How many crepes can you eat~?

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018





Icicle Gleam 's alarm goes off at the usual time, signalling the start of a new day for him. He mumbles a bit, still clearly 90% asleep as he shifts his blanket off of himself and dampens the alarm bells on his clock.

Icicle Gleam gives himself a luxurious stretch as he wakes up, with his forelegs reaching for the ceiling as his unbound wing fans open behind him. After a few moments, he slides out of bed and makes his way out of his bedroom and into the second floor hallway of his house.

Narrator: A delicious smell wafts through the hallway. Someone can be heard humming quietly downstairs.

Icicle Gleam comes to a stop partway to the upstairs bathroom and sniffs at the air. Curious, he diverts his attention from freshening up and makes his way downstairs, ears perked as he listens to the soft humming.

Narrator: Some pots and pans clatter downstairs as the humming continues.

Icicle Gleam tries to rub the sleep from his eyes with his wing as he steps into the kitchen. He yawns widely. "Crystal... are you freeloading, again...?"

Mary smiles at Gleam over her shoulder as she puts the finishing touches on a stack of berry crepes. "This is the opposite of freeloading, I think~"

Icicle Gleam blinks, bemused, as his eyes focus on the pony standing in front of him. "O-oh! Good morning, dear! I, uh... didn't know you were gonna stop by."

Mary steps over and softly kisses Gleam. "The food is almost ready, Dear. Just a couple more minutes~"

Icicle Gleam hums into the kiss and smiles warmly, even as he continues trying to rub the sleep from his eyes. "It smells really nice, dear... Thank you~" He casts a short glance towards the laundry room adjacent to the kitchen, "I'll just go and get washed up, then, while breakfast finishes cooking."

Mary: Aw, but you're cute when you're all messy~

Icicle Gleam blushes and smirks, but moves to the table and climbs up onto one of the chairs. "Well... if you don't mind me looking like I just woke up, then~"

Mary slides a glass of orange juice in front of Gleam. "How many crepes can you eat~?"

Icicle Gleam nods in appreciation and takes a sip of juice. "Mmh... I suppose it depends on how big you make them~"

Mary holds her forehooves about a foot apart. "Something like this~?"

Icicle Gleam tilts his head as he considers. "Probably... five, I think? Might have a little difficulty on the fifth one, though."

Mary starts stacking crepes on a plate. "You got it~"

Icicle Gleam: Thanks, dear~

Mary soon comes to the table with two plates stacked with crepes and hash brown patties. "Here we are~"

Icicle Gleam sets the glass of juice back onto the table again after taking another sip. "Ooh, and hash browns, too?" He leans over and gives Mary a light kiss as she deposits his plate in front of him, "Talk about a great start to the day~"

Mary hums as she shakes a can of whipped cream and sprays it onto the top of Gleam's crepes. "I just thought I should pamper you today~"

Icicle Gleam chuckles as he watches Mary putting the finishing touches on his crepes. "Oh~? Why might that be, dear?"

Mary points to the splint on Gleam's wing. "Because, you're still recovering!"

Icicle Gleam looks over at his wing. "Oh, right... I've had this thing on for long enough that I've kind of gotten used to it already."

Mary smirks as she covers her crepes in whipped cream. "And also it's a fun excuse for me to come over for the day~"

Icicle Gleam smirks in turn as he turns back to his plate of crepes. "Well, I definitely won't say no to some company, dear~" He tilts his head after a moment, "Though... I hope Sue doesn't mind you wandering off for the day."

Mary waves a hoof as she pours herself some juice. "She'll be fine. Things have been a little quiet since the festival!"

Icicle Gleam chuckles again as he takes a small bite of one of the crepes. ".Then that means we can spend all day together~" He pauses to take another bite and hums, "Mmh~... These are good!"

Mary giggles. "I brought over some dried berries from our storehouse. You might find that they taste a bit unique~

Icicle Gleam nods in agreement. "Oh, yeah, they don't taste like anything I've eaten before. I can't even describe it, but they're really good~"

Mary hums as she munches on her food. "Mmm, they came out just right~"

Icicle Gleam hums as he steadily eats his way through his pile of crepes. "They're some of the best I've eaten, I think~"

Mary munches on her hash browns. "Unfortunately, the hash browns are just potatoes."

Icicle Gleam takes a hash brown and bites a decent-sized chunk off of it. "Maybe so, but they're still good~"

Mary giggles. "Thanks, I used a special seasoning~"

Icicle Gleam chuckles. "Special, huh? Some kind of old, secret recipe?"

Mary chuckles. "Just a special blend of Ostfriesen spices. But then again, it's only breakfast~"

Icicle Gleam nibbles on another crepe as he smiles across the table. "Mm, that's true~"

Mary dips her hash browns in ketchup. "So now that I'm here, what do you wanna do today~?"

Icicle Gleam hums thoughtfully as he chews on another bite of his crepes. "Well, other than spend a lovely breakfast with you~... That's a good question, dear."

Mary wiggles her eyebrows. "I have a few ideas, but I'm open to suggestions~"

Icicle Gleam blushes at the hint. "Well, I wasn't planning to do much other than maybe read a book or two for most of the day. Maybe do a little cleaning, or something, since I have the day totally free." He smirks, "But I think your ideas are going to be more fun, anyway~"

Mary giggles a little more as she plans something devious and fun in her head~

Icicle Gleam continues to enjoy his slowly dwindling pile of crepes and hash brows as he watches Mary, unaware of her devious plans.

Mary smirks at Gleam. "Wanna play some pranks~?"