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Sunday, April 1st, 2018





Radar wakes and yawns a bit. She feels disoriented, but that's been usual since her transformation. It takes her a few moments to remember where she is, but soon the familiar surroundings of her room above the bar makes her feel more at ease. Memories of last night come flooding back and she snuggles in against Fleuret's surprisingly cool body.

Fleuret snugs Radar up a bit, not quite awake yet.

Radar squeaks softly and nuzzles up under her sister's chin.

Fleuret nuzzles the little bat and yawns. "Ahhh. Good morning, Radar. I hope you slept well."

Radar skrees happily and nods. She feels the sudden empty pit in her stomach though. She wriggles away from Fleur and flies over to the bowl of fruit she keeps on a small table. She picks up an apple in her feet and brings it back over to the bed. She cuddles in against Fleuret again as she begins to devour the apple.

Fleuret giggles softly as she watches Radar fly over.

Radar quickly eats the apple down to nothing. She lets out a little burp and then flops back against Fleuret again.

Fleuret pats Radar's head. "You've got quite the appetite like this."

Radar squeaks indignantly, but gratefully accepts the pats. She leans up and nuzzles Fleuret's chin again.

Fleuret cuddles with Radar a bit, quietly, not quite sure what to say in this situation. "Sorry if I'm a bit quiet. It's not like I've never encountered something like this before, but the communication hurdles.. you know."

Radar squeaks softly and nods. She looks down at herself and shivers a bit, wrapping her wings around herself tightly.

Fleuret hrms. "How are you handling this, by the way?"

Radar shakes her head and squeaks sadly. She flies over to where her pack and goggles and other gear were set down and lands next to them. They look ridiculously huge next to her. She skrees angrily and then turns to look at herself in the mirror.

Fleuret walks over to look into the mirror with Radar. She of course does have a reflection, since she's not that kind of vampire. "Patience, my friend. I do believe your friend Amber will find a solution before long."

Radar skrees softly. She flies over to her bookshelf and tugs at one of her scrapbooks.

Fleuret follows along and helps pull out the scrapbook in question.

Radar flies back to the bed, hoping that Fleuret will bring the book.

Fleuret takes the book along and settles onto the bed. She lies it open on the bed, curious what's inside.

Radar carefully flips through the pages, looking at the photos of her family and the places she has visited. She seems more relaxed as she looks through it, looking up at Fleuret occasionally.

Fleuret looks over the pictures as well. "Sometimes I wish I could remember my original family."

Radar squeaks sadly. She flips to the last filled page of the scrapbook, where there are a couple of pictures of Radar and Fleuret together from their day out in Canterlot. On the same page are a few small knicknacks from their time together in Ostfriesen and Canterlot, as well as few choice quotes that have been written down.

Fleuret grins. "Oh nice. I do like having family once again." She leans in to snug the bat gently.

Radar snuggles back and nods. After a minute, she squeaks excitedly and points back and forth between the photos and herself.

Fleuret ohs? "You want a picture of you as you are now, I imagine?"

Radar nods. She flies over to her desk again and digs out a chunk of amber from a metal dish of gems and coins and the like that she keeps there. She flies back with it and then points to herself, the amber, and the photo.

Fleuret scratches her head a bit as she inspects the amber. "I'm not sure I follow?"

Radar does her best imitation of a laugh, then shakes her head. She takes the amber back to the tray and then returns to Fleuret and just looks through the scrapbook again for a while.

Fleuret lounges alongside Radar as they peruse her memories.




Coconut sits on the shockingly soft bed in the all too cozy guestroom of Katlego's home, somewhat at a loss in her new setting. She sits somewhat still since Katlego let her know she'd be leaving for the night, and now just... she doesn't know what. Sleep more, maybe? She sighs and mutters to herself. "What the hay am I supposed to even do here?"

Narrator: A knock comes from the door, quickly followed by a muffled voice. "Hey, Coconut? Do you feel hungry? If you want, I can cook up something for you to eat."

Coconut stands slowly, her burns healed but still tender, and walks to the door, opening it carefully. "You're... Sapphire? Right? I most certainly could eat."

