I've heard worse ideas. Heck, I've had worse ideas.

Thursday, April 5th, 2018





Calavera returns from her Advanced Enchantment and Enhancements class, brain just so ready to check out from any more learning for the day. She knocks once on the familiar door then opens it up without hesitation. "Mixie! I'm back! Yah doin' alright? Yah feelin' okay? Were you sleeping? Oh, I hope I didn't wake ya up?"

Mixolydia mumbles groggily from the lower bunk where she has been half-dozing for a few hours. Energetic music plays quietly from a stereo by the bedside. She sits up and blinks at Cala. "Oh, hey... I'm okay.. just... annoyed..." She reaches up and pokes angrily at the glowing magical lock around the base of her horn. "Like, can they really not trust me to not use my own magic for a few days?"

Calavera walks over quickly and flumps herself next to the bed to frown at Mixie. "Aw, darling, it's just to be sure you're okay. You know when you get into you're groovin' you don't think about your magic."

Mixolydia leans over and hugs Cala, resting her cheek against her friend's mane. "I know, I know... it's just... argh... you know?" She sighs, looking up at the bottom of the bunk above her. "I miss my own bed. I miss floating. It's boring in here and all I can do is read textbooks for class. You know how much I hate the theory stuff. It just doesn't click for me..."

Calavera nuzzles gently. "I know. You're a do'er, not a think'er. Not sayin' you're dumb, of course, you know I love you. You're always welcome to help yourself to my books too, of course."

Mixolydia nuzzles back and giggles. "Aww... I know, but the dark magic stuff... not sure I want to get into that... I mean, it's fine, but just.. not me. Some of the dark liturgies are kind of cool though..."

Calavera giggles. "I think they're super cool! But aww, alright. If'n there's something I can get you out of the library, you just let me know. Or any kind'a snacks or such, I'm here to make sure you're happy, Mixie. I even plan to double ward the room against nightmares tonight for ya."

Mixolydia giggles and hugs Cala tight. "Can you like, speed up time for me? Get me to Thursday morning so I can get this thing off my horn?"

Calavera perks up slightly, then slumps. "Nah, I don't think I can. The Librarian's know Ah'm not supposed to be in the Forbidden wing after they caught me the fourth time. They're too careful fer me to get by now."

Mixolydia rolls onto her back, stretching out her legs and leaning them against the wall. "It's okay... I know... I just... you know?" She huffs a bit and then rolls out of bed. "I think I need to... do something.. but what?"

Calavera ooos! "Go get a snack? Go see a movie? Summon an ancestor's spirit? Go shopping?"

Mixolydia giggles. "Getting a snack sounds good." She struggles to pull a hoodie on without her magic, but eventually gets herself into the light green sweater. "Donut Joe's?"

Calavera grins. "Of course! And you can lean on me if ya need to, darling. Let's get you some donuts!"

Mixolydia smiles. "I think I can walk, but thanks." She tucks a few things inot the side pockets of the hoodie and heads for the door. "Oh! My headphones should be fixed by now. Remind me to pick them up on the way back?"

Calavera nods but frowns sadly. "Jus' remember you're not supposed to be walking around with them all distracted again."

Mixolydia nods. "I know. I'll be more careful. I probably should just leave them in the room, at least when we're just on campus." She hugs Cala again. "What would I do without you, Cala? You're too good to me."

Calavera d'awws and hugs back. "You're a sweetheart! I'm just bein' friendly. Besides, you're one of the few ponies ta give me the time of day."

Mixolydia laughs a bit. She then gets herself and her best friend moving out the door or they'll just be hugging all day.




Willow Wisp is sitting in a booth, her current company being black, skull-adorned headphones sitting on her head and probably blasting too loud, a thick book by Skyhoof King and a huge plate of doughtnuts with various covers and fillings.

Mixolydia walks into the shop with Cala in tow. She wears her repaired headphones around her neck, looking more than a little dejected. She walks up to the counter, eyeing the day's selection of toric treats.

