Colorful with artsy embellishment.

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018





Radar walks through the market with Fleuret, checking out gear at various booths. She has picked up a few things, but nothing too magical or flashy. She doesn't want to have any issues trying to take them out of Ostfriesen. "There is so much good stuff here..."

Fleuret floats alongside Radar, giving her a nod as she peruses shops. "Quite a lot of interesting loot passes through this market, to be sure."

Radar finishes browsing the last row of booths and sighs. "I wish I'd known about Ostfriesen sooner. This gear is going to make things a bit easier for me come the spring." She tucks away her money pouch and rearranges her purchases. "So... what next?"

Fleuret stashes her own purchases and thinks. "I suppose we could stop at a cafe, if you're hungry."

Radar feels her stomach gurgling a little at the mention of food and nods. "Sure. Sounds good..."

Fleuret grins and gestures towards... well, one might consider it a food court in other contexts. Stalls and shops of various adventurers who've taken up cooking skills. "Does anything look interesting to you?"

Radar looks over the various stalls, taking in the smells and sounds. "Hmm... Got any favourites?"

Fleuret looks about, and hmms. "Hard to say... I have developed rather an eclectic palate over the years. Some of the things I like eating might run counter to Equestrian sensibilities."

Fleuret giggles after a moment. "Not that I have to eat, after all, but I still enjoy it all the same."

Radar giggles a bit. "Sure..." She walks along the row, taking a closer look. She's drawn in by one of the smaller stalls tended by a pony who looks like a strawberry that was turned into a pony. There's only a single large soup pot on the fire, but there's an intoxicating sweet smell from it. Radar walks up to the stall and chats quietly with the occupant before handing over some gold

Radar and walking away with a large bowl of fruit and root stew.

Fleuret takes a whiff and smiles. "This smells interesting. Nice choice."

Radar finds a table for them to sit at and digs into the stew with gusto.

Fleuret settles in next to Radar. "I must marvel at your gastric stamina, my friend. In this we are quite opposite."

Radar shrugs and giggles. "Fast metabolism, I guess." She continues to chow down on the stew happily. "It's a bit harder when I'm out on the road. Have to eat a lot of small meals so they don't slow me down too much."

Fleuret: While I don't really need food at all, I do need to keep some magical baubles on hand just in case.

Radar cocks her head. "Oh? How does that work anyway? How do you like... drain stuff?"

Fleuret nodnods. "More precisely, the curse allows me to consume the energy that powers magical items to sustain it. As long as I can maintain a supply of artifacts and such, I can maintain myself in this state."

Radar pauses to take a drink from a canteen. "Sure, but how? You just focus on it or what? And can you use it to like, drain traps and stuff?"

Fleuret takes a moment to try and decide how best to explain. "It's not unlike a magical tendril that can twine itself about the threads that make up any source of magical energy, weaving itself into the item to dismantle its magic from the inside. I could negate magical traps with it as well, if needed. It would indeed be a rather beneficial spell, not worthy of the name 'curse' if it weren't for an oversight in the design."

Radar quickly finishes up the stew and looks to Fleuret. "What oversight?"

Fleuret sighs, her hoof drifting to her brooch. "Ponies are also a source of magical energy. A very strong source, in fact. An enticing and intoxicating source."

Radar frowns. "Ah, I was.. going to ask..."

Fleuret nods. "I know not if the original creator of the spell knew it would happen, but draining a pony of their life increases the magical powers of the cursed one greatly, but this power gradually snuffs out their flame of life, depriving them of their moral center. The most far gone are left nothing more than ravenous monsters."

Radar frowns. "That's terrible. Have you ever...?"

Fleuret shivers a little. "I came very close. I was saved by my friends and their connection to me, helping to remind me of who I was."

Radar leans over and gives Fleuret a tight hug.'

Fleuret leans into the hug quietly. She sits lost in thought for a time.

Radar holds the hug for as long as Fleuret needs it. "You OK?"

Fleuret reaches over and hugs back, at last. "I am as well as I can be. I have learned to stay vigilant and stay close to my friends, lest I lose what makes me who I am."

Radar smiles. "Well, I'm happy to help with that however I can." She stands and stretches a bit. "So... you were going to show me your quarters?"

Fleuret giggles. "Indeed. If you wish to visit I can have a guest."

Radar smiles. "Let's go, then."

Fleuret leads Radar off through the portal system and eventually to Fleuret's personal quarters. The inside is decorated in a rather baroque style. Colorful with artsy embellishment.

Radar looks around and ooos. "This is nice. Reminds me of some of the caravan wagons I've seen... Ours weren't this nice, but some of the older families had ones like this inside."

Fleuret floats up and settles onto a burgundy cushion. "I like a bit of flash, I must admit."

Radar flops down on a cushion on the floor as she looks around. "So... what's the coolest thing you've got in here?"

Fleuret laughs softly. "Why, you, my dear!"

Radar grins and sticks out her tongue. "Well, other than me.."

Fleuret hees, and hmms. She levitates out a crystalline scuplture of a long bodied dragon. "This one is special to me."

Radar stands to take a closer look at the statuette. "Oh?"

Fleuret lifts it up so Radar can see it better. "I believe you may have met the subject of the scuplture, a fellow Knight by the name of Meadowlark. She was integral in saving me."

Radar: Ah.. she's the one whose magic changed Dee?

Fleuret nods. "That it was. I hear that's turned out for the better, though?"

Radar laughs. "I guess. She seems OK with it now... I didn't know her before, though." She looks at the statue and hmms. "So that's what Meadowlark looks like as a dragon. Interesting."

Fleuret nods. "Perhaps not as translucent, but it is a good likeness."

Radar looks around more. "So what exactly do you do as a knight?"

Fleuret: My duties are simlar to other Knights. I defend the realm from monstrous incursions. My stealthiness also lends itself to scouting missions.

Radar: Do you fight much?

Fleuret mmms. "Well, reasonably often, I'd say. There's always some infestation of grimdrakes that needs cleared, or some other beastie attempting to go somewhere it's not wanted."

Radar: Grimdrakes?

Fleuret: They're one of the more pervasive monsters you might find here. Nasty little winged creatures that get in everything.

Radar: Ah. Never heard of them before...

Fleuret chuckles. "Be glad."

Radar frowns a bit, her mind flashing back to some old nightmares.

Fleuret tilts her head a bit. "Are you okay?"

Radar sighs a bit. "I guess so... just some... bad memories..."

Fleuret gets up to give Radar another hug. "I'm sorry to hear that then."

Radar sits and talks with Fleuret a bit, recounting the story of her survival and discovery as a baby.