Sapphire Streak nods and smiles. "Yeah, I'm Sapphire Streak, Kat's coltfriend. Is there anything in particular that you'd like to eat? I can make... well, almost anything you'd consider standard kitchen fare."

Coconut tilts her head, but smiles. "Coltfriend... of course. I would eat most anything, right now. To be frank, I'm not entirely sure what 'standard kitchen fare' would be here, but I'm assuming you can make a salad."

Sapphire Streak nods eagerly. "Oh yeah, I can whip up a salad really fast for you. Here, I can help you to the kitchen if you want to sit at the table in there." He stands aside from the door and makes a courteous gesture.

Coconut steps through to follow Sapphire. "I can... aid you if you wish. It's the least I can do for the hospitality."

Sapphire Streak waves a hoof as he leads Coconut to the kitchen and pulls out a seat for her at the table. "Nah, feel free to relax, Coconut. It won't take too long at all. Kat says I'm pretty handy in the kitchen."

Coconut bows her head and takes a seat. "You are too kind. Honestly, I assumed you would have left with Katlego when she went out."

Sapphire Streak shakes his head as he moves to the refrigerator and starts pulling out ingredients for the salad. "No, she was going to have a girls' night out with Spring, that pegasus that stopped by earlier. Besides, I'm not the sort to just leave a guest high and dry."

Coconut watches as Sapphire works. "I... had not pictured Katlego being friends with somepony like this... 'Spring', was it?" She shakes her head and chuckles. "Not that I can be one to talk."

Sapphire Streak chuckles as he starts deftly cutting slices of carrots, cucumbers and other assorted salad ingredients and sliding them into a large glass bowl. "I think Spring's actually one of the ponies that really helped Kat get accustomed to life in Equestria, when she moved here from Zebrica. Believe it or not, Kat told me that she used to be quite shy when she first arrived."

Coconut gives Sapphire a flat stare. "Shy? Katlego? She has so much fire in her she practically spits it!"

Sapphire Streak continues to chuckle as he starts pulling some lettuce leaves from a rather large head and starts to wash them. "She's a firebrand, most certainly. But I imagine she was really uncertain of things when she arrived. From what I remember, she didn't really know the language, so that barrier made things really hard for her."

Coconut nods, considering that. "I suppose I have many things to my advantage... for one, Katlego herself." She raises an eyebrow at Sapphire. "I imagine she told you all about me, yes?"

Sapphire Streak nods a bit as he looks towards Coconut, though he continues to clean and cut all of the ingredients of the salad without missing a beat. "Well, I think so, at least. You're a friend of her's, and are in a spot of trouble. In particular, she mentioned that you were being hunted, and can't exactly go home yet, as a result."

Coconut nods. "All the truth, more or less. If Katlego trusts you, then so do I, Sapphire."

Sapphire Streak hums and smiles warmly. "Thank you, Coconut, that means a lot." He looks back at the ingredients for a moment, then piles them into the bowl once they're fully chopped, He then covers the bowl with a lid and begins to shake it about. "By the way, do you prefer any particular dressings?"

Coconut shakes her head. "No... nothing stands out as a preference. Perhaps a vinaigrette?" She rests back in her chair, staring at the ceiling. "A month ago, an attack like I suffered would never have gotten so close to me. If they had, I'd likely be dead. Instead, I'm sitting here, in Ponyville, watching my... friend's coltfriend make me a salad. I must be insane."

Sapphire Streak shrugs a bit as he sets the freshly tossed salad back on the counter and digs through the refrigerator for the proper salad dressing. Once he finds it, he pulls it out and gives it a vigorous shake to mix everything together. "Maybe the stress of everything was starting to get to you? I can't imagine it's remotely easy dealing with that kind of stuff."

Coconut sighs. "The stress? I mean, no, it's not, but isn't that just life? I've been taught never to expect things to be 'easy' on me."

Sapphire Streak opens the lid of the bowl and pours in a generous amount of dressing, then seals it again. He puts the bottle aside and starts to shake the bowl again. "Well, I mean... I won't say it's a bad way to look at things. There's a good reason why there's that saying that you need to work for the stuff that benefits you the most. But there's a difference between working towards a better life and literally fighting for your life."