Calavera is walking close to Mixie, watching her carefully, but a huge smile upon her face still. "Once you've had a donut or two, you'll feel way better! My treat! Least I can do for ya!"

Willow Wisp looks up from her book upon seeing movement from the corner of her eye. A smile slowly finds onto her face, and she waves at Calavera and Mixolydia.

Mixolydia smiles over at Cala. "I know... it's just... I feel like a different pony without my magic, you know?" She turns back to the display case and points out a few flavours that strike her fancy. "Those ones... and a big coffee, of course." She looks around the shop, trying to find a place to sit.

Calavera gets out bits and pays for donuts and a coffee and a big soda for herself. "Awww, yah I know it. But you'll be back to yourself in not time. And in the meantime..." She turns to look around, then spots Willow and starts to wave. "Ah! Ah! There's Willow! See? More friends ta help cheer you up!"

Willow Wisp grins at her friends, taking off her headphones: "Fancy seeing you two here! What's new today?" She looks at Mixolydia: "You seem to be up and running at least."

Mixolydia takes a seat across from Willow and smiles a bit. "Hey Willow. Yeah, I'm all right... no Magic until the day after tomorrow, though." She nods up at the glowing ring around the base of her golden horn. "I feel like I'm missing a limb or something." She sips at her coffee, though it takes a few moments for her to handle the hot mug in her hooves. In the end, she mostly just leans down to sip from it.

Calavera comes to the table next, not even bothering with magic as she slurps her soda from a big straw. "Ah really like your mane, Willow! It's all cool an' pointy!"

Willow Wisp winces at Mixolydia: "...yeah, I can see that being a problem'. Least it's just temporary? When do you get it off?" She turns to Calavera, smiling and blushing a bit at the praise: "...w-well, I did go through a lot of trouble to get 'em. An' my Dad has not yet seen them. He's going to blow a gasket or seven."

Calavera giggles, tilting her head back and forth a little playfully to bob her pigtails. "Well, Ah like 'em!"

Mixolydia giggles. "They are really really cool, but like, horns always are." She slides off her headphones and holds them up, showing the pair of short branched 'horns' on the headband. "Sometimes I wish that I had real Kirin horns like this, but then I'd probably get more unwanted attention than I already get." She sighs a bit and takes a big bite out of a maple creme filled donut. "As for my Magic, I should be getting it back the day after tomorrow... if everything is already in my head again."

Willow Wisp smirks: "Horns are great. Rams are... well, their culture is just so fascinating. They live on the mountains in the West an' we don't really know much about them. But-" she giggles: "I've probably talked about them to you enough to bore you to death. I think."

Calavera blinks. "Ohhhhhh! They're ram horns! Cool!"

Mixolydia hangs her headphones around her neck again and pulls up the hood of her green hoodie until it rests against the base of her horn. She smiles. "Mountain goats are really cool. I mean, being able to stick to steep mountains sounds like a really cool magic..."

Willow Wisp grins wide: "Yeah, except they do it without any magic! How cool is that?"

Mixolydia nods. "Well, it's probably like earth pony or pegasus magic.. just part of them..."

Calavera eats her own powered sugar doughnut, tilting her head. "Without any magic? It's not even like, cloud walkin' magics?" She nods to Mixie. "Tha's what I was thinking!"

Willow Wisp tilts her head: "Well, I dunno for sure. They do know their rocks and sculpturing. Like, they have these huge statues of important rams and goats - everywhere!" She pauses: "...well, at least that's what the books say. I wanna go there."

Calavera nods excitedly. "Sounds pretty cool ta me! Only mountain I've ever seen is... well." She points out towards Canterlot's mountain and giggles.

Mixolydia smiles. "Well, hopefully you can some day." She finally gets the hang of handling her mug and takes another sip of coffee as she polishes up her first down and then starts in on a honey cruller.

Willow Wisp smirks at Calavera: "I think we've all seen this one."

Calavera nods, "Well, yah but, it'sa big deal to me! Not many mountains down around Neigh Orleans."

