Standard doppelpony tactics and protocol.

Friday, February 2nd, 2018





Katlego walks to the bar, still looking like Spring Showers in every way, though the pretense of bouncing about has lessened some. She's happy, though.

Blizzard Breeze sits at the bar sipping at a cider and reviewing her latest packet of regional weather reports.

Blizzard Breeze looks up at the sound of Kat entering the bar and offers a nod before going back to her work.

Spring Showers arrives shortly after Katlego directly at the prescribed time for their debriefing, her mane and tail still black, but definitely with her bounce intact.

Katlego nods at Blizzard, smiling. She then turns to look at Spring, waving as the smile turns into a grin.

Blizzard Breeze looks up as Spring enters and blinks, looking between the two. "Huh. Did you get into the Mirror Pond, Spring?"

Katlego looks up, tilting her head: "No?"

Spring Showers giggles. "Spring? Oh, you mean her, right? Cause I'm Katlego."

Blizzard Breeze laughs a bit, realizing what's up. "Cute. So how much mayhem did you two cause with your switcheroo?"

Katlego looks up Blizzard, then at 'Katlego', then back to Blizzard: "I don't understand. What switcheroo?"

Blizzard Breeze laughs and throws up her hooves. "Fine, fine, pretend I didn't say anything then." She turns back to her reports and scribbles a note in the margins.

Spring Showers giggles some more. "I can't believe you would accuse me, or her, of mischief! When have I, um, we? ever done that kind of thing!"

Katlego nods at Spring, giggling in mirror: "I mean, we would never... ever... do something like that."

Blizzard Breeze: "It's you, Spring. When have you ever not?"

Katlego sticks her tongue at Bree, sighs, then turns to Spring: "I think we've been had by a boring and sharp-witted pony."

Spring Showers shakes her head. "Just because I've done it in the past doesn't prove I'm doing it now." She glances at Katlego. "Besides, you gave up the game too fast! The real key to pulling this off is to never give up."

Katlego snickers: "Right. I wonder how it went with Sapphire, then."

Spring Showers: By the way, I'm moving in with you and Sapphire as an alternate universe twin who needs a job.

Blizzard Breeze laughs. "I wouldn't have known it if I didn't see you two together."

Katlego raises an eyebrow Spring: "'re what now?"

Spring Showers nods. "Oh uh, yeah, sorry about that. He started to catch on, so I had to convince him I'm a you from a tragic alternate universe and that I fell through a portal and now I'm here, and he offered me a place to stay, so that I could slowly rebuild my life."

Katlego looks at Spring, deadpan: "...why am I not surprised he fell for that?"

Blizzard Breeze laughs at Spring. "That's not too far fetched for this place..."

Katlego turns to Blizzard: "Well, maybe, but Sapphire has not seen all the stupid and crazy of this place." She pauses: "...I say as I look like her, who looks like me after I have switched species with my mpenzi..."

Spring Showers giggles. "He was pretty amiable about it, but he did make me promise that I can't murder you and steal your memories. So, there's that."

Katlego facehoofs: " know, I'm not really sure if I am surprised or disappointed."

Blizzard Breeze giggles. "Wait, why would an alternate universe Katlego also be species swapped?"

Spring Showers: You should be happy! He's aware of standard doppelpony tactics and protocol!

Katlego giggles, nodding: "So is Fixit, by the way. You didn't tell me you've had run-ins with changelings before!"

Spring Showers tilts her head. "What, did he talk about that? I mean, I told him before the switch that I wasn't a changeling." She considers. "In retrospect, maybe that made him more suspicious..."

Katlego deadpans at Spring: " think?"

Spring Showers: Well, I didn't want him to get worried!

Katlego just stares at Spring a moment, then sighs and shakes her head: "What's the point of trying to pull a prank if you warn about it beforehoof, though?"

Blizzard Breeze walks over and shakes her head. "You weren't around for the changelings, though. It was bad. I don't blame her for warning about it."

Katlego shrugs: "Fair I guess. Could've warned me though."