Coconut closes her eyes to think. "Is that what I want? A better life? In Ostfriesen, I have power... some degree of fame among the adventurers, influence. I think..." She opens her eyes at the realization. "I could actually become a Knight now. Like, actually DO it, for real this time. If that's still what I want."

Sapphire Streak uncovers the bowl again and reveals a nicely tossed salad, then slides it onto the table right in front of Coconut along with some utensils. "Here you go, Coconut. One freshly tossed salad!" He smiles a bit as he goes to wash the knives and cutting board in the sink, "But another thing to think of is that you will also continue fighting for your life in Ostfriesen. You could become a Knight, but would it be worth having to constantly guard yourself at all times?"

Coconut glances down at the salad, taking in the sight and smell of it, her mouth watering. "...Not necessarily..." She frowns, then shakes her head before she begins to eat. "You and Katlego... how did you meet?"

Sapphire Streak hums thoughtfully, but instead chooses to answer Coconut's question first. "We met several years ago. Back then, I was a bit of a... well, a shameless flirt." He chuckles, "Our first meeting, amusingly enough, ended with me flat on my back after she headbutted me."

Coconut chuckles through a mouthful of lettuce. "Yes, that sounds right for her."

Sapphire Streak nods, smiling. "And the next several encounters with her were much the same. I'm still surprised she put up with me as much as she did."

Coconut grins, swallowing another mouthful of her salad. "I only met her twice before my injuries... stubborn, but proud. I respect that. I think, if she did not like you, you would have known in a very painful fashion."

Sapphire Streak chuckles dryly. "Well... I know for certain that she didn't like me when we first met. I was quite bothersome, I think."

Coconut grins, but shakes her head and takes another bite. "Persistence on your part, then?"

Sapphire Streak nods and smiles. "Yeah... Kind of a mix, I think. Persistence in being a presence in her life, and a chance meeting that happened to start things on a track for the better between us."

Coconut raises an eyebrow, curious but tactful as she eyes Sapphire's form. "I am aware that Katlego was once an Izulu such as you. Would that have anything to do with it?"

Sapphire Streak glances down at his body for a moment, then shakes his head. "Well... actually, I used to be a pegasus before, and... not quite. There was a power outage in the Canterlot Hospital some years back, and Kat and I wound up stuck in the same elevator together." He sighs, "She... apparently has some claustrophobia, and it started making her panic while the elevator was inoperable."

Coconut continues to eat her salad as she listens, watching Sapphire until her next bite comes up empty. She glances down into the bowl, not realizing how quickly she'd been eating.

Sapphire Streak continues to talk for a few moments. "We spent a while in the elevator just kind of talking, even though I used to get on her nerves. Not much else to do, after all. I suppose I made a better impression than I thought, though, because after that day, we started getting along better and better." He blinks and notices Coconut's empty bowl, "Ah, would you like something more to eat?"

Coconut shakes her head. "Ah, no no. It was just so good, I didn't even realize I'd finished it." She glances away a moment, then nods and looks back at Sapphire, smiling sadly. "Chance run-ins, one after another, all leading to this home."

Sapphire Streak smiles. "Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, Coconut." He nods a bit, "Chance run-ins, all leading to a place of relaxation, peace, and... well... Maybe not necessarily quiet..."

Coconut: Oh? Everything I've seen has let me to believe Ponyville is quite peaceful and quiet?

Sapphire Streak clears his throat. "Well... Kat and I have a tendency to get a bit, er... loud, late in the evening on most nights." He gives Coconut a bit of a look at that.

Coconut meets his look with her own, then the pieces click into place. "...Oh. ...I've slept standing up in heavy plate armor in the middle of a camp of rowdy adventurers who couldn't wait for a fight to break out. So, I'll take the peace and endure the rest."

Sapphire Streak arches an eyebrow, then chuckles again. "Well, in that case, I suspect you wouldn't have trouble sleeping through the noise we make... And speaking of resting, I hope the guest room's bed is comfortable enough for you."

Coconut laughs. "Almost too comfortable, yes." She pushes the empty bowl towards Sapphire. "And speaking of which, it may be rude of me to eat and run, but I'm still exhausted from... my ordeal. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me, and to prepare such a wonderful meal."

