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March 2018


03/04 - 03/14 Logs Added.
February Logs moved to Archive.
02/25 - 03/03 Logs Added

2018-03-01 I um... fell on her. Three times. Final

Promethea seeks out some advice from Hollow in Ostfriesen. In the bar, a new pony makes a particularly big entrance, and while Fixit tries to help, Lucky ends up... unlucky.

2018-03-02 Operating at approximately 15% capacity. Final

In the Forge of Olymponis, Meadowlark begins her magical investigations, where she meets young Peacock running the smelting crucible.

2018-03-03 I got a thick skull. Final

Gronk relaxes in the bar after his previous incident, running into Katlego once again after their run-in at the clinic.

2018-03-04 So the triangle has become a square? Final

While Coral Beadlet has an ominous encounter of some sorts in the Lagoon, Dandelion catches up with Crystal Glint in the bar about Crystal's engagement and Dandelion's complicated relationship.

2018-03-05 Dirty Laundry (No, actually). Final

Coral Beadlet runs across Julienne in the Lusty Seapony, and while something seems... off at first, the night continues with Laundry and an unexpected late night swim.

2018-03-06 Me and my chilies! Final

Aurora and Nocturne spend some time with their foals, Northern and Summer, planning for the coming spring, the garden, the family, and for breakfast. (Pancakes!)

2018-03-07 Good to see you're still pretty flexible in a fight~ Final

Mary spars with Icicle Gleam in an Ostfriesen Arena, practicing fighting styles and weapons to see what his best area of expertise is. Mary's best area of expertise is innuendo.

2018-03-08 You're just lucky you're not a manticore. Final

Coconut talks with Katlego, bonding and clashing over family and the past. Heading out to do something stupid, Coconut journeys into the Everfree Forest, where she runs into a feral Aurora, and surprisingly doesn't get trampled... but who's really the lucky on in this encounter?

2018-03-09 The Admirable Traits of Equestria. Final

Millennia approaches Mary and Gleam as they eat, still struggling to find whatever it is she is seeking in Equestrians, some missing piece she can't grasp. Mary all but tells her to make some buckin' friends.

2018-03-12 Fun is always worth having. Final

Foggy Haze works on finding something fun for herself, trying to build a puzzle, with the help of Coconut.

2018-03-13 I c-can't just go petting every pony with scales I come across. Final

Julienne wakes up in Ostfriesen no the shore of Coral Current's lagoon, where she is re-introduced to the Ambassador in all this ambassador-y glory. In Cloudsdale, Mint breaks the news of her family's moving out to Olymponis, and Guiding takes it about as well as Mint expected.

2018-03-14 Hey, I showered this morning. Final

Spring and Buck arrive at Sun Smile's house, intent to pull her away for a stress free catastrophe day. They head to the theater to pick up tickets from Lucky, only to find that she may have disappointing news for them.

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Non-Canon Bonus Logs

But I'm not good with tropical islands OR foals Doc

02/17/2016 - Aurora wakes up stranded on the beach of a seemingly deserted island. Madness ensues.

Of Izulu and Pegasi, Remixed Doc

01/31/2016 - Katlego makes her way home to Zebrica, with Sapphire tagging along as the two head into the Zebra cities in search of something, and in an attempt to avoid Katlego's past.

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8/11/2012 - NON-CANON - Princess Luna requires Maple Syrup for her Pancakes. There's just some confusion about how to get it out!

Contrived Mousse Eating Non-canon bonus log

01/04/2013 - NON-CANON - Meteorite and Rarity spy a Mousse Eating Contest at a local Ice Cream shop, but ah ha ha, seriously, neither of them would lower themselves to participate in something like that.

The Face of Oblivion: Spads Non-canon bonus log

02/01/2013 - NON-CANON - Bellerophon approaches the end of life, and in his dreams, he is approached by a simple grave digger who gives him a special perspective.

Inept Pancakes Non-canon bonus log

02/04/2013 - NON-CANON(?) - Spades cooks Pancakes. It goes about as well as you'd expect.

The Cutie Mark Breesaders! Yay! Non-canon bonus log

02/15/2013 - NON-CANON - Blizzard Breeze holds a dark secret, one which Spades at last uncovers.

Fmsitivfe? Non-canon bonus log

03/07/2013 - NON-CANON - Night Flurry meets an unusual black and pink earth pony at the edge of the Everfree.