Lightning's Fire.

Sunday, February 4th, 2018





Lucky Lightning walks to the bar, looking exhausted. She sighs and gets herself a glass of cheap beer, sitting down at the bar.

Fixit enters the bar not long after Lucky, lugging his toolbox along with him.

Lucky Lightning looks up at Fixit entering, but doesn't think anything more of this stallion.

Fixit sets his tools down at a booth, then orders himself some food. He looks about and waves to Lucky.

Lucky Lightning nods at Fixit: "Hello, there."

Fixit stretches a bit before he settles in. "Good evening?"

Lucky Lightning shrugs a bit: "Evening enough, I guess."

Fixit ahhs. "Well that's good, I suppose. It's been kind of a long day."

Lucky Lightning chuckles softly: "'Join the club', as the old saying goes."

Fixit: Oh yeah? Had a rough day too?

Lucky Lightning takes a sip, then nods: "Spent most of the afternoon in close combat with a stubborn set of theater drapes on an old ladder. Turned out most of the old rope tackles needed a bit of a kick and grease." She idly massages her left hindquarter with a hoof.

Fixit blinks quietly. "I... followed about half of that."

Lucky Lightning waves a hoof: "Old theater equipment... and I'm not as good as I once was with the stuff."

Fixit nods. "Ah, I see. Out of practice, then?"

Lucky Lightning nods and taps her hooves together: "'s been nearly ten years since I last did any of it."

Fixit: It's good to get back into something that interests you, I think.

Lucky Lightning looks down, smiling fondly for a bit: "Yeah... despite the bruises and the nonexistent pay... it feels so good to see my creations on stage, however small. It's almost odd, in that sense."

Fixit nibbles a bit at his food as he relaxes. "Makes sense to me. Seeing some result of your hard work is always good."

Lucky Lightning keep staring away, talking to herself almost more than to the company: "I went without actually working so long..."

Fixit tilts his head and just listens for the moment.

Lucky Lightning continues musing: "...from one position to another, doing things I had no investment other than the family business wanting me there..." She sighs, trailing off.

Fixit mmms. "Sounds to me like you spent a lot of time drifting."

Lucky Lightning chuckles derisively: "If you can call drifting from one bar to the next that, I suppose. I never was the brightest stallion around."

Fixit tilts his head again. "Which implies you were a stallion?"

Lucky Lightning pauses in her thoughts, then just nods sadly.

Fixit: Can't say this is the first time I've heard of such a thing. I can only imagine how disorienting it must be.

Lucky Lightning looks at Fixit, surprised: "...this has happened before? I'm not the only one?"

Fixit nodnods. "I don't know the details really, but I've got a friend named Terra who had something like that happen."

Lucky Lightning blinks: "Oh? Did he - or she - ever find out why?"

Fixit rubs his chin. "If I recall.. Poison Joke was involved? Or maybe it was a potion interaction? Something like that."

Lucky Lightning tilts her head: "That's... curious. I wonder if my case is something to do with such a thing somepony did to me..."

Fixit shrugs slightly. "If I knew more, I'd tell you. Oh yeah, there was also 'Maple', I remember.. hehe. That one was potions, I recall. Expired, maybe? So I guess maybe you should look for an alchemist, if you don't know how this happened."

Lucky Lightning lifts a hoof to her chin: "Maybe... once I can. Right now I just... have to grin and bear it. I can't travel, really..."

Fixit mms. "Not many running around Ponyville that I know of, yeah."

Lucky Lightning sighs: "Figures."

Fixit snickers. "Now, if there was something wrong with your cart or something, I could help with that, but magic is definitely beyond me."

Lucky Lightning nods to Fixit with a weak smile: "Thank you, anyway..."

Fixit nods back. "Name's Fixit, by the way, all around handy-pony. You're in the theater?"

Lucky Lightning starts: "Sir L-" she coughs: "I mean, Lucky Lightning. I volunteer at the Ponyville Theater as a stagehoof, to re-learn the tricks of the trade again."

Fixit: As good a place to start as any, I'd suppose.Get a hoof in the door, start making friends, get your name out there and work your way up? I hear that's how it works.

Lucky Lightning looks down: "I'm not sure I want to make any 'name' for Lightning. Except maybe to get revenge on Grandpa Thunderous for doing this to me."

Fixit hrms. "From what I hear, revenge isn't nearly as satisfying as one expects it to be."

Lucky Lightning hmphs: "Maybe. Maybe not."

Fixit nods. "I'm not one much for vengeance, anyway. But I'm the sort that couldn't hurt a fly."