Sapphire Streak nods and dips his head into a short bow before he picks the bowl up and deposits it in the sink for washing. "You're welcome, Coconut. Please, feel free to rest as you want. I'm sure Kat's already told you, but you're more than welcome to treat the house as you would your own while you're a guest here."

Coconut stands up and bows a little awkwardly before trotting back to the guest room, still a little bit of a limp in her step. She turns back to look towards Sapphire as if about say something else, but in the end she only dips her head once again, smiling as she pushes open the guest room door and slips inside.

Sapphire Streak watches Coconut as she leaves the kitchen, and smiles a little more brightly as she turns around once more. Once she's left the room, he goes about cleaning up the dishes in preparation for Kat's return from her evening out with Spring.




Julienne sits at the bar, halfway between excited and anxious as she waits for Dee. All she'd said was to dress for a date, which presented a massive series of choices in itself, before she'd settled on a red number with cute white spots and frills at at the neckline and down along her side, ending in a wide skirt. She completed the ensemble with a bright red carnation in her mane.

Dandelion walks downstairs, also rather excited. Her heartbeat has been pounding all day, but she wants to do this. She is wearing her bright, sparkly and flowing purple-with-gold-highlights sari, just recently re-fitted for her slightly different dragony frame. Her smile sparks up the instant she sees Julienne. She walks to the mare, speaking softly though her voice betrays her mild anxiety: "You look gorgeous."

Julienne blinks, mouth going limp before she finally squeaks out a little 'mmmhmm', then at last manages to find her voice. "Y-you too... I... wow. I love that dress."

Dandelion blushes and smiles: "T-thank you. I haven't had the chance to wear this one in a while."

Julienne grins. "You should wear it more often... it's beautiful on you." She glances down at her own dress. "I hadn't gotten a lot of chances to wear my dresses either. But I've had a pretty good reason too, lately."

Dandelion smiles, then perks up: "Well, let's make this evening worth our dresses! Come on, our reservation is pretty soon." She steals a peck from Julienne and starts walking out: "Follow me."

Julienne 's grin widens, and she shifts away from the bar to follow after Dee. "Absolutely. Oh gosh, my heart is beating. I've never had somepony take me out on a date. I've never been on date, actually, well, not really." Her ears drop as she blushes. "Oh, that makes me sound so pathetic."

Dandelion giggles, tail swishing: "Well, no time like present to fix this... and you're not pathetic. You're beautiful."

Julienne blushes further, but manages to giggle along. "Well, thank you for that. And for this. And for everything! Oh Celestia, I'm just so excited."

Dandelion smiles: "If it helps, so am I."

Narrator: After a few minutes of walking, they find themselves in front of the Ponyville Arcade.

Julienne glances about as she presses close to Dee's side. "The arcade?" She laughs. "This is certainly not where I pictured you taking me, Dee."

Dandelion blushes a bit: "W-well, I had my reasons. I will tell you afterwards, but I don't want to spoil the surprise yet." They walk in, and Dee goes to exchange a few words at the reception desk. She is given directions to a room down the hall, and motions Julienne to follow.

Julienne looks around, most of the foals having gone home for the day, but a few teenage ponies playing at some kind of arrow dance game which she watches for a moment. When Dee waves her forward, she turns and nods, following her down the hall.

Dandelion gets to the door, and opens it. The room is rather small and currently darkened, with a big sofa and handful of cushions on one side, an a big screen with microphone equipment on the other side. She flicks on the lights, then motions Julienne to sit down.

Julienne tilts her head as she looks around the room, but nods quietly as she pulls herself up onto the sofa, grabbing a pillow with her forehooves to squeeze a little and giggle. "Seems awfully cozy for an arcade."

Dandelion shuts the door and enjoys the silence of the partially-soundproof room for a few second. She smiles at Julienne, her heart going about seven hundred beats a minute: "That's because this room... is for a particular kind of activity." She pauses, then steps forward, taking Julienne's hoof: "Julienne... t-this probably sounds so incredibly cheesy and stupid... but can I sing to you?"

