I'm just happy to have all of this back, Cala. Everything is just wonderful and funny today..." She flops her head back all the way and notices Dusty walking. She flips off of her cloud and rushes over. "Dusty! Wait up!"

Dusty stops when she hears her name and looks toward the source of the commotion. "Oh! Hi, Mixie, how are you?"

Calavera grins wider, happy Mixie is feeling herself again, and as she rolls off the cloud, Cala gives an 'ooooo!' and rushes to follow after. "Oh! Oh! Yeah! Heya Dusty!"

Dusty smiles at Cala. "Oh, Cala is here, too! Hello."

Mixolydia stops next to Dusty and wraps her in a hug. "How are you?! I haven't seen you in like a week."

Dusty eeps at the sudden hug. "U-um...I'm great! I've been working on my assignments..."

Mixolydia nods. "That's good. Glad to know you're fitting in. But I have some important news!" She grins a bit. "We're having a sleepover tomorrow night and you're coming."

Dusty blinks. "I-I am? I mean're just in the dorms, right? Can we do that in the dorms?"

Calavera nods. "Ya know you can study with friends too, a'course! That's why we're gonna have a sleepover!" She grins at Mixie. "We're throwin' it in our dorm! Can't imagine it bein' a problem, so long as I don't summon nothing bigger than an imp."

Dusty: Are imps...okay with sleepovers?

Calavera grins. "I never asked 'em!"

Mixolydia laughs. "Maybe no summonings, Cala. I think five of us in the room is going to be crowded already..." She looks to Dusty. "And as long as no one tells and we're quiet at night, nopony can say anything."

Calavera giggles. "Awww, alrighty. Probably fer the best."

Dusty thinks for a second. "I have read that sleepovers can get pretty rowdy. Maybe I can try the soundproofing spell Aunt Mary uses sometimes?"

Mixolydia giggles. "That's usually with younger fillies though... but if that spell works, then sure, why not. And learning a soundproofing spell probably wouldn't be the worst thing for me, right Cala?"

Calavera pokes at Mixie playfully. "Well, I reckon we'd get a few less complaints from the RA."

Dusty giggles. "I might have to practice it a lot today...but maybe I can teach you later!"

Mixolydia nods. "Sure... if it's what I think it is, it should be similar to musical magic, just like, reproducing and flipping the sound... or else it just absorbs the energy, but that sounds harder..."

Dusty smiles and nods. "I read that you can cancel an identical sound by adjusting it slightly and playing it back!"

Calavera: Well, either way, might be helpful for keepin' the noise down! Though, if it's just us three, with Willow and Nightingale, I don't see us causin' a fuss anyways."

Dusty tilts her head. "Who's Nightingale?"

Mixolydia nods to both of her friends. "Oh, Dusty hasn't met Nightingale yet, though... I... uh... ran into him here in the quad one day... he's nice. Into like, healing magic and stuff."

Dusty blinks, a bit surprised. "Oh, a boy? Is it okay to invite him?"

Mixolydia: Uh yeah? The dorms aren't segregated or anything... besides, I don't think he's the type of colt that anyone needs to worry about doing... that stuff..."

Calavera tilts her head between Mixie and Dusty. "Stuff?"

Dusty blinks again. "He's gay?"

Calavera tilts her head back the other way.

Mixolydia blinks. "No, I just mean he's respectful and stuff. Not a creeper. You know? I can smell a creep from a mile away..."

Calavera tilts her head until it's sideways. "Creeper? Nah, he walks normal-like."

Dusty giggles. "Well in that case, our sleepover might get a bit interesting!"

Mixolydia giggles and nudges Cala in the side. "No, I mean he's not like... hitting on me and stuff. Like those stallions they have to shoo away from over by the sports field sometimes, you know?"

Calavera blinks, then seems like she gets it for a moment, but it's hard to tell if she actually does, or is just pretending she does. "Ohhhhhhh. Right, right. Well, that's good then."

Dusty hums. "Well if there's going to be a boy there...I have a few fun ideas~"

Mixolydia laughs. "Be nice to him, Dusty. He's a friend. He kept me out of the hospital when I smacked into that statue over there." She gestures vaguely at the central statue in the quad.

Dusty: Can we tease him at least?

Calavera seems confused again. "Like... practical jokes?"

Mixolydia giggles. "Fine, sure, but like, if we say to cut it out, you have to, OK?"

Dusty: Okay okay~

Calavera nods, seemingly satisfied. "A'right. For reals. I don't want any of my friends bein' the butt of any mean jokes, that's for sure."

Mixolydia nods. "Yeah, I mean, none of us have that many friends so like, let's not pick on each other..."

Dusty: Well not mean, but maybe like...spin the bottle? I've wanted to try that...