Lucky Lightning sulks a bit: "He did this to me. For ruining the family reputation or something."

Fixit sighs. "I'm sorry to hear someone did this to you, whoever it was."

Lucky Lightning rolls her eyes: "Grandpa Thunderous, or Sir Thunderous Spark Lightning to most anypony. The creator and grand owner of one big booming business, who will not stand for anypony get in his way, even family. I don't know how, but this happened 'conventiently' on the day right after he disowned me from the family fortune."

Fixit: Well that's... that's no good. I wish I knew what to tell you. There's always the rather trite "the best revenge is living well"?

Lucky Lightning scoffs at that: "Sure, I'll get to that once I get my life back on track. Oh wait, I'm a mare now!" She grumbles a few unprintable words about her opinion of her grandpa and takes a deep sip of her drink.

Fixit takes a bite out of his food as he thinks. "I just... don't really know what to suggest, honestly. But there's no reason being a mare should prevent you from making a name for yourself and all."

Lucky Lightning frowns, looking up: "Easy for you to say. I have no home, no money and I'm barely scraping by."

Fixit hrms. "Gotta start somewhere, right? But yeah, I can understand how starting with nothing could be discouraging.

Lucky Lightning sighs and takes another deep gulp of her beer, grumbling afterwards: "...did not ask for any of this."

Fixit: Do you at least have friends? Ponies you can turn to for help?

Lucky Lightning frowns, looking down: "...maybe. I think Julienne still talks to me after last night. I hope."

Fixit smiles. "That's something, then."

Lucky Lightning finds herself nodding, at least a bit. She smiles at Fixit: "I guess so... still not used to being so... helpless, though."

Fixit: I can imagine. But at least you have this Julienne. I could be your friend too, if you need one. I'm learning I'm good at that.

Lucky Lightning smiles weakly at Fixit: "I suppose... more friends is good."

Fixit reaches out a hoof to shake. "So, Leaky. Friends?"

Lucky Lightning blinks at the name, but shakes the hoof anyway after a moment of hesitation: "S-sure. Let's go with that."

Fixit grins. "I've got a shop down at the end of the market row, you really can't miss it. Feel free to stop by sometime if you like. Fair warning though, my wife and I are night ponies usually, so unless you want to meet my assistant, better to come out evening or later."

Lucky Lightning nods slowly, smiling: "I... I will keep that in mind. I might want to talk again."

Fixit nodnods, and takes a moment to finish off his snack. "Now, I need to get back to said shop and get some more work done, so you have a good evening, Leaky." He gatehrs up his toolbox, nods to the mare, and heads on out, likely before she can correct him.

Lucky Lightning nods and watches Fixit go. Fixit and his... actually not that bad-looking behind, and those beautiful muscles, and...

Lucky Lightning rapidly blinks and shakes her head. Where did that train of thought come from?!

Lucky Lightning sighs after a moment and heads upstairs, thinking 'clearly the tiredness is making me nuts already'.




Lucky Lightning stomps down the stairs, grumbling something about being unable to sleep due to stupid and weird thoughts running through her head.

Coconut has settled her account for the night and walks from the bar, turning to start up the stairs.

Lucky Lightning shakes her head and as a result is not watching where she is stomping towards.

Coconut stops at the end of the stairs, eyeing Lucky, but not saying anything as the bleary mare walks towards her.

Lucky Lightning turns to look forward at the last possible second, stopping in her tracks. She ends up almost snout to snout with Coconut, glaring at her: "Oh. You."

Coconut smiles politely, but with no hint of warmth. "Quite. And you. Lucky Lightning, yes?"

Lucky Lightning just barely stops herself from snorting at the mare: "Yes, I am."

Coconut chuckles, stepping back to let Lucky pass. "As I thought. You've got a fire in you, when you've a mind to it."

Lucky Lightning steps forward, turning to glance at Coconut when she steps on the ground floor: "And what's that to you?"

Coconut turns to watch Lucky. "Nothing. It impresses me. Moreso than when choose to sulk."

Lucky Lightning rolls her eyes: "I'm glad I am able to fascinate you, then."

Coconut: Quite so. I wonder what you would be capable of if you set your mind to it. I've seen many ponies like you before. They either rise above, or break. I would prefer to see you rise above.

Lucky Lightning just stares at Coconut as she talks: " Beg pardon if I don't bow down to your insight, tired back from work you know?"

Coconut laughs. "Yes, of course, right. You don't even know me, let alone care what I say! Why should you?"