Julienne 's free hoof squeezes the pillow tightly as she stammers out something of a response, heart in the back of her throat. "Bhwa... s-sing? To... to me?"

Dandelion blushes, and nods, her own words failing her as she just grins stupidly.

Julienne stares at Dee, but words don't come out. All she can do is nod.

Dandelion nods: "I, uhm. I will set up this thing. I-I did check the song is here earlier, a-at least." She fumbles with the equipment for a while, but in the end finds the song in question. She takes her place behind the microphone stand, trying to ignore about every instinct of hers that says to quit while she still has her dignity. Slowly, softly the song starts...

Dandelion swallows, and starts singing as the words come to the screen. She doesn't look at the screen though, as her courage finds itself. She closes her eyes: "In the light that falls at moonrise... in the rhythm of the rain... in the miracle of ordinary days..." She swallows, not yet daring to look at Julienne's reaction: " the hush of night, I will be in the whispers of lovers everywhere~, you will find me there..."

Julienne clutches the sofa pillow to her chest, anticipation bleeding into her ever breath. When Dee begins, she stops breathing, feeling the heat rise in her face.

Dandelion opens her eyes, looking into Julienne's eyes as she continues: "In the rustle of a curtain... in the bustle of the world. I-in at thousand little unexpected w-ayys." She swallows, attempting to stop the stuttering: "W-when you lift your gaze I will be like the shimmer of one, small s-star... out there, shining everywhere..."

Dandelion finds her courage, her eyes glued to Julienne, starting to slowly sway to the music: "I will be there, beside you, through the lonely nights that fall." She swallows again: "So close your eyes, remember my embrace." Swallow: "I will be there, like mercy - I will find you through it all." She looks into Julienne's eyes: "This do I swear, I will be there."

Julienne meets Dee's eyes, and feels herself getting swept up in Dee's voice, tears starting to form up at the edges of her sight as she listens to every word, not even hearing the stutters, only focusing on her special somepony.

Dandelion starts really getting into the song as the second verse starts, forgetting her earlier anxiety in rapid pace: "I-in a language never spoken - live the promises we've made. In the endless love that owned me heart and sooooul~." She starts swinging her hips in even wider rounds: "In the certainty - oops - will always be true. A-and as near as my next prayer, you will find me there."

Dandelion continues despite knocking an unused microphone to the ground, not giving a damn even as her voice starts to fail a bit: "In the echo of the ocean - in the hunting of the wind. In mysterious - e-extraordinary waaaaays. Through the darkest sky I will be like the shimmer of One Small Star - out there, shining everywheeere~"

Dandelion starts panting a bit, but does not dare stop, not now: "I will be there, beside you through the lonely nights that fall. So close your eyes, remember my embrace! I will be there like freedom, I will find you through it all! This do I swear, I will be there!"

Julienne doesn't even notice the spare microphone, eyes locked on Dee. She blushes bright, wanting so badly to reach out and..." She sets the pillow she'd been clutching aside, rising up off the couch to move closer to Dee.

Dandelion swallows a bit as Julienne gets up, her eyes locked to her: "I-in the harbor quarter-"

Julienne nods eagerly, urging Dee to continue, just stepping forward and reaching out a hoof to hold Dee's free hoof.

Dandelion takes the hoof, but manages to continue: "-In the stone and mortar. In the star that we both share!" She coughs a bit, her voice really squeaking its' last, but in stubbornness there is power: "In the sound of laughter - now and ever after - look for me, I will be there!"

Julienne squees quietly, clutching Dee's hoof tightly as she simply begins to cry, the grin on her face unable to get any wider.

Dandelion is pretty much squeaking and screaming more than actually singing, but the damns given about that have long since left: "I will be there - beside you - through the lonely nights that fall. So close your eyes - remember my embrace!"

Dandelion loses her voice completely upon the last bits, so instead she just drops the microphone, and tackles Julienne for a the deepest kiss yet, knocking the stand aside and not even noticing it let alone caring.

Julienne is beaten to the punch as Dee tackles her down, but isn't exactly taken by surprise as she opens her wings to wrap around Dee, losing herself in that wonderful moment, that wonderful kiss, and certainly, Most certainly, that embrace.