Mixolydia nudges Cala. "That's another reason you need to come back home with me for a visit. The moutains at the edge of the desert are so amazing..."

Willow Wisp tilts her head at Mixolydia: "Oh? You got me curious."

Mixolydia nods. "My family lives out near Salt Lick City... It's not too far from the Rockhoof Mountains."

Calavera gives a bit of a whistle. "Ah'll bet it's soooo pretty. But bein' so high up... gives me a bit of goose-flesh. I'd be freaked out on this mountain too if we weren't all indoors."

Mixolydia turns in the booth a bit, showing that her hoodie is for her hometown hoofball team, the Salt Lick City Shakers.

Willow Wisp smiles: "Ah, cool. I wonder what the mountains of the West are like." She blushes a bit: "...I have lived all my life up here."

Calavera shakes her head at Willow, swallowing another mouthful of doughnut. "Aw, that's a shame. I was pretty little when my Ma and Pa moved us all away from Hayseed Swamp, but Neigh Orleans is right hospitable. Canterlot is like a whole different world though!"

Willow Wisp lets another doughnut out of its' pain and starts directly munching on another: "Mwell, I fuppose 'tis not too bad. My parents seem to think there's nothing of much worth outside of Canterlot, but I'm not sure I agree."

Mixolydia shakes her head. "They're wrong. There's a whole amazing world out there, and not just in Equestria either..." She dunks the last bits of her cruller in her coffee and polishes off both at once. "Sounds to me like you've got the better idea by not listening to everything they say or want for you."

Calavera nods eagerly. "All sorta cool stuff, I agree with Mixie!"

Willow Wisp sticks her tongue out: "That's assuming I listen to the old farts at all. Which I don't."

Mixolydia stands and trots to the bar with her mug for a refill, returning a few moments later. She sits down again and looks at Willow. "I bet you wish the school was somewhere else like Manehattan or whatever so you could be more away from them, then."

Willow Wisp nods: "You're not wrong there." She sighs audibly and kills another doughnut.

Calavera giggles. "My Ma and Pa told me I can do whatever I wanted. They're pretty simple folk compared to the ponies here, I imagine, but they're happy. That's what really mattered to 'em. Makes 'em right easy to listen to when all they're saying is 'Do what makes yah happy.'... well, that and 'Don't be summonin' no more demon cats Cala!'."

Willow Wisp blinks at Calavera: "...demon cats?"

Mixolydia giggles at Cala's comments. "Aww, but G'arhyl'lor is just a big sweetie. How could anyone hate on him?" She looks back to Willow and frowns a bit. "Hey, if you ever need to get away from your parents for a night, you can crash with me and Cala, ok?"

Willow Wisp looks between Mixolydia and Calavera: "...Garhywhatnow?"

Calavera giggles. "I'll try'n bring her over some night so you can meet him. I'd call him now, but, I didn't bring my chalk and we ain't got any fire to feed him here. I doubt Mr. Joe would much appreciate us doing that here anyways."

Willow Wisp blinks, then nods: "...okay." She doesn't really know what else to add to that.

Calavera nods. "My point is... yer welcome to hang out with Mixie and me in our dorm room whenever you want, Willow. Or, that was Mixie's point, but I'm agreein'."

Willow Wisp smiles: "...I think I'd like some of that. My parents are always on my case for not jumpin' to their whistle. You're much better company."

Mixolydia takes a long sip of coffee and nods, nibbling on a glazed chocolate donut hole. "Thanks. We could also come over to your place if you want. Maybe they'd be nicer to you with guests around. I think a lot of rich ponies are like that..."

Calavera grins, blushing slightly. "Ya'll are too sweet. Not many ponies ever called me 'good company' before."

Mixolydia frowns at Cala and pokes her in the side. "Hey now, I love your company."

Willow Wisp looks up and groans: "No offense, but I'd rather come with you. They... want to impress everypony that comes around. Unless you want a two-hour guided-don't-even-think-about-leaving-early tour of the Bold and Beautiful Branch Family history, complete with a portrait gallery that tries to put Celestia's Royal Gallery to shame..."