Lucky Lightning raises an eyebrow: "You tell me."

Coconut turns and walks back towards the bar. "Because we most assuredly got off on the wrong hoof." She places a coin on the counter and nods to barkeep, and back to Lucky. "Perhaps we should start again, hm?"

Lucky Lightning follows Coconut: "Consider me disinclinedly curious. What's your angle?"

Coconut: My angle? Simply that I see something in you. You are a mare, or stallion, in some case, who has been undergone some tragedy. I don't know the details, nor do I care. But what I do care about is what you do now.

Lucky Lightning sits at the bar and waves a cheap beer for herself: "I find it odd that you would care about that."

Coconut nods. "I do as well, yet here we are. It's simply in my nature, I suppose. I see a challenge, and I accept it. I see potential and I nurture it." She considers. "Lucky Lightning, I wish to see what you are truly capable of."

Lucky Lightning frowns, taking a sip of her drink. She then turns to Coconut: "What I am capable of? What do you even mean by that?"

Coconut shrugs. "I can't say, of course. Not yet. It would be interesting to find out." She breaths in, thinking. "I'm not offering you an easy out. In fact, I'm not offering you much of anything, I suppose. Just an ear, to listen, for now. I won't judge. I won't give you crap for your emotions, your suffering. I can let you vent out that sorrow, and then we can work to rebuild your confidence, your fire. Your passion."

Lucky Lightning raises an eyebrow: "...huh." She considers this a moment: "...are you sure you don't have an angle to this? You're just 'curious' and want to 'help' me, somehow?"

Coconut nods. "I have my reasons, of course, but no angle. Perhaps I simply cannot leave my work behind, even on a supposed vacation."

Lucky Lightning frowns, her skepticism clearly visible: "Your... work?"

Coconut chuckles. "An expression. I... manage a resort. But I do a great deal more than that sentence implies. Or at least, I try."

Lucky Lightning takes a sip of her drink: "So... what am I to you, then?"

Coconut frowns, as if considering this for the first time. "A valid question. A means to an ends? A social experiment?" She shakes her head. "I think if we are to really do this, I have to acknowledge you for yourself. Who are you, Lucky Lightning?"

Lucky Lightning frowns and is about to offer a rebuttal, but stops as words fail her: "...somepony I avoid thinking about too hard lest it give me a headache." She sighs and looks down at her glass.

Coconut nods. "Seems to me, avoiding the issue will only lead to future headaches. Though, I am guilty of running headfirst into my own problems."

Lucky Lightning gives Coconut a glare: "Unless you have magical solutions to the fact that I am mare and bereft of my part as heir to the Lightning estate, I suggest you don't make me think about it either."

Coconut raises an eyebrow. "Neither of those things are who you are inside. Mare, Stallion, this is irrelevant. Titles and Estates don't matter either, for all they may be worth." She prods Lucky in the side. "Magic can't change that. Only you can."

Lucky Lightning keeps on glaring at Coconut: "Great advice. I shall note that down next to my shopping list for my next Las Pegasus trip."

Coconut seems mostly non-plussed by Lucky's snark. "Take away a ponies name, their title, and they are still the same pony deep down, even if they wish to deny it. I'm not saying it's easy to throw these things away, nor to accept the changes to this form." She purses her lips in thought, then shifts, looking at Lucky with a mix of curiosity and sorrow. "Perhaps this is what I want to see from you. I want to know if a pony can be strong enough to overcome such changes."

Lucky Lightning raises an eyebrow: "You know lady, if you want to find such stories, I would suggest the local library. I hear it has quite a collection."

Coconut nods, suddenly a bit sobered, and not completely paying attention to Lucky. She seems somewhat distracted. "Perhaps, yes..."

Lucky Lightning snorts a bit as if to emphasize her point, and takes a deep gulp of her beer.

Coconut remains quiet, watching something off in the distance, then sighs and stands from the bar. "Very well then, Lucky. I shall leave you to your pain then, if you wish." She sets a few more coins for Barkeep. "Your binging is on me tonight, for enduring my questioning."

Lucky Lightning looks Coconut over: "...I don't even pretend to understand, but I appreciate you leaving me alone."

Coconut nods solemnly. "I understand wishing for that as well. Good night, Lucky Lightning. Twins watch over you."

Coconut heads towards the back and up the stairs.

Lucky Lightning shakes her head in confusion: "...and here I thought tonight could not get any weirder." She settles to sip at her drink, all manner of thoughts bothering her for a long lonely while.