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February 2018


02/08 - 02/16 Logs Added
02/03 - 02/07 Logs Added
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2018-02-01 Breakfast is a feeling. Final

Amethyst and Shale deal with the upcoming end to their long and eventful vacation. In Canterlot, Mint and Wintergreen discuss a potential opportunity which has arisen, and at the bar that night, Lucky and Buck meet Coconut, a newcomer to Ponyville.

2018-02-02 Standard doppelpony tactics and protocol. Final

Post Prank Switching, Katlegto and Spring have a debriefing session in the Seapony to discuss what did and did not work.

2018-02-03 Saddle Arabia is all horses. Final

At the bar, Sunrise meets Julienne, before catching up with Mahogany while Julienne and Lucky try to awkwardly work things out.

2018-02-04 Lightning's Fire. Final

Lucky has a weird night, befriending Fixit before having an unusual encounter with Coconut, who seems to have curiously fixated upon her.

2018-02-05 Swift Wing says 'You're Welcome'. Final

Shale Strata has trouble sleeping, and after speaking to 'Swift Wing', talks with Amethyst about potential side effects to the memory-sharing magic that was cast upon them.

2018-02-06 Colorful with artsy embellishment. Final

Radar is given a tour of the Ostfriesen marketplace with Fleuret, before the young vampire shows Radar her quarters and explains her curse to her Thestral friend.

2018-02-07 How many crepes can you eat~? Final

Gleam wakes up to find an intruder in his house. Tildes ensue.

2018-02-08 Sunberry Lightfields. Final

Spring returns home to Fixit, and the two talk doppleponies, changelings, and foal names. Meanwhile at the bar, Coconut discusses her 'vacation' with Katlego and Radar, and her interesting desire to enter the Everfree Forest.

2018-02-09 An Imperfect Gem. Final

Drift Rime takes Crystal out to dinner, and presents her with a question that has been too long in coming.

2018-02-10 Had she actually been a Katlego from another dimension... Final

Sunrise meets with Julienne, as the maid makes an uncomfortable discovery. Katlego returns home to Sapphire to discover her coltfriend is a bit dense. And Dandelion makes an uncomfortable discovery of her own, and seeks out Promethea for solace.

2018-02-12 Best left out of history books. Final

Shale Strata continues to question his feelings about himself, while Amethyst gives her support. That day, they welcome Mint Creme and Wintergreen from Equestria, hoping they'll join them to revitalize Olymponis' Guard.

2018-02-13 Operation Sun(smiles). Final

Dandelion awakens alongside Promethea, and they discuss how to move foward. In the Ostfriesen Marketplace, Fleuret encounters Millennia while touring with Radar. That night at the bar, Frost Wind and Spring plot against Sun Smile, with help (willing) from Buck and (unwilling) from Lucky.

2018-02-14 Impossible, magical love. Final

Meadowlark arrives in Olymponis at the request of Amethyst Vein to magically delve the volcano. In the Seapony, Dandelion is depressed, and Julienne tries to awkwardly cheer her up.

2018-02-15 Only if we get to cuddle more. Final

Still shaken by her encounter with Millennia, Radar returns to Equestria and spends some time with Fleuret comforting her.

2018-02-16 Lots of frilly dresses. Final

Julienne heads to the Ostfriesen market to meet with Simmilie and go shopping, talking about her problems and desires and picking out a beautiful new dress.

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03/07/2013 - NON-CANON - Night Flurry meets an unusual black and pink earth pony at the edge of the Everfree.