Mixolydia rolls her eyes. "Ugh... tell me about it... like, anytime anyone asks my dad about Kirin or Neighpon stuff, or even alludes to it, off he goes about our heritage, 'trying to correct the misconceptions of the average Equestrian one talk at a time'... I mean, it's cool to hear about the first time, but you try growing up and having to hear it again and again every Sunday when someone

Mixolydia new comes over for coffee..."

Calavera watches Willow, her ears dropping back. "I hope you don't take this the wrong way, Willow, but that sounds mighty boring. Unless they spend the two hours lecturin' about magical theory or have some kinda dark artifact collection. That might impress me..."

Mixolydia giggles. "But theory IS boring, Cala..."

Calavera sticks her tongue out at Mixie. "Sure you think so!"

Willow Wisp groans: "Oh trust me, it IS boring. Ms. Lightning's physics classes are more interesting, and she's caught me sleeping five times... this year."

Calavera pouts. "Well, I think they're fun."

Willow Wisp looks at Calavera: "Your idea of 'fun' really could use some work." She smiles and throws a doughnut up in the air with her magic, catching it in her mouth and 'magically making it vanish'. "Like doughnuts. Doughnuts are fun."

Mixolydia sighs as she watches Willow using her magic so casually. "I mean, theory isn't bad, it's just... dry... and difficult... Why do I need to learn about how magic works when I can just... do it?"

Willow Wisp looks at Mixolydia and nods: "My point exactly. All that text and numbers just don't stick to my head."

Calavera giggles. "Doughnuts are fun! And... I mean, I'm not as talented as you are Mixie. I can't just 'do it.' I need to understand what ah'm doin' first for it all ta make sense."

Mixolydia huffs a bit. "Sorry... at least we all agree on donuts." She munches at another one and notices that the plate is getting a little empty. "Hmm.. speaking of that..."

Willow Wisp picks up the last doughnut on her plate in her magic: "It's good to agree on donuts."

Calavera grins. "Speaking of! Oh! Right!" She lifts the empty plates up and wanders back over to the counter, cheerfully buying another round for the table.

Nightingale shuffles into the shop, looking decidedly exhausted at the end of a long day of study. He greets Donut Joe amicably, but it's clear he's struggling to stay awake at the moment as he waits at the counter for his usual order of a couple of chocolate donuts and a cup of mild coffee.

Mixolydia grabs a big fat raspberry fritter from the top of the stack and noms on it contentedly. She sighs a bit and smiles a bit. "Thanks for helping me cheer up a bit, you two."

Willow Wisp shrugs: "Hey, what are friends for?" She looks up at Nightingale: "Hey, isn't that the twerp that collided into you?"

Calavera blinks as the other pony walks in. "Oh! Healy guy!" She hasn't even sat down entirely before she is already back up to hug Nightingale. "Come on over and sit with us!"

Mixolydia looks up and smiles a bit. She whistles quite loudly. "Hey! Nightingale! Over here!" She waves a hoof once he turns his head.

Willow Wisp tilts her head a bit, then shrugs and makes her gifted doughnut disappear.

Nightingale turns to look towards the strange noises off to his side, and stumbles in surprise as Cala pulls him into a hug. He blinks and tries to figure out what's even going on for a few seconds, before he finally registers who the group of ponies are. "O-oh... Hey there, Calavera, Mixie, Willow..." He stifles a yawn, then makes his way to the table once he gets his order.

Mixolydia leans over to give Nightingale a hug once he sits. "You look exhausted. Have you like, slept at all since I saw you last?"

Nightingale manages to sort of return the hug, but he lets go and sits back up before he gets too comfortable and dozes off. "Yeah... I had a good night's sleep, but..." He yawns again and gives his head a shake, "I spent the study period and my breaks practicing magic."