Spring Showers shrugs. "I don't really like playing pranks on Fixit. But seems like a shame to warn both sides of the prank about the prank."

Katlego tilts her head at Spring: "So wait, did you prank me while we were doing this?"

Spring Showers giggles. "I mean, maybe? Not entirely intentionally!"

Katlego chuckles: "I suppose I can believe that."

Katlego shrugs: "I'll give it to you that your mpenzi is a sharp one. He caught me five minutes into breakfast."

Blizzard Breeze walks back to the bar and goes back to her papers, letting the two 'twins' argue amongst themselves.

Spring Showers giggles. "Fixit isn't too sharp. He's pretty cuddly. But he is way smarter than I am."

Katlego rolls her eyes: "That's not what I... you know, nevermind. He's good, even if you cheated and warned him."

Spring Showers nods. "Sapphire is pretty sharp too. He's completely aware of Doppleponies, and was able to catch a contradiction in my backstory, unmasking my nefarious intentions. If this had been an actual dopplepony attack, you'd be safe."

Katlego takes a sip of her cider: "...good to know, I guess. Oh well."

Spring Showers sighs, "Though, it will be hard to continue living with you two while still living with Fixit."

Katlego chuckles: "Might want to drop that part of the plan. You'd want to move out after the first night anyway, if our Canterlot neighbors are anything to go by."

Spring Showers sticks her tongue out. "Fine. I need to wash this dye out of my mane anyways. I miss my styles."

Katlego sticks her tongue in mirror: "Well, can't say brown is a too fine of a color either, so we're even."

Blizzard Breeze finishes her cider and gathers up her reports. She walks to the door and smiles at the two. "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me." She nods to Spring. "Take care, Katlego." She then nods to Katlego. "See you around, Spring." She then heads out of the bar.

Katlego absently waves at Bree leaving.

Spring Showers waves to Bree, "Seeya boss lady!"

Spring Showers orders a coffee, and starts mixing in sugar. "I dunno. This was fun. But Sapphire wouldn't let me try on your costumes."

Katlego raises a hoof: "Ah, but there's your mistake. You asked for permission, and not forgiveness."

Katlego muses: "I guess Sapphire would get suspicious if I actually asked his permission for much anything, really. I just kinda do..."

Spring Showers nods sagely, drinking her coffee, "Wise words, indeed. I mean, I don't really ask Fixit for permission for stuff, unless it's going to be a bother to him. Like, if I wanna get something out of his workshop. That's his safe space, and I don't wanna intrude."

Katlego nods, taking a sip of her cider: "Yeah, makes sense..." She looks about the two of them: "...what do we do now, then? Give this a break and try a different variation and-slash-or victims later?"

Spring Showers grins. "Maybe. I don't like to run the same scheme twice, so we'd need some new twist on it. But for now, I definitely need a few days of me time. As me, I mean. Not you."

Katlego giggles: "Me, you, same difference. Almost."

Spring Showers pouts. "Nah, I'm way cuter."

Katlego giggles: "Fair enough. Do I get to be the sexy one, then?"

Spring Showers shrugs. "Sure, I suppose! I mean, that works for me. I only need to be sexy for one stallion."

Katlego grins: "I don't mind being sexy for others while at it."

Spring Showers grins. "Well, I'll let you be the sexy one then. Don't think it needs the two of us competing for that position."

Katlego smirks: "Besides, you'd lose anyway. You may look like me but you're far behind in how to make stallions do what you want."

Spring Showers shrugs. "You sound a bit like my old clubbing friends when you say stuff like that. Just not a skill I'm interested in, I guess."

Katlego shrugs: "Suit yourself. I'm just getting what I can."

Spring Showers drinks her coffee. "Oh yeah, no, I understand it. I dunno, I just always wanted somepony to do things with, rather than..." She shakes her head, "I'm rambling! Don't worry about it."

Katlego giggles: "I understand." She smiles at Spring: "This was fun, if a lot of missteps on the way. Wiser for next time, yes?"

Spring Showers raises a hoof to bump Katlego's. "For sure!"

Katlego bumps Spring's hoof, smiling.