Dandelion kisses Julienne for as long as she's able: "Mmmhm!~" She hugs tightly, not ever really wanting to let go. With what's left of her voice, she whispers: "I love you."

Julienne is crying and laughing as Dee releases their kiss. "I... t-that... no pony has ever done anything like that for me! It was... so beautiful. Y-you are so beautiful! I love you! I love you I love you I love you." She squeezes Dee, sobbing happily.

Dandelion giggles, though it's half-choking as her throat threatens to rebel completely: "S-so i-it' wasn't a - complete - disaster?"

Julienne looks up at Dee in horror, "A disaster? I... no! Of course you're not! You made me feel so special... I... I could never do something like that for somepony unless... unless they made me feel like this." She blushes, falling silent to just meet Dee's eyes.

Dandelion smiles warmly, chuckling a bit: "I-I hoped you would... I don't know why, b-but... you've come to mean so much for me, in s-such a short time..." She blushes, likewise going silent as there really is nothing more she can think of to say here.

Julienne just leans her head upward to return Dee's previous kiss, putting in just as much passion as Dee put in when she tackled her.

Dandelion kisses Julienne back, for once in her life being silently happy just to be there.

Julienne doesn't let go, and when the kiss ends, she doesn't say anything. Instead, not knowing the words, she quietly hums the song Dee sang as best she can.

Dandelion silently voices the words, looking at Julienne: "Look for me... I will be there~"

Julienne continues to cry, and nods. "I... will be there too. Beside you."




Julienne settles into the booth up against Dee after bringing the sundae back to the table, one heaping mess of ice cream that no one pony should reasonably ever eat alone. Luckily for them, there are two spoons.

Dandelion giggles at the sight of the bowl, wrapping her tail against Julienne as they settle down on the sofa near the fireplace. Her voice is nearly audible now: "You really know how to treat a mare~"

Julienne giggles, wiggling in closer to keep Dee's tail close. "You're one to talk. I've never felt so good in my life, and it has nothing to do any kind of ice cream."

Dandelion blushes a bit, whispering: "It just felt like a thing to do."

Julienne leans over to peck Dee's cheek before turning towards the ice cream. "It was more than just 'a thing' to me."

Dandelion giggles, her voice choking a bit again: "I may have wanted to... do something special for you."

Julienne blushes again, her head slumping down guiltily. "You... didn't need to. But you did. You absolutely did." She reaches out a wing to grip one of the spoons, take out a bit of ice cream and bringing it closer, then moving it towards Dee's mouth with a giggle. "Now come on. There is... absolutely no way I could eat all of this myself."

Dandelion opens her mouth to taste the offered treat, giggling afterwards: "Mmm. Almost as tasty as you are~"

Julienne blushes further, nearly dropping the spoon. "H-hush, you."

Dandelion giggles again, then takes a spoon in her claws to offer some tastiness to Julienne in turn: "Taste it, silly, and you will agree."

Julienne blinks, then giggles and takes the bite. "Mmmm. It's certainly good, yes. You're sweeter, though."

Dandelion grins: "See? I was right."

Julienne smiles wide, nodding. "I guess you were. I should have know."

Dandelion leans to kiss Julienne again: "Mmm." She smirks: "Yup, I was right~"

Julienne blushes almost as red as her dress. "You're too good to me to be true. I fell asleep back in Manehattan reading a romance novel, and you've come to me in my dreams. That's the only way this could all be real."

Dandelion giggles, her voice cracking: "Only if I also fell asleep on the train back from Bhutia, doing the same."

Julienne grins. "I'd ask you to pinch me but..." She glances at Dee's claws. "Well... maybe later."

Dandelion teases with a hoof-claw on Julienne's belly: "You sure? I could, just in case."

Julienne squirms at Dee's touch, "N-not now. Th-the ice cream is melting!"

Dandelion giggles and moves to get more ice cream instead: "Fair. You make a compelling argument."

Julienne remains red, but slowly recovers and lifts her own spoon once again.

Dandelion keeps slowly destroying the huge bowl of melting ice cream with Julienne, time kind of being a lost concept for the two tonight.