Calavera blinks and shakes her head. "We can't do that! If ya spin the bottle, it'll spill everywhere when ya open it!"

Dusty blushes. "Oh, um...I can explain how the game works later, Cala..."

Mixolydia blushes a bit. "Uh... yeah, what she said... and like there's nowhere to do that stuff..."

Calavera nods. "Right, uh, right! I mean, we'll still have soda. Just no spinnin' it. Doughnuts too. I suppose you can spin them if ya want."

Mixolydia: Well, not if they have sprinkles... those get everywhere...

Dusty: Hehe...not as bad as powdered sugar!

Calavera pouts. "But the powdered sugar ones are my favorite!"

Mixolydia: So no spinning the donuts, then...

Dusty giggles. "Do you two have any games?"

Mixolydia frowns, thinking. "Uh... Cala has a ouija board..."

Calavera nods, but sighs. "But... if we're not doin' any summonin', that might be a bad idea. I got tarot cards too though!"

Dusty: What about...regular playing cards?

Mixolydia nods. "Oh yeah. Cala brought me back a deck with famous Neigh Orleans jazz musicians on them..."

Calavera grins "Oh yeah! Ya still got them! Cool! Well, there we go!"

Dusty: I'll see if I can bring something as well!

Mixolydia smiles. "Cool. Bring some snacks too, OK? And pyjamas."

Dusty: Do I just...head over there after class? I might need some help getting there...

Calavera looks about. "Ya can meet us back here! We'll lead the way!"

Mixolydia smiles. "You don't have to come right after class if you don't want, though.. But if you do, we can all do homework together or something.."

Dusty nods. "Alright, I'll definitely be here!"

Mixolydia blinks. "Wait... tomorrow's Saturday... No class."

Dusty: Oh! um...

Mixolydia laughs. "Uh, meet you by the statue at like, five?"

Calavera: Oh... um, yeah! That works! Five!

Dusty: Five it is!

Mixolydia gives Dusty another hug. "Cool. See you then!" She turns to go, her magic stirring up under her hooves again.

Calavera giggles, giving Dusty a hug as well. "It's gonna be so much fun! I promise!"

Dusty giggles as she hugs her friends. "I'm looking forward to it!"

Mixolydia heads back to the dorm with Cala, making more plans for the sleepover.




Icicle Gleam yawns a bit as he steps out of the portal into the bar. His foreleg is currently wrapped in a bandage, but he otherwise appears to be in fine condition. He looks around the apparently empty bar for a moment, then makes his way to the counter, where he orders a nice mug of sparkling cider.

Brise Doux is sitting at a booth mostly out of view of the portal. When she spots Gleam come in, she rises and makes her way to the bar, her small glass of sherry in magical tow. She takes a seat next to Gleam and smiles at him. "Bonsoir, monsieur."

Icicle Gleam hears movement off to the side and hums as he turns. He blinks in surprise upon seeing Brise seated beside him, but he smiles nonetheless as he takes in her appearance. "Ah, hello there, miss."

Brise Doux sips at her sherry. She is wearing a light green spring dress of some sort of stiff but finely woven material. It is elegantly embroidered with gold filligree near the edges, but this accent is subdued. "A lovely evening tonight, oui?"

Icicle Gleam nods as he continues to take in Brise's appearance. "It really is. I couldn't ask for a nicer start to Spring, I... th... ink...?" He trails off as his eyes find Brise's wings, only to flick up towards her horn in momentary confusion. Another moment passes before he startles and dips his head down into a bow, "A-aah! I didn't realize you were royalty! M-my apologies, miss!"

Brise Doux watches Gleam's reaction with an amused smile. She shakes her head and laughs softly. "Ah, it is fine, ma petit. I have not been royalty for a long time now." She drains her sherry and sets the glass on the bar. "Please, here I am just a pony like any other."

Icicle Gleam blinks as he slowly looks up again, and then shifts himself back into a more proper sitting position, still trying to calm himself down from the initial shock. "U-um... okay. Sorry about the reaction, miss. I, er... wasn't expecting to run into an alicorn." He pauses, then clears his throat and gives a valiant effort at his usual, relaxed smile, "Then... I should introduce myself. I'm... Icicle Gleam, miss, one of the weatherponies of Ponyville."

Brise Doux giggles silently and nods. "Few expect it, je sais, and yet here I am." She takes a moment to smooth out the skirt of her dress before offering a hoof to Gleam. "A pleasure to meet you. I am Brise Doux, of the Kingdom of Prance, but not for many years now..."

Icicle Gleam gently takes the hoof and seems uncertain of how to proceed for a moment. However, he eventually decides to mix two protocols together, and give Brise's hoof a shake while also giving her a respectful bow. "A pleasure to meet you, Brise Doux... Or should I call you Lady Brise or something similar?"

