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April 2018


04/15 - 04/23 Logs Added.
04/10 - 04/14 Logs Added.
March Log Added to Archive.

2018-04-01 You will find me there~ Final

Radar takes comfort with Fleuret back in her room, having successfully recovered her gear. At Katlego's house, Sapphire meets Coconut for the first time, and makes her lunch. That evening, Dandelion takes Julienne out for their first real date.

2018-04-02 I've had a very abnormal life. Final

Waking up the day after their trip into the Everfree, Lucky and Amber struggle with the effects of Poison Joke, and with how to move forward with a cure for Radar, and for themselves.

2018-04-03 These paint fumes are probably making me delirious anyway... Final

Trying to take a break, Amber checks in on Lucky and finds out about her 'project', before learning Radar's desire to get a photo taken for her scrapbook for their various conditions.

2018-04-04 Hypothesis regarding destructive interference. Final

Seeking out Millennia after hearing of the assassination attempt, Promethea meets with Hollow, and witnesses his experiments with dark magic.

2018-04-05 I've heard worse ideas. Heck, I've had worse ideas. Final

Mixie and Cala go out for doughnuts, running across Willow and Nightingale, resulting in the best idea for this group of new friends, a sleepover.

2018-04-06 Prench maids uniforms. Final

Mixie and Cala come across Dusty, making sure to invite her to the upcoming sleepover. At the Lusty Seapony, Icicle Gleam meets with Brise Doux, who has begun to venture back beyond Ostfriesen for the first time in awhile.

2018-04-07 Yes... weeds. Yes... a filly. Final

Amber, Lucky, and Radar go into the market for a photo and food, where they run across Icicle Gleam, who just might be the answer to their Poison Joke problem. Or he might turn into a Rooster. This is why we can't have nice things. Meanwhile, Lucky confides in Nocturne in the park, while Dandelion gets a concerning letter from her editor.

2018-04-08 Ixnay on the oodblay itualsray... Final

Trying to sneak more supplies out of the Theater, filly Lucky is met by Julienne. At Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, the Sleepover occurs at Mixie and Cala's dorm room, featuring doughnuts and truth or dare (and somehow no smooching)

2018-04-09 Yak is fond of pony pastries. Final

Radar encounters Icicle Gleam and his current complication as the two seek out some food. In Canterlot, Willow meets another new student, a rather rare Magical Yak, while Mixie eats lunch with Nightingale.

2018-04-10 A less sexy adventure than our usual. Final

As Icicle Gleam heads to Ostfriesen to find Mary in his new form, Amber finishes the Poison Joke cure, and at Radar's insistence, delivers it to the spa to take the first batch herself.

2018-04-11 When did you adopt a chicken...? Final

When Lucky Lightning heads into Ostfriesen, she runs across Promethea, who believes her to be a wayward filly and treats her accordingly. Meanwhile, Amber has finally mixed what she believes will cure Radar, but the results might be her worst fear brought to life. Mary plays 'hide the cock' with Sue And excitement grows between Nocturne and Aurora as the day of their wedding slowly approaches.

2018-04-12 Moray Eels are very subjective. Final

While Julienne meets with Brise to discuss her return to work, Lucky grows frustrated with her treatment in Ostfriesen. At the bar that night, Coconut tries to fit in and relax, talking to Buck and Coral Beadlet about... well, whatever it is Coral is talking about. In Las Pegasus, Sun and Frost enjoy a much-needed vacation.

2018-04-13 A 'sexy printer's apron'. Final

Dandelion attends the meeting with her editor, with expected results and unexpected opportunity. That night at the bar, Julienne browses a dress magazine, with Katlego, Buck, and Foggy all adding their thoughts on the subject.

2018-04-14 Cake and dancing. ...and cake. Final

Aurora prepares for the big day at last, as the moment fast approaches where she and Nocturne Star say their vows and become a family in front of their closest friends. Steal as much cake as you want, everypony. Just don't touch the tiramisu~. (And just a little bit of Rooster-business as well)

2018-04-15 Who would be sending mail by chicken? Final

Icicle Gleam, still a chicken, brings news of Lucky's plight to Nocturne, requesting aid. At the train station, Julienne waits for Dee to return from Canterlot, eager for the dragony-pony's company.

2018-04-16 Yak is strong lifter! Final

In Canterlot, Willow runs into Yengrisk the Yak once again, introducing the Yak to Mixie. And as Nocturne heads to Ostfriesen, Aurora comes to Amber's Greenhouse to let her know what happened to Lucky. Icicle Gleam and Nocturne head to the (Juvie) Dungeon of Ostfriesen, to confront the Dread Chief Dungeonkeeper. Summon Fleuret to deal maximum damage!

2018-04-17 A cool aunt makes for a cool mom. Final

Meteorite seeks out Spring to catch up after Aurora's wedding, talking with her and Fixit about family and foals. As Nocturne returns Lucky to Amber, she takes the not-a-filly to the Spa to administer the Poison joke cure to her and Icicle Gleam.

2018-04-18 Fun things are fun! Wait... That doesn't sound right. Final

Mint takes a tour of the Olymponis barracks, and meets with Amethyst as the two discuss their duties in the past and the future. At the Seapony, Shale Strata tries to mingle, meeting Sunrise, Ruby, and Toodle Song, while in Dee's room, Julienne review's her special somepony's contract.

2018-04-19 Thank you... for this time, for not listening to me. Final

Julienne heads to Canterlot and confront's Dee's former Editor in spectacular fashion. In Ponyville, Nocturne returns home to Aurora after his journey into Ostfriesen.

2018-04-20 And what is... work's... name? Final

Dandelion talks to Promethea, talking about the last time they spoke and the things said, before Julienne returns from Canterlot. Amber makes a breakthrough, and at last uses the cure for Metamorphungus to restore Radar and Icicle.

2018-04-21 Technically it wasn't any 'pony' that helped you. It was a chicken. Final

Lucky Lightning, no longer a filly, comes to Nocturne's home to thank him for his part in returning her back to Ponyville. And that night, Radar manages to wake up after having taken Amber's cure, and seeks confirmation that she is herself once again.

2018-04-22 "Thank you for getting me out of Juvie where I did not belong." Final

Coconut returns to the bar again, this time finding Hollow and Promethea there, which prompts her to reveal herself. In Olymponis, Custard seeks out his new friend Peacock, and late that night, Fleuret is sought out by Lucky for thanks, and Radar for comfort.

2018-04-23 Editting Logs before Lunch and now I want tomato soup and a cheese sandwich. Final

Julienne finds herself in a surprising good mood, while Buck continues to feel lonely, hoping for a special somepony.

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