Calavera returns to her seat as well, watching Nightingale carefully. "I've almost got yer doll done. Once I've enchanted it all proper, I hope it'll help ya sleep. I've put a dream charm on all you'll's dolls of course."

Mixolydia nods. "Well, I understand that..." She sighs as she feels the squeeze of the ring at the base of her horn again. "And at least they let you do that again..."

Willow Wisp yawns. It's contagious. "...your magic tires you that much?" She raises an eyebrow at Calavera, trying her best to not shudder.

Nightingale smiles a bit. "Well... to be fair, I'm not the one that got a concussion..." He gazes at his coffee for a moment, then takes a nice, long sip and sighs, "Yeah. Like I said the other day, I get like this whenever I try to heal anypony..." He gives Calavera another smile, "And... Mixie told me what that hair thing was about, so... thanks, Cala..."

Mixolydia looks to Cala. "You know how I can get sometimes when I overdo it making my crystals... I guess it's like that for Nightingale too?" She sips at her coffee, feeling more relaxed among friends and conversation.

Calavera nods. "I suppose that makes plenty ah sense. Yah both need to learn not to overdo yourselves!"

Willow Wisp looks about her empty plate, briefly considers licking it but decides against it as she has company and sighs: "Overdoing sounds... exhausting, yup."

Willow Wisp yawns again.

Nightingale nods a bit as he glances at Willow. "It's pretty exhausting, yeah... Makes sleep feel so much better, though."

Calavera claps her hooves down loudly on the table. "OH! Oh I know! SLEEP OVER!"

Mixolydia nods. "Yeah, the walk here and like, having to do everything with my hooves... it's tiring... I think I'll be ready for a nap when we get back..."

Mixolydia blinks at Cala's outburst and giggles! "YES! We need to have a sleep over. Just the four of us!"

Willow Wisp blinks and looks up at Calavera, then Mixolydia: "Bwuh?"

Calavera nods excitedly and giggles too, "We can take some doughnuts with us back to Mixie 'n me's dorm, and we can all hang out and talk and have a sleep over!"

Nightingale startles awake for a few moments at Calavera's outburst, then looks about as confused as Willow. "W-wait... a sleep over...? The... four of us?"

Mixolydia giggles and puts a hoof on Cala's shoulder. "Maybe not tonight... but like... Saturday night maybe?"

Willow Wisp tilts her head, considering: "I've heard worse ideas. Heck, I've had worse ideas. I'm in."

Nightingale glances between Calavera, Mixie and Willow, "...Are you all sure you'll be okay with a colt there...?"

Calavera frowns, letting Mixie ebb her excitement down a little. "Aw, alright. Maybe not tonight. I still think we should do it..."

Mixolydia nods to Nightingale and laughs. "Yeah, I mean, we outnumber you anyway..." She looks to Willow. "Can we put you on donut duty? We can put the order in today and you can pick them up before you come on Saturday..."

Willow Wisp looks at Nightingale: "The idea is bound to annoy my parents when I tell them about it afterwards. You're in."

Willow Wisp smiles at Mixolydia: "Sure, I can do that. We're gonna need a lot of doughnuts though."

Nightingale doesn't really know how to respond to either statement, but instead just gives the three a small smile. "Well... alright, then. I usually just study on Saturdays, so... A sleep over does sound fun."

Calavera claps her hooves together. "Awesome! We're all friends! It only makes sense we all hang out more!"

Mixolydia squees happily and leans over to hugs Cala. "You have the best ideas."

Willow Wisp raises an eyebrow at the hug: "Well, jury is a bit out on that one still, but we will see." She starts to giggle at her own joke, but it's cut into a yawn halfway through.

Nightingale gives himself a stretch. "Nothing like hanging out with some good friends."

Mixolydia drains her second mug of coffee as her mind whirls with ideas for the sleepover.

Calavera hugs Mixie back, then begins planning out sleep over activites as she sips her soda straw. "Well, here's what we could do..."

Narrator: The four ponies, but really mostly just Mixie and Cala, spend a while longer plotting and planning for the sleepover.