Brise Doux shakes her head. "Brise is fine here and now, oui?" She giggles at Gleam's uncertain response to her hoof, shaking back gently. She takes back her hoof and procures a fresh glass of sherry from Barkeep. She glances over to the portal, but says nothing for the moment as she looks back to Gleam. "You have something on your mind. Please, ask whatever you wish." The first sentence is definitely a statement and not a question.

Icicle Gleam nods at Brise's statement. "That I do, actually... You said you were from the Kingdom of Prance. Unless I really messed up in my History courses back at the academy, Prance hasn't been a kingdom for... a long time."

Brise Doux nods. "C'est vrai." She flutters her wings a bit. "But I have also been for a long time, and so here I am." She laughs a bit, though there's a hint of sadness to it.

Icicle Gleam hums as he digests the information, his expression dropping a little at the slight edge of sadness to Brise's laugh. He gives her another kind smile after he takes a sip of his cider. "So... what brings you to such a small, quiet town like Ponyville, Brise?"

Brise Doux sips at her Sherry and smiles. "Ah, well, I have not been quite honest with you, monsieur." She gestures to the portal. "I came from there, like you. Ostfriesen is my home for these many years now."

Icicle Gleam glances back at the portal for a moment, though he quickly returns his attention to Brise. "You've made your residence within the castle? I never knew there was another alicorn resident aside from Princesses Mary and Sue."

Brise Doux smiles. "Ah, well there are a few in addition to myself, and I think that young mademoiselle Dusty would be offended that you forget her at least, oui?"

Icicle Gleam blinks, then chuckles to himself as rubs at his face in embarrassment. "Ah... I can't believe I forgot about Dusty being an alicorn."

Brise Doux: It is fine. You have had a long day, oui? As for myself, I... how you say... keep out of sight. You have heard of the maids of Ostfriesen, yes?

Icicle Gleam smiles and nods at that. "Oh, yes, I've heard about them around the castle! If I'm not mistaken, I think Simmilie, the portal guardian, is a former maid?"

Brise Doux nods. "Never a proper one, but yes, in a way." She sips her sherry again. "I am in charge of all of the maids. I am the Prime Janitrix of Ostfriesen." She giggles a bit at the pomposity of the title.

Icicle Gleam seems suitably impressed by the title. "So you're the one who leads all of the maids? I'm guessing that's why the uniforms look kind of like those worn by Prench maids?"

Brise Doux laughs. "I have had a hoof in the design over the years, oui. But so have many others." She sips at her sherry again. "Despite my position, I always listen to what those in my command have to say."

Icicle Gleam grins after he takes another sip of his cider. "That's one of the marks of a great boss. One needs to be willing to listen to those under their care, or the team won't work as well as they could."

Brise Doux nods. "And I have seen what happens when those in power do not care for those 'beneath' them..."

Icicle Gleam nods in turn. "I can imagine that you've got the respect of all of the maids, because of how well you treat them, Brise."

Brise Doux: Merci. You are too kind.

Brise Doux takes a sip of sherry. "And how are you enjoying your time in Ostfriesen?"

Icicle Gleam chuckles. "I'm just speaking from experience, since I lead my own team of weatherponies." He sighs and sits back a little more comfortably into his seat, "Ostfriesen is starting to become a second home for me, I think. Even though I've been visiting for some time now, everything is still extremely interesting."

Brise Doux: You have a unique perspective, being able to move so freely now. Both because of the new opening to visitors and as Mary's consort...

Icicle Gleam gives Brise's statement some thought, then nods in agreement. "I suppose I do." He looks towards the portal again for a moment, "I can come and go as I please, thanks to Mary... From what my sister said, most visitors are restricted to a few designated zones for safety."

Brise Doux nods. "Without an elite escort, yes."

Brise Doux sighs a bit. "I have taken the opening as a sign that I should venture out beyond Ostfriesen again. It has been too long since I secluded myself and much has changed in the wider world."

Icicle Gleam smiles again as he turns his attention back to Brise. "The world has definitely changed a lot in more recent decades. You'll get to experience the wonder of seeing it all in person again!"

Brise Doux nods. "I am looking forward to it. I am still wary of perhaps returning to Prance to visit, but I will look into it at the very least."

Icicle Gleam hums. "Depending on how long it's been, it might not hurt to use a disguise cloak while visiting Prance." He hitches up a cheerful smile, "And... if you happen to want a guided tour of Ponyville or Canterlot, I could volunteer for that, one day."

Brise Doux smiles. "I can find my way around, but thank you for the offer."

Icicle Gleam continues to chat with Brise about this and that over the course of another hour or so. Before long, however, the two realize that it's getting late, and they get up to leave. They continue to chat amicably as they step through the portal back to Ostfriesen, until they have to part ways for their